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Summary: The King of Hogwarts take a powerful young sorcerer (Harry Potter) as his Ward, but his actions will cost him his life. His son; Prince Draco, is then left to rule Hogwarts at a young age. In years to come, the King of Camelot and the King of Hogwarts will cross each others paths once more, but can Merlin and Harry stop the chaos that will ensue?
Warnings inside - please read first.
Warnings: Rated T for possible language... I can turn it into a bloodbath if you really want *shrugs* but... yeah... it is possible that this may turn into a Drarry or a Methur (or both, hehehe!) Don't like it, you know where the door is. I hope you guys do, cause I don't andif there's a fire I'm through the window... after I've warmed myself up. Rightio, anything else? Oh yeah, some characters (Lucius especially) will be very OOC. There I've said it! No complaints please, he's supposed to be like that!

Prologue: The King's Ward

A blast of bitter, wintery air forced it's way through the cracks between the wooden door and the dusty floor of the small house; making the timber framing creak. The dark haired child wrapped his thin blanket tighter around himself as he shivered. Harry opened his startling emerald eyes, greeted by the sight of his ruddy faced uncle.
'Get up, boy!' Vernon Dursley clamped his chubby fingers around Harry's upper arm, dragging him from the floor to his feet. 'You are to go into the forest to collect some firewood, before we all freeze to death!'
Harry stumbled slightly as his uncle pushed him towards the heavy wooden door. His green eyes briefly swept over the other two occupants of the small dwelling; his aunt, Petunia, was preparing some sort of stew over the smouldering ashes in the fireplace, and Harry's cousin, Dudley, he was almost as round as his father and just as malicious; watching Vernon bully Harry was Dudley's favourite pastime.

The door slammed behind the eleven year old. The snow drifted gracefully from the swirling grey clouds above and settled softly upon his ebony hair. Another gust of harsh wind penetrated through Harry's thin, ragged clothes. Wishing to return to the house as soon as possible, Harry hugged himself in a fruitless attempt to maintain what little warmth he had left then, with a fleeting glance at Hogwarts Castle, proceeded to enter the forest that surrounded the settlement. He gasped as a branch from a bramble pierced painfully through the sole of his barefoot; balancing on one leg and with his eyes watering, Harry pulled the thorns from his foot and checked for blood.

