Chapter Fifteen

Magnus looked up from his magazine as the car pulled up at a beautiful old cabin. It was a dark wood color with a stone fireplace rising up from the roof. It was a two story cabin with a red door and dark gray shutters. "Alec…?"

"It's my family's lake house." Alec explained pulling up in the gravel driveway and parking. Behind the house, half of the lake was visible, its water gleaming like silver under the sun. "We have it for the day, night, and most of tomorrow."

"We have it to ourselves?" Magnus folded the magazine down, staring at the house.

"Yup, just you and me." Alec pulled the keys out and stuffed them in his pockets. "Let's get our crap inside and then we can go swimming or something."

"I haven't been swimming since I was six!" Magnus unbuckled and quickly got out, not waiting for Alec to respond. He grabbed his bag and then wiggled around impatiently as Alec got out and took out his bag. Magnus grinned excitedly as they approached the house they had to themselves for the weekend.

"Alec? I'm going in the lake, will you be out soon?" Magnus called into the bathroom.

Alec looked up from the sink, pushing his hair from his eyes, "Ok, meet you there in a second." He heard Magnus leave and smiled, turning back to his bag as he fished out his swim trunks. They were a dark navy color with a small, white swirl patter going up the thighs. He undressed and pulled them on, watching his reflection critically in the mirror. He looked pale, and Alec hoped that maybe some time in the sun might darken his complexion. Or at least not give him a sunburn, like it always did. He turned off the light and walked through the house, his feet sinking into the soft carpet as he walked out into the lawn.

The lake's smooth, glassy surface was broken by soft ripples, almost like the small wrinkles of a bed sheet. Magnus was swimming in the middle of the lake, his head and bare shoulders breaking through the silver mirror like a knife.

Walking to the edge of the lake, Alec stood on the sandy pebbles and let the water nip at his toes. It wasn't too cold, and as he walked in, it stayed a consistent temperature. He shivered pleasantly as the water swallowed up around his shoulders before he closed his eyes and dunked his head. It was eerily silent underneath the water, and Alec smiled as the bubbles caressed his cheeks and nose. He broke the surface and took a breath, opening his eyes and blinking the water droplets from his eyelashes. He spotted Magnus, a couple yards away, and swam over, enjoying the way the water swept over his body.

Magnus looked up from the water to see Alec stop beside him, standing on the rock Magnus was currently perched on. "Hello stranger." He smiled and splashed him playfully.

"Hi there." Alec jerked back from the water and splashed him back. He laughed as Magnus made a noise of surprise and sunk beneath the water to escape the spray, leaving only his eyes above the water line. With a wink, Magnus's head disappeared under the water, leaving Alec alone in the lake. He looked around, narrowing his eyes as he tried to figure out where his lover had gone, and then yelped as hands seized him from behind and pulled him backwards into the water. He felt himself collide with a firm chest and stomach, and struggled to straighten up, wrestling Magnus.

Laughing, Magnus managed to get away, twisting agilely in the water and swimming for shore. He got as far as waist high in water before Alec caught him again. He yelped as arms wrapped around his waist, pinning him to Alec's bare torso. He struggled fruitlessly, and then groaned when he felt Alec bite the side of his neck. His struggles ceased and he leaned back against him, unable to help wanting more.

He could feel the shiver traveling up his boyfriend's spine, and Alec ran his tongue over the bite mark. Alec was very much aware of Magnus's practically nude body, having seen his swimsuit before their dip in the lake. It was pretty much the same as his briefs the first time they'd done it, but these were a little more revealing on the backside. Alec felt his lover's hands running over his thighs, up his swim trunks, and sighed breathily.

"Alec." Magnus turned around, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend, pressing their wet, almost bare bodies together.

Their lips met eagerly, tasting lake water and each other's own unique flavor. Alec moaned softly and held him closer, kissing him firmly, reaching up and tangling his fingers in Magnus's wet hair. He gripped it and tugged lightly, surprised by the broken groan of pleasure that escape between their lips.

Hair pulling; that was one of Magnus's biggest turn ons. He moaned again as he felt Alec pull on his hair once more, sending the most wonderful thrill through his body, "Alec…" He could hear the longing in his own voice.

