Episode 003 – Junk

Pen Name: Stringyfellow

The USS Revelation was a prototype ship, brought into service due to the threat of the Borg. Based on the Galaxy Class design it had a few modifications, which the Galaxy class didn't.

It had three warp engines Nacelles; two located on the Secondary Hull whilst the third was located on the Saucer poweered by two warp cores, one in each section. The Saucer's warp core, when both were together would power the weapons systems of the ship, to make it more formidable in a fight. When separated, it would allow the saucer to warp out of any situation.

The Revelation also had blast shields that could lower over its deflector dish to allow it to survive longer in a battle; should the deflector get damaged or even destroyed the ship would become a useless floating lump of metal. Its Saucer wasn't oval in design like the Enterprise operated it was more angular and had a more arrowhead shape design.

Currently the Revelation was cruising through the Beta Quadrant; on route to Alpha Sygnus Three to drop off some much needed medical supplies, its three warp nacelles glowing as they pulsed with power. The USS Darkheart had completed the mapping mission that the Revelation was supposed to have done however the USS Darkheart had now been assigned back to patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone.

The Revelation never managed to rendezvous with the Darkheart.

Captain Delany sat back in his chair in his Ready Room, contemplating his crew; his memories from the rescue still fresh in his head, the words of his First Officer still echoing in his mind, "I'd have hoped you'd have left me. No One officer is worth the risk or the price we paid."

Was she right in that assessment? He had lost his Chief Engineer in the attack by the Romulans.

Before he could continue his thought, the door chimed and he knew who it would be.

"Enter," he announced to the two visitors that were on the other side. Sure enough Commander Katherine Malloy entered followed by Lieutenant Rochelle Smith, the ships chief Counsellor.

"Please take a seat," spoke Mike as he pointed to the chairs opposite his desk.

"We have the latest evaluation report of the crew," informed Rochelle as she handed a PADD to the Captain.

Mike glanced at it but he knew that it would be better to discuss its contents with his officers, both of them. "How is the crew after our last mission?" he asked Rochelle.

"They are all adjusting. We are going to get some losses to the crew though. Chief Bartel's family have requested reassignment, they feel that they cannot serve on the ship that he died on."

"I understand. Grant them a reassignment. How is Engineering coping with the loss?" he asked his First Officer; this question wasn't about psychological coping but actually coping working under the current deputy chief Engineer.

"The crew is coping, but not working to full efficiency. Lieutenant Piper is good with the crew, he has the skills for getting them to do their jobs but he lacks the experience in this position."

"Solution?" asked Mike, looking again to his First Officer; he could read her well and figured she was going to suggest what he had hoped for, but he did originally owe Lieutenant Piper a chance to prove he could take charge of Engineering.

"We need to try Lieutenant Hawkins in that position. I reviewed his personnel file from his time on the USS Genesis. I wanted to see how someone could get to the position of Deputy Chief Engineer as quickly as he had. He was one of the most creative engineers that they had on board. He was able to think outside the box to come up with quick, unorthodox solutions that regular approaches couldn't solve. He could fit the bill as Chief Engineer, but there's just one problem."

"What problem?"

This time Rochelle spoke up. "He's a recluse. He will go to Engineering and undertake whatever is asked of him, but he doesn't talk to anyone, he doesn't interact with anyone. He spends his off duty time alone in his quarters or on rare occasions on the Holodeck. He doesn't know how to socialize; he lacks skills for interacting with people."

"Aren't the counselling sessions working for him?"

"Not really, even when he does decide to turn up. Whenever I try to find him, the computer states that he is in his quarters, even when he isn't."

"What do you mean, even when he isn't?" asked Mike, perplexed at this.

"Kel Aniyan came with me the last time he failed to turn up; she used her security clearance to open the door to his quarters and his communicator badge was on the table. We checked with the computer and it told us he was in the Room. This has happened three times now. The first time, he reprogrammed a Tricorder to emit a strong copy of his bio signature to make it look like he was in his quarters. The second time, he reprogrammed the computer to always tell us that he was in his quarters; Kel is still trying to work out how he managed to access the central computer core and reprogram it, without breaking any security codes and alerting her. The third time, he did it by cycling the replicator onto a continual energy loop of producing and removing bio matter within microseconds of each other to make it look like he was in his quarters. He's ingenious but it needs to be channelled."

