A/N: Hi! This is Yami no Paladin with my first Kamen Rider fic. This fic was inspired from, suprisingly, the hate for Fourze online. I thought, hey, what if you took out all the bad stuff from Fourze, toned down the hamminess and added Past Riders as characters? Set it in the future, genderbend some Riders, and have OCs for Riders and Kamen Rider Gakuen was born.

In case you didn't know (but I'm sure you do, you smart people), Gakuen means Academy in Japanese, so this fic can also be known as Kamen Rider Academy.

This fic is inrtended to be viewed TV show style, so read and imagine as if this is a Rider show.

Four months of planning and production, countless tears, sweat and sacrificed sleep. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Kamen Rider Gakuen.

Episode 1: Beginning of an Adventure

A shadow leapt from building to building swiftly, leaving huge craters in the rooftops. Landing on the ground, the figure tried to run, and was immediately met by a new figure.

The newcomer had yellow bug eyes that seemed to be a single circle separated by a set of antennae. The figure, which appeared to be wearing a set of armor, had red lines running all over the armor, highlighting shoulder pads, arms, legs and the torso.

The figure tried to run, only to be met by another set of bug eyes. The eyes were red and round, though the rest of the body was shadowed.

Another set of footsteps indicated another newcomer. This one had a darker red set of glowing bug eyes, but it looked no less hostile.

The three approached the shadowed figure as a cloud shifted to let streams of silver rays through, revealing the surrounded figure to be a monster that resembled a grasshopper or locust, with a head that resembled said insects and black armor covering its chest, shoulders and upper arms. Green muscles tensed under the armor, as a pair of tattered brown insect wings on its back buzzed and black legs ending in two clawed feet on a raised platform-like sole twitched as if wanting to escape. It also wore a black belt with a bronze oval-shaped buckle that was positioned diagonally. The monster hissed as the three surrounding it came into view also.

The first was revealed to be a suited warrior with a black bodysuit, a silver chest plate, knee guards and bands around his ankles, upper calves, elbows and wrists. Black shoulder plates covered his shoulders and a silver belt with a black-and-silver cellphone with a chip resembling the suit's helmet as a buckle.

The second had an indigo bodysuit under silver armor covering his torso, shoulders, lower arms, knees, front calves and feet. He had gold bands in his wrist and his shoulder plates were trimmed with gold. His chest plate separated into three portions, two at the top and one at the bottom. The one at the bottom was shaped like the spades from playing cards and had red lines under the chest plate. His helmet was indigo like his bodysuit, but had a silver mask that tapered to a sharp horn at the top, with ornate carvings on it. A red belt with a large buckle was around his waist. The buckle was silver and had a plate at the middle which was red like the belt and had a gold-colored spades symbol. A dark blue sword with a huge base trimmed with gold and an elongated silver spades symbol on the front hung from the left side of his belt from a black sheathe with a large gold spades and a black card holder hung from his right.

The third had pearly-gold armor on his chest, arms and calves. The rest of his armor was black, as was his bodysuit. Silver wedges decorated his shoulder plates and the sides of his torso were also covered in silver armor. His black helmet had a pearly-gold horn that extended from his face to two sharp points, a silver mouthpiece and a strip of silver at the top of the helmet with a green dot near the forehead. A tarnished piece of black gemstone was set right in the middle of his chest. His belt was red, with two round silver-and-black portions at the sides and a large oval buckle. The buckle had a large yellow gem set in the middle and two swirls of gold around the gem.

The three masked figures closed in on the monster, who spoke with a raspy tone.

"Kamen Rider…Blade?"

"It's not just Blade," the warrior with the red lines replied.

"Time to seal you back where you belong, Undead," the gold warrior said.

"Don't screw with me!" The Undead dashed at the indigo swordsman, grabbing him. "I'll start with you, Blade!"

The indigo swordsman drew his sword and delivered a slash to the monster's torso, sending a shower of sparks flying. The monster stumbled back and released the warrior.

With a yell, the red warrior delivered a punch at the monster's head, sending the monster jerking forwards.

The gold warrior took the chance to perform a low sweep kick to trip the Undead and lifted the monster up, punching it directly in the face.

"Time for the finisher!" he called to his companions.

The red warrior brought out a long flashlight-like device and attached it to the silver band on his right ankle. He removed the red chip from his buckle and slid it into a slot on the device.


