Magic Comes to Forks: Chapter Seven

A public place seemed like neutral ground so I arranged via Alice to meet the Cullen's in a cafe, I could eat and they could listen to my explanation which would take some time, unlike Alice it wouldn't be a simple "Hi by the way I have magic," sort of thing. Carlisle would want the most in depth conversation ever and the rest would be too busy accusing me of lying to them (vampires!) and asking how dangerous I was. Ghara and me had checked into a hotel yesterday and most of the night he spent watching out for the Cullen's or any other vampire. Apparently Vampires were very protective of their mates and killing one was not the best idea as another would pretty much hate you for life. So that woman; Victoria would be hunting me for the rest of her life.

"Are we really doing this!" Ghara asked after a moment, with a bit of magic I had bagged the best room in the hotel and I was getting ready for breakfast with Cullen's which Alice had organized. She had chosen the quietest place with her powers and I supposed she was the one to trust

"No I'm doing this, you're going to sleep," I corrected causing him to laugh. It was a throaty irritating noise which provoked another glare from me.

"Please you are walking into a cafe with a bunch of annoyed vampires and James's mate is still on the loose I am coming with you like it or not," he replied dully growling ever so slightly; exposing a bit of flame in the process. I shook my head there was no way I was bringing a dragon to breakfast, literally

"And how are you intending to stop me? I am a dragon remember," he commented dryly flapping his wings for emphasis. He had a point but I wasn't going to actually tell him that he was right, it was an unspoken agreement between us. Well between me but he didn't need to know that.

"And what excuse are you going to give to the waiter?" I asked him in turn, most places don't allow birds in them regardless of the circumstances or species. He grinned and his razor sharp teeth gleamed in the light

"We can think of something," he told me already formulating a plan, I however already had one.


"No one is going to fall for this!" Ghara hissed in my ear as we walked along the street, he was perched on my shoulder but there were a few differences to him. Firstly he was wearing a mini bright purple tuxedo with a hat along with smart boots and a clip on tie, I was wearing a stunning dress which the hotel had provided for me and high heels that were so uncomfortable.

"My idea was much better," he growled as he inspected himself again and again. I got the idea off the TV to be honest and it might have been the biggest mistake ever

"Your solution was to hit the waiter with a frying pan and enchant him, my idea is to pretend I'm rich and your my bird," I replied cheekily as people turned to look at the strange bird in a suit talking to his owner. They just though I was a spoilt rich girl with a pet, the plan was working perfectly and I had taken a few pictures to blackmail him with later, he was kinda cute

"Your idea was to dress me in this clothing and walk down the street!" he exclaimed angrily but had to keep it quiet, not many people were around but I still didn't want anyone seeing him talk.

"Yes now shut up!" I murmured waking into the cafe, Alice couldn't have chosen a more isolated place, it was vacant. Dirty tables, a display of pastries at least a week past their sell by date and one fat bald guy who looked like he would rather be dead than here, his beady eyes looked at Ghara then away.

"Huh so we didn't need to dress you up after I all," I chuckled, he growled menacingly as I walked up to the counter, the guy grunted and looked up.

"Somnium," I hissed before he could process what happened, then he slumped back and fell fast asleep just as the bell went and in walked the Cullen'.

"OMG!" Alice gasped looking at Ghara like all her Christmases had come at once "He is so cute!". Ghara had no time to react as she whizzed over and cuddled him fondly

"Look at you in your suit!" she gasped patronisingly while he tried to work out what was going on, she let him go just before that happened. He looked like he had been hit by a car and naturally I started laughing until Alice did the same

"You too! where did you get these clothes!" she demanded pulling me tighter, suddenly Ghara looked up and as the little pixie's hands moved up my dress I felt something, something strange. A warmth flooding through me

"Alice we're not here to discuss fashion," Carlisle told her gently as she walked in, he snickered at Ghara who was looking close to exploding now.

"Fine!" she conceded whizzing away and taking a seat

"Good morning... Ghara is it?" Carlisle asked not sure how to greet his old friend, Ghara for his part groaned.

"You might as well it's been my name for the last sixteen years. For some reason no one can pronounce my true name," he sighed deeply.

"Because it's about a hundred letters and reminds me of a carrot," I remarked taking a seat, he glared at me but said nothing. The Cullen's took their seats and all but Alice looked awkward

"I suppose you have questions, go on then," I sighed .