"So if he could properly interact with the crew he could be a good Chief Engineer?" confirmed Mike, upon listening to what his officers had to say.

"Yes Sir that is what I believe. We have both discussed this at length," said Katherine looking at Rochelle who nodded her assent to this, "With help on his interaction skills he could do the job."

"Good. Let's speak to him and see if he feels up to the challenge." Mike touched the communicator button on his desk and addressed the computer, "Computer, current location of Lieutenant Hawkins please?"

"Lieutenant Hawkins is in his quarters," it replied. Mike looked to Rochelle and then Katherine and spoke, "Take Kel with you. Let's see what he has done this time."

Down in the Revelation's relaxation lounge, Doctor Hadrius Pel was chatting with Kel Aniyan, "Never served on anything as good as this ship," said Hadrius, casually to Kel as they sat by one of the windows overlooking the star field.

"I encountered one a few years back, a science vessel, the Merrimac," commented Kel. Hadrius took a sip of his Saurian Brandy, "So I heard. You were really instrumental in the loss of the Captains' previous command and he gave you a field commission as punishment? Some punishment."

"It wasn't so much of a punishment, than a way to reprise myself. I used to be in Starfleet, it was better to accept the commission than go to a penal colony. Spending part or even all of your life on a penal colony is something that I wouldn't want, something I wouldn't wish for anyone to experience."

"Yea, but Lieutenant Hawkins has. Who knows how it has affected him?"

"The Captain must have faith in him if he placed him straight to work in Engineering," said Kel, drinking her Bajoran Kijarlin Root tea, something that she found soothing for its ripe, fruity taste, "Though I am amazed at the stuff he has pulled. I still cannot get my head round how he reprogrammed the computer without it letting security know"

They both continued drinking quietly for a few more moments, "You'll figure it out eventually," reassured Hadrius, as an evil grin started to spread across his face as he continued "Technically speaking, you too are a prisoner,"

"I'm not a prisoner." Aniyan replied, a bit of indignation in her voice.

Hadrius rose his glass and took another sip of his brandy, "Ah, but you are. You see, you avoided a penal colony; true you are not a prisoner in that sense but you are a prisoner now to Starfleet, as a security officer onboard one of its finest ships. You can't leave. I guess as a prisoner on a penal colony, you do at least have your eventual release to look forward to. What do you have to look forward to here? A long service onboard this ship, a long service in the fleet or maybe even death in service. No, you're a prisoner. Just in a different sense."

Kel looked Hadrius straight in the eye; she could see a glint of humour in them, along with a sense of wisdom hiding behind them. That gave her the means to come up with an even greater response, "Yes, I concede that I am a prisoner of sorts, however my sentence will never be extended, unlike yours Pel."

"Unlike mine?" asked Hadrius.

"Yes, we all know that Trills are symbiotic; you have the Symbiont and the Host. The Host might die in a fatal accident but the trill could live on in a new host; it could have many lifetimes worth of experiences; it knows no release thereby it is a prisoner of its existence."

"Freely choosing to have this existence. Without the hosts, we would be stuck on our home world, unable to explore, unable to learn, unable to grow. The risk of a host being killed and the symbiont with it is high, but worthwhile nether the less. Though we are prisoners of our hosts, we are free."

"As am I, I get to travel the galaxy with this ship instead of being stuck on a penal colony. I guess we are both alike in this, prisoners of our own circumstances, of our own choices yet we are both free," concluded Kel raising her glass towards Hadrius'.

As they were about to take another drink, her communicator beeped, "Lieutenant Aniyan, report to Lieutenant Hawkins quarters please," came Katherine's disembodied voice.

Kel looked to Hadrius as if to say, 'here we go again.'

Once Kel Aniyan had departed from the relaxation lounge on deck ten, Lieutenant Hadrius Pel left the Room as well and went for a stroll through the decks of the Revelation as there was no one else there that he knew. His walk took him towards one of the Holodecks that was placed around the ship for recreational use.

The Holodeck currently wasn't in use so Hadrius looked through the computers Holodeck memory to see if he could find something in there to interest him.

