Chapter 25- Turbulence and a Bunny

"Have a safe trip back!" Lisanna said and hugged her blonde friend.

Lucy backed up and nodded. "I will. Bye guys," she said with a wave.

"LUCY! LUCY LUCY LUCY LUCY LUCY LUCY LUCY I NEED TO ASK YOU SOMETHING!" Sting screeched, running into the small lounge room only to begin shaking said girl back and forth.

"W-WHAT!?" Lucy shouted and pulled away.

"Do you think you could get like a signature from One Direction? OOOH ACTUALLY SOMETHING LIKE HAIR OR TOENAIL CLIPPINGS WOULD BE GREAT!"

"Why would you want that!?"

"To sell online, duh."

"Then no!"

Sting groaned and began to storm away. "GOSH LUCY. YOU'RE SUCH A SELFISH BITCH. IT'S NOT JUST ABOUT YOU! GOD!"

"What happened to him?" Levy asked, walking into the scene.

"I-I don't even know…" Lucy sighed.

Erza glanced up at the clock before looking back at Lucy. "Shouldn't you be going now? You wouldn't want to be late."

Lucy gasped. "You're right, thanks Erza! Bye!" She said and rushed out the door.

Lisanna smirk, shaking her head left to right. "She's totally going to go suck faces with Natsu."

"JUVIA WANTS TO BE SUCKING FACES WITH GRAY!" Juvia cried somewhere in the pits of despair.

"Hey babe, what took so long?" Natsu said when Lucy made her way inside the car.

A shiver climbed up the blondes back at his words. "Oh my God you just called me babe."

Natsu raised a fine pink eyebrow. "Yeah? Do you want me to stop?

"No, no no no," Lucy said, shaking her head repeatedly, "I like it."

"SHIT MOTHER FUCKER! SQUIRREL!" Gajeel yelled and the car screeched to a halt making Jellal, Lucy and Natsu getting launched forward, only to be restrained by the seatbelts.


"SHUT IT SALAMANDER! I DIDN'T KILL IT!" There was a sudden yelp and the car went over a small bump. "Well…I didn't kill the squirrel..."

"DID YOU JUST RUN OVER A RABBIT!?" Lucy yelled, tears prickling her eyes.

"YOU MADE HER CRY!" Jellal yelled as he looked at the backseat where Natsu sat and comforted his new girlfriend.

"STOP CRYING BUNNY GIRL! IT WASN'T MY FAULT! THE THING JUMPED RIGHT INFRONT OF THE CAR! PROBABLY WANTED TO END ITS LIFE OR SOMETHING!" He tried for comfort, but the studded teen only managed to make the maid cry harder.

"YOU RAN OVER A BUNNY!" She sobbed.

"A SUICIDLE BUNNY! I ONLY PUT IT OUT OF ITS MISSERY!" He retorted but winced when her crying increased.



~An awkward car trip later~

"Ahh~ Nice to be out of that car," Loke sighed and stretched his limbs, only stopping when he heard a satisfying pop of his bones.

"What the hell happened to you?" Gray asked when Gajeel, Lucy, Natsu and Jellal came out the second car.

"Gajeel murdered a rabbit." Jellal said plainly and began to walk inside the airport.

Loke eyed the Gajeel as he groaned before speaking, "I always knew you were a killer."


"MAKE ME!" She yelled and walked away, much like Jellal had done only moments ago.

"You are a heartless fuck face." Natsu said before running after the crying girl.

Gray disappointedly shook his head, "Let's go Loke." He said and Loke and himself walked away.

"Come on, it was A RABBIT!"

"You okay?" Natsu asked once he was beside Lucy's side.

Lucy sniffled and nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine."

Natsu pouted and wrapped his arms around her frame, "Don't worry. I'm sure the bunny's in a better place now."

"C-can we just stop talking about the bunny?"

"MOMMY I SWEAR I SAW IT! THERE WAS A BUNNY LYING ON THE ROAD AND IT HAD RED STUFF COMING OUT OF IT!" A small child yelled as his mother dragged him along.

Lucy's lower lip began to quiver at the little boys' words and Natsu, sensing this, pulled her away in the opposite direction. "I'm sure it was just a toy or something…" He said with a nervous laugh.

"Hey Lucy! Natsu!" Loke yelled as he ran up to the two, Gray not far behind. "Look what I bought at one of the souvenir stores!"

"Is that a flamingo?" Natsu asked and looked at the small, pink stuffed toy in the strawberry blonde's hand.

"Yeah!" He nodded eagerly, "Isn't it cute!?"

Lucy giggled, "Yes, it's very cute Loke."

"HAH! TOLD YOU IT WAS CUTE!" Loke laughed and pointed an accusing finger at Gray.

"I never said it wasn't." Gray said with a shrug.

"But you said it was gay!"

"Gay as in happy."

"W-wha…B-but I…"

"Come on," Gray sighed and flicked Loke's nose before walking away. "Our flight leaves soon."

