Broken Dolls

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I own them not. If I did, I probably would have messed up the entire thing.

Summary: Vengeance was something that burned, and not even a debt could erase that.

Author's Notes: Takes place some time after select scenes from 4x04. There is no cure, there is likely to be no Originals, or anything else pertaining to the season except for what I choose to add. Not because I don't like any of this, but because my brain will implode if I tried to keep everything straight.



Stefan reveled in the hunt of his prey, enjoyed the swift calculation and rapid deceit of his actions.

He had stalked Claudia for days. With purpose, he made himself known just within her periphery. Her hair was dark brown, just as her eyes, and his mouth watered at the thought of sinking his teeth in her olive skin. She reminded him of Katherine, and all things she was not, and it was because of that he braced his arm above the young girl's throat in a dank alley.

When he was finished, he could still hear the screams as they echoed through the night. He imagined he would always hear those screams as he gently placed the severed head back on the body's neck.

He returned to himself then, saw what he had done, and ran. His shoulder rammed harshly against that of another woman's, but he was too far gone in his remorse to care about yet another victim.

He felt a tug at his sleeve as the screams continued. In an attempt to block it out, to block everything out, he pressed the palms of his hands against his ears as he darted and weaved through the thick crowd.


Woodstock. It was the culmination of all peace rallies, the epitome of love for humanity, the cry for peace.

It made him sick.

Bodies pressed against each other as drugs and unknown substances entered the blood stream.

It was a smorgasbord, and Damon was there to eat his fill. His first had been a blonde, too far gone to see the danger in his eye. She was still slumped against the bark of a tree, far enough away to not draw attention, yet far enough that she could explain the pain as a bad trip to her friends later.

His next had offered up a lot of fun for his troubles, and she had remained conscious until he had been through with her. Her boyfriend lay still beside them both as she rode him through the night, and come dawn, neither would remember he had even been there.

He should have expected other vampires to be in attendance. In fact, he had sensed them, just in the periphery, as they stayed clear of one another. There was plenty to go around, and all of them were too far gone on the second-hand buzz to get in each other's way.

When he ran into another of his kind, he thought nothing of it. They joined together in a haze, dancing amidst the gyrating bodies as Santana took the stage.

He had to pull her away from a man far too greasy for his taste, her blood lust evident in her eyes as she snarled at him. It would be fun to lay waste to them all, but that would draw more attention than he would like.

"Slow down," he told her. "Enjoy yourself, Sunshine."

Her breathing, labored at her restrained, slowed. "Why?"

Damon thought to Sage, and what she had taught him. "Because there is more to this. There is fun."

She must have been new, or nearly feral. 'Sunshine' eyed him with apprehension. "Why bother?"

"Trust me, it makes your life a lot simpler if you do as I say."

The other vampire hesitated as she eyes him. She looked down at his hand, which he offered her, and she blinked. "And why would you do that?"

Damon thought for a moment before he shrugged. "Because I'm bored."

When she took his hand, he pulled her in close as they both swayed to the song. "Just remember," he said, spinning her as they danced. "You owe me."

And Damon always collected on his favors, even if it took a few years.


For many years, she had tracked him down. She had lost his scent for awhile, but recently she had heard rumors of his return.

Those rumors had led her here, to Mystic Falls.

He was right there, in the town's one bar, whispering in the ear of a young girl as they played around the pool table. He seemed so happy, they both did, and it made her sick.

Spying had become second nature to her. She had nurtured this side of her, developed it into something beyond what it would normally be in a vampire. It had given her meaning beyond the simple killing. Over the years, she had honed every sense for this moment.

She had never learned his name, had only known him by the whispers of those who feared him, but she heard the girl say it now with a giggle and a swat to his chest. The sound of it made her stomach roil, the sight turned her vision red.

How dare he forget.

Ignoring the bartender when he asked if she would like another drink, she took them both in. She had had years to plot and scheme, but nothing had prepared her to be faced with such a delicious act of revenge.

She ignored him and surveyed the girl. It would be so easy, almost more than she had anticipated.

After all this time, she would succeed in her mission.

After nearly a century, she would avenge her Claudia.

This story is coming along slowly. I won't be updating it nearly as much as I had Dating Advice, because the subject matter is not exactly something I am used to writing. But it will come along. Hopefully your curiosity has been piqued.