"Fencing scenario one," he murmured, "That sounds mildly interesting."

He activated the programme.

"Programme complete, enter when ready," announced the computer.

Hadrius had no idea what to expect, but he squared his shoulders and stepped inside.

Doctor Pel found himself in the luxurious gardens of a large, stately manor eighteenth century house. He looked around at the gardens; there were roses and hedgerows around, stone or possible marble sculptured animals scattered around along with decorative water fountains spewing water.

Ahead of him, he could see the white stoned manor house; marble pillars adorned the double door entrance to the house. On the ground in front of him was what looked like a discarded weapon, long, metallic with a very thin blade. As he bent down to take a close look at the item a voice cried out from the manor house, the voice of a woman, presumably the young woman who was rushing out of the door, her yellow dress flowing behind her, her long brunette locks flying around her neck as she ran direct for him.

She ran straight into his arms.

As she clung to him a man walked out of the house dressed in what appeared to be a black suit, with a white shirt sporting a cravat, his own long black hair tied back in a small pony tail. He appeared to be brandishing the same type of metallic object that he had examined only a matter of moments before.

When he saw Hadrius, he bowed in mock courtesy and raised his foil and advanced. "You dare lay a hand on my wife?" roared the man.

Hadrius instantly recoiled away from the woman.

"Enguarde," snapped the man as he lunged his foil towards Hadrius, who rolled onto the ground and picked up the other foil and managed to block the incoming swing of the blade. Hadrius surprised himself as he countered his foes next volley of swings and managed to turn the attack around and even trim the left half of the moustache from the lord of the manor's face.

The man's face turned crimson, "I was going to let you off with a chiding but now you will pay for this," he shouted as he fingered his moustache or what was left of it.

Hadrius began to defend himself admirably against his foe, but his inexperience was all too clear and it was becoming harder to defend himself.

It wasn't until Hadrius caught sight of the young woman and noticed the excited gleam in her eye along smile on her face that he suddenly realised that this had been a set up. That this was the reason that she had grabbed hold of him, to give her husband an excuse to kill him. The adrenalin poured into his system and with a yell of rage he disarmed the man with a vicious twist of his blade.

Then he looked at the young woman whose smile had now disappeared, "For you my lady," Hadrius sneered as he swung his blade in wide arc and decapitated the man with one stroke. The scene vanished due to Hadrius completing the program and the familiar black and yellow grid took its place.

Hadrius heard someone behind him clapping. He slowly turned round to see Lieutenant Rochelle Smith, the ships Counsellor watching his final act against the holographic opponent. Rochelle had left Katherine once she had met up with Kel Aniyan to locate Lieutenant Hawkins. It wasn't until she passed Holodeck Three when she noticed that it was operating her fencing program so out of curiosity, she had entered to see who had activated it.

"Not bad," she said, "But how would you fair against a real person?"

"I wouldn't know," answered Hadrius, wondering where this might be leading.

"If you'll come with me to Deck Twenty, we'll get you some proper gear, a real foil and I'll teach you how to fight properly with it," smiled Rochelle.

"Sounds intriguing," replied the Doctor as he followed the Counsellor out of the Holodeck.

On the Bridge of the USS Revelation, Captain Delany relieved Commander Savok who had been looking after the ship whilst he was having his meeting with Commander Evans and Lieutenant Smith.

Commander Savok returned to his Operations station.

Mike sat down in his chair and watched the Viewscreen. The star field on the screen showed just that, stars in their countless billions, flying past the ship as she graced the galaxy with her presence. As he sat watching the star field, Mike contemplated the officer's that he had picked for his new command.

Commander Savok was indeed a fine officer, one of the best that the fleet had to offer, hence his position as Second Officer and Operations Manager. His career was exceptional for a Vulcan, but he never seemed capable of making the leap to towards Captaincy, he never seemed to have the motivational skills to progress his career; he always seemed to be in the background.

Mike hoped that he would learn enough during his time on this ship that he could one day take the step up to command of his own ship. He also had the same hopes for his First Officer.

Currently Lieutenant Vexx was manning the Security station whilst his Chief Security Officer was off duty, though by now she should be at Lieutenant Hawkins' quarters.