He flipped open the cellphone on the belt and pressed the ENTER button. A red stream of light flowed from the belt along his right leg and entered the device.


The gold warrior got into a semi-crouching position, with his left leg behind his right and the crests of his horn branched out, a dragon-like symbol forming at his feet, swirling slowly into his two feet.

Both warriors leapt up and the red warrior fired a beam from the gadget at the Undead, manifesting into a cone-shaped structure of red hard light.

"Crimson Smash!" The red warrior called as he landed a flying side kick on the monster.

The gold warrior then struck the monster with a flying side kick of his own, blasting the Undead back.

"Now!" the gold warrior called.

The indigo swordsman flipped his sword to grip it in a backhand. He gripped a tab on the hilt and flipped open a holder of red-backed cards. Removing two cards featuring a silver lizard and a green deer respectively, he swiped them through a gap in the side of the sword.



The swordsman flipped the sword to hold it properly again as blue holograms featuring the creatures on the cards he had floated beside him and swirled into the sword, making lightning crackle around it.


The swordsman charged forward and slashed the Undead with his lightning-charged sword. The monster fell and writhed on the ground as the belt buckle snapped open, revealing a number 5 and two spade symbols in red.

The swordsman opened his card holder and took out a blank card. "Time for the sealing," he announced.

The swordsman flung the card, which hit the opened buckle and began sucking the Undead in. After the Undead was absorbed, the card hovered for a moment before flying back to the swordsman.

"Kick Locust, huh," the swordsman looked at the card, whose front now featured a green locust on a red background and a gold lock above it. The word KICK was printed in red font and a gold spades symbol along with a red 5 decorated the top left. A red barcode ran along a third of the left side.

"Sweet, now you can do a Rider Kick too," the red warrior patted his comrade on the back.

"Let's head back, we're done here for tonight," the gold warrior spoke up. The other two nodded and the three warriors left the scene, leaving next to no trace of their presence.

A boy with black hair ran down the corridor of the school, barely avoiding others and nearly slipping. The boy wore a brown blazer over a white shirt and red tie. His long pants were a light beige and his blazer had a logo of a six-pronged star with HHS printed in the shape of a rocket. His socks were the standard black pair, and he wore grey sneakers. Grabbing the sliding door of the classroom, he yanked it open and tumbled in.

"Safe!" he shouted.

"Good for you," a voice replied. The boy found himself facing a pair of black leather shoes

Looking up, the boy saw a young man with brown hair and wearing a white shirt with black long pants.

"Ah, gomenasai, Ryuya-sensei," he apologized, picking himself up off the ground.

"Nah, don't worry your head about it. Just get to your seat," Ryuya waved a hand and the boy went to sit down.

"Now, class," Ryuya began and the class fell silent instantly. Ryuya grinned at that and some girls swooned in their seats.

"We have a new student with us today," he announced.

Turning to the door, he called, "Come in!"

The door opened and a girl stepped in. She had long light brown hair in a high ponytail down to mid-back, honey-brown eyes that shone with a childish glint and she wore the female uniform, which was the same as the male but with a plaid miniskirt. Her socks reached up to above her knees and she wore plain white shoes.

Walking over to the blackboard, the girl picked up a chalk and wrote her name on the board.

"Hajimemashite, my name is Kurenai Misaki," she said sweetly with a smile that made the guys feel weak in the knees.

She bowed to the class and when she got back up, her head accidentally collided with Ryuya's face, as the teacher had been standing behind her.

"Ah, gomenasai, sensei!" Misaki bowed apologetically.

"Nah, I'm fine," Ryuya rubbed his nose and grinned.

The other girls in the class felt differently, however, as death glares were directed at Misaki.

"Um…Misaki, you can sit next to…" Ryuya saw the dangerous atmosphere and scanned the class, wanting to quickly find a seat for the girl. His eyes landed on the black-haired boy and the empty seat beside him. "Keita."

"Ok," Misaki went over and placed her bag on the table. Just before she sat down, she turned and noticed Keita, her eyes widening. "You are…!"

Keita looked up at the girl. "Yes?"

"Tachibana Keita?" Misaki asked, standing up.

"How do you know my name?" Keita frowned, surprised and puzzled.

"Mou, Kei-chan! You forgot about me already? You're mean~" Misaki whined, pouting. Keita's eyes widened at her address of him.

"Don't tell me… Misa-chan?" Keita asked, also getting up.