The crisp, icy environment kept him moving, picking up suitable tree branches and wandering deeper into the forest. After three quarters of an hour, the young boy heard the unmistakeable sound of a crackling fire, gruff voices of men and the strong smell of smoke; he peered through a small clump of bushes to see what appeared to be a small camp of bandits.
Several bandits occupied this small camp; each one had a tent and a horse of their own, their swords and crossbows were strewn lazily across the ground. In the middle of this makeshift dwelling stood the dancing golden flames of which the bandits had places themselves around; laughing, cooking and plotting.
'As long as we remain hidden and cover our tracks, we'll be able to break in, take what we want and leave,' a muscular, bald man with stubble and beady eyes discussed with his companions, 'now, I've heard that old Lucius and his wife are magical folk –'
'Wretched Druids.' Grumbled another man; this one was much smaller than the first and had shoulder-length, matted hair. A wave of spine tingling laughter broke out through the group.
'Well,' the former continued, 'they won't suspect nuffin' if they're asleep. I say we wait until night fall and attack after dark.' A murmur of agreement rippled around the men.
'Surely their magical wards would warn them of intrusion?' A third man spoke; this man had obviously been through the wars as his face was riddled with scars. He stroked the edge of his sword in a favourable way. 'Would it be better to slit their throats for good measure?'
'Do they not have a son?' The bald man contemplated the thought for a moment. 'I'm sure they do.'
'You mean pampered, little prince Draco?' The scarred man sneered, glaring into the flames.
The bald bandit smirked, 'that's the one. We could kidnap him instead; demand a ransom for their precious heir. I'm certain that we would make a larger profit this way.'
The laughter rippled around once more. Harry backed away slowly, stepping on a twig, it snapped loudly and made him freeze where he stood, allowing the wood to tumble out of his arms.
'Who's there?' The sound of hurried movement issued on the other side of the shrubs and in a blink of an eye, Harry found himself surrounded by the points of several swords. 'What have we here?' The bald man, who appeared to be the leader of the group, relaxed his position slightly and approached Harry, staring intently at the boy. He then started to cackle. 'Looks like a servant, lads. Bit young though, aren't you? What's your name son?' Trembling from head to foot, Harry merely shook his head. 'Don't be shy, boy, we're not going to kill you yet. We want to know what you heard first.'
'I – I didn't hear anything!' Harry stammered as his hoarse voice shook vaguely.
'Don't lie to us!' Hissed a man to Harry's right. 'How long have you been spying on us?'
'I wasn't spying!' The ebony haired child protested frantically. 'I'm only collecting firewood!'
'A likely story!' The scarred man jeered scathingly. The leader of the outlaws nodded at two of the men; who then stepped forward, placed a hand upon Harry's shoulders and forced him into a kneeling position on the ground. The bald man raised his sword and swung it towards the child's neck; Harry flinched violently, feeling a prickling sensation spread through his body. He saw a bright light from behind the lids of his eyes and heard numerous thuds and the galloping of a horse.
Slowly opening his eyes, Harry saw seven motionless bodies spread out before him. Another person had entered the scene too; he had long platinum hair which was tied back with a black bow, a pale complexion and stony grey eyes that were widened in shock. He wore the renowned green cloak which bore the embroidered silver Serpent symbol of the Malfoy Family over the top of his silver armour.
'I didn't mean – it was an accident, I swear!' Words tumbled out of Harry's mouth in the presence of the King of Hogwarts; he had just killed seven men with King Lucius as a witness, he would most certainly be sentenced to death for this, but Lucius held up a gloved hand to silence the boy, his stormy eyes scrutinizing the youngster.
'What is your name?' The King spoke in a sharp tone, his eyes still boring into Harry's frightful face.
'Harry Potter.' He mumbled quietly.
'Say that again please.'
Harry cleared his constricting throat and articulated louder, 'Harry Potter.'
Lucius's expression softened immediately, 'Potter, eh?' The boy nodded, staring at the ground. 'James and Lily Potter's boy?' He nodded again. 'Well, I must say, that was a very impressive bit of magic, especially for your age.' Lucius demounted his ashen horse and stepped closer to Harry.
'I didn't mean to –' Harry's sentence faltered under the patronising gaze of the King.
'I must thank you, young Harry. You have saved my family, myself and no doubt the Kingdom.' Harry glanced up in astonishment, but quickly dropped his gaze again. 'These are the Cladrians; they've destroyed many great kingdoms, sold the land on to benefit their pocket. Hogwarts was likely to be their next target.' Lucius dropped to his knees in front of the youth. 'I see a great potential of magic in you, Harry. You will be my ward. That is if you choose to accept, of course.'
A smile spread over Harry's features for the first time in what felt like years as he nodded eagerly. King Lucius helped Harry mount the pallid horse, placed his jade cloak around Harry's shoulders and then they set of towards the Castle of Hogwarts; Lucius leading the horse by the rein.

'This will be your home now,' Lucius guided his ward through the palace, 'I will hire a servant to attend to your every need. For now I will leave you to bathe that should warm you up. I shall send someone to fetch some new clothing for you, too.' The King opened a door to show Harry his new bedroom, furnished with the finest bed gold could buy, oak dressers, a marble fireplace with a wooden rocking chair set before it. King Lucius waved off the stuttered "thank you" from his newest addition to the palace and left to inform his wife; Narcissa, of their recent arrival.

