It wasn't long til Anna found herself once more annoyed as she trailed along behind the demon broker. "Damn it! Where are we going?"

"For a walk obviously," he stated bluntly.

Anna stuck her tongue out at the back of his head. "No duh. But to WHERE?"

Jaden shrugged a bit. "Does it matter? Just do as you're told and follow."

"No," she stated bluntly dropping down to sit on the ground staring at his retreating back. "I don't listen to that crazy ass bitch of a boss of mine. I'm not listening to you either."

Jaden sighed rolling his eyes as he came to a stop. "Difficult. Both of you. Just difficult!"

Anna smiled sweetly. "Why thank you. It'd be horrible if someone thought I was easy."

Jaden blinked a little before rubbing his hand over his face. "You pervert. I didn't mean it that way."

"Oh I know what you meant. But that doesn't matter. I'm bored and I don't want to walk anymore."

"I own you so just be obedient. You've gotten me into enough trouble today and caused enough chaos."

Anna gasped covering her mouth in exaggerated shock. "Enough chaos?! What blasphemy! Jessi would stab you where you stand for such ignorant words~!"

Jaden stared at her blankly. "I'm going to regret asking this. But why?"

"Chaos is fun," she said simply with a shrug.

"Yep. I regret. Seriously...talking to you two or bashing my head in a wall. The wall would be more fun."

"Oh I'm wounded," she whined, her hand covering her heart.

"Yes. I so believe that," he muttered. "Just let's go. If you don't want to walk then we'll just go home."

"I'm not allowed in the abyss you call home or did you forget that too?" she asked leaning back on her hands. "That bitch of a goddess told you to get rid of me remember?"

Jaden sighed. "Oh yeah. Damn. What am I gonna do with you?"

"Love me~" she said with a grin.

Jaden snorted. "Somehow I think loving a cannibal would be easier."

"Are you out to hurt my feelings? And here I've shown you nothing but love. We're going to be a tragedy I can tell."

"We're already a tragedy."

"Oh my fair need to be so sad," Anna said.

Jaden scoffed. "Yeah su...HEY I'M NO FREAKING JULIET!"

Anna laughed getting up to go pat his cheek. "Oh but of course. Wouldn't want to hurt the queens feelings~" she sing-songed before walking away.

Jaden stared after her a moment before chasing after the woman. "I'LL GET YOU FOR THAT!"