Misaki smiled and glomped him. "So you do remember! Long time no see, Kei-chan~"

Keita was slightly taken aback by the sudden hug, stumbling back a little. Then he noticed the atmosphere in the rest of the classroom.

"Kei-chan?" "Keita you bastard, scoring the new girl right from the start!" "What relationship do you have, you bastard!" were just a few of the thoughts that seemed to be floating in an evil blanket of dark aura pressing down on Keita.

"Uh…Misa-chan," The aura flared more fiercely at the nickname. "Could you…let go now?"

"But it's been so long~! We haven't seen each other since fifth grade!" Misaki continued hugging Keita while the guys in the class glared at Keita and the girls at Misaki.

Wriggling out of Misaki's grip, Keita heaved a sigh as Ryuya smiled at the scene.

"Alright, settle down. Keita, if you and Misaki want to flirt, please do it outside of class," he winked at the boy.

"S-sensei!" Keita protested.

"Hai~" Misaki sat in the seat beside Keita and happily took out her books, humming a tune and completely oblivious to the glares in her and Keita's direction.

"Urgh…" Keita slammed his face in the textbook as Ryuya started the class. For the rest of the period, Keita endured glares and the evil jealousy aura from the guys.

Keita staggered out of class, weak from enduring the pressure of the jealousy for three periods straight. The same situation had occurred in the next two lessons and Misaki just had to be sitting beside him in every class.

"I'm gonna die…" Keita moaned as he plopped into a cafeteria table.

"What's going on?" A boy with tousled caramel-colored hair and brown eyes came over to sit beside Keita. The boy wore the same uniform, but with a blue tie.

"Hi, Takuya…" Keita groaned.

"Hey, did you hear? A new hottie freshman just transferred in. Is she in your class?" Keita stiffened at Takuya's statement. "What?"

Then, a tray slammed down on the table and another boy sat at the table, facing opposite the two. He had black hair that stuck out everywhere and he kept silent as he ate. He wore the same uniform as Takuya.

"Hi Shinji-san," Keita greeted, his face still planted in the table.

"Will it kill you to say hello to us?" Takuya said as a greeting.

Ignoring the second-year, Shinji glanced at Keita, who was still face-planting. "What's wrong with you?"

"That's what I was going to ask. But don't avoid my question. Seriously, you-"

"Kei-chan~" a girl's voice called and Keita stiffened, sitting up abruptly and interrupting Takuya mid-lecture. "Shit…"

Keita was glomped from behind by Misaki, who clung onto him.

Takuya stared, dumbfounded with his jaw hanging open and even Shinji raised an eyebrow.

Then Takuya started laughing. "Oh god, this is too funny. You're that dumbass the second-years were talking about, the one that became Public Enemy Number 1!"

"Don't call Kei-chan a dumbass!" Misaki released Keita and whacked Takuya on the head.

"Ok, ok," Takuya grinned as he rubbed his head, though he gave Keita a grin.

Shinji gave a "Hmph" and went back to eating.

Misaki sat down beside Keita as Takuya spoke.

"By the way, the name's Miura Takuya, second-year, and I'm single," Takuya said as he ran a hand through his hair, bishounen sparkles around him.

"My name's Kurenai Misaki, first-year, and I'm not interested in you," Misaki replied with an angelic smile.

"WHHHHAAAAAAAATTTTT?!" Takuya plopped his head on the table, tears streaming anime-style from his eyes.

Shinji grunted and continued eating. "Noisy…" he grumbled.

Misaki turned to look at him. "What's your name?"

Shinji glanced up at her, then looked back down and ignored her.

"Hey, don't just ignore people like that! When a girl asks a question, you-Mmph!" Keita clamped a hand over Misaki's mouth to keep her from making a scene.

"Misa-chan, just keep it down, alright?" Keita released the girl.

"But he-"

"Minamoto Shinji," Shinji suddenly spoke.

"What?" Misaki turned to him.

"My name's Minamoto Shinji. Now get lost."

"Hey, that's no way to speak to a girl!" Misaki jabbed a finger at Shinji's head. The boy immediately grabbed her hand and flung it away.

"Noisy girl…" Shinji muttered as he walked off with his food.

"What's with him?" Misaki grumbled.

"Nah, he's like that. Don't worry, this is almost friendly by his standards," Takuya grinned dismissively, having bounced back from rejection.

"Ok…" Misaki still looked unsure, but the bell rang just then to signal the end of lunch.