Moving back into deeper water, Alec drew Magnus with him, sliding his hands down and cupping the back of his thighs. He picked Magnus up and made a soft noise when Magnus wrapped his legs around his waist. Alec moved his hands up to hold his boyfriend's butt, smiling up at him and then sighing happily as he felt those intoxicating lips descend upon him again.

Magnus moaned deep in his chest, running his hands over Alec's body, and pressing against him wantonly. He felt Alec nip on his lower lip and he obediently opened his mouth, accepting his boyfriend's tongue eagerly. He lost himself in the flavor of their kiss, just wanting more. More of Alec, more of his kisses, and a lot more touching. He moaned again, more urgently, and broke away from the kiss, "Alec…"

"Magnus…" Alec panted, a flush rising on his cheeks. He let Magnus's long legs release his waist and find firm footing, yet their bodies remained pressed together. Moving his hands to Magnus's lower back, Alec kissed him again, the two of them moving out of the lake and towards the house. It was a miracle they made it to the porch, both of them touching and teasing the other mercilessly. Alec hands wandered down, bold and unhesitant, running his fingers over the front of Magnus's swimsuit.

"Alec!" Magnus gasped, his eyes flying open. The urge to just drop tackle him on the wood porch, three feet from the door, and let him have his wicked way was overwhelming. "Bedroom, before I do something I'll regret."

"I won't regret it." Alec growled, his eyes dark.

"Alexander." Magnus groaned, reaching behind him, fumbling for the door. He managed to get it open and was promptly shoved into the house. He dragged Alec with him, both of them stumbling, and then he kissed him passionately.

Alec moaned and kicked the door shut, steering his lover backwards into the kitchen and towards his bedroom. It was the bed he and Jace shared, and now he'd never be able to sleep in it again with a straight face. He pushed Magnus on the bed, straddling him and kissing him heatedly.

Moaning shamelessly, Magnus arched into his touch, begging for more. He felt Alec's hands run over his body, touching his chest and caressing his nipples. "Alec." He groaned, letting his desperation show in his voice.

"Magnus." Alec whispered, his eyes dark and his voice deep. He moved lower, kissing his way down his lover's chest, paying extra special attention to his nipples. He ran his tongue over one of them, playing with the other with his fingers.

"Mnnhhh…" Magnus ran his hands down his boyfriend's body, pulling off Alec's swim trunks with little difficulty. He dragged his nails up his lover's butt, enjoying the shudder than ran through his body as he did so. "Alexander…please…"

Alec moaned at the tone; his name shouldn't sound so…sexual. He moved his hands over Magnus's body, resting on the waist band of his swimsuit and peeling it off, tossing it to some corner of the room. He leaned down and traced his tongue over that scar over his lover's collar bone, one of his favorite things to do whenever he got the chance. He knew Magnus hated the scar, but Alec thought it was beautiful, showing that his perfect boyfriend had a dark past, but still managed to be what he was today.

"Alec, Alec please stop teasing me." Magnus groaned, fisting the blanket on top of the bed. He ached for his lover, wanting him now, unable to wait any longer. "Alec…!"

"Magnus, what do you want?" Alec whispered, freezing his boyfriend to the bed. He heard a strangled gasp escape his lips and he smiled, reaching between them and curling his fingers around Magnus's erection, "What do you need me to do to you?" He stoked him as he spoke, loving how he arched off the bed, biting down harshly on his lip to stop from making any noise.

"Oh god!" Magnus sucked in a breath of air, shuddering as pleasure streaked through his veins, "I need, ohhh Alec, please more…!" He begged, spreading his legs underneath them. "Please!"

He loved it when Magnus begged, Alec was addicted to the way he'd wither and moan in the sheets, completely shameless. It made him hot and achy, and he loved it. "Magnus, tell me." He murmured, biting him on the shoulder while increasing the speed of his hand. He could feel Magnus rocking his hips into his hand, but didn't pin him to the bed just yet.

"You know…" Magnus groaned, and then dug his nails into the bedding, making a low moan in the back of his throat, "Alexander, please, I need you. I need to you inside of me, now, please!"

Alec let out a shaky breath, his eyes darker than the night sky. He kissed his boyfriend roughly, eating up the desperate moan he gave him, and then broke away and reached for the bedside table, trusting his brother to keep a stash of lube, even up here. Thankfully, Jace's reliable character showed through, and Alec uncapped the bottle with relief.