Vexx, like Savok was a Vulcan, however she believed that her physical abilities would best serve Starfleet more than if she went into the sciences. Vulcans were well known for their superior strength as well as their highly logical minds. Captain Delany was so far happy with her performances and knew that one day, she would make an exceptional Chief Security Officer.

Ensign Fain was manning the Helm, one of the first Ferengi to enlist in Starfleet. He was a good pilot, but Mike was unsure as to why a Ferengi would enlist as most of their race believed in profit. Where was the profit in piloting a Starship? Possibly maybe the prestige of piloting a new ship might help make his name quickly in the Ferengi Alliance, to become a Damon.

Mike felt that he was a good judge of character, hence why he appointed Fain to the position as Chief Pilot of the Revelation. He had to be a good judge of character about Fain as well as his newly rescued officer, hence why he had allowed Lieutenant Hawkins to stay onboard. Starfleet felt that after his ordeal, he wouldn't be fit to serve again.

The possibility of them running into Romulans could be high; there would be no way to determine how he would handle it. Mike saw it differently, Scott had survived long enough to be rescued, even when there seemed to be no chance at all, he had held out for it.

That gave him a strong will of character that made him special so Mike had no hesitation in keeping him onboard, same as he had no hesitation in bringing in his Counsellor from his old command on the USS Merrimac, Lieutenant Rochelle Smith.

He needed people who he could trust to operate in these positions without being under his eye all the time, that left him time to run the ship and the missions, making himself one of the best Captains in the fleet.

His final piece of the puzzle was his Chief Medical Officer. Paul Galloway never passed at the top of his field, he was a good officer and he held a strong desire to learn. It was that desire to learn that caught Mike's eye, he knew that this officer would keep learning whilst he was out in the field encountering new races. This was a sign of a good medical officer, especially as Paul had requested the presence of his old friend Hadrius Pel to accompany him, he said something about the fact that he owes his friend a debt and that if he is with him, he can repay this.

After watching the stars for what seemed like an eternity, he got up and approached Savok at his Operations station. Commander Savok appeared to be engrossed in his work; he didn't notice the approach of his Commanding Officer, either that or uncharacteristically he had chosen to ignore him.

"Something of interest?" asked Mike, curious over what had intrigued his Second Officer.

"I am detecting what I believe to be a Warp trail, one that doesn't appear to dissipate."

"You mean this propulsion system could be limitless?" asked Mike.

"Isn't that what I said?" asked Savok, who in his own Vulcan way thought he had explained everything pretty clearly.

"Apparently you did. Can you determine direction of travel, what is producing this and where its or their destination is?" enquired Mike, his curiosity starting to get the better of him.

This find appeared to be the start of an incredible new adventure; a new discovery, which could make his name go down in history. From what he could remember, nothing like this warp trail had ever been discovered before.

"I would need more time to analyse the trail."

"Very well," spoke Mike, "Commander, please relay the coordinates to Ensign Fain at the Helm. Ensign," he continued, "Follow the course of the trail that Commander Savok is sending to your console."

"Aye sir," responded Fain, "Changing course, heading two one six, mark one four nine."

"Good. Savok, remember that we have got medical supplies to deliver to Alpha Sygnus Three. I cannot give you too much time. You'll have four hours to find the source of this trail. So far it looks like we could have a nice mystery on our hands."

"Sir," asked Lieutenant Vexx, "How have you come to the conclusion that a mystery is nice?"

"I just mean it will be nice to break up this monotonous journey."

"Humans seem to have a unique view to looking at the mysteries of the universe."

"That's why we are out here, for the unknown. It is our desire to continue our expansion of our knowledge, of the wonders of the universe that drives us on. Without that desire, what else would we strive for? We would still be fighting amongst ourselves."

"That is true, had it not been for our meeting with your Zefram Cochrane."

"Indeed. That is what I love about Vulcans. Your ability to take credit for all the situations that you find yourself involved in. Who knows how our future would have changed had we never met your race on April Fifth, twenty sixty three."

Scott Hawkins was sat in his quarters, on his bed gazing out at the stars, taking in the conversation that he had had with Commander Malloy less than an hour ago.

