note: another story for the week :) for those reviewers of mine in 'Taste Test' (check it out if you haven't read it yet), I'll DO probably make a sequel for it— Sakura-centric; and the story behind her and Neji's kiss will be presented in it. Lol.

Add to my to-do list is that I shall make a Yahiko/Pein x Konan with SasuSaku on the side soon. Please support it :)






"He's erotomaniac."



"Shikamaru's erotomaniac?! No way!"

"Keep your voice down, Forehead... he is."

"I don't think so. He probably has erotophobia."

"You're cleary blind. I mourn for you."

"I'm not! It's true."

"Seriously, Sakura. You do not know how to read boys unlike me."

"Ha! As if you really can."

"Watch me."

"Hn. Show it to me, then."

"You merely sound like Sasuke. Okay then... hey Shika-kun!"


"Do you think Sakura's skirt is cute on her?"



"See? Did you see the way he looks at your legs? Kami, he's a pervert."

"Duh, Ino. You said my skirt is cute that's why he looked down. He's—"

"If I ever ask him that, he'll immediately walk away. I think he has hots for you."

"He doesn't."


"Well, who's—"

"Neji's erotomaniac."


"Neji. Erotomaniac."

"He's a hundred percent not. He's a gentleman."

"Yeah? Hey, Neji!"

"What is it?"

"Do you think Sakura breasts got bigger?"


"Ino! Look at what you did!"

"What? I just asked him a simple question."

"Simple, my ass. Why did you have to ask that? You're making me shameful, Ino."

"Don't be. He likes you."

"Would you stop telling me that?"

"I won't because it's true. Did you see his hands twitched?"

"Why for?"

"Tsk, Sakura. He had been fantasizing handling those mounds of yours."


"What? I'm stating the obvious."

"It's unacceptable. Neji's a..."

"Collected sort of guy? Wrong. Closet pervert? Yes. Check."

"I cannot believe this."

"Let's test Naruto."


"I just wanna know his capacity. Come on, Forehead. I'm curious about their sexual desires on you."

"You make me sound like a whore."

"Sex toy, honey."


"Look. He's here. Naruto!"

"Oi. What's up, Sakura-chan? Pig?"

"Ha ha. Tell me, have you ever had wet dreams about Sakura?"


"Wet dreams— you know... sex, masturbation, tongue job, hand job, blow—"


"Okay, that's it. We're leaving. Let's go."

"But I'm still talking to him!"

"I'm going to kill you, Pig. He fainted... it's entirely embarrassing!"

"It's funny! He's got nosebleed, Forehead. Epic reaction!"



"Ino, stop!"

"Sasuke do you want to have sex with Sakura?"

"Pig! Sasuke-kun, I'm sorry. She's tr—"

"Let's go."



"Did you see that?"

"His... it... moved...?"

"One word, Sakura: Erotomaniac."

"I cannot believe this...!"



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