"I'm not dreaming this is real, I'm not dreaming this is real..." she chanted to herself in her mind as she turned around to face Klaus, feeling oddly guilty.

Out loud, she said to Klaus, "I'm fine."

Her voice shook as she said that she was fine, wanting nothing more than anything in the world than to just run home and cry.

Looking over at Tyler, she noticed that he was actually hugging Hayley like Damon said he was.

A sharp pain ran through her heart at the sight, and the urge to hurt Tyler back ran through her mind once again.

So she went back to looking at Klaus, and smiled warmly at him because Caroline was worried that she might get confused and kiss him like in one of her dreams if she hugged him.

Surprised that she was smiling at him, Klaus suddenly realized that Tyler hugging Hayley was annoying Caroline, "You're obviously not fine, Caroline. Tell me, what's annoying you? If it's Tyler hugging Hayley then I'd be more than happy to rip out his heart for you."

Caroline frowned at Klaus, "No, it's not Tyler hugging Hayley that's annoying me, it's Damon. But you don't need to worry about that because it's FINE."

Holding his hands up in the air in mock surrender, Klaus smirked slightly as he replied, "Alright, love, there's no need to be so defensive."

Caroline cursed herself in her mind when she felt anger radiate through her violently, she didn't want to let him get her angry so easily.

Klaus made her feel so emotional, it almost made her want to scream.

One minute she wanted to kiss him, and the next she wanted to kill him.

"God, I hate him..."

Pointing at the red rose in her hair, Klaus smiled, "You like the rose that I gave you this morning, then?"

Caroline shook her head, clenching her hands tightly into fists, "Tyler gave me the rose."

"Oh, did he now? Well, he seems to have a nasty habit of lying to you, Caroline."

When Tyler heard Klaus say that about him to Caroline, he glared at Klaus furiously, but didn't walk away from Hayley to go over to Klaus and start a fight that he had no chance winning.

"Did you put the usual cliché message next to the rose of honour?" Damon said sarcastically as he smirked at Klaus.

Smirking back at Damon, Klaus replied, "No, I didn't."

"So...Tyler lied to me? Again?" said Caroline, interrupting an annoyed Damon.

Klaus nodded, "I'm afraid so, love."

"Oh, who was I kidding when I thought that Tyler could do anything even remotely romantic..." Caroline thought sadly to herself as she sighed, "It's so annoying that I can trust Klaus more than I can trust Tyler..."

Shaking her head, Caroline walked over to Tyler, the red rose in one hand as her mind whirled around like an angry tornado.

"Hey, Tyler, just wanted to say thanks for lying to me once again."

Caroline stared at Hayley, who smirked at her.

Slamming the rose onto a near-by table as she glared at Hayley, Caroline growled viciously, "I hope you're happy with someone who lies all the time."


Damon nodded at Klaus, looking mildly impressed, "You set the whole thing up, didn't you?"

Klaus nodded, smirking at Tyler, "And it worked like a charm."

After taking another swig of his drink, Damon drawled, "Go get your girl."

Klaus rolled his eyes at Damon as he walked quickly after Caroline, who had stormed out of the Mystic Grill crying.

Tyler was about to follow him, but Klaus stopped him with a glare, "I think you've done enough damage already."

Tyler froze when he realized something, "You set me up..." he whispered, shocked.

Klaus raised an eyebrow at him as he opened the door and walked out, already planning in his mind what he was going to do next.

HauntedImmortalNightmare: Damn, both Damon and Tyler worked it out straight away... Well, not Tyler...