She had told him that they needed him to act as Chief Engineering Officer. It had been less than a month since he had been rescued, he was adjusting slowly back to life within Star Fleet and now they were offering him position of the Engineering Chief. All he had done was just go to Engineering at the start of his shift and complete whatever task he had been instructed to do. No more, no less. He dropped his head into his hands to think.

A pair of arms draped lovingly around his shoulders. He felt the extra weight transfer itself onto the bed next to him.

She spoke to him, "What's troubling you?"

"They want me to become Chief Engineer," he replied to her.

"That's great, it was what you have been aiming for all this time."

Scott lifted his head and looked at her, her black hair coalescing down her face, her soft eyes unassumingly looking into his, her lips moist and tender.

"I don't know anymore. I don't know what I want. I remember things that I shouldn't, things from another life. The Doc thinks it's a side effect from the temporal shock that I apparently went into when Commander Malloy reached out to rescue me when I was a prisoner on Franquila. I, I," stumbled Scott as he tried to explain to her what was going through his mind, "I, I'm scared around these people. There are too many people here. I'm safe here in my quarters with you. I was safe on Franquila. I'm not safe here."

She looked at him intently, compassion and sorrow in her eyes; when she spoke she only told him the truth, "You will never be safe again, not here on the Revelation, not on Franquila, and you will never be safe in Starfleet or out of it. The only way you will be safe is if you take action to become safe, even as Chief Engineer, you can influence how safe you will be." Scott listened intently to the words as she spoke them and knew she was right, but then she had been right about most things. That was how they got together, she knew he was right for her even though he didn't know it at the time and that was why she had moved into his quarters. It had been the right thing to do. She looked at Scott who was still looking at her and she knew what to do, she placed her lips against his and held him in the tightest of embraces that she could; as for Scott, he just held her just as tightly as he could and responded to Michelle's kiss with as much passion as he could remember.

Within an hour of Commander Savok providing the co-ordinates of the Warp Trail to Ensign Fain, the Revelation had arrived to where the alien ship was. It was currently orbiting a planet, in an unknown cluster of stars that had yet to be mapped out by any Federation ship. The Revelation, once she had entered the system had started recording data on all the planetary bodies present, their orbits, the main sun in the system and anything else that they thought could be useful.

As for the alien vessel, its orbit wasn't stable around the planet as it now looked to be in a decaying orbit. Strange considering the Warp trail that had led them here hadn't dissipated yet it couldn't hold a steady orbit around the planet. Could it have been possible the sun in the system was somehow affecting how the orbits of the planets were within the system along with anything that happened to orbit them?

"If we lose the ship to the strength of the planet's gravity, we lose any chance of learning about this power source," spoke Katherine to Captain Delany, who was standing next to Savok's Operations station.

Savok looked up to the Captain, "She is indeed correct in this assumption, however if we were to beam over to the ship, I would suggest minimal contact for the smallest possible time allowed. I have calculated that the ship's orbit will only last for two point one hours currently. That will not give us long to conduct an investigation into this ship and its origin."

"Then naturally we will take more people. We could discover ten times more information on it with ten people than if we took only three or four," reasoned Katherine.

"However with the increase of personnel, increases the danger. It would take longer to beam ten people off than it would to beam off three or four people," noted Savok logically, which stood to reason given the current circumstances.

"Commander, I have to side with Savok on this one. Take a small contingent of personnel, only essential though. If someone can do more than one job, the better it is."

"Aye sir, I shall notify the necessary people to meet in Transporter Room One in ten minutes. Commander Savok, Lieutenant Aniyan, you two are with me," announced Katherine as she made her way to leave the bridge.

"Good luck Commander, and be careful," warned Mike, who had learned that when something looks like it can be done easily, it rarely was. When the trio had arrived in Transporter Room One, Lieutenant Hawkins was waiting for them. Katherine was surprised, as she hadn't expected that he would be ready to beam over to a new environment so soon after his rescue, but Scott explained that if he were going to be the new Chief, he would have to get used to his surroundings changing. So here he was, kitted out with an Engineering tool kit, Tricorder and surprisingly a Phaser.

"The Phaser Lieutenant?" she asked of him,

"You never know," he replied to which Kel commented, "Well, at least he covers all the angles, same as myself."

