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Paternal worries

Tuzanor, 2263

The night was deep around the presidential residence in Tuzanor. The dim lights were reflecting into the building's crystalline surface and all was silent around it. Even the Rangers in charge of the presidential security were quiet, guarding all the accesses. Inside the residence, there were only a few wall lights in the corridors and all the doors were shut except one. This room had been transformed in nursery a few months ago for a precious newcomer: the president's son, David Sheridan. The baby was sleeping calmly in his cradle and the only sound of his light breathing broke the room's silence.

At his bedside was sitting John Sheridan, his father, wearing his night clothes. The president's eyes weren't leaving the baby, checking his breathing's regularity. David had been very ill during some weeks, a pulmonary problem and, even if he was much better, Sheridan was still worrying for him. This baby was a miracle, come against the elementary genetic laws and at a moment they didn't expect. But his birth cost much to Delenn, and now they knew their son would be the only child they could have. So he was always worrying and protecting his five months old son, a bit too much as his wife was saying.

At the first time he saw his son, a few moments after his birth, he felt an overwhelming emotion tempered by the fact he wouldn't see him becoming an adult because of the limit given by Lorien. David was the continuation of the family he created with the woman he loved and the part of him which would survive after his disappearance. Until the last moment, he feared David's birth would kill Delenn because the pregnancy had been difficult, exhausting her body, but the miracle had occurred and David was born alive and well. He was looking human, not very surprising since he had only one quarter of Minbari blood, and his appearance surprised the Minbari dignitaries who saw him. But he was such a joyful baby they quickly forgot that detail.

David sighed in his sleep, making his father smile. John enjoyed watching his son sleep. It was a sight he was never tired of and in which he found serenity and peace of the heart. It was too a privileged moment and he didn't want to miss any of them because his remaining time was short.

He was so deeply lost in his thought he didn't hear Delenn's light pace entering the room. She had felt he was no longer in the bed near her and had guessed where he could be at this hour of the night. The bottom of the minbari robe she wore on her silk nightgown was making a slight noise on the ground. She posed her hand on his arm and he went out of his thoughts. He looked at her and smiled while his hand was taking hers.

"He's such an angel…" he whispered, gesturing to be sleeping baby.

The idea was a typically earthy concept, but she could understand it. She looked at David and smiled too. Each day since he was born, she could measure how much he was worth of what she had endured to give him birth. He was the realization of all her hopes for the future and a reason to work harder in order to have the universe in peace.

"Our son is beautiful, but you need some sleep." She said quietly to avoid awaking the baby.

He nodded. She always had been his conscience's voice and he knew she was right. Tomorrow would be a new day of work for the Interstellar Alliance and he'd need all his strength. He smiled to her and, still hand in hand, they went out the nursery in order to return in their bedroom while the sky was already getting clearer, announcing a new dawn…