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The year is Unified Earth Calendar (UEC) year 60.

Fossil fuel supplies all over the Earth were drying up in the century before, threatening to plunge the Earth back into the dark ages. But near the end of the century, a scientist named Aeolia Schenberg, in a dissertation, proposed two concepts that later revolutionized the world - the development of a functional
orbital elevator and a massive photovoltaic energy system, both of which would be constructed by giant robots called mobile suits. However, at the time the technology to create such things was out of mankind's reach, so the paper received little attention, and was relegated to the bowels of university archives.

Some people who saw imminent disaster coming migrated to domed cities in the harsh northern regions of the world, charmingly called Domeopoli. Here they remained, waiting for the planet to heal, or for the rest of mankind to wise up and join them.

But one hundred years ago, Jan Wilner, then a young man goes for his master's degree in nano-technology, rediscovered Schenberg's dissertation. He realized that mankind could now achieve these goals. He set to work making Schenberg's vision a reality right out of school, especially with the backup supply of fossil fuels set to run out at any time. Since then, humanity has advanced in leaps and bounds, both as a result of its own ingenuity...and as a necessity to defend against outside invaders.

Sixty-five years ago, the first aliens known to mankind invaded the Earth: the ancient Haniwa Empire, led by the cruel and ambitious Queen Himika. They were ultimately defeated and sealed by the efforts of Dr. Shiba, a colleague of Wilner's who had discovered lost technology and used it to create the predecessor to all mobile suits: Kotetsu Jeeg. With his cyborg son Hiroshi leading the charge, the aliens were forced back over the course of five years.

If not for Jeeg, humanity would have perished under the heel of the Haniwa Empire.

From the ashes of the old world arose several great powers: the Union of Free Nations, which took up much of North America, South America, Australia and Japan; The Advanced European Union, which makes up Western Europe and Africa; and the Human Reform League, which is under the control of a pseudo-socialist China and Russia. As a result of the supposed brotherhood that came as a result of surviving the Haniwa invasion, the nations of the Earth ended the old Anno Domini calender and established the United Earth Calendar, to commemorate the day mankind supposedly united as one.

Though they appeared to be peaceful, the three nations, have in fact engaged in military activities and skirmishes with each other, all thanks to the machinations of the Romefeller Foundation and other secretive powers that keep mankind at war for their own profit.

Furthermore, each of these nations controls one of three space elevators, which connect the Earth to numerous space colonies, each under the control of one nation or another. As a result of controlling these elevators, as well as being the sole benefactors of the photovoltaic energy system, these three powers ruled over the world as other nations that had once been dependent on fossil fuel sales either began waging war with one another or became absorbed by the three powers.

Of course, not all of the people took this lying down.

Two years ago, a shadowy paramilitary organization known as Celestial Being arose from hiding to seek an end of all wars, with mobile suits called Gundams leading the charge. In addition, those who lived in the colonies began to rise up as well, cutting off humanity's access to space; finally, a force known as OZ, led by a former Foundation member, Treize Khushrenada, defected from Romefeller with the help of the mysterious Zechs Marquiese. These forces collectively attacked the three powers in an event known as the Eve Wars. In retaliation, the three powers developed two new weapons: Combat Armors and Mobile Dolls. Meanwhile, the prototype for a new space-going mobile weapon called an Orbital Frame is stolen by BAHRAM, a rebel group loosely associated with the colonies and OZ, but before it can be taken back, it disappeared.

But in the end, the three powers ultimately came out on top. Celestial Being and the other rebel groups were defeated, their members captured, killed or driven into hiding. Some of the colony residents fled to start a new life on Mars. The three nations then formed into the single Earth Sphere Federation, and combined all of their armies into one. While they retain their old identities culturally, the powers that made up the ESF were now close allies. Little did the newborn ESF know that a single man was pulling all the strings, with the help of a computer system that Celestial Being itself once possessed. To further throw things into confusion, two new energy sources were discovered just before the war - Japanium, an ore that contained immense amounts of energy, was discovered underneath Mt. Fuji; and Getter Rays, harnessed by a student of Wilner's, Dr. Saotome.

After the war, people from the Domeopoli began to make journeys back to civilization, known as Exodus, lured by promises of new prosperity. But the powers that rule these towns want to keep them there, for reasons unknown. In additiona, more outside invaders appear from space and take advantage of the chaos to attempt their own conquest - alien Radam and STMC, the human-like Gradosians and Darius Empire, and even the reborn Mycenae and Haniwa Empires all jump at the chance to take over. In addition, the mysterious Meganoids, born of a science experiment gone wrong on Mars, seek to make all of the Earth into cyborgs like themselves. The ESF formed several groups to combat these threats, and keeps a close eye on them to prevent another Celestial Being from coming into existence.

Floating in the heavens, away from all of this conflict is a space colony fleet that is beginning to explore the heavens for a new planet, knowing that eventually the Sun will destroy both the Earth and Mars...little do they know that it will occur far, far sooner than anyone could have anticipated, and not in the way they had imagined.

In the middle of all this, an eighteen-year-old anime fan girl named Tara Zifell with only the legacy of her great-grandfather, Jan Wilner, to help her...

Series List

Shin Mazinger Z (post-script)
Gaiking: Legend of Daiku-Maryu
New Getter Robo
Daitarn 3
Kotetsushin Jeeg
Overman King Gainer
Aim For The Top! Gunbuster
Great Mazinger*

Blue Comet SPT Layzner
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 2nd Season
New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz

Space Knight Tekkaman Blade
Macross Frontier
Zone of the Enders: 2nd Runner
Fang of the Sun Dougram*

Banpresto Originals

I've been playing a lot of L lately, and I really wanted to try using a lot of the series there, such as Kotetsushin Jeeg, Gaiking, and Macross Frontier. I also wanted to give Gundam 00 a whirl, since it sounded so great. However, I'll only be covering the second season of it, as well as the second season of Code Geass, since I want to keep this one MUCH shorter, probably around 40 or so chapters, minus route splits. This may or may not have some connection to Super Robot Wars U depending on whether I feel like it or not. This one also won't be updated quite as often as my main fic, but I will try to get both this and Chapter 1 up very soon.

You'll notice that Akito the Exiled is marked with an . For the time being, I will merely be using the characters from it, and not necessarily its plot, what with one episode being out. For that, the characters will be pulled into Code Geass R2.

Edit (11/6/2012): After the suggestion of one of my reviewers, I have decided to include another Real Robot series, Fang of the Sun Dougram, since it fit best into the world I'm trying to build. Its plot will be integrated into either Gundam 00 or Code Geass, due to their similar natures.

Edit (5/31/2013): Made some huge changes to the series list. I dropped Code Geass and Mazinkaiser SKL, but added Layzner, Gunbuster, Gundam Wing, Tekkaman Blade and Zone of the Enders: 2nd Runner to the list. I'm also going to explore a post-script Shin Mazinger Z with Great Mazinger!