"What are you?"

"How did you do all that last night?"

"What is your power?"

"How long have you been doing that?"

"Are you going to hurt us?"

"Is your secret the reason you shy away from romantic contact?,"

"Where did you get those clothes?" the entire family glared at Alice at this point who shrugged.
"Ok, one at a time please!" I asked resisting the urge to shout, Alice moved to talk

"Everyone other than Alice," I finished causing her to look down with mock hurt.

"What exactly are you?" Rosalie asked first with scepticism in her voice (despite being a vampire!)

"A witch," I responded coolly and the entire family descended into cries and murmurings

"So you used magic last night?" Jasper wondered looking strange; what a creepy dude! what Alice saw in him was a mystery.

"Yes," I answered

"Cool!" Emmet grinned obviously wondering how much cooler this could get; he knew a dragon and a witch.

"Oh I promised Emmet a ride, next question!" I asked quickly

"Sure, sure...Wait what!" Ghara demanded looking at Emmet with his mouth open.

" What is magic?" Carlisle asked the scientific question and the honest answer was

"I have no idea, Ghara any clue?" I asked him. He nodded and opened his mouth

"How long will it take?" I asked him knowing his explanations could go on and on. He closed his mouth and decided to tell his tale another time

"Next," I asked aloud, Edward moved to speak.

"No Edward I will not go out with you," I answered before he could finish the question, with surprise and damaged pride he shut up.

"Are you dangerous?" Rosalie asked, I frowned at her.

"Your vampires!" I announced wondering how I could be the danger in this room, Ghara I could understand but they were vampires

"Good point!" Emmet muttered causing Rosalie to glower at him and me to smile. At least someone in this family could see sense

"So how did you capture James?" Jasper asked lowly with his cold eyes. For some reason he thought I was a threat but I answered anyway. Despite him seeing a lot of the damn event yesterday.

"Throwing him against a wall and locking him in a glass cage," I told him waiting for a question that was actually interesting.

"How did you know we were Vampires?" Esme wondered suddenly. I smiled and Ghara perked up obviously eager to take some credit for it

"When that truck driver almost squashed me I slowed time before he got anywhere near me, so you can imagine I was rather surprised when I saw Alice running at normal speed," I explained looking at her for a moment and again getting that strange warm feeling when she looked up at me. Ghara growled lowly but for now I ignored him

"Anyway, after she saw me..." I began again.

"Throw a thug into a dumpster and bash the others," she finished, I nodded and moved to speak again.

"So she asked me and I told her what you were, she could have done that sooner in hindsight," Ghara interrupted. The Cullen's digested this as I recovered from not being able to answer the questioned intended for me, oh well I suppose Ghara made more sense of it.

"Is that everything because I need to get going quite soon," I commented looking at a clock on the wall, the Cullen's looked at me.

"Ok, in summary. I am a witch as every second female in my family has been, my grandmother was one and I am the latest, my children will not be magical but their children will. If I have any of course but anyway; Ghara is my bonded companion who is a sarcastic, as of now well dressed Dragon who will be giving Emmet a ride at some point or I will make those photos into a poster. James is in his stomach right now and he enjoys eating vampires, he also used magic which is part of him breathing various different things. Fire, ice, healing and more, I use magic through the use of talking in Latin and no I do not own a broomstick or a cat. I do not melt when water is thrown at me and most Vampire powers I can get around. Anything else?" I asked then looking around the table

"Well in that case we'll be off," Ghara announced hopping onto my shoulder; I was going to find a quiet spot and use him to get back to Forks, it was the fastest way and I had to confront Charlie next. I had to explain my magic to him which may be slightly more difficult but if it could deal with Vampires I could deal with him right? I hoped so.

"That son of a bitch!" Ghara bellowed into my ear the moment we were out of the Cullen's earshot, I turned to him; this was not the typical language he used.

"Firstly oww don't shout at me and secondly what's wrong?" I asked not caring about the people thinking I was talking to myself. Ghara growled but at least he didn't shout at me

"Him, he's the problem. That's disgusting taking the very idea of a mate and twisting into that! I will rip the head from his," Ghara began

"Explain!" I ordered before he could start ranting. Ghara took a breath and looked at me

"They're not mates, he's manipulating her, Jasper is making Alice love him,"