CID One Shot- Life or Death

Vivek's POV

I never knew this day would come. My fiancée Tasha was on her deathbed. She had gotten shot near her lungs, and it would be a miracle if she didn't die. And even if she did stay alive, she would be too weak to hear any bad news, and ultimately, she would have to quit the CID team forever.

I could see the pain and guilt in Abhijeet sir's eyes. His eyes were nearly speaking, saying, "Why, why couldn't I have gotten shot? Why couldn't I have been in the encounter with Jiya?" Kajal was in the corner of the beige hospital room, crying her heart out. She couldn't see her best friend in pain, and neither could Sachin, Tasha's older brother. He was the one who would always care for Tasha after their parents died in a freak accident when he was 12 and she was 8. The one who would think about her before he thought about himself. And now, his younger sister was on her deathbed, and all he could do was weep and remember the moments.

Rajat sir was shell-shocked. Sachin was his childhood best friend, and Tasha was a younger sister to him. He couldn't believe such a strong girl could be laying on her deathbed. Freddie sir couldn't stop crying. He was the emotional one out of all of us in CID, shedding tears the most when Daya sir died, and was nearly jumping for joy when he had come back to life. Daya sir, the strongest both physically and mentally, was nearly in tears. No one had ever seen him like this, because usually when someone in CID died, it was usually a plan. But this time it was for real.

Tarika was by Abhijeet sir's side, telling him that it wasn't his fault, and also weeping that her best friend was dying. Dr. Salunkhe, well, he was just sitting there motionless. He couldn't believe that he couldn't even try to save Tasha's life. And ACP sir was stroking Tasha's hair, waiting for a miracle to happen.

I remembered the moments me and Tasha had together. I remember our first date, which was literally a quadruple date. It was me and Tasha, Abhijeet sir and Tarika, Sachin and Kajal, and Daya sir and Muskaan when she was here for a wedding. It had been the day I got my first kiss, and I still remember like it was yesterday.