Narcissa marched into the Throne Room, dressed in her finest pale blue dress, which floated elegantly behind her. The young prince; Draco, following in her footsteps.
'Mother! I want an apple!' The blonde prince pouted up at Narcissa.
'Then by all means, go the kitchen and retrieve one.' She chided her son, but gave him a loving expression all the same. Narcissa came to a halt before her husband.
'I said that I wanted one, not that I wanted to endure the effort of retrieving it myself,' Draco stopped beside his mother, talking in a whisper, 'that's what we have servants for!'
'Hush now, Draco.' She gave the Prince a final stern stare, and then turned to address her beloved with a courtesy. 'You wished to speak with me, my Lord?'
'We have obtained a ward,' Lucius's voice echoed through the vast hall.
'A ward?' Narcissa arched a graceful, fair eyebrow at her other half, 'but who?'
'Harry Potter.'
The Queen's eyebrow ascended further, 'Draco, run along now.' Lucius and Narcissa watched as the young prince stared suspiciously at them, retreating from the gigantic room. The woman then turned to face her husband once more, 'you are certain?'
'Absolutely, he resembles the child mentioned in the rumours, he even had the scar. He also has undeniably strong magic; it would be wise to keep him under our protection.'
Narcissa bowed her head at Lucius, 'I respect and agree with your decision, sire.'
He stood from his throne, took her hands in his own and planted a kiss upon her lips, 'thank you, my dearest wife.'

Draco didn't bother knocking upon the new ward's door; he kicked the doors open and marched in, startling the younger boy. 'I'm Draco, the King's son,' Draco spoke with such authority, he stood proudly in his rich clothing; his shirt was emerald and, just as his father's cloak had, bore the silver Serpent, his short sleek hair was as bright as Lucius's had been, Draco's eyes were even the same shade of grey as his father's, 'I've been sent to bring you down to dine with us.' Harry followed Draco from his room, staying a few paces behind the other boy and remained silent as they passed portraits of previous members of the Malfoy family. 'Oh, yes the portraits,' said Draco dully, noting Harry's interest, 'ancestors, all of them are from my father's side of the family. My grandfather Abraxas Malfoy,' the Prince waved idly at one of the scowling portraits, 'Armand Malfoy, Nicholas Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy the First, Brutus Malfoy, Septimus Malfoy and yes that painting did move.' Draco smirked to see Harry gaping as the portrait of Septimus turned his nose up at him. 'The Dining Room is this way. My father never told me your name?'
'I'm Harry Potter.' Harry glanced back at the portrait of Septimus to see that he had flitted into Nicholas's frame, muttering in the other's ear.
'Are you really?' Enquired Draco, without showing any sign of interest as they descended the Marble Staircase into the Entrance Hall. The blonde haired boy paused before the huge oak doors of the Dining Room, giving the other a searching look. 'Tell me, Harry, do you come from a background of significance?'
'I don't – I don't think so.'
Draco raised his eyebrow and pushed the doors open, leading Harry into the room and towards the dining table. Lucius indicated for Harry to take the seat beside Narcissa as Draco acquired the one beside his father. Lucius smiled down at Harry as the boy took his place while Narcissa fussed affectionately over her son.
'Draco, this is our new ward,' Lucius chose his words delicately, 'his name is Harry. You are to make him feel welcome. Perhaps –'
'What's a ward?' The blonde prince cut across his father.
'It means Harry will be living with us and treated as though he is your brother,' Narcissa notified her son, 'Harry will live under the protection of the King and his kingdom.'
'I was hoping that you would show Harry around the palace tomorrow.' Lucius commented as he piled food onto his plate.
'Of course, as you wish, father.' Draco replied coolly, giving Harry an apprehensive glance.

After a few minutes Harry found himself a little more comfortable to join in the conversations that the three blonde heads tried to draw him into.
'I was not aware that you were still in the Kingdom,' Lucius remarked, looking at Harry in interest, 'I was under the impression that you had been taken into the care of your aunt and uncle.'
'That is true, but they live in Hogwarts,' Harry hesitated for a moment, 'I don't really leave the house much.'
'Why not?' Narcissa half raised her goblet to her rosy lips whilst giving the dark haired child a bemused stare. 'Did you play with other children?'
'No,' Harry shrugged slightly, 'I had chores to do.'
Narcissa and Lucius shared worried glances. Draco spoke up in uneasy silence. 'Is it true that your parents are dead?'
'Killed by outlaws.' Harry mumbled. Narcissa and Lucius's expression changed to astonishment.
'Who told you that?' Lucius enquired curiously.
'My aunt and uncle,' Harry nervously poked at his food with his folk, wishing that the conversation could end.

