Chapter 5:

"How is that possible?" Arya asked incredulously. "I left Ellesmera while you were still confronting the Elders and the elves. Also, even if we left at the same time, there is no horse that can match the speed of a dragon."

She stared at Sundavar, impatiently as he looked off into the direction of Alagaesia. "I have had a lot of experience keeping close to you."

"The only experience you have had was in the small city of Ellesmera. That does not give reason for how you were able to follow me all this way."

"I have not only watched over you while you have been Queen. I have been charged with that duty for the entirety of your life Arya. There has not been a moment that you were too far out of my sight. I just keep my distance and don't interfere with the events."

"How is that possible that I you could be so close, yet go unnoticed?"

"There is a reason why my name is Sundavar."

Arya sat there in deep thought. Somehow she was supposed to believe that this elf, no matter how powerful he was, had been able to go unnoticed by her through her entire life. But, if this was somehow true, and if he had been so close all this time, why had he never helped her when she needed it. She had been close to death many times, would he just allow her to die so he could remain undetected.

"If you have been with me for all this time, then why is it that you have never helped me? There have been many times when I was in danger and barely escaped. Why did you never lend any aid?"

"Do you consider yourself to be that lucky? I have helped you more than you know. In the battle under Farthen Dur, you would not have survived if not for me. I gave Angela the power needed to save you; otherwise both you and Eragon would've died. When you were in the underground passages in Dras-Leona, awaiting death from the Raz'ac, I assisted Angela in getting free so that she could save you and Eragon once again. I also gave that soldier in Feinster the Dauthdaert, so that you could strike down Shruikan. And, during the confrontation with Galbatorix, I whispered into Eragon's ear the way to destroy Galbatorix. I have also helped in many other parts of your life. I have always been there for you in your time of need. While you may have suffered through pain, I would never let you die."

Arya was shocked by this revelation. Sundavar had saved her countless times, never in person, but it was still an amazing feat. There was still one thing that bothered Arya.

"So, you were there when I was at Gilead?"

Sundavar looked to the ground. "I am very sorry that you had to suffer through that Arya, but it was a necessary sacrifice."

"How can you say that it was necessary to put me through that torture? What was it necessary for?"

"If I had interfered, the Varden would have been crushed by Galbatorix."

"How does me being tortured affect the Varden?"

"If I had rescued you, you would not have met Eragon. He still would have eventually been lead to the Varden, but you two would not have become friends."

"While I would not have liked that, I still don't see how the Varden would have been destroyed because of that."

"Arya, the boy has loved you ever since he saw you in his dreams. If you were not a key part to his life, he would've failed. The fact that if he failed, you would have died, gave him all of the inspiration to complete his goals and eventually kill Galbatorix. Your relationship has saved a countless amount of lives, and has brought peace to Alageasia. Do you believe that the pain you felt in Gilead was worse than an endless reign of tyranny by Galbatorix?"

"Of course not."

Arya and Sundavar just waited in silence for a while. Arya was trying to comprehend everything that she had just learned. It was a heavy thing to learn that she had played such an important role in the safety of Alegasia.

"So, can you see into the future? You say that if you interfered then all of these consequences would happen."

"I cannot see into the future. I just keep a watchful eye on the main people in the world. Like the riders, elves, and some others that seem important. I watch over them and decipher their character. Eragon needed an extra push to kill Galbatorix, and that happened to be his feelings towards you."

"Oh, well I'm going to go to bed now. I am tired and I need time to comprehend everything you have just told me."

With those words, Arya went and laid down next to Firnen. He covered her under his wing and they both quickly drifted off to sleep. Arya had just received more information than she could even begin to comprehend.

Arya awoke the next morning with the sun shining down upon her face. Firnen was not by her side anymore. Worried, she looked around, but could not see him anywhere. She tried to reach out with her mind to him, but those efforts failed. She also noticed that Sundavar was gone. She stood up and realized that she was not outside of Alageasia anymore. She looked around and noticed that she was just on the outskirts of Du Weldenvarden. She looked towards the great forest and then began to hear the sound of horses running nearby. She twirled around and saw a group of five men on horses racing towards her. She readied her blade to defend herself, but she realized that the riders were elves. When they finally reached her they stopped to an abrupt halt.

"Queen Arya, you have returned. We have all been so worried about you; we thought you were gone for ever." Cheered one of the riders. They all seemed to be in a very happy mood to have found her back.

"How did I get back here? I don't remember anything."

"I don't know, but it is a blessing that you are back. Do you wish to accompany us back to Ellesmera; you can have one of our horses."

Arya gracefully leapt on the horse that she was given and returned to Ellesmera with the elves. Once she entered the great Elven city, she was greeted with cheers from the elves within. She just continued her brisk pace until she reached her palace. She dismounted her horse and pushed the doors open. When she opened the doors, she saw Sundavar standing next to the throne. She stormed up to him.

"Why have you brought me back here?" Arya demanded.

"Arya I don't think that this is the best place to discuss things of such delicate matters." And he motioned towards the throne.

For the first time, Arya realized that there was someone sitting upon the chair. Arya recognized this man, but did not know his name. He was one of the elders. He must have been elected to be the new King since Arya was gone. He wore the crown upon his head and was garbed in very extravagant robes.

"Leave." Arya said in a harsh tone.

"Arya, I am king now you can't just…"

"I said leave." She shouted at him and stared daggers into the man. He quickly abandoned the throne and rushed out of the palace. His guards were close behind him.

"Now that we are alone, why did you bring me back here?"

"I had to bring you back here. When you fell asleep, I returned back to where the home of the riders was. I went to search for any clues as to where they came from. While I was searching, I heard a group of men approaching. I ducked behind a pillar when they entered the room. They were all riders wearing the same robes as the men who attacked you. I listened to there conversation and it made me very concerned. So I brought you back here so that we could address the problem with the elves."

"What did you discover?"

"I will allow you into my mind to listen to the memory, but do not try to look at other thoughts for they will only bring you pain and confusion. Do you understand?"

"I understand."

AS soon as Arya responded, Sundavar's mind mixed with hers and the memory of what happened was at the forefront of all other thoughts.

"Sir, I discovered this mess while patrolling the area."

"How is it that nine of our riders were killed at the same time? We are the most powerful beings in the world, and clearly there was not an army stored here. So what happened?"

"I do not know for certain, but it seems that there was a dragon here. One of the rider's chambers showed signs of this."

"So you're trying to tell me that the Queen of the elves just happened to come here and kill nine riders by herself. I don't care if she is the most powerful rider alive today, this is still almost impossible."

"Well, it seems that there was more than one person here. One of these men's blades had a lot of blood on it. It seems that Arya was either wounded, or her helper was."

"I still don't believe that a small group could fell this many riders at once, but I guess I will accept that for now. But, this brings up a bigger issue. We have been ignorant to believe that we would not be opposed. And if Arya did survive, then she will return to her people with news that the riders have turned against Alageasia. This cannot happen."

"She has at least a days lead on us, we cannot catch her before she reaches Ellesmera."

"No, but we can assure that we do not suffer because of this. I propose that we attack them, before they can catch us off guard."

"You mean to turn against the elves?"

"No, I mean to turn against the dwarves, the urgals, the humans, and the elves. That is our only option if we are to survive."

"Even if that is the only option, we are only a couple hundred. We can't single handedly destroy all of the races. We would need a large army for that."

"I know, and I also know just where to find one. There are races in other parts of the world and I believe that they can be persuaded to help us."

"So we are actually going through with this?"

"By this time next month, Alageasia will belong to the riders and no one will rebel against us."