A little dream I had that Hannah suggested would make a good Fic. So guess what. I'm going to give it a go. Wish me luck xxx

The Dream That Was

The taxi pulled up outside Red Production Company. Jill sat silently for a few moments remembering how it had all come to this. A few months previous while down in London meeting up with the Fangirls. Jill just happened to be looking though advertisments online and discovered that the Actress Amelia Bullmore was searching for a new Assisstant. As she read the post, the excitement inside her grew more and more. Jill sat thinking this is my chance to meet Amelia and I'm going for it. She had got all the Fangirl's rounded up and told them about the job and asked their opinion on it. Gabby and Emma sat in total hyseria more excited at the prospect that they would get to meet Suranne, their secret crush. Katherine was over the moon at the very idea of being near Lesley. Lizzie and Amy were extremely happy and told her to go for it. Nothing could describe the feeling of meeting Amelia for the first time Lizzie had informed her. Melissa and Megan were super excited at maybe catching a glimpse of Jake Roache because they really liked him. Sophie and Sarah were dying to go out on the town with the ladies just to see what they were like outside of the show. Amanda and Hannah were pretty much excited about all the prospects of meeting the ladies and Jill was. Just being in their presence was enough.

"Are you getting out here or aren't you". The taxi driver asked.

"Huh. Oh yeah. Sorry. New job".

"Really. Well good luck love. That'll be £12.50".

"Yeah thanks a million". Jill replied. Getting out of the taxi.

Jill watched as the taxi drove off leaving her standing outside the kerbside. Admiring the building that would hopefully be her home for a while. She walked through to reception and flashed her I.D at the security guard. He gave it a quick inspection and let her through the doors. On the other side she was greeted by the show's Producer Sally Wainwright.

"Jill. Hello. I'm Sally Wainwright. I'm the Producer here at Scott and Bailey".

"Hi. It's great to meet you. This is an amazing building and my friends and I love your show".

"Well I'm glad. Nice to be working on something you already like. Come with me and I'll introduce you to Amelia".

Just hearing those words made Jill giddy with excitement. She couldn't believe at long last she was finally going to meet the woman that had brought all the fangirls together. She followed Sally through and as they were walking to Amelia's dressing room she saw Suranne and Lesley going over some lines. She couldn't believe she was here. She was amongst the 3 most amazing women in television and if all went well she would soon be able to introduce them to The Scott and Bailey Fangirls.

To Be Continued...