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MI0 Pleasure

Chapter 1

The scientist was thrown against the cold, tiled floor; crimson smearing against the pristine white ceramic and blotches slowly spread across his lab coat. The thug walked up to him and kicked the man in the stomach with his steel capped shoe before kicking his face. A loud crunch from fracturing bones could be heard throughout the room, accompanying by the beeps of a monitor, the dripping of some concoction and the groans of pain from the scientist. His nose was broken and obscured, blood dripping down his smashed face. The thug raised his foot to perform another kick.

"Halt Maleagant!" the man in the crisp white suit ordered by raising his hand.

Maleagant stopped in mid-kick and put his foot back down. He turned and gave his boss a nod before taking a step from the battered scientist.

The man in the white suit took a few steps towards the scientist until he was directly in front of him before kneeling down to be eye level with him. The scientist looked at the man in fear, fear that was clear as day. The man swiftly brought his hand to the scientist's face and grabbed his chin roughly, sending bolts of pain through the scientist's bleeding and bruising face as it was turned to face the man.

"Next time you try to escape I will have you killed, Doctor," he sneered.

"I don't care if I die," the doctor said defiantly through his split lip.

"Ohh, Doctor, but I do. Who else will work on Project BLUE for me?"

The doctor was a geneticist, but Project BLUE was too uncanny, too unnatural. BLUE - the tear shaped, spherical object that was pale blue and smooth as marble did not follow the laws of science. It was magic.

"No one, Borden, no one has the knowledge nor experience but me!" The scientist leapt towards Borden's neck with a sharpened pen he grabbed from his pocket.

The scientist did manage to get on Borden, staining his white suit with his blood, but Borden with a gold flash of his eyes and quickly muttered a spell that sent the scientist flying back. The scientist knew his plan had failed. Before Borden could restrain him with magic the doctor plunged the sharpened pen through his neck, piercing through the neck and twisting it till it ripped through his muscles. All of a sudden the doctor stopped moving, his eyes – lifeless. Blood dribbled out of the neck wound and his mouth, adding to the fountain from his already bleeding face.

Borden stood up, willing away the urge to straighten his clothes because of the blood all over his suit. He took one final glance at the dead body before he shook his head.

"What a pity, scientists always seem to think they know everything," he turned on his heel to make his way out of the lab, "Maleagant, go get the cleaners to dispose of the body and I'm going to have look for a new suit and someone to work on Project BLUE," Borden sighed before leaving the room.

In an average London suburb, along an average shopping strip, there stood an average looking building. This building was the headquarters of Mortgage Insurance Organisation, a very boring business. A rubbish business in fact, those actually looking for insurance found the rates were ridiculously high and totally unaffordable. Yet, to a passerby this store unbelievably had clients - some very odd clients who often came in bandaged up, hauling massive boxes of god knows what amongst other things.

However, beneath the neutral, business friendly exterior of its office was a secret organisation, The MI0 – The Military Intelligence, Section 0. It was, and still is, the most secretive of the military intelligence agencies, so secret that other MIs don't even know they exist. Why so secret you may ask? Well, this sector dealt with magic. In particular, magic that threatens the security of Albion, also known as England in the modern language. But in the official MI0 documents, it is written as Albion because this agency was formed back in the days when it was still called that.

A young blond man, not that you could tell he was blond or that his eyes were that of an icy blue hue or that those eyes held the emotion of a person who lost so much in one instant and then had a weight of a huge burden (or responsibility he tried to tell himself in the mirror sometimes) in a charcoal grey suit was sitting behind a plain, oak desk. You were not able to see such features because the room was shrouded in darkness but if you could it wouldn't be adorn with anything personal, it was simply impersonal, professional and devoid of life.

The only source of light was from the monitor hidden behind an old oil painting of a vase of flowers from his predecessors. His hands were folded neatly under his chin, staring intently on the message on screen from his higher up.



Arthur closed his eyes, thinking about his next move. After a few moments he opened his eyes. He concocted a full scale retrieval mission in one minute and sixteen seconds.

He just needed Agent Warlock and the Knights.

Merlin Emrys was waiting in a café near Sydney Opera House, Australia, carefully sipping his soy mocha. He was dressed in a pressed black suit with a white shirt and tie, and currently waiting for someone.

He may look like an everyday business man waiting for a client, except he was Agent Warlock of the MI0. Whilst sipping his mocha, his eyes were continuously scanning the area; he noted two exits – the front glass door used by customers and another unused door blocked by an ornamental tree. The windows took up half the wall and made entirely made of glass. This man had chosen a location that could be easily compromised; it disturbed Merlin and kept him on edge. He watched everybody with suspicion and paranoia, an elderly couple was enjoying their coffees, a pair of dating teenagers sharing a slice of cake (more likely because the boyfriend was a cheapskate), the waitress flirting with a customer and a pair of American tourists asking for directions.

Then a man with a black suit and pale blue shirt holding a bag from the Lindt Chocolate store entered the busy café. He was a middle aged man with grey brown hair and slightly obese but Merlin knew appearances could be deceiving. The man quickly scanned the room and spotted Merlin before making his way there and seating himself on the chair opposite Merlin.

"Mr. Emrys. Nice to meet you at last," greeted the man with a warm smile.

