They knew it was life or death now. Suddenly, Marcus tripped and fractured his ankle in the haste. Mandy and Jade stopped. He cried out in agony as the two girls grabbed and dragged him to the gate. The tent had already collapsed and the explosion happened. They ducked as the others urged them to the gate. They crawled furiously across the grass, finally making it out side the gate. Fire roared behind them, reaching out, as the next tent fell on the gate. They had gotten away. Parts of the walls were blown away, now only three feet high. They all ducked and crawled along the cement. In the distance was William Bludworth. "WHAT ARE YOU?!" Mandy screamed. "You just saved 5 lives. It seems fair. I set this whole thing up." "YOU ORCHESTRATED THIS? YOU LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING?" "No. I orchestrated this, but I am part of death's plan." Mandy suddenly realised. "TD. The devil. DO YOU REALISE WHAT YOU'VE DONE?" "You cheated this universe. I HAD TO!" "HOW DID I CHEAT? WHO GAVE ME THE VISIONS?!" Bludworth cackled. "Me. It was all me. Every once in a while, things become too easy for old Grim. Old age, disease, BORING. So, I… shake it up. Just to see what you can do. You've done well, but prepare to meet your end." "You… You did all this… BECAUSE YOU WERE BORED? YOU UNBELIEVABLE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!" "You cheated the universe. That is a crime against humanity. I punish the sinners of this universe. And you shall join them. Just like your Aunt and father on flight 180." Mandy gasped. She had been told that they were stuck in France when they lost all of their papers, and her mother's failing knowledge of French renounced their citizenship. But they were dead. Mandy growled as tears flowed out of her. "I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL KILL YOU!" she screamed. She scratched the ground dragging herself along furiously, leaving the others behind her. "NO MANDY DON'T!" Lily bellowed. "IT'S A TRAP! IT'S A TRAP! HE'S THE DEVIL! IT'S A TRAP!" she suddenly stopped. A hook then landed in front of her. She shot daggers at Bludworth. She stood up and ran into the forest where they had parked. They got to the edge.

They returned to the car, as a huge explosion went off in the distance. The park was nothing but wreckage. A flaming piece of wood flew through the air and into the windshield. Soon, the whole car was on fire. With Bludworth inside. He turned with flesh burning off of his face. "There's room for more." He said slowly in a low growl. "You've taken everything from me. My family, my friends, my boyfriend, my SANITY! Do you really think I'd just lose now? Do you really think I'm just gonna die? Like the rest? I'm stronger than you think!" "Then why are they dead?" "Look around! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?! THIS IS SURVIVAL! I'M NOT A SAVIOUR! BUT I WILL ESCAPE THIS. CLEAR RIVERS WASN'T CAREFUL ENOUGH! NICK WAS AN IDIOT! YEAH, MY OWN COUSIN! BUT I WILL WIN! YOU DON'T GET ANOTHER ONE!" The hood of the car had melted away. Mandy told the others to run. "No! I'm not leaving!" "Go. I know what I have to do now. I have to die." "Mandy, no!" Marcus yelled. "DO IT!" He kissed her one last time. "I love you." She whispered. "I love you too." He choked, running away. She turned to Bludworth. She took a few steps back and took her gas lighter out of her back pocket. "You'll never have me!" She yelled. She clicked the lighter to start a bright flame. "NEVER!" she screamed. She threw the lighter into the hood of the car. She felt a sense of liberation as a warm wind took her. She looked at the sky to see the sun was rising. She had lived to see another day. She glared back at Bludworth. "I'm escaping this hell. I'll escape yours." She smiled calmly. The car exploded. She shut her eyes. She was happy. She was free.

She awoke to Marcus's face above hers. "Mandy?" Lily asked. She turned to her right to see her. At her feet were Jade, Wendy and Shannon. Marcus cradled her gently. "When we came back, all of the car wreckage avoided you. You were safe." Mandy looked at the sky. For the first time in days, it was blue. "It's over" Shannon smiled. "No it's not." They looked at her puzzled. But she knew what it meant. This wasn't the end of the visions. There would be more. Maybe not for her, but all around the world. She knew the meaning of her life now. A protector. A devil's nemesis, but not a God's servant. A free spirit. It was only a matter of time. And when that time came, she would be ready. "Wait!" Mandy said. Everyone turned to her. Mandy looked at a treetrunk. The bottom was charred and cracking. "SHANNOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!" The trunk cracked over and before she could even scream, SHannon was crushed. Mandy suddenly realised. "It's already started again." Marcus gasped. "But this time... she's the last one he gets.

Okay, I know. TERRIBLE ENDING! I'm so sorry. But I'll post a new one if a suggestion is posted. I hope you enjoyed apart from that. Alternate ending wil be up at some point. I hope you enjoyed. =]