"Gotta go," Takuya stood and and started off. "Seeya!" He waved and ran off.

"Shall we head off?" Keita asked.

"Ok~" Misaki leapt up and bounced off.

Keita grinned. "Same as always…"

"Ne, Kei-chan," Misaki suddenly spoke as the two walked out of class after classes ended.

"What?" Keita turned to the girl.

"What happened? You seem…different from when we last met," she frowned.

"Huh? Uh…I definitely grew a lot…" Keita patted the top of his head.

"No," Misaki giggled. "I mean you seem more…purposeful. You used to just play a lot," she muttered thoughtfully.

"I like this change though," Misaki decided as she smiled at Keita.

Keita chuckled. "Uh…yeah. Anyway, I have to go. Something on."

"Ok, see you tomorrow!"

"Seeya!" Keita waved and sped off.

As Keita sped to somewhere, he rounded a bend and spotted a group of thugs surrounding a girl.

"C'mon, now, girlie. The boss won't be very happy if you don't play nice," one of the group teased.

"Yeah, and if you don't play nice, we… uh…we…What were we gonna do?" Another, not as bright, thug turned to his companions.


The thugs turned and saw Keita standing before them.

"Pick on someone your own size!" he called.

The thugs didn't like that, and they stepped away from the girl, who immediately ran, glaring at Keita, some cracking their knuckles.

"You askin' for death?"

"Hey, isn't this the first-year who grabbed the new girl the boss got his eye on?"

"Then he's dead."

The thugs charged at Keita, who tried to fend them off, but he was severely outnumbered and he was eventually downed, and the thugs started kicking and punching every spot they could reach.

A hand rested on the shoulder of one of the thugs and he turned around. "What? Can't you see I'm bu-" He was cut off by a fist to his face, sending him reeling back and clutching his bloody and broken nose.

"Wha' 'da heg?" he said thickly.

"The whole lot of you against one? Not really fair," Shinji said coolly as he and Takuya stood over the thug with their fists still clenched.

The thug's friends spotted their downed member, and rounded on the second-years this time. Shinji surveyed the group of ten surrounding him and sighed.

"Well, your funeral," he said casually, before swiftly swinging a right hook at the thug behind him, connecting with the thug's jaw and knocking him out.

Takuya grinned. "Just like old times," he cheered as he kicked another thug in the stomach.

"Grr…" A gangster with bleached hair waved his arm, signaling for the others to attack. Takuya started fighting them, allowing Shinji to weave through the thugs, aiming for the blonde.

"So you're the boss?" Shinji asked as he neared the gangster's face. With a punch to the gangster's stomach, Shinji forced his opponent to double over and took the chance to elbow his back and knee his stomach before delivering an upper into the gangster's face, knocking him out.

"Boss!" The other thugs saw their downed leader and were taken out by Takuya. Scrambling to their feet, the thugs ran away.

Shinji scoffed. "Pathetic…"

Going over to Keita, Takuya helped the freshman up. "You ok?"

"Yeah, I guess…" Keita mumbled as he touched a bruise at the corner of his right eye and inspected the numerous scratches on him.

Grabbing Keita, Shinji started to drag him away. "Come on, we'll get the nurse to take a look at that bruise," Shinji indicated Keita's injury.

"Ok," Keita and Takuya followed the boy.

Keita rested the ice pack on his bruise, wincing at the pain. Takuya stops behind his chair and Shinji leaned on the wall, staring at his watch.

"It seems bad," Takuya commented and poked Keita's bruise, making him jump.

"Anyway, Shinji-san, what about our cover?" Keita asked his senior.

"As far as the school will be concerned, it's just Minamoto Shinji getting in another fight. Nobody's gonna investigate," Shinji replied.

"You sure? What if-" Keita was interrupted by the door of the nurse's office being slammed open.

"Kei-chan~~~" Misaki launched herself through the door and glomped Keita.

"Wha-? Misa-chan?" Keita looked down at the girl.

"I heard you got in a fight! Are you alright?" Misaki inspected her friend's face and saw the bruise. "Ah, you're hurt!"

"It's nothing, really," Keita tried to brush it off, noticing the glares from Takuya and Shinji.

"I'll make the boo-boo better!" Misaki said, ignoring Keita. Leaning over, she planted a kiss on Keita's injury.

"Wha…" Keita was taken aback.