Harry opened his bedroom door to answer the sharp knocking noise. The boy stepped aside to permit Lucius Malfoy into the room. The King had shown odd behaviour ever since the conversation they had had at dinner the night before.
'I've thought about this long into the night,' Lucius began, signalling that Harry should take a seat in the rocking chair, 'Narcissa thinks I should wait until you are older, but I think that you have a right to know now.' Harry stared blankly at his guardian, not too sure what the topic of their current conversation. 'I knew your parents extremely well; James was from a noble family and Lily a modest little family. James's father; Charlus, was an Auror, it was his job to help the other men of Hogwarts to protect the Kingdom. Your father joined the Aurors when he became of age, but after you were born your parents had to go into hiding.'
A lump produced in Harry's throat, but curiosity got the better of him. 'Why?'
'Have you ever heard of the Crystal Caves?' Harry shook his head in response. Lucius paused for a moment before continuing. 'The Crystal Caves resides near the Valley of the Fallen Kings, many wizards talked about the cave before the King of Camelot began his purge against the Old Religion. It is said that the crystals within the cave had the power to show the observer the past, present and future. During the time of the Old Religion one sorcerer; Lord Voldemort used his magic for greed and power. He believed that this world was only worthy of those with magic and made it his life ambition to slay the Muggles; that's what we call the non-magical people. Lord Voldemort wouldn't let anyone stand in the way of his ambition; his followers were almost as ruthless as he was. Anyone who denied or tried to stand against Lord Voldemort and his supporters were killed. A prophecy was made, one about the downfall of Lord Voldemort. No one is sure as to what the prophecy said, but Lord Voldemort became more and more brutal. He found your parents and turned a terrible curse upon them. He turned the same curse upon you, but for some reason it did not work; you were left with nothing but a scar.' The blonde man's gaze moved to the lightning shape mark on Harry's forehead.
'What happened to Voldemort?'
'He met his downfall, but no one knows how. You defeated him as an infant.'
Lucius remained silent, letting Harry process the information he had just be given and watching the boy carefully.
'So, my parents weren't killed by outlaws.' Harry finally whispered.
Lucius gave Harry a sorrowful look, 'I'm sorry, Harry.'

The three Malfoys and young Harry stood together in the Entrance Hall; Narcissa made a fuss over the two boys while Lucius gave instructions to one of his servants and fastened the ties on his cloak.
'Don't forget to wrap up warm if you're going outside,' Narcissa said, pulling Draco into a tight hug.
'Mother, we –' Draco tried to protest, pulling out of his mother's hug.
'I've asked the servants to light the fire in the Library for when you return –'
'Please Mother –'
'And if you're leaving the palace Sir Moody and Sir Kingsley are to go with you.'
'I do not need to be watched over!'
'It's for your protection.' Narcissa also pulled Harry into a hug. 'We'll see you at nightfall.'
Harry and Draco watched the King and Queen descend the steps of the castle doors; Draco snorted at the sight of two of the Aurors, Harry smiled as he heard the other boy mutter "protection".
'Come on, I'll show you the palace vaults first.' Draco sighed, tugging Harry along by the sleeve of his shirt. 'I don't suppose you know what Quidditch is?'
'Er… no.'
'Dear lord, you must have a boring life.'
'At least I don't need to be watched over.'
The blonde prince smirked, 'least I don't look like a scrawny delinquent.'
'Better than being a pompous dunderhead.'
'"Pompous dunderhead?"' Draco laughed loudly. 'Uneducated scoundrel!'

The news that Harry Potter: the boy who lived, had become King Lucius's ward spread around the Kingdom of Hogwarts faster than a Bowtruckle could devour a woodlouse. Livid that they had lost their nephew, Vernon and Petunia Dursley quickly produced a devious plan to regain charge over the young boy.