She patted her Phaser for emphasis.

"Captain, we are ready for beam over."

"Understood. Beam whenever you are ready."

Katherine looked to Ensign Phillipa Brook, the Transporter Chief in charge of Transporter Room one, whose fingers deftly flew over the console and transferred the away team of four over to the alien ship.

On the Bridge, Lieutenant Susan Brook, Phillipa's twin sister was covering Commander Savok's console. "Confirmed Captain. The away team has been transferred over to the Alien Vessel."

"Good. Now we just wait," spoke Mike as he sat down in his chair.

Susan started to work the sensors on her console, "Sir the ship is powering itself up."

"What?" Mike asked as he quickly got out of his chair and looked at the view screen as the Alien ship suddenly exploded.

"What happened?"

"I don't know. I don't know, it's just gone." And sure enough, all that was left on the screen was a huge amount of debris.

Captain Delany sat despondently in his chair at the Conference Lounge table. With him were his ships Counsellor Rochelle Smith, Lieutenant Commander Galloway the Revelations Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant David Piper the Deputy Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Vexx and Lieutenant Susan Brook.

"Captain," spoke Rochelle, "You were not to know what was going to happen with the alien vessel. You were not to blame for what happened."

"Wasn't I?" asked Mike, looking to his Counsellor. "I sent them over there; it was my responsibility to ensure that they were safe."

"Sir, you would have had no idea of what was going to happen," commented Lieutenant Susan Brook,

"But I should have. I should have realized that it was dangerous to send them over to it." Lieutenant Vexx looked to the Captain and spoke out, "With respect Sir, you did realize by sending over only a small contingent of personnel. You sent over only four people instead of ten. By those actions you saved six lives-"

"But I still lost four. Four senior members of my crew."

"Who still knew the risks, they were experienced in what they were doing. They were the best choice to go to the alien ship," spoke Lieutenant Commander Galloway. "Their loss is regrettable but we do still have a mission to complete. Alpha Sygnus Three still requires those medical supplies. I have been in touch with the outposts' Medical Officer. He's advised that the estimate he made for when their supplies were going to run is actually much sooner than he first anticipated."

Mike looked to Paul. Mike knew that when he sent his away team over to the alien vessel he didn't have much time for them to examine the ship before they were due to head back on route to the planet. Now with the loss of his First Officer, his Second Officer who also was his Operations Manager, his newly appointed Chief Engineer along with his Chief of Security, he was considerably undermanned in specific areas. He still also, as his Chief Medical Officer rightly pointed out, had a mission to complete. The loss of his colleagues and friends would have to be mourned for later. Right now he knew what he had to do.

"You're right of course Doctor. Lieutenant Brook set a course heading for Alpha Sygnus Three."

"Aye Sir," replied Susan as she took her leave back to the bridge to implement the Captains' orders.

Mike looked to his remaining officers, "I know that some of you were close to our lost friends, but we will have to deal with their loss once our mission is completed. Replacing them will be hard but I know that for the time being, both Lieutenant Piper and Lieutenant Vexx should be able to step into the positions of Chief Engineer and Chief Security Officer for the remainder of this mission. I trust that you both can do that?"

"Of course Sir," answered David,

"Affirmative," confirmed Vexx as they both responded to the Captains' enquiry.

"Good, we all know what to do then," finished Mike as he stood up and left the Conference Room back towards the Bridge.

"Well, I don't know what to do?" spoke Kel as both she, Scott, Savok and Katherine sat down trying to work out their options. Unknown to the crew of the Revelation, the alien ship hadn't exploded but dumped rubbish out to appear like it had exploded. As it had done that, it jumped direct to warp, producing a massive flash that looked like an explosion, hence why the Revelation hadn't sent out a search party to try to locate them.

Now it was down to them to try to find a way to be rescued.

"From what I have been able to determine, all major systems seem to be locked out. We cannot access communications, weapons nor affect the engines. All the power systems appear to be locked out," advised Commander Savok.

"In what way are they locked out?" asked Commander Malloy.

"I have been unable to access the consoles; they appear to be dead, to have no power."

"What about trying to access the computer directly?" asked Kel.

"No, there appear to be no computer access terminals anywhere or even anything that we would recognize as access points."