Merlin's expression remained completely blank but in an instant he smiled pleasantly, "I'm not sure if I could say the same to you Mr Scorpio. Trying to meet up with you ended up with me being chased across six countries and getting into four gun fights," he said in a tone the contradicted his expression.

"Please call me Accolon, Mr. Emrys. Well then I am sorry for the trouble. But back to business do you have the item requested?" asked Accolon.

"Then please call me Merlin. And yes, but do you have yours?"

Accolon placed the Lindt bag on the table and took out a box of chocolates; Merlin raised an eyebrow at the disguise. Accolon proceeded to open the box but instead of chocolates in the tray there was an assortment of magical crystals and gems in a variety of colours. Some of them were magic enhancers, but most were blood crystals used for scrying and necromancy. However, the most important thing was the piece of paper folded on top that listed all the names in the syndicate dealing in the illegal trade of blood crystals.

With Accolon's display done, Merlin reached for his inner pocket and took out a USB and placed it on the table and said, "This contains everything that would delete your current identity, create you a new one and a has a list of contacts to get you away from the syndicate."

The man nodded but then he turned sullen, "I would like to say thank you Merlin but it is already too late. You see, they already found me,"Accolon smiled sadly and unveiled a bomb underneath his jacket with only three seconds to go.

Merlin took one glance of the bomb and immediately swiped the USB and the note before flashing his eyes gold to shield everyone from the explosion. The explosion became self-contained, and it looked like a tea bag that was dropped into boiling water in a glass, interspersing the blinding light within the shield that instantly incinerated Accolon Scorpio within.

Nobody in the café was hurt; instead everybody who witnessed the 'explosion' was dumbstruck with what they had just seen. But in the corner of Merlin's eye was a metallic glint and his eyes flashed gold again, slowing time so he was able to dodge a bullet from a far off sniper. The bullet sped through the glass, piercing it. It was a .300 bullet from a 1200mm Winchester Magnum with an accuracy range of 1400m used in the Iraq and Afghan war –obviously a stolen or black market weapon but nevertheless a syndicate sniper was nearby.

The bullet embedded itself on the opposite wall in the middle of a painting of a matador fighting a bull. Merlin returned to normal time and watched the entire glass window shatter. That's when all hell broke loose. People were screaming and running, pushing and shoving each other to get out of the café.

Merlin reached for his pocket and a retrieved a packet of cigarettes and removed one from the top corner. All of the cigarettes started flashing red and he chucked the packet in the centre of the café. In three seconds, the packet emitted a colourless gas that got them to calm down and forget what they had seen. Then another bullet flew past the throng of people and miraculously missed every single person.

"Swefnu!" With a gold spark from his eyes everyone fell asleep and slumped on the floor. Merlin dodged all the bodies and jumped out through the broken window and weaved through the Sydney crowds to find the sniper.

In the moonlight on a pier, Merlin looked down at the dead sniper, watching the lifeless body float down Darling Harbour. He was thinking with dread what he was going to say to the Prat. At least he managed to get some information out of the sniper even though the job ended up being a dud. He felt his phone vibrate and he took it out to see the message, and speak of the devil and the devil shall appear - a message from the Prat.

Warlock return to HQ immediately


P really stood for Prince, the codename for the head of MI0 but to Merlin he was really the Prat or just simply Arthur Pendragon. He sighed at the order, already feeling a migraine beginning to work its way through his head.

An ivory skinned secretary with piercing green eyes and long, flowing black hair with her folder strutted confidently down the aisles of the Bank of England. Her ten inch heels made a clacking noise that made sure all male employees paid attention to her, as well as appreciate the suggestive swing her hips gave in the tight, thigh high skirt.

She kept on walking until she reached the high security rooms with the computer servers that held all the banks digitalised money and intending future plans for investments and so forth - plans that many investment companies and other banks would pay highly for. It was just secured beneath a very high-tech security vault with very sensitive detection technology. That was if you didn't have The Witch's particular talents.

She held her hand in front of the key pad and sensor and whispered, "Oncluce þe."

The vault door opens. She keeps repeating this until she is in the heart of the chamber where the servers are stored. She quickly gets to work and hacks into the system to get all the information.

By the time the police and security are rushing into the building, a woman with a long skirt, her hair tied back severely and piercing green eyes hidden behind black, thick rimmed glasses, is exiting the bank without a single person batting an eyelash at her.

She ends up texting all her clients about the heist and the price she demands on her way to the tube. On the train she hacks into one of her old clients' servers, The Saint Corporation, with her Blackberry phone. Their security system was really shit but she continues to read the various top secret files anyway. It was the usual stuff: dirty dealings, tax evasion, money laundering, the whole kit and caboodle. But one thing catches her eye.

Project BLUE.

She skims through the files on the various dead scientists who have been trying to figure it out, figure out this BLUE. She looks at the various diagrams and analyses on BLUE, this blue tear shaped object.

It was something she must have. Something Morgana must get her hands on.

Author's Notes

This was the most popular idea from my little poll. Luckily, I have made a relatively decent plan for it. Just for your information, the title of the story is a bit of a pun. MI0 could be read at 'mio' meaning 'my' in Italian, hence the title could mean 'My Pleasure'. ;P. Since I'm meant to be studying don't expect an update for a while, but put this on alert and please review .