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I keep having these visions. I keep saving people, only for them to die.

Mandy StStewart was a smart girl. She would always be on top of things, and never let anything get in her way. But this morning was different. Little noises began setting her off. She was neurotic and scared, and when she saw a loose pipe or a sparky plug, she backed up, thinking. Jesus that could kill someone. She didn't know how. She didn't know why. But she knew something bad was going to happen.

She climbed onto the bus and sat down next to Lily. Her whole class was going for a game of dodge ball, well, league more like, they were staying the night and watching the games the next day, which was better than double Maths, music, and other subjects she hated. She watched her other friends scramble on one by one. The beautiful Shannon, The devilish Ash, The jock Justin, the girl-crazed Brendan, the "just curious" Marcus, The edgy/awesome Jamie, The boy-next-door Luke and his girlfriend the-girl-next-door Natasha, the tries-to-be-tough Hayden, the misfit Becca, the hot weirdo Jade and the romantic Natasha. She felt sad. In the corner of her mind she was sure she would never see them again.

On the way there, she saw things that made her shudder. A sign showing a car and a person, asking drivers not to park there. But some kids tilted the car and had it aiming for the persons head. A truck drove up beside the bus. It was a car repair service. "OILSLICK COMPANIES" it read. She was grabbed by Shannon behind her, which made her jump. "You okay?" she chuckled. Mandy gulped. She felt… unease and confusion. She gave a feeble nod then continued looking out the window. The radio turned on. They were talking about some soap opera, there was a lot of static, so all she heard was "…there's gonna be a collapse today…" said a man obviously from Essex, London. It then cut off. Jade became the first to notice Mandy's heavy breathing. "Mandy, what's wrong? Are you okay?" she asked worriedly. "I…yeah, sure." She sighed. "Just trying to get through the ride." Suddenly, the radio came to life again, playing a random punk-pop song. "The chains are broken, and everything is FALLING DOWN!" it blared. It was a good song, but Mandy couldn't help wanting to scream "TURN IT OFF!" so loud her voice box would be irreparably damaged. She sighed. The air conditioner above her blew a cold blast of air in her face before dieing. Suddenly, the bus jolted to a halt. They had arrived and she hardly noticed the hours that passed.

Everyone went to reception to discover their roommates. Brendan came up to Mandy and grabbed her waist. "Want to trade your roommate for me? We could sure have some fun." he slurred, among other things. Becca walked up to him after she'd had enough. She firmly planted her feet in the ground. "Screw you." She said, before she made him bleed in the mouth and nose with one punch. "Thanks Becca." Mandy said. As it turned out, Becca was her roommate. They went into their hotel room. Mandy dumped her bag on the bed then looked out the window. The hotel was dangerously close to a highway, supported with crumbling pillars. "That's kind of dangerous. It being so close. Isn't it?" she asked, turning to Becca. "It's fine. You seem kind of on edge today. Are you okay?" she asked, with genuine concern. Wow. She thought. I must be really acting different today. Mandy threw her hair over her shoulder and lay on her bed. "I'll take that as a yes?" Becca said. Mandy forced a chuckle.

A little while later, the girls were unpacking when the phone rang. Mandy picked it up to hear Shannon, who was in her room with Lily, who Mandy just realised, she completely ignored for the whole trip. "Hey! Should we bring up champagne for later or are you supplying?" "What?" Mandy laughed. "Becca didn't tell you? She invited 11 of us to come up and watch a movie later, then get drunk off our asses!" Mandy stood up and began throwing things at Becca from her suitcase. "No she did not tell me about her little binge gathering." "Okay, I'm sure you're angrily throwing your toothbrush at her…" Mandy looked in her hand and put the toothbrush down, slightly embarrassed. "…so I'll be there at …" there was some static, making her sound like she said Satan, not seven. "See you soon." She said, just as the line went dead. Mandy threw the phone down. "You are so… ARGH!" Mandy yelled, going into the bathroo