"There, that'll make it better!" Misaki smiled childishly.

Instantly, a loud crash was heard. Looking up, Keita, Misaki and Shinji saw that Takuya had slammed his head into a nearby wall.

"Sorry, would you mind?" Takuya asked Misaki, pointing at the huge bump on his head.

Shinji snorted and karate-chopped his friend's injury. "She kisses boo-boos, not bozos."

"Ow…" Takuya held his head. Shinji ignored his friend and turned to Keita.

"We have club activities today. Show up at the usual place," Shinji stated before leaving the room.

"Club activities? What club are you guys in, Kei-chan?" Misaki asked her friend.

Keita immediately started sweating bullets. "Ah…Um…That's…" he stammered.

Takuya quickly covered the boy's mouth. "Just a study club for friends," he told Misaki.

"Really? Can I join?" Misaki cheered enthusiastically

"Um…We'll need to discuss that with Shinji. Seeya!" Takuya dragged Keita out of the nurse's office, leaving a very confused Misaki.

Meanwhile, a figure stood at the top of the school building, surveying the grounds. The figure was revealed to be a monstrous being with a huge, bulbous dark green frog head, dark green armor covering its stout body and dark purple muscles under the armor. Its legs had mottled green armor around it and its feet were webbed and ended in round tips, while its hands were large black hard boxing gloves. Its shoulder and knee armor were spiked and black studs adorned the rest of the armor. The monster ran his long green tongue over its yellow lips and cackled.

"Blade…Today will be your death!"

Takuya dragged Keita a good distance away before letting go of the boy.

"Are you nuts? You can't lie and still you try to do it. You could've left it to me! Man, Shinji's gonna flip if he found out. You were this close to spilling something," Takuya ranted, placing his pointer and thumb nearly touching to emphasize his point.

"I'm sorry…" Keita mumbled.

Takuya just scratched his head. "Yeah, well, never mind. You're lucky she didn't realize anything."


"C'mon, we gotta get to the Hatch," Takuya suddenly said, checking his watch.

Keita also checked his. "Yeah, let's go."

The two boys headed into a cluttered corridor and opened the door at the very end of it, entering an empty room. Takuya felt around the floor and lifted a tarpaulin that covered the floor, revealing a trapdoor. Opening it with a grunt, the boys entered the trapdoor and stood before a large metal door with a flashing control panel beside it. Takuya scanned his fingerprint, changing one of the red indicator lights to green. Then he positioned his eye at the scanner, which registered his retina and unlocked the door, which made an announcement.


Keita did the same to the scanner and the announcement came on again.


The boys entered the door, which swung open for them, and entered a white room with a lot of computers and monitors around. Most of the computers were inactive, and thus the monitors displayed a screensaver with the words "Rider Hatch" on a blue background in silver with a flame design.

Shinji was sitting at one of the active monitors, tapping on the keyboard. "You're late," he snapped as a greeting.

"Hi to you too," Takuya rolled his eyes.

"We got held up," Keita explained.

Shinji grunted in response.

"So…" Takuya walked over to the computer. "Anything yet?"

"Nothing, but I'm only doing the basic scan," Shinji replied as he gestured to the monitor, showing footage of the school from various angles and continually being scanned.

"C'mon, I'll do it," Takuya shoved Shinji out of the chair and tapped on the keyboard, activating the rest of the monitors around them to conduct different checks of the footage.

"I've got infrared, sonar, radar and hidden sensors up. Anything else?" Takuya asked with a satisfied grin, leaning the chair back on two legs and resting his hands behind his head.

"Go for the specific scans," Shinji replied.

Takuya groaned. "But that's a pain…Fine," he grumbled as he tapped a string of code into the computer and the monitors began scans.

Takuya kept his eyes on the diagnosis on the main screen.

"No, no, n-Wait," Takuya leaned in closer as an alert showed up. "We got a hit."

"Lord?" Shinji asked, bolting from his chair.

"No, Undead," Keita replied as he stared at the screen, which had the footage of the camera closest to the scene. The monster from earlier was chasing around students, punching them mercilessly and cackling madly.

Shinji patted the freshman on the shoulder. "Let's move," he said curtly, though his voice held the tiniest bit of excitement.

Takuya and Keita nodded, running to a wall, which turned over to reveal a holding wall for two objects. One was a silver belt with a rectangular belt buckle with a black hollow and a small black holder flipped open so that the open side was facing up. Two neon red lines decorated either side of the buckle.