"Navigation? You haven't mentioned navigation. Can that be accessed?" asked Katherine seeing a possible means of escape.

"In the sense of piloting the ship, then no. In changing course again no. All we can do is see where we are heading."

"And where is that exactly?" asked Kel, not happy at being helpless.

"We are on a heading of zero two six mark one five nine. Our speed is warp six," informed Savok meticulously.

"So we can see where we are going, but we cannot do anything about it," confirmed Kel.

Scott was only partially listening to them. To keep himself calm during what had happened, he'd started to focus on his Tricorder, messing with settings on it, doing anything to it to keep his mind focused away from the situation, to stop his panicking at being trapped so soon after his rescue.

Katherine had noticed that he wasn't contributing to the meeting, but she never said anything. That was until the Tricorder emitted a loud, continuous beep, forcing all four of them to cover their ears.

"SHUT IT DOWN LIEUTENANT" shouted Katherine over the deafening racket.

"I'M ALREADY TRYING," he answered. Within a minute, the racket had deceased. "WHAT EXACTLY CAUSED THAT?" asked Katherine, looking at Scott, who she was now annoyed with, due to his interruption of their meeting.

Scott shook his head trying to clear the ringing from it. "I think I inverted the bio sensor in it. It failed to recognize us as life forms. It knew we were here but didn't know what we were. I messed up what the Tricorder was programmed to detect. I'm, I'm sorry Commander, it will not happen again."

Katherine looked at him, her expression of anger changing to one of intrigue, "Could you make the computer of this ship believe that the information it is receiving is incorrect?"

"Possibly, but to what purpose?"

"If this ship is on an automatic course, then let's see if we can make it think we are off course so it will change its direction."

"To send it somewhere else," spoke Kel, suddenly realizing what Katherine was planning.

"But where do we send it?" asked Scott.

He was confident that he could make the computer think its sensor readings from its navigational system were incorrect by accessing the computer through the replicator, like he had on the Revelation. But for him to do that, he needed to know what readings to provide it with, which would direct the ship to a new location. Where to send the alien vessel? He needed Katherine and Savok to provide that information with their knowledge on what action the Captain would take next.

Three days had passed since the destruction of the alien vessel and the Revelation had arrived at Alpha Sygnus Three uneventfully. Now Lieutenant Commander Paul Galloway was down on the surface of the planet with Lieutenant Hadrius Pel where they were overseeing the final shipment of the much-needed medical supplies to the outpost.

"We need those containers of hydro-benazyne over in the south wing," instructed Paul to the medical orderly who was transporting it on an antigrav trolley.

"Thank you for this. Without the speed of the Revelation, I don't think the supplies would have arrived in time. I did expect yourselves to have arrived sooner, but no matter at least you arrived," commented Medical Administrator Dewalhi Singh.

"We were lucky," finished Paul.

"Lucky? I don't understand."

"We had encountered an alien vessel which we started to investigate-"

"Investigate? But we needed these medical supplies," interrupted Dewalhi.

"And you got them still, even though you miscalculated when your supplies would run out. We lost four good officers when we were investigating the ship. We knew we could spare some time to check it out as we were within the time scale that you had originally provided to us. This mysterious ship was running a power source that seemed limitless. With that in mind, we decided to investigate it."

"Did you manage to determine the type of power source that this ship was using?" he asked, feigning interest now that he had his supplies.

"No, the ship self destructed before we could find anything out about it. We lost too many good officers."

"Still, never mind. At least the medical shipment made it safely."

"That's all you give a damn about isn't it?" Paul was incredulous about Dewalhi's attitude. "They were not part of our team, therefore not our concern. They were your Captain's concern."

"So I see. Well, since you have the supplies, we will be on our way."

Paul tapped his communicator, "Revelation, this is Lieutenant Commander Galloway; lock onto my teams signals and return them to the ship. Then transport myself," he instructed. "Don't mistake my lack of concern for the loss of your comrades as anything malicious, it is just that on this planet, on this outpost there would have been little that we could have done to change the situation. You do have our condolences."

Within a matter of minutes Paul's team had returned to the ship, leaving just Paul down at the outpost with Dewalhi.