Vernon had retired to his house the day he had sent his good-for-nothing nephew into the forest to collect firewood. Once he had walked through the door he had demanded why the boy had not yet returned.
'I saw him earlier.' Petunia had sniffed pointedly. 'He was with the King.'
'What the devil does the King want with a mere peasant?' Vernon fumed.
'Rumour from the castle is that the boy is to become the King's ward.'
Petunia's beady eyes had watched as her husband stormed around their small dwelling and screaming almost every blasphemous word he could muster. Her eyes would occasionally flicker to the heaving mass that was their sleeping son.
Although the Dursleys despised their nephew they had plotted to use his "talents" for their own good; they wanted to move to Camelot where magic was scarce, they would've been able to use Harry's magic to make a profit by making the boy cast spells and enchantments for their customers' needs, the Dursleys would keep the money they made and eventually turn Harry in to King Uther for a larger profit.
'What are we supposed to do now? Now he's up in the castle being treated like a prince?' Huffed Vernon, lowering himself into a wooden chair by the table.
'We could go to King Uther?' Petunia suggested quietly. 'Tell him that King Lucius and Queen Narcissa kidnapped the boy and that we need help to bring our nephew back home.'
'Even King Uther isn't stupid enough to fight King Lucius.'
'We don't have to tell Uther that Lucius is a king, we just need to tell him that the sorcerer stole our non-magical nephew and that we fear for the boy's life.' Vernon stared disbelievingly at Petunia and she gave him a cunning grin in return. 'The King and Queen travel to Hogsmeade tomorrow morning. Travel for Camelot tonight and you'll reach Uther by dawn.'
Realisation dawned on Vernon's face. Within minutes he had packed a small bag of essentials, prepared a horse and left for Camelot; leaving Petunia to look after Dudley.

'Vernon Dursley from the Kingdom of Hogwarts, sire.' Sir Henry announced in a loud, carrying voice as he led the plump man to stand before King Uther Pendragon of Camelot. Both Vernon and Sir Henry bestowed a bow to Uther.
'Speak.' Uther articulated, curiously staring at the stranger for he had never heard of any Kingdom by the name of Hogwarts.
Before standing to his full height again, Vernon composed his facial features to resemble that of worry, fear and pleading, 'Sire, word of your generosity and bravery has spread across the lands. I have come to ask for your help in a time of great need.
Uther raised an eyebrow, 'and what do you need of me?'
'It's my nephew, sire.' Vernon said hurriedly. 'Two sorcerers by the names of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy have taken him from my home. I fear of what they may do to him.' Vernon was careful enough to hide his satisfaction as Uther's eyes glinted maliciously when he had uttered the word "sorcerers". 'I just want my nephew home safe.' The large man added to help empathise his case, he then allowed a moment of silence; watching the King of Camelot make a decision.
'I will help you.' Uther vowed, getting to his feet and extending his gloved hand to Vernon.
'I am most gracious, my lord!' Gasped Vernon while tightly held the King's hand.
'I will need to leave at once,' Uther added to Sir Henry, 'you are to come with me along with fifty other men.'
'Yes sir.' Sir Henry bowed once more and left at once to prepare for their journey.
'Where are we heading?' Uther addressed Vernon.
'I overheard the sorcerers when I tried to get my nephew back; they're heading to a village on the outskirts of Hogwarts. The village is called Hogsmeade.'
'You will lead the way.'

Hogsmeade had always been a very special place to Lucius and Narcissa; it was the first place they had met each other. She was the young, pure and beautiful daughter of a Lord; Cygnus Black, and his wife; Druella Rosier. It was not long after their first encounter that they had become engaged to wed and then married. The couple made it their duty to revisit the small village every year on the anniversary of their meeting.
The King and Queen of Hogwarts strolled down the dirt road that was lined with market stalls, taverns and homes of the villagers. Narcissa linked her arm around Lucius's as they beamed and waved at the people in the streets.
'A beautiful Rose for the beautiful Queen!' A nearby stall vender called out for everyone in the vicinity to hear, she then curtseyed to Narcissa and presented a single White Rose. 'Just as our Kingdom, this Rose will never wilt.'
'Thank you very much.' Narcissa gave the other woman a grateful smile, accepting the Rose and handling it with delicacy while Lucius stood beside her in deep conversation with some of the villagers.