Loke stood stunned for a moment but his face soon exploded in an angry red. "DID YOU JUST FLICK ME!?" He barked out. Gray only rolled his eyes and continued to walk ahead. He huffed and turned to face Lucy. "Here," he said and stuffed the flamingo into her hands. "I bought it for you."

"Really? Why?"

Loke shrugged. "Because I'm nice and charming. Plus I have more money than I need." Before Lucy got the chance to thank him, he charged after Gray, a series of violent words streaming from his mouth.

"Come on, Gray's right, we need to get to our flight."

"Oh, so you're finally agreeing with Gray for once?" Lucy laughed.


"Yes you are-"

"No, I never said anything."

"But you said that Gray was right-"

"No I didn't. I think you're starting to get hearing problems." Natsu said and began to pull the blonde along.

"I CALL DIBS ON THE WINDOW SIDE!" Natsu yelled and dove for the seat, getting stares from other passengers.

"I was going to let you have it anyway…" Lucy muttered then gave an apologetic look to the passengers as she sat beside the pinkette.

"Okay, I've just gotta make sure everyone's here and that none of you got lost looking at things or something." She said and glanced down at the pink flamingo. "Where's Loke?"

"Down here!" Came a shout from the back of the plane, Lucy craned her neck to see Loke and a very annoyed looking Jellal seated at the very back of the plane and Lucy found herself wondering how he managed to get a seat so far away, or even how he could hear her.

"Okay, that's Loke and Jellal, and Gray is…over there." She confirmed when she took notice of the dark haired boy sitting beside an old lady on the seat across from them.

"Loke, Jellal, Gray and you. Great! Everyone's here!" She cheered but it was short lived. "Wait, where's Gajeel!?"

"I'm right behind you. Douche." A gruff voice said from behind them. Lucy peered behind her to whisper an apology to Gajeel, only to see a small child poking his cheek repeatedly. "I hate my life." He muttered.

The blonde rolled her eyes and turned back to the front. "You missed the whole safety show, Luce. Now what are you going to do it we crash?" Natsu snickered.

"Oh shoosh," She said and playfully hit his upper arm.


A jolt in the aircraft managed to wake her up from her peaceful slumber and she turned to see Natsu lazily slurping on a drink. "What was that?" She asked, her eyes wide and alert. Natsu peered at her through hazy eyes and shrugged while quickly after another jolt rattled her bones.

"Attention, passengers, we will be experiencing slight turbulence." Came the official voice from the speakers and Lucy felt her breath get caught in her throat.

"You okay?" Natsu asked, finally putting down the drink.

Lucy nodded. "Yeah. I'm fine." Her voice was a higher pitch than usual and Lucy mentally cursed at herself for not being a good liar.

"Noooo, you're not. What is it? Tell me! I'm your boyfriend, you have to tell me this stuff!"

"I don't have to tell you anything!" She barked.

"Just tell meeeee~" He dragged on his words

"Fine…" She sighed, "I may or may not have a fear of flying…"

"You're scared of flying in planes!?" He gaped.

"May or may not!"

"How come I didn't know when we flew here?" He asked, ignoring her previous words.

Lucy shrugged, "Because I wasn't sitting next to any of you guys, so I didn't really think it was necessary to say…"

Natsu 'awe'd and hugged her, "Don't worry~ It's just turbulence, we're not gonna crash,"

There was another jolt and a squeak managed to crawl out of her throat. "I bet a lot of other people thought that right before there plane crashed."

"Yeah, but there are five main characters here and you're dating one of them, so we'll be fine."

"What are you- This isn't a movie, Natsu! It doesn't matter if there are rich or famous people on the plane!"

Natsu suddenly paled and pulled away. "What, it doesn't?"


Another jolt.

"We're gonna die!" He yelled and gripped onto her again.


"Well, we didn't die."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Gray raised an eyebrow.

"Nothing that you need to know, dick face!"



Gray launched and the two fell to the ground, an all-out war between the two starting in only seconds.

"Cut it out!" Lucy yelled and the two quickly separated.

"Yes sir- ah!- ma'am!" Gray stuttered and looked at her with a nervous smile. Lucy huffed and turned around, walking further up the stairs to the large house.

"Ah, finally back home~" Natsu said with a contentful sigh once he and the others were inside.

"NATSU! HOW COULD YOU LEAVE US!?" A blue cat flew into the room, tears streaming down his furry face.



"I can't even look at you." Lily said and glared at Gajeel.


"Just stop trying!"


Poor Gajeel, can't seem to get a break.

Next time, on One Direction Infection…

"We're back~"

Lucy fanned herself repeatedly, attempting desperately to stop the tears that begged to come out. "This is so sad. Why is it so sad?"

"So, have you banged her yet?"

"What!? I would never hit Lucy!" Natsu yelled with narrowing eyebrows.

"I wish I could take over the world just so I can brutally murder and torture all of the idiots and my enemies."

Levy's breath hitched and she glanced up at Rouge with wide eyes.

He peered down at her, his red eyes burning into her soul. "You weren't meant to hear that."