"Red Alert! An unknown vessel is now entering the sector. It isn't answering our hails," came a voice through the outpost's announcement system.

Paul tapped his communicator, "Captain, we have just heard of an alien vessel that has entered the system. Is the Revelation tracking it on sensors?"

"We are Doctor. We will need to beam you up immediately."

"Understood. Standing by."

"But, you can't leave us like this. We will need your assistance we only have shields and phased cannons. If this ship should attack…" protested Dewalhi.

"Concern for your own safety? Forgive my lack of concern for your position but my ship and crew takes precedence," spoke Paul, looking at the panic spreading over Dewalhi's face, until he decided that he'd seen enough.

"We need to break orbit so everyone who was planet based from our crew has to return to the ship whilst we investigate it." With that said, Paul tapped his communicator and transported back to the Revelation.

The USS Revelation was on Red Alert at the approach of the Alien Vessel into the Alpha Cygnus system. Its course was a little erratic which would be unusual for an aggressor, however Mike had been caught out once before by an alien vessel, which had cost him four members of his crew.

This time he wasn't going to be so he'd placed his ship on Red Alert and was preparing himself for anything out of the ordinary, however what he heard next he wasn't prepared for. "Captain," spoke Lieutenant Vexx from the Tactical console, "Sensors indicate that this alien vessel has the exact same configurations as the alien vessel we encountered three days ago that self destructed."

"Could it be possible that the alien vessel hadn't been destroyed?" he asked Vexx.

Though she was a Security Officer, her Vulcan mind was still logical enough to provide a possible answer to this puzzle. "Hypothetically yes. If that were the case then our comrades could still be onboard, however I am unable to establish contact with them. They do not answer hails."

"Can we get a scan for life form readings on the vessel?" he asked.

Susan who was at the Operations console started scanning, "I am detecting four life forms." Mike touched the communication button on the arm of his chair, "Transporter Room One, lock onto the four life forms and beam them aboard. Shield control will be at your discretion."

"Sir, regulations prohibit the beaming of unknown people onto our ship without the necessary security precautions having been taken."

Mike looked at Vexx, "In all honesty?"

"Yes sir."

"Very well, we shall both attend. Good enough Lieutenant?"

"Aye sir."

Both of the officers left the Bridge and shortly arrived in Transporter Room One. Lieutenant Vexx drew her Phaser and aimed at the Transporter pad. Captain Delany gave the order to energize and onto the platform appeared Commanders' Malloy and Savok along with Lieutenant Hawkins and Lieutenant Kel Aniyan.

Commander Savok was the first to speak and to also point out a flaw in Lieutenant Vexx's logic, "Lieutenant, please redirect your phaser away from the Transporter. Should you accidentally fire and hit the phase coils, you will destroy Transporter Room One along with six percent of the Saucer."

Captain Delany looked to his fellow crewmembers, glad to have them back. "Number One, I think you will have a bit of fun explaining this."

"Aye Sir," she replied stepping of the platform, "Well, Lieutenant Hawkins managed to fool the Garbage Vessels computer-"

"Garbage Vessel?" interrupted Mike, shocked at what his Officers had beamed onto, "Are you sure?"

"Yes Captain," replied Commander Savok, "We had time to investigate the ship and discovered that it is programmed to locate radioactive debris within various solar systems and converts that radioactivity into a purer form of energy which it uses to enhance its propulsion system, hence why it appeared to be a never ending source of energy. The planet it was orbiting is its home base where it safely delivers the remains of the safely converted debris into the planets atmosphere. Smaller vessels collect the waste and the planets inhabitants use the material to create more of these vessels. The planet is like a universal dump, to use a crude analogy."

Captain Delany tried to stifle a smirk.

"Anyway," continued Katherine, "We figured out what its purpose was and that it was on a pre-programmed course. We then just used Scott's creativeness in hacking into the navigational sensors to send it false signals to make it believe it was off course, so it would self correct itself. The false information we fed it made it make its way here."

"How did you know to come here?" he asked.

"We gambled that you would continue the mission to deliver the supplies. The gamble paid off."

"Thankfully it did. Well, I'm glad to have you all back, and I think next time Number One, we should both be more careful about which away missions are rubbish and which ones aren't."