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Saturday nights were officially movie nights. Stella insisted that they watch movies that were both comedic and romantic while Cato wanted action or a thriller. Clove was the one that suggested that the watch a horror movie. And the perfect horror movie was 'Insidious'.

"It has a bit of romance in it and it's a thriller too. We'll all get what we want." Clove insisted.

Cato shook his head. "No way. Last time we watched a horror movie, chipmunk stayed awake all night and wouldn't let me sleep either. And that was when she wasn't pregnant. Now she is, and staying awake all night is not good for her health."

"Maybe you should have thought of that before getting her pregnant." Clove mumbled.

Cato glared at her. "Let's just watch 'Speed'. It has romance and a bit of comedy."

"Yeah, but no horror." Clove held up 'Insidious' in her right hand and 'Speed' in her left hand. "Look, Ella, you decide which movie we should watch."

Stella got up from the sofa and while gently rubbing the baby bump to keep the baby relaxed, pointed to 'Insidious'. "I don't have a problem with watching a horror movie."

"No, the problem is what happens after you watch a horror movie." Cato said. "Fine, fine, we'll watch 'Insidious'. But if you keep me awake all night again, I will kick you out of my room."

"You are cruel." Clove muttered before putting the CD into the CD player. She sat back on the sofa and grabbed the large bowl of popcorn. Stella was eating non-buttered popcorn while Cato ate Bar-B-Q Pringles. The movie began and Stella tensed up instantly when she saw the beginning. But then she relaxed when Renai came into view.

A while later...

Stella clutched Cato's arm, her eyes tightly shut. Clove was holding a pillow over her eyes while Cato's eyes were wide as he swallowed hard. "God, what possessed you to get this movie?" He whispered.

"I didn't know this was going to happen." Clove whispered back as she held the pillow closer. "How should I have known that Dolton and Josh were a-astral projectors?"

Stella gulped as Josh walked up the attic and saw the red door. All three of them screamed when the spirit attacked Josh. Cato's head fell back against the back of the sofa and he exhaled slowly. "This isn't as scary as Grudge, but it's pretty close." He muttered.

Stella ran a hand over her sweaty forehead. Cato wrapped an arm around her and kissed her forehead. "Are you feeling alright?" He asked.

"I am going to have... a heart attack." Stella answered. Cato pulled her closer and looked over to Clove who was peeking out from behind the pillow. Everything seemed to be going alright in the movie, Josh had entered the red door and was walking down the hall. All three of them let out a sigh of relief when Josh found Dolton. Stella was even ready to smile. But then the man with the fire on his face came into view and she paled.

At the end of the movie, Clove, Cato and Stella were clinging to each other. Clove looked like she was about to cry and Cato was paler than his white shirt. Stella's shoulders slumped and she sunk back onto the sofa. They remained silent, watching the credits until Clove burst out, "Thank the mighty Lord, the movie finally ended."

Stella gave her a weak smile. "Hey, Clove, do you mind if I move to your room for the night? Cato is definitely going to kick me out tonight."

Cato's mouth dropped open as Clove nodded slowly. "Sure. No problem."

Cato instantly pulled Stella against his chest. "No way, you aren't going anywhere."

Clove raised an eyebrow. "Is the brave and mighty Cato afraid to sleep alone?"

"What? I am not scared or afraid. I just don't want Stella to sleep in someone else's room, that's all." Cato glared at Clove who had the You-Really-Think-I'm-Gonna-Believe-That-Lie look on her face.

Clove insisted that Stella sleep with her and Cato was growling that if she didn't shut up, he would kick her out of the house. None of them noticed the shadow that passed silently through the hall and up the stairs. And no one saw it pick the sleeping infant up and disappear.

Stella sighed as she walked up the stairs. Clove had run to the bathroom after consuming her tenth glass of Coke and Cato was looking for sleeping bags since the three had decided to sleep together in the living room after Clove had admitted that she didn't want to sleep alone. Stella touched the wall to find her way as she walked down the hall. She didn't know why but she had a sudden bad feeling when she had heard a quiet shuffling sound from upstairs. She tried telling herself it was probably Sophia but even then she wanted to check on her and Zack to see if they were alright. Stella gently pushed open Sophia's bedroom door and smiled when she saw the French woman asleep on her large king-sized bed. Closing the door, Stella waddled to Zack's room. She pushed open the door and walked in. She grinned to herself when she saw the bump in the blanket on the crib. She was about to turn around when she realized that 'bump' wasn't moving. Zack always breathed heavily while he was asleep and now he seemed completely still. Stella walked to the crib after turning the lamp on and pushed back the blanket. Her eyes widened and she let out a blood-curdling scream when she saw only the brown teddy bear she had gotten Zack for his 6-month birthday, its owner no where in sight.

Cato and Clove came running down the hall when they heard the scream. Clove flicked on the light and Cato heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Stella was unharmed. "Hey, hey, hey. What happened?" He asked, not noticing the empty crib or the tears that had made their way down Stella's cheeks.

Stella's face was pale and she hiccupped. "Z-Zack's g... gone." She whispered.

Cato furrowed his eyebrows and looked into the crib. His eyes widened and he gripped the sides of the crib as his breathing hitched. And that was when Stella fell forward in a faint. Clove shrieked as Cato caught Stella in his arms and then she placed a shivering hand on the doorknob to steady herself. "I'm calling the police."

The inspector nodded and noted something on his notepad. "We'll do what we can to find the baby, Sir. Do you have any recent pictures?"

