The light inside the bathroom shut off with a soft click before the door opened slowly, quietly, so as not to wake the figure lying in the darkened bedroom. Careful footsteps on the well-worn carpeting couldn't avoid making the floor creak in some areas, and each time she did she paused for a heartbeat before continuing to the bed.

A shaft of moonlight filtered through the gap on the side of the curtains, falling across the royal blue cover near the foot of the bed. She lifted the sheets up and slid underneath quickly. The fabric felt cool against her skin, still hot from the shower, and as she settled in the body next to her shifted slightly.

Even in sleep Emily reached for Paige instinctively. She happily obliged, her arm falling across Emily's stomach as she rested her head in the crook of the sleeping girl's neck. Paige had never really been one to sleep on her side, usually so tired after pushing herself all day long to do nothing but sleep like a board, but after only a year or so of living with Emily that had changed. She had discovered the joys of sleeping together, just sleeping, all the little noises and smells and—

Emily sighed contentedly, her chest rising high before falling quickly back down. Paige marveled at the feel of it under her arm; even after five years of being together these quiet, intimate moments never ceased to amaze her. As Emily's breathing evened out again she nestled herself in closer, snuggling in as much as possible. Her lover's head turned slightly, lips grazing against the top of Paige's head.

Her mouth stretched into a wide yawn as she began to drift to sleep. She could feel her heartbeat settle down into the same rhythm as Emily's, keeping time together as a synchronized countdown to the next week. Other thoughts tried to push their way into Paige's mind but she held them back, drinking in the lavender scent coming from her lover's hair.

Indeed, she knew she needed to get some sleep; they both did, since tomorrow would be yet another busy day in a long line of busy days. Emily's father was flying in and there was the inevitability of several things needing to be decided. But for now Paige was content to lay here like this, wrapped up in bed with her fiancée.