'What's wrong?' Lucius asked, watching his wife out of the corner of his eye as they continued down the dusty path.
'Draco,' she sighed sadly, 'I just hope that he and Harry grow to like each other. It would be nice for Draco to have a friend.'
'I'm sure Harry will make a good impression.'
'It's not Harry, it's Draco. He has a habit of pushing people away.'
'Darling, you needn't –' Lucius was suddenly cut off.
'Sire!' The stall vender who had given Narcissa the enchanted White Rose stumbled forward, gasping for air. 'Uther's men are approaching!'
Lucius stared at the woman with a bemused expression. 'Uther? Of Camelot?'
'Yes sire!'
Before Lucius could utter another word; horses burst out of the trees surrounding the village, each horse bore a man in a red clock with the embroided Dragon of Camelot. Men on foot followed behind those on horses, every man wielding a sword and a shield. The men and horses stampeded out of the wooded area and into the village, killing those who they saw practising magic.
'There they are!' Lucius saw a porky fellow pointing towards him in the mass of screaming people. The man had called out to one of the men on a waxen horse; the man had dark, greying hair, the imprint of a scar was visible above the man's left eye. Lucius's eyes locked with the man's; Uther Pendragon.
'Run!' He yelled over his shoulder to his wife and the stall vender.
'I'm not leaving you!' Narcissa protested; she truly had inherited her mother's stubbornness. She felt the stall vender leave her side and watched the other woman run off to protect her children.
'Narcissa, there's too many of them. I won't be able to protect you, now run!'
They watched as Uther approached them, stopping metres in front of them and pointing his sword to Narcissa's throat.
'You are killing innocent people!' Lucius burst angrily.
'They are guilty of witchcraft.' Uther declared apathetically. 'Where is the boy?'
'What boy?'
'The one you kidnapped.'
Lucius gaped at Uther, 'we did not kidnap anyone!'
Uther stared down his nose at Lucius and Narcissa, hatred filling his eyes and his tone threatening. 'I'll get a confession out of you. Henry! Benedict!' Two men ran to aid their King, also pointing their swords at Lucius and Narcissa. 'These are the sorcerers; they will be taken to the Dungeons of Camelot Keep.' The two Knights bowed, calling over more men and left immediately; forcing the two Malfoys to follow them at the point of their swords.
Uther turned to Vernon Dursley before following his men, 'we will find your nephew and he will be returned to you.'

Harry watched Draco pace relentlessly around the Throne Room. One of the Aurors; Alastor Moody, had told Draco to wait there until his parents returned. News had reached Hogwarts Castle hours ago claiming that Hogsmeade had been attacked by Uther Pendragon and the Knights of Camelot. Draco's expression may seem passive but Harry could see anxiety and alarm building up behind those steely grey eyes.
The door opened and both boys glanced around as Kingsley Shacklebolt entered the vast hall.
'Master Malfoy,' Kingsley's deep voice boomed around the hall, making an echo. 'We've heard that Lucius and Narcissa are being held prisoner in Camelot.'
Silence followed the Auror's words. Draco held his hands up in a motion similar to that of praying and stared at the wall opposite him, lost in thought.
'I wish to speak to Granger.' The young prince finally articulated in a cool voice.

Kingsley returned half an hour later, this time he was accompanied by a tall man with light brown hair who Harry recognised but did not know.
'You wish to speak with me?' The tall man bowed.
'You are close friends with my father, are you not?' Enquired Draco.
'Of course I am.'
'Then I would like you and your family to move to Camelot. My father has been imprisoned in Uther's Dungeons; I want to have contact with someone inside the castle walls of Camelot. You are one of my father's most trustworthy subjects.'
'I will do as you wish.'