Cato nodded slowly, still shaken and in shock, and asked his mother to bring Zack's picture. Sophia went to get a picture of her grandson. Clove had thought it would be a better idea to wake her up as well. Cato was glad to see that his mother was alright. Sophia had handled the situation in a much calmer way than the other three members of the household had. Stella had regained consciousness when Inspector Drake had arrived and she was sitting on the sofa, an untouched mug of coffee in her hands. Her eyes had lost their twinkle and she stared blankly at the mug which Sophia had insisted she drank. Inspector Drake asked Cato a few more questions, like what they were doing when Zack had most likely been kidnapped and when was the last time they had checked on him.

"Do you have a rivalry with anyone? Someone who could kidnap the child to get revenge or something? Enemies?" Drake asked.

Cato shook his head. "Most people don't know about Zack. And the people that do are close friends, family or employers. I don't know anyone who would want to kidnap him."

"And you are his mother?" The Inspector asked Stella.

Stella nodded slightly. "Yes, I am." She answered in a hoarse voice, not averting her eyes from the now cold mug of coffee. Clove sat next to her and wrapped her arms around the younger woman as Stella began crying again. Drake wrote something else on his notepad before closing it.

He pulled Cato aside. "It would be better if you got the young lady to bed. She's expecting, am I right?"

"Yes she is." Cato replied.

"Well, she needs to rest. Try to reassure her as much as you can that everything will be alright. From the look of it, she loves your son immensely and is quite shaken. This could affect her health."

Cato bit his bottom lip and Drake noticed the worried look on his face. "Don't worry, we will find your son." He said and gave him a small smile. "I will come again in the morning. Until then I'll issue you a few overnight guards just in case the kidnapper or kidnappers decide to return. If you remember anything important, please inform me. And it would be better if you turned your alarm system on."

Cato took a deep breath and nodded. "Alright."

Drake patted his back and left to the kitchen to call headquarters. Sophia handed him a picture of Zack. It was taken on Stella's birthday. She was holding Zack who was grinning at the camera while Cato stood next to them, gazing lovingly at the two of them.

Cato walked back to the living room, finding Clove trying to comfort a crying Stella. Clove saw him and stood up, patting the area where she had been sitting. Cato sat down next to Stella who hadn't realized that the two friends had switched spots. She had her face cradled in her hands and her knees were pulled up to her chest only being distanced by her protruding belly. Her shoulders shook slightly, overcome with emotion. Cato pulled her into his lap and rubbed her back. Stella continued crying and shifted closer to Cato. "My baby... Zack..." She whispered.

"Shh..." Cato kissed her forehead. "We'll find him. Don't worry, baby. We'll find him."

"I need him." Stella sniffed. "I need my baby."

"I know." Cato admitted. "And I'll bring him back to you."

Clove gazed at the wall and she felt the same emotions she had felt when Cato had called her that night. The night when Gazelle had hit Zack. She remembered how he had cried that night and she knew that the only thing that was preventing him from breaking down into tears now was Stella. If he began crying, Stella would get even more frightened than she already was and that could affect their unborn child. Clove's thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the phone. The inspector had left after telling Sophia about the two guards, Sammy and Thomas, who he had assigned to watch the house. Sophia was waiting outside for the guards to arrive and Cato and Stella were huddled close. Clove looked at the phone and picked it up. "Hello?"

"Give the phone to Cato" A raspy voice answered.

Clove frowned. "Excuse me?"

"Give the phone to Cato." The person repeated and Clove handed the phone to Cato.

"Someone wants to talk to you." She said and Cato held the phone to his ear. Before he could say hello, the other person spoke.

"So, you informed the police already? I haven't even gotten started on my little game."

"Who are you?" Cato asked, his heart beating against his chest because he had a very good idea who the other person was.

"Hmm... Are you really that interested in finding out who I am?" The man laughed. "Shouldn't you be more worried about the baby I have here?" Cato heard a faint cry of "Dadda!"

Cato froze before hissing, "Don't you dare hurt him."

"Oh I wouldn't dream of it." The person laughed again. "I'm not going to hurt him at all." He paused before saying, "You are."

Cato gritted his teeth. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"If you had a choice, between your beautiful mistress and unborn child or your other child, who would you choose?" The man stopped talking sensing the dread that had settled in Cato's stomach. "Or if I made the choice more clear, between your mistress, unborn child and best friend's family or your other child, then what?"

"Best friend's family?" Cato felt a bead of sweat drip down the side of his face.

"A certain man named... um, Finnick Odair? His son, what's his name again?" Cato instantly heard Annie's tortured screams.

"Poseidon." Cato whispered as his complexion whitened. "Fuck you."

"Not likely." The man said. "I already got rid of Finnick Odair. He was nuisance. Now, I only have sweet, confused Annie, a small child named Poseidon and... Zack."

Cato squeezed his eyes shut when he realized that this man, no, this monster, had killed Finnick. The man who had been with him since the day he had found out about Zack. The man who had strengthened him and had his back no matter what. "What the fuck do you want?" Cato growled after a while.

Cato could almost see the satisfied smile that appeared on the man's face. "I want one person only... Stella."

Cato felt his hair stick to his sweaty forehead. "No."

"I think you will reconsider. Choose wisely, Cato. Stella or Zack? Or maybe you want Annie and Poseidon too? You can only save three people. One person stays with me. Be it Stella or Zack."

Cato could hardly get the question out. "Why?"

"Because she deserves much better than you, that is why." Cato heard the cruel laugh again. "Who can resist that beautiful body?"

"So you think I'm going to hand her over to you for you to rape?" Cato felt his blood began to boil. He wasn't about to let anyone touch his chipmunk.

"Yes, you will. You will hand her over for me to rape."

And the phone went dead.

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