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Cato watched with an amused smile as Clove bickered with Matthew. They were at it again. She had decided to drop by to give Cato and Thresh a piece of Stella's homemade chocolate cake when Matthew had turned off the elevators because he didn't want Clove disturbing everyone... Again. Stella had quickly called Cato when Clove started fighting with Matthew. Just as Clove grabbed Matthew's collar, Cato decided to step in. He pulled Clove away and gave Matthew an apologetic smile before shaking Clove. "Clover, how many times have I told you not to disturb Matthew?"

Matthew rubbed his neck before saying, "Your name is Clover?"

Clove glared at him. "No, it's CLOVE. Cato's the idiot who started that."

"Clover sounds better." Matthew said.

Clove's expression changed to surprise. "Really?"

Matthew nodded and Clove tilted her head. "You know, Matt suits you better than Matthew."

Cato exchanged a bewildered look with Stella as he watched Matthew laugh along with Clove. He looked back at his childhood friend and then grabbed her and whispered, "Who are you and what have you done to Clover?"

Clove rolled her eyes before saying a quick good-bye to Matthew. Cato watched as she walked to the elevator. Stella shrugged and walked after her and Cato ran after the two of them. The three of them got off at the 5th floor which had been named Le Café. Thresh waved to them from a table and they walked over and took their seats. Clove handed Cato the box of cake. Just then, a tall, brown haired man tripped over Clove's chair's leg, causing both of them to fall onto the floor. The man quickly stood up and offered Clove a hand. "I'm so sorry," he began. "I should've been watching where I was going."

Clove took his hand and he helped her up. Cato smiled at the young man. "You shouldn't be sorry, Seth. Clove fully deserved that." He shrugged. "If I were you, I would have left her on the floor."

Clove shot Cato a look of pure hate before grabbing a piece of cake and biting into it. Seth smiled back at Cato before running a hand through his hair. "I should go now, I still haven't finished those calculations you told me to. I'll get right on those."

Cato shook his head. "No, they aren't that important. Take your time. Why don't you join us?"

Seth was about to refuse when Cato pulled him down onto a chair. "I mean it when I say 'take your time'. Have some cake." Cato offered him the box and Seth took a small piece. He bit into it and instantly stopped chewing. Seth gave Cato a confused look. "Um, who baked this?" He asked.

Cato gestured towards Stella. "Stella did. Why?"

Seth studied Stella before putting the cake down. "My mother used to make cake like that. I didn't know if anyone else had the ability to bake like that too."

Stella gave Seth a small smile. "My mother did too. It was her secret recpie."

Seth frowned before looking at the cake again and then at Stella. His face paled slightly before he stood up. "I should go now." He said. "I need to do something." He politely nodded at Stella before turning around and walking away. Clove gave Cato a confused look. "Am I the only one who found that guy... weird?"

Cato frowned. "Definitely not." He answered slowly.

Being pregnant had caused Stella to have night cravings. For food. She would wake up in the middle of the night and want something to eat. That particular night, she woke up two hours after midnight, craving... ice cream. Stella sighed and gently pushed the blanket away, careful not to disturb Cato. She padded across the floor to the door and then slipped out, making her way downstairs. She supported her 5 month baby bump while she carefully climbed down the stairs. Finally arriving in the kitchen, Stella looked around for a bowl before grabbing the ice cream carton from the freezer. She scooped herself two scoops of ice cream and then settled back on a chair to eat it. She was just about to finish it when she heard footsteps. Stella turned around and let out a sigh of relief when she saw that it was Cato.

"Again?" He asked.

Stella nodded. "Yep."

"What is it for this time?" Cato sat down next to her.

"Ice cream." Stella answered. "Do you want some?"

Cato shook his head and looked at the bowl. "Nearly done?"

"Yeah, I only wanted a little bit this time." Stella smiled as she remembered last time she had gotten ice cream cravings at night. Cato had to drive all around town just to find a shop that was open to buy more after Stella had finished two cartons.

Cato smiled and kissed Stella softly. "That's a relief." He said after pulling away. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her onto his lap. Stella finished the last of her ice cream and placed the bowl on the table, not taking any notice to the fact that Cato had unbuttoned the top button of her nightgown. Stella began to get up but Cato pulled her back down. "Not yet." He whispered and bit the side of her neck.

Stella turned red. "Cato what are you-"

Cato growled as if to tell Stella to be quiet and continued to bite down her neck. She squeaked when he bit her extra hard on her collarbone. "That's going to leave a mark." She whispered.

"That's the point." Cato answered and licked the spot he had just bitten. Stella didn't say anything as Cato shifted Stella to her side and kissed her again. More passionately this time. After a while, Cato pulled away and picked Stella up. "We need to get to the bedroom before I do anything else."

Stella laughed. "I love you, Cato."

"I love you too." He answered and kissed her again.

Stella woke up in the morning wrapped up in Cato's arms. She didn't move and looked up to see Cato's cheek resting against hers. Stella watched him sleep with a small smile, he looked so cute like that. His hair was falling over his forehead and a few strands tickled Stella's ear. His breathing was light and his grip on her felt as if he was trying to keep her protected from all of the evils of the world. Stella gently pushed him away and shifted slightly so her baby bump could be more comfortable. Cato moaned and blinked open his eyes. "Thanks for waking me up." He mumbled.

"The baby was uncomfortable." Stella said.

Cato's expression changed. "Is he alright now? Is he comfortable?" He asked, his voice filled with worry.

"He's fine, Cato." Stella answered and kissed the tip of his nose. "Stop worrying."

Cato nodded slowly. "Just... Just tell me if he gets uncomfortable again, okay?"

Stella smiled. "I will." She kissed his cheek and then his forehead. Cato slid his hand onto the baby bump and rubbed it as if trying to assure himself that the baby was fine. He continued rubbing it and then smiled before kissing Stella. "Thank you."

"For what?" Stella asked.

"For taking such good care of him." Cato replied.

"He's mine too." Stella said. "So is Zack. They're both my babies."

Cato grinned. "Yeah they are."