The other was also a belt buckle, but had a different design. A flat holder of sorts with a clear window was in the center, taking up most of the belt's front. A thick black strip ran horizontally across the middle of the buckle, though the middle was covered by the holder. A round projector was located just at the top right corner of the holder and what seemed to be a grip was located at the left of the buckle.

Takuya grabbed the red one while Keita grabbed the other.

"Ikuzo," Shinji told them as the three boys rushed off.

The Undead had landed in the middle of the school compound, attacking random students and grabbing some of them in a headlock.

"Oh, Blade… Come out and play!" he rasped in a sing-song voice as he tightened his grip on the students.

While the students were running away from the monster, they failed to notice one student hiding in the bushes.

Misaki watched as the Undead flung the students to the ground.

"Undead…" she muttered.

"Now," the Undead slammed its fists together. "Should I kill with a punch or use you as my personal trampoline first?"

Just as the monster was about to land a punch on the students, he felt a kick that sent him reeling. As he stumbled, a punch in his side sent him in the other direction.

"Who-?" The Undead barely had time to react when he heard something behind him.


Three bursts of energy hit the monster, sending it stumbling forward.

Takuya grinned as he snapped the gun in his hands back into a cell phone. Keita and Shinji ran to join him from where they were attacking the Undead from.

"Kei-chan?" Misaki whispered, confused.

"Who the hell are you bastards?" the monster demanded.

"You don't know? Shame. And to think you were looking for Blade," Takuya sighed.

Shinji stepped forward. "It's time to put you back where you belong, Undead," he announced.

Keita brought out the belt buckle he grabbed earlier and slid a card in the slot. The card featured a blue Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle with a reddish spades in its abdomen on a red background and a gold lock above it. The word Change was written at the right of the card, above a bar code and below a gold spades and a red A.

Placing the buckle to his waist, red-backed cards shot out of the side of the buckle, reaching to the other end and transforming into a red belt with a black card holder on the right side.

The Undead flinched at the sight of the belt. "Don't tell me…"

"Hell yeah," Takuya grinned and brought out the belt he had with him, strapping it to his waist.

Shinji placed his hands at the left side of his waist, before swinging his right hand out and bringing it to his right shoulder. A bright golden light flashed and spun, slowly dying down to form a red belt with a yellow gem and two swirls of gold on the black buckle.

"No!" The Undead shouted in dismay.

Misaki was also wide-eyed, staring from her hiding place. "They are-!"

"Yes," Shinji smirked. He brought his hand that was at his shoulder forward. "Henshin!" he shouted as he slammed the sides of the belt.

A bright light engulfed Shinji as the light from the belt began swirling again, transforming Shinji. The light died down and revealed the golden warrior.

At the same time, Takuya keyed in three numbers into the phone before pressing a button.


Closing the phone, Takuya thrust it up above his head, his right arm straight up. "Henshin!" he shouted and slotted the phone into the slot on the belt, flipping it down to form the buckle.


The red lines on Takuya's belt began glowing, sending red beams of light all over his body before a red light engulfed Takuya, transforming him as well into the red warrior the night before.

Keita brought his right hand to his left, his pointer and thumb stretched out and his other fingers curled. "Henshin!" he shouted and his left hand came up with the same hand sign, his right hand pulling the grip and flipping the slot around to reveal a red plate with a gold spades symbol.


A large blue screen featuring the beetle on the card in the buckle projected from the projector at the corner of the buckle. Keita ran through the screen and transformed into the indigo swordsman. His sword now hung from the left side of his belt.

The three teenage boys were now the same warriors who took down the Locust Undead.

"Three Kamen Riders?! I thought there was only Blade!" the Undead stuttered, obviously intimidated.

"Well, you thought wrong," Shinji replied.

"Kamen Rider Agito," Shinji announced his new form's name calmly.

"Kamen Rider Faiz!" Takuya announced and attempted a pose.

"Kamen Rider Blade," Keita announced, drawing his sword.

"Time to seal you, Undead," Keita, or Kamen Rider Blade, announced.

Misaki gasped as the Riders charged into battle. "Kei-chan's a Kamen Rider?"

(Insert song: Round ZERO~BLADE BRAVE by Nanase Aikawa)

"Don't screw with me!" the Undead dashed at Blade, who sidestepped and slashed at the monster in a fencing maneuver. The monster tumbled off course into Faiz, who lifted the monster and delivered a kick.

