Series: Idioms - A series of stand-alone stories based off random idioms.

A/N: All definitions can be found in From the Horse's Mouth by John Ayto.

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A/N2: I decided to take out the section between Vala & Daniel because it seemed unnecessary.

Idiom: monkey see, monkey do: used to suggest that someone has slavishly imitated another, especially in doing something foolish.

Space Monkey See, Space Monkey Do

Jack watched in amusement at the scene unfolding across the lawn. It wasn't as though he were actually surprised, he'd expected this to happen eventually given the child's mother. But this was too soon. The kid was only six, for crissakes!

Completely ignoring the meat on the grill, Jack watched as little Talia Jackson argued vehemently with seven-year-old Bryce Mitchell and, even though the girl was a good half-foot shorter, she was able to go toe-to-toe with the other child. When yelling didn't get her what she wanted, she pouted and stomped her foot in a show of indignation. Bryce merely rolled his eyes and attempted to ignore her antics. Jack knew what was coming next and felt a sense of male sympathy for the boy, though he did nothing to stop it. There were some things a guy simply had to learn for himself. Talia suddenly broke into tears, giant ones that streaked down her adorable face, causing Bryce to look nervously around to be certain none of the adults were paying them any mind. Turning back to the girl, he placed a gentle hand on her shoulder in an awkward attempt at consoling her. When that didn't work, he whipped out the cookie he'd been holding onto and gave it to her. The tears dried up nearly as suddenly as they'd begun and she sent him a radiant smile so much like her mother's, Jack could only shake his head in amazement. Talia gripped Bryce's shoulder for balance as she went up on her tip-toes to plant a peck on his cheek. Flipping her raven locks over her shoulder, she sauntered off with her treasure safely tucked in hand and a triumphant smile on her face. Bryce simply stood rooted to his spot, staring in confusion at the little girl. Jack couldn't really blame the boy, either. That girl was definitely her mother's daughter.

Shaking his head again, Jack returned his attention to the slightly singed meat on the grill. He'd just witnessed a perfect example of space monkey see, space monkey do, and wasn't sure whether to laugh or cower in terror at just what this child will be capable of in only a few years time.

The End