Three days had passed since Draco sent Mr Granger and his family to Camelot, but the days felt more like weeks and Draco's mood lower with every passing hour. He started examining maps of Camelot and preparing a battle plan to rescue his parents. Harry never left his side; they spent every day in the castle Library and returned to their bedchambers late at night.
Harry sat on the window sill, gazing out of the window in a daydream; examining the snow as it swirled past the panes and listened to the sound of a crying crow in the distance. He closed his eyes, allowing his daydream and the warmth of the Library fire embrace him, guarding him from the harshness of reality.
'Harry,' the call of his own name shook him out of his pleasant fantasy world; his emerald eyes met the stony grey ones. Draco stood over a map on the wooden table, his fists clenched on the tabletop, his jaw set and his platinum hair constantly falling into his eyes. 'You've been sitting at the window gawking out like an imbecile for the past hour.'
'Have I?' Harry asked absently, allowing his eyes to slowly slide off of Draco's face and focus upon the window again.
'Why don't you read a book?' Draco's tone had become irritable.
'I can't.' Harry mumbled sheepishly.
'What?' Draco looked up at Harry again, mystification spreading over his face. 'Why not?'
'Because I can't read, okay?' Harry felt the heat rise to his face and turned his head further towards the window; refusing to look at Draco. Guilt coursed through the blonde boy, he didn't mean to offend Harry.
'Harry, I –' they both jumped as three sharp knocks sounded upon the heavy oak doors. Draco cleared his throat and announced the unidentified visitor, 'enter!' The prince then turned his attention back to the map on the table to avert his eyes from Harry.
A short man covered in pox marks entered the room and bowed in Draco's direction. 'Word from the Grangers, Master Malfoy.'
'Yes?' Draco swiftly turned his head towards the man, unable to hide the hope that evidentially shone in his eyes. He eagerly walked around the wooden table, neglecting his map and battle plans.
'They have been executed.' The messenger replied sorrowfully. 'Witchcraft is banned in Camelot, I'm very sorry.'
Harry watched Draco's ridged figure as the messenger left the pair of them alone in the room. The ebony haired boy quietly got to his feet and approached the young prince, 'Draco?' He whispered softly, placing his hand on Draco's shoulder in a comforting gesture. Draco shrugged his hand off, took a few deep breaths and then strode from the Library; leaving Harry on his own.

A hollow feeling took over Harry as the day went on and the information sunk in. He was grateful the sunset came; giving him an excuse to confine himself to his bedchamber. He walked down the cold, empty corridor but soon stopped when he heard a strange noise.
'Hello?' He gazed around in search for the source of the snuffling sounds. 'Show yourself!' Only the same snuffling responded to his calls. Harry cautiously followed the sound of the noise, stopping before the door that led to Draco's bedchamber. He knocked upon the door, 'Draco? It's me.' The snuffling noises stopped and silence filled the corridor once more. Growing worried, Harry gently opened the door and peered inside;
The room was decorated in the same fashion as Harry's, the only difference between the two rooms was the colour of the hangings and curtains – Draco's were jade green where as Harry's were a vibrant shade of red – Draco sat in a crumbled heap on the floor beside his bed, his face hidden from Harry and his body shaking with sobs.
Without thinking, Harry walked in, closing the door behind him, settled down on the floor beside Draco and pulled the other boy into a hug; pleased to see that Draco didn't resist.
Draco's sobs became incomprehensive sentences so that Harry only vaguely understood what was being said.
'I know,' Harry tried to hush the grieving boy by gently rocking him backwards and forwards, 'it's all right.' The pair stayed like this until Draco eventually quietened down.
'They will be punished!' Draco promised darkly.

A woman from the village of Hogsmeade kneeled before the King's throne where Draco sat. The woman held a White Rose in her hands and she spoke in a choking voice.
'I was there when it happened; I warned the King of Uther's approaching men.' Her hands began to tremble, 'then a man shouted, pointing at King Lucius.'
'What did he shout?' Draco enquired desperately.
'"There they are!" King Lucius then told me and –'
'Who was the man?'
'I – I saw him here, near Hogwarts Castle.'
'Take me to him!'
The woman nodded, rising to her feet once more. She paused for a moment before holding the White Rose out to Draco, 'this was your mother's. I'm sure she'd want you to have it.'
Draco took the flower and observed it, 'thank you.' He left the hall with a guard of Aurors and the woman.

The last time Harry saw his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon they were being led to the gallows for their execution. He watched through the window of his bedchamber and flinched as their bodies dangled from the noose.
He heard his door open but didn't respond as Draco joined him at the window, 'it was necessary, Harry.'
Harry's throat constricted, 'and their son?'
'In the Dungeons, awaiting trial.'
Harry spun around to face Draco, 'he has nothing to do with this!'
'How would you know that?'
'He's my cousin.'
Draco glanced out the window, watching a pair of Aurors take down the bodies of Petunia and Vernon Dursley. 'No matter what you say Harry, he will be put on trial like everyone else. I will purge Hogwarts of those who are not magical.'
'Draco –!'
'This will keep on happening, Harry!' Draco pointed out the window to illustrate his point. 'The Muggles will betray us to the likes of Uther Pendragon!'
'And killing them off will only make you as bad as Uther!'
'I will not discuss this with you Harry.' Draco took swift strides to the door and gave Harry a last look. 'I will allow you to visit your cousin one last time and then you will be confined to your bedchambers.'
'I –'
'You will do as you're told, you're my ward now.'

