Chapter Two

Once upon a time, there was a really great website where people could post their stories using characters from popular fandoms. This website lasted a very long time, but one day, it became overrun with pirates and murderers. Or bad writing. The people were sad, as this website was an outlet for them, a memory and a place to live vicariously through the lives of fictional teens.

So one day, a girl came up with an idea to create a role playing game. It would be similar to fan fiction, but a group effort. She knew it would be fun, but how could she get BSC fans to know about it? She decided to write a fake story and upload it to the once-wonderful website, in hopes that others would see it and follow her.

She knew she would have to use a bit of a code to direct people to her website, so here she goes! Type in "sbrookmod" followed by a DOT, followed by "livejournal", followed by a DOT, followed by "com" into your browser. VOILA. And please do, because this girl wants this game to be a success, but it can't be a success without YOU. Yes, YOU!

See you in Stoneybrook!