Chapter 1:

Today was much the same as every day in Ellesmera for the past couple hundred years. The morning air was crisp and the sun shone brightly as it reflected off of the morning dew that coated every plant. Everything was peaceful as Arya took her usual morning stroll through the Elven forest. This has been a routine of hers for almost three hundred years now because it gave her time to be alone and think. Her position as Queen was a demanding one that filled nearly her entire day with some task, so this time was precious to her. As she walked through the forest, the green dragon, Firnen, could be seen flying high above the trees, the sun shining brilliantly on his sparkling scales. While on her walk, Arya was practically alone, save for her personal guard who followed behind at a distance as give Arya her space, but to never let her out of his sight. Although, the world was at peace now and Arya and Firnen could easily take care of whatever conflict they were confronted with, her guard gave her a sense of security. He was the only one who could relate to what she was dealing with. He has stood by her side throughout her reign as Queen as well as by the side of her mother during her time. He was a close friend to her and she could rely on him for anything.

Firnen, Arya thought, I have grown tired of this role. All I do all day is menial tasks that don't have any effect on the world. Since there has been peace between the races of Alagaesia, I have had no excitement. The world is boring now and I don't think that I could stand doing this for another year, never mind the rest of my life. Which could be an eternity.

I have known that this has troubled you for quite some time Arya, responded Firnen, but what can we do about it. You can't just abandon your people. You are too important to the Elves. And even if you could, where would we go. The world is at peace and everywhere we go would be very much the same.

We could always go and see Eragon and Saphira.

They both stayed silent for sometime after that. That idea has been in the back of their minds for all of these years. They both missed them dearly, but they have had to stay in Ellesmera for the past five hundred years and the only time they made contact with them is when Arya has sent news about a new Elven rider, which hasn't occurred for quite some time now. Arya new that Eragon was busy, and she was busy herself, so there has been no time to talk.

Firnen was the first to speak, Arya you know how much I would love to do that, but there still is the problem of abandoning our people.

Arya stood still for almost a full hour thinking ahout how she could figure out how to leave her position. She is Queen and although this is a time of peace and another leader would probably do a fine job if she left, but the elves would be disappointed with Arya's decision and she would be disgraced. After some time her guard, Sundavar, silently approached. Arya had not been paying attention and was startled when he put his hand on her shoulder.

"Queen Arya, is everything alright? You have not moved in over an hour."

"Everything is fine, Sundavar, I am just thinking about the world." Arya sighed and then there was silence.

"Arya, I know that it is not my place, but you do not seem to be completely happy. I have noticed it for quite some time now, but I have not found a proper time to mention it. But, considering that I am going to stand by your side for the rest of our lives, I figured I might as well say it now."

Arya just gazed off into the distant deep in her thoughts. Then she began to ponder whether or not she could trust him with her most secret thoughts.

Firnen, do you think it would be alright if I shared my thoughts with him? So I could at least see how he would react so I could better judge what effect my leave would have on the elves.

After a few moments of though Firnen finally replied, I believe that if you could trust anyone with this information, other than me of course, that it would have to be him. He has been trusted by all of the elves to watch over you and your mother that I'm sure he has heard his share of secrets that have never left his mind. But, first I would have him swear an oath of secrecy to you in the Ancient Language.

"Sundavar, can I trust you?" Arya finally asked him.

Sundavar answered immediately and with hesitation, "Of course you can."

"I have something to tell you, but first I would like it if your swore an oath of secrecy."

He immediately swore the oath and then asked Arya, "What is it that you wish to tell me."

Arya stood there for a moment contemplating on the best way to break the news to Sundavar, but eventually she realized that the best thing to do would be to just say it.

"I am tired of this," And she opened her arms to point to everything around her. "I am tired of everything. I do not find that my role in life has a purpose anymore. All I do everyday is sit in my hall and listed to all of the negligible problems that our people confront me with. I feel like if I wasn't here then nothing would change. I want to leave Du Weldenvarden."

Sundavar stood there, for what seemed like forever to Arya, in silence. Then he finally responded. "Arya, I understand that this job is not as exhilarating as your life before, but that is the sacrifice that you make if there is to have peace. I know that this has been troubling you for quite sometime now and I will not waste my time arguing with your decision because you must have thought this over thousands of time in your head. If you are not happy with your life now then I will not be angry or disappointed in you if you leave. However, you will need to tell the elders about your decision, so they can make proper plans for whenever you decided to leave."

This response surprised Arya, she never thought that he would be so accepting of her decision, but she assumed that if any one would understand where she is coming from that it would be him, because he stood by her side every day for the last five hundred years.

Arya finally said, "Thank you for your council Sundavar. You do not know how much this means to me." And then Arya turned to walk back to her hall in Ellesmera.