Agito leapt in and was about to punch the monster when the Undead bolted up and opened its mouth, extending its green tongue and wrapping around Agito, who struggled against the fleshy bonds.

"Urgh…" Agito grunted as a faint hissing could be heard and his suit began smoking.

"Corrosive spit? Like the tongue itself wasn't gross enough," Faiz quipped.

"Shut up and focus!" Agito shouted at his comrade.

Blade flipped open the card holder on his sword and took out a card with a silver lizard with a blade for a tail and Slash written on it. He swiped it through the Rouzer.


Blade closed his card holder as the hologram of the card swirled into the sword. Raising the sword, the Rider leapt and slashed down on the tongue, freeing Agito as the Undead retracted it from pain.

"Onore…" the monster's mouth now smoked from the strike.

"Now, now. You know smoking's bad for you," Faiz teased with a lecturing tone, serving to further infuriate the Undead.

The monster moved swiftly, leaping high and landing before Faiz and landing several uppers and an uppercut, sending the Rider flying.

"Faiz!" Blade shouted just as the Undead leapt at him and delivered a swift volley of blows to his stomach, sending the Rider reeling.

The monster then jumped to Agito and decked the warrior across the head with a right hook and an uppercut.

The Undead continued jumping between the Riders and attacking them relentlessly, giving the Riders no chance to react or counter.

"Gah! This is annoying," Faiz removed his phone from his belt and flipped it open. "Auto Vajin!" he called.

After a few seconds, a revving sound can be heard from a distance, distracting the Undead. A red-and-silver motorcycle rushed into the battle, ramming into the Undead and sending it flying, giving the Riders a chance to recover.

"How's that?" Faiz shouted as he got up and approached the motorcycle. "Not bad, Vajin," Faiz praised, patting the motorcycle. "Take that!" he shouted at the Undead, who picked itself back up.

"Grr…" The Undead extended its tongue again, but Agito and Blade struck the tongue on either side.

"Come on, same attack twice never works, don't you know anything?" Faiz groaned.

The three Riders regrouped and Agito whacked Faiz's helmet. "Shut it," he said.

"Time to finish this!" Blade called.

Agito's horn crests opened up and his dragon symbol began glowing at his feet. Slowly shifting his left leg behind his right and crouching slightly. The symbol swirled ad shrank until it split and went under his feet. Leaping up, Agito landed a flying side kick on the Undead, sending the monster flying backwards.

"My turn!" Faiz called cheerfully as he grabbed the left handlebar of the Auto Vajin and pulled, revealing a long sword with a translucent red blade with the handlebar for a hilt. Removing the chip from his phone on his buckle, he slid the chip into a slot where the hilt met the base of the blade.


Faiz flipped the phone in the buckle open and pressed the ENTER button.


A red stream of light flowed along the red lines of Faiz's suit and to his right hand into the sword. Faiz sent a pulse of red energy at the ground around him, levitating the Undead along with some debris, who flailed and struggled in an attempt to escape.

"Sparkle Cut!" Faiz leapt up and slashed the Undead with his glowing Faiz Edge. The burst of energy sent the monster flying at the ground, landing heavily.

"Go!" Agito shouted at Blade.

Opening the card holder on his sword again, Blade took out two cards, one featuring a deer below a green lock and had the word Thunder in red under a red 6 and a gold spades while the other was the Kick Locust card he obtained recently. Blade swiped the two cards in his Rouzer.




As Blade flipped his card holder closed as blue screens of the locust and deer appeared and swirled into Blade's right leg. Stabbing his Rouzer into the ground, Blade leapt up, his right leg crackling with blue electricity. Delivering a flying side kick at the Undead, the monster flew back and laid writhing on the ground as its buckle opened to reveal a green number 3 and two diamond symbols.

Taking a blank card from the card holder on the belt, Blade announced, "Time for the sealing," and flung the card at the Undead, sucking the monster into the card in a flash of green light and the card flew back to the Rider.

(End insert song)

"Upper Frog…" Blade muttered as he looked at the card in his hand. The card featured a green frog with a spiked head and blue eyes with the word Upper in red between a red bar code and number three and a gold diamonds symbol.

"And that's another sealed. You're on a roll!" Faiz commented.

"Good job," Agito said to his comrade.

"But I can't use this," Blade reminded them, replacing the card in the card holder in his belt.

