One Direction Infection!

Chapter 1- Seriously!?

I know that there is another story about Lucy going to live with a band and be their maid, but please believe me when I say that it's not anything like it, for starters, Lucy has her memories and she also hates the band! So please don't hate me if their are any similarities! I couldn't find another way for it to play out

"OH MY GOD!'' The bluenette squealed.

''Levy! What's wrong?" Lucy shouted in worry as she ran towards the group of her friends.

She had finally reached Levy's house where they would be having a 'girls night', and she was welcomed with a high-pitched sqeal that might have possibly ruined her hearing.

''Look how hot he is!'' Levy said in a high pitched voice.

'My poor, poor ears!'

Lucy looked down at the book and saw a picture of Five boys, who smiled charmingly at the camera while tackling each other playfully.

One had raven hair spiked in every direction possibly, a cross necklace hanging from his neck and onto his bare chest and a deep blue tattoo on his chest.

The other looked punk. 'Swagga!' Lucy inwardly thought and scoffed. He had long black hair, and piercings everywhere! A smirk on his face that could make any girl blush, and a black tattoo on his left shoulder.

Then their was the one with wild orange hair, reminding her of a lions main, and blue glasses on his face with his hand going up to as if to push them up more. He wore a black suit with a red tie. Fancy was the blondes thoughts on the boy.

And another teen boy! How many people were their!? Now this one had blue hair and a red tattoo down his eye, and you know how people always use the phrase, 'His eyes were so beautiful, it was like I could get lost in them'? He was a perfect example.

And if course there was another, but thankfully the last. He had a grin on his face that looked stupid yet cute, in a childish kind of way. Around his neck was a white scarf with black lines that could resmbel dragon scales? But the thing tht caught her attention the most was his pink hair! Was pink 'in' or something?

Lucy stared at the book for a few more seconds before asking the question that made everyone gasp; ''What is this?''. It was such a simple question, but not for her friends, for them, it was like Hitler all over again.

...Okay maybe that was a bit of an exageration...But you get my point.

''WHAT!?'' The all yelled in sync.

''It's 100% One Direction!'' Levy squealed,/

''Ohhh, them...wait wait wait, did you just say 100% One Direction, and it's actually a book!?'' Lucy said in shock. 'A book called 100% One Direction! Seriously! Books are for literature! Not 'And when this person takes of his shirt, you can clearly see his sculptured abs''

''Of course!'' Erza said and turned the book to the front cover, to show that the title actually was 100% One Direction

Lucy face palmed, ''Seriously?'' Was all she could manage to say.

''Aren't they cute!" Levy cooed.

''Pfft, I hardly even know their names! Let me think, I remember one's called Gray, and that's 'cause it's a colour!" Lucy said with a giggle.

''See, Gray is the best!" Juvia declared.

''No way! It's deffinitly Natsu, how can you not love that pink hair!" Lisanna squealed.

''Pfft, It's gotta be Gajeel, he looks so bad ass but when I read about him, he's actually a big softy!'' Levy said as she huugged the book.

''But what about Jellal! He's so serious and cute, expecielly with that tattoo!'' Erza said, hearts begining to form in her eyes.

'Tattoo's Tattoo's Tattoo's...There was something about Tattoo's..Oh yeah'.

''Hey, what's with those tattoo's they all have?'' Lucy asked and raised an eyebrow.

''That's their band symbol!'' Levy said.

'Band symbol?'.

Lucy rolled her eyes, she's seriously had enough with all the talk about them! Like 'OHMYGOD! Have you heard their new song!?' or 'I just bought a poster of Natsu without his shirt, kya!', Oh please, why do people like things like that, it's just plain annoying.

''I hate this stupid talk about One Direction, if that's all you're gonna talk about, then I'll head home'' Lucy huffed and turned around.

''It's not our fault that we have One Direction Infection!' She heard Erza call out, followed by laughs and giggles from the others.

'One Direction Infection! Seriously! They're just a bunch of guys that sing songs about love!' Lucy thought and sighed.

'They're almost as bad as Justin Bieber...almost...'.

And then Lucy thought back to the picture's she saw of them, that was probably the first time she actually looked at a picture of them that long, but she had to admit, they did look pretty damn good.

...But no one had to know about that.


''Gajeel! You scared away another housemaid!" Makarov yelled.

Sadly, it was true. Gajeel scares away nearly all the maids, either on purpose or without even trying. He was a lot scarier than books made him seem to be.

''It's not my fault! She walked in on me dressing!'' Gajeel yelled back, the sound of others snickering echoed through the room once he fininshed speaking, ''Shut Up!'' Gajeel yelled and snapped his head to the four boys.

''Why are we here anyway, since your just gonna yell at Gajeel'' Gray asked and raised an eyebrow, at this Makarov smirked and leaned back into his chair, his arms folded behind his head.

''Ahhh, good question, since none of you can seem to work with any of the maids I pick, I'll let you five pick someone!" Makarove said, the smirk still on his face.

'What do you mean?...'' Jellal said cautiously.

''By that I mean, get on some disguises, all of you are going out to find a new housemaid!" Makarov said and jumped out of his seat.

''Now!?'' They all yelled.

''Yes now'' Makarove said as he opened the door.

''Good luck maid hunting!" And then the door was slamed on their faces.

''Damn it Gajeel! Look what we have to do now!'' Natsu said and walked of to his room to find a good disguise.

''It won't be that hard!...I think''

''Shut up and go find a disguise!''

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