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Here's the prelude to a story that I was promising my Love Knows No Bounds readers since before chapter 259. I was originally hoping to have this all pre-written, but it hasn't worked out that way. I do have a few chapters up my sleeve though and because the chapters I've written are around 1000 words each, it'll update once a week on Mondays.

This story is somewhat based on the song by Florence and the Machine: Cosmic Love. My interpretation of that song is of two lonely souls finding love and being happy to just be with each other... but you'll figure that out during this story.

Here's the prelude and I'll see you down the bottom to tell you how this'll happen.

Enjoy :)



I never thought I'd find my mate. The idea just never occurred to me. Of course, that may have something to do with the sheer fact that all of my family members had found theirs and I was surrounded by happiness. Or perhaps it was my personality; I have been told, many times in fact, that I'm morbid. I've always been told that I brood.

Or perhaps it was the little detail of how I felt about my soul and my life as a vampire.

Well, damn, I've told you now, haven't I? I was quite hoping to be able to beat around the bush and have you guessing, but I suppose that's just my morbid and bored sense of humour, isn't it? Ah, well; one can only cope with so many surprises… and my tale sure does have quite a few.


All my life I'd felt out of place. All my life, I'd known I was different and I'd been sure I'd never fit in. Little did I know that running away was what I'd needed… or rather, running away and into the arms of a certain someone was what I'd needed.

I'd wanted to be set free, to fly, to feel the wind in my hair and dance in the rain. I got that and so much more.

That doesn't mean to say that my tale… or rather, our tale doesn't come with surprises, shocks and a smidge of heart-ache and longing. Because it does, it does have that… but home is where my heart is… and I'd known all along that my heart was not in Seattle.

I'd just had to find him to discover exactly where it was…

How did we find that?

Now, as it is in this prelude, the updates will be as such: Edward, Bella, Edward, Bella. We'll go in that pattern and if there's an epilogue it'll be set out like this - obviously with longer sections.

I'll see you next Monday!

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