"Let me." Magnus sat up, a wicked look in his eyes as he took the bottle from Alec. He poured some on his hand and tossed the bottle on the pillows, reaching down and sliding his hand over his lover's arousal, slicking him up with agonizing slowness for the both of them.

"Magnus…" Alec sighed, shivering as he was lightly stroked with the cool lotion. He felt the hand move away and opened his eyes fully, meeting the lust filled stare of his lover. He reached out and pushed Magnus onto his back, knowing how he loved to be manhandled. Sure enough, Magnus made a needy sound in the back of his throat and spread his legs submissively. Leaning over his boyfriend, Alec kissed him deeply as he slid inside, both of them shuddering and making sounds of strained pleasure as he did so.

"Ahhh yesssss." Magnus moaned, tossing his head back and half closing his eyes. "Alec, move, please." He whispered roughly, loving the burning pleasure that came with Alec inside of him. It filled him up and stretched him out in the most wonderful ways, and he moaned again as he felt Alec draw out slowly, taunting him, before thrusting back in, making Magnus arch off the bed, a sound of pleasure fleeing from his lips.

"Ngh, Magnus, you're so tight." Alec groaned, not wasting any time in setting a pace. He moved back inside the hot, clenching entrance, loving the way that every movement sent shudders through his boyfriend's body. He shifted his angle and snapped his hips forward, moaning loudly as Magnus arched off the bed and cried out.

"ALEC! Oh yes yes, yes hit there again!" Magnus pleaded, wanting to feel more of the white hot pleasure. He felt Alec move faster, striking him in that place that sent him to heaven. "Alec, more please! Oh god yes, feels so good…!"

Alec moaned as he felt Magnus contract around him, sending a shock wave of pleasure into his core. He slammed inside of him, knowing that a little roughness would send his love to the skies. Sure enough, Magnus screamed out and instantly begged for more, harder, faster, and Alec complied.

It was maddening, to be driven with such intensity to his climax so swiftly. Magnus couldn't control his body's wants, and he just begged Alec for more. It felt so amazingly good, and he could tell he wasn't going to last very much longer. "A-Alec! I-I'm—ah! YES! Don't stop Alec, please more…!" Magnus cried out, clinging to the sheets.

"Magnus, Magnus!" Alec called, and then shouted out his lover's name as he felt him climax, sending him spiraling into his own release. He shuddered violently as pleasure electrocuted his system, and the feeling of Magnus clenching tightly around him made him loose his breath. As he felt his boyfriend relax around him, Alec slowly drew out before collapsing next to him.

Magnus lay on his back, eyes closed, with a small smile on his lips, "That was amazing." He murmured, and then made a sound of contentment when Alec curled against him, resting on his head on his chest.

"I love you." Alec hummed, meaning it as much as any person could. He could tell Magnus was smiling, even without looking at him. "I'm glad we have the house to each other."

"Me too." Magnus ran his hand down his lover's bare back, rubbing his shoulders, "I love you too, Alexander."

Alec smiled against his chest, feeling warm all over his body. "It's a shame I have to return you tomorrow afternoon."

"Well, not necessarily." Magnus purred, "We could always stay at my place for a couple days. Actually, I have something for you, where's my bag?" He lifted his head, frowning lazily.

"By the foot of the bed." Alec made a funny sound as Magnus moved. He sighed and rolled on his back as Magnus sat up, winced, and rolled onto his stomach, reaching down and rooting through his bag. Alec was presented with a very nice view of Magnus's backside, and, despite everything, blushed.

Magnus rolled back over; his fist curled, and scooted back over to Alec, now resting on his chest, "Hand open, eyes closed." He ordered, smiling.

Alec did as he was told and felt something small and cold drop into his hand. He opened his eyes and blinked, holding up a key, "Is this—?"

"My apartment key. Well, the spare one." Magnus added, sounding amused.

"Magnus," Alec looked at him, curled against his body, and smiled, tugging playfully on his hair, "thank you."

"But if Camille asks, that's the only spare." Magnus chuckled, "I don't want her popping in on us."

"No problem." Alec laughed silently, closing his fingers around the small key. Maybe, when they were older, they could move in together. But for now Alec was excited by the prospect of being able to stay with Magnus whenever he wanted, just the two of them, doing whatever they wanted.

They fell asleep nestled against each other, holding each other as they slept, with the small silver key glinting in Alec's half closed palm, the promise of a long life together.

The End.