Misaki, who had been hiding in the bushes the entire time, decided to step out at this moment.

The three Riders heard the rustling and saw the girl standing beside the bush, correctly interpreting the look on her face.

"Misa-ch-I mean, you. What are you doing here?" Blade tried desperately to lie at the sight of his friend and failed miserably, his voice stuttering and unconvincing.

Misaki approached the Riders and whacked Blade on the head, ignoring his helmet.

"Kei-chan, how long are you gonna wear that thing? I saw everything, so don't try to lie to me!" she scolded.

"What? How did y- I mean, I don't know what you're talking about," Blade tried to play it off, adding a fake cough at the end.

"You can't lie, Kei-chan," Misaki narrowed her eyes suspiciously.

"Uh, I, um, that is…" Blade was finally backed to a corner and sighed in defeat, hanging his head. "I'm sorry, Misa-chan."

"And you two," Misaki tuned to Faiz and Agito. Faiz backed away slightly and Agito gave a derisive scoff.

"Change back. I saw all of you transform," Misaki told them. Sighing again, Blade flipped his buckle back and the transformation screen emerged, passing through the Rider and changing him back to Keita.

Faiz, seeing that there was no way out, removed his belt, causing his suit to dissolve, transforming him back to Takuya.

Agito gave a "Humph" and his belt glowed, reverting him to Shinji with his belt vanishing.

"Ok, you got us. So? Tell the school, announce to the papers," Shinji said with a hint of annoyance.

Misaki stared at Shinji. "Why?" she tilted her head to the side, confused.

"You guys are Kamen Riders! Protectors of justice! You guys keep the school safe from evil and stay in the shadows to protect those close to you! That's a standard for Kamen Riders and I'm not about to sabotage that," Misaki launched into a fangirl rant.

Shinji sighed and turned around. Glaring at Keita, he grabbed the first-year's collar. "Fix her," he growled, jabbing his thumb at Misaki.

Keita gulped and approached Misaki, who was still going on happily about Kamen Riders


"Yes, Kei-chan?" Misaki turned to look at the boy.

"Um…you will keep it a secret, right?"

"Of course!" Misaki squealed and Keita and Takuya heaved a sigh of relief. "But on one condition."

"What?" The three boys asked incredulously at the same time.

"You let me join you," Misaki said with a tone of finality.

"Uh…But…" Keita stammered, looking to his seniors for support, but Takuya just shrugged and gave an "I don't know" gesture while Shinji glared at him.

"Didn't you guys mention a club? Well, I'll keep your secret, but you let me join," Misaki elaborated.

Takuya scratched his head. "Yeah…about that. There isn't actually a club."

But Misaki wasn't listening. "I'll join your club and be your background support like other Riders in history had. Ichigo and Faiz and Kuuga and…" Misaki rambled until Shinji lost his patience and got in her face.

"Listen, Noisy Girl. There is nothing to join and since you're not a Rider, there's no way we would let you help. So you either keep our secret," he cracked his fist in her face. "Or we find you and deal with you. You saw what we can do. Trust me, even if Keita and Takuya go soft, I won't."

Then he let the girl go and walked off.

"What was that? Did you just threaten me? Hey, don't ignore me!" Misaki shouted at the boy.

Takuya nervously followed. "Uh, sorry, but we can't let you in," he said apologetically as he went.

Keita shuffled anxiously before following. "Gomenasai, Misa-chan. I promise to explain tomorrow," he said, averting the girl's eyes as he ran off.

Misaki stared at the boys' retreating backs for a moment, then yelled, "Baka Kei-chan! All three of you are big bakas!"

Takuya managed to catch up with Shinji. "Hey, is it really alright to just to this?"

Shinji gave him a sideways glance. "And your alternative is? In any case, she doesn't have Rider powers. Having her with us in fights is a hazard to her and a burden to us," he replied harshly.

"Whatever…" Takuya looked unconvinced, but settled for the explanation anyway.

Keita was looking downcast. "Sorry, Misa-chan," he mumbled guiltily to himself.

A regular high school girl, three teenage Riders. The story of the Kamen Riders' adventures begin.

A/N: So? Didja like it? Misaki may seem as hammy as Gentaro and Yuki, but I swear I've got something big planned for her later. Shinji may seem like a cold and unfeeling jerkass asshole (I know they're the same but still) but his backstory will explain stuff and that comes even later. Genderbent Riders come later too.

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