Harry drew close to the cells in the Dungeons, looking for the one which contained his cousin; Dudley. He found the cell his was looking for a stared pitifully at his cousin. Dudley had hidden away in the corner and curled up into a ball on the floor facing the wall.
'Leave us.' Harry instructed the Auror who accompanied him. The man nodded and walked away. At the sound of his voice, Dudley peered over his shoulder at Harry and rose to his feet instantly; his eyes filled with fright.
'Harry, please! I'm innocent, I swear!' Dudley began to beg as he shuffled over to the bars of his cell. Tears began to stream down his cheeks. 'I had nothing to do with this.'
'It won't matter if you're innocent or not,' Harry spoke loud enough for any passing Aurors to hear, 'your fate is sealed, I came to say goodbye.'
'Please, can't you talk to him?'
'I've tried,' Harry sighed, winking at Dudley, 'but he won't listen.'
Dudley stared at his cousin in confusion as Harry passed a key through the bars of the cell after ensuring that no one was watching. Harry mouthed the words "Hide the key, escape tonight," to Dudley then said aloud, 'I have to go, goodbye Dudley.' Harry began to walk away from Dudley.
'Thank you.'
The ebony haired boy looked around again. 'For what?'
'For coming to see me before...'
Harry smiled, 'it was the best I could do.'

That night Harry laid restlessly in his bed; if he's plan had worked the Aurors guarding Dudley should have been knocked out after Harry had cast a sleeping spell on their jug of water and Dudley would've escaped using the key Harry had conjured using the Gemino curse; Draco couldn't suspect him because Aurors currently stood guard outside his bedchamber and he has been watched while he visited his cousin, but clearly, they had not watched carefully. Admittedly, Harry wasn't sure whether his spell on the water jug had worked or not, he'd learnt the spell by accident so all he could do was pray that it worked. He listened vigilantly for the sounds of shouts and the stampede of feet; but all was silent. Instead he wondered if Dudley had escaped yet and, if so, where he had run away to.
It wasn't until the early hours of the morning that the alarm bells rang; Harry instantly jumped out of his bed and ran to the window, watching the figures of Aurors run around in search for the escapee and peeling his eyes for his cousin. After ten minutes, Harry was sure that Dudley had escaped safely and was now on his way to freedom.

'Are you sure you know nothing of the disappearance?' Draco frowned at Harry; who kept his face as innocent as possible.
'No,' Harry shook his head.
Draco gave Harry a searching look, 'curious how all of the Aurors fell asleep at the same time and the prisoner escaped without causing damage to the cell or any of the other Aurors, isn't it?'
'Maybe he had an accomplice?'
'Mmmm... Where were you last night?'
'I was in my bedchamber last night, as you requested. Feel free to ask Alastor and Devon.'
Draco's eyes bored into Harry's, trying to detect any lies. The silence stretched on for a while, 'all right, I believe you.' The blonde haired boy then turned to two of his Aurors. 'Search the entire Kingdom, I want him found.' Draco waited until the Aurors departed before turning to Harry once more, 'come on.' He then led the way up the stairs.
'Where are we going?' Harry asked nervously.
'I'm going to teach you how to read...' Draco gazed over his should at Harry, 'that is if you want to learn how to read.'

A week after Dudley's disappearance Harry received a letter. Once alone, he eagerly opened it, desperate to know what had become of his cousin. His eagerness soon evaporated as the stared the untidy scrawl; he couldn't read a word of it and he wouldn't be able to ask for help without putting Dudley in danger. He threw Dudley's letter into the fire, which was crackling merrily in the fireplace. Harry watched the letter burn; the fire glinting in his eyes.

Author's Note: No Muggles or Sorcerers were harmed in the making of this Prologue, they're all fine. Updates may vary.