Should I turn this into a story or not

I try once to be good but the hunger consumed me.

I watch my victims run and scream in fear knowing that they can't escape me.

I grin with pleasure when I kill them watching the blood drip from their heads.

No matter what I do the hunger will always be their growing louder and louder until I have all the power's that I desire. Then I will have you all bowing down to me in fear.

Soon peter you will be bowing to me in more ways than one and you will hunger for me as I hungered for you for so many days and nights.

Peter you have no idea how much I want you underneath me squirming and whimpering as I cut you open like all my other victims and watch you regenerate and do it again and again just to hear your sweet cries of misery and pain.

Peter you will bow to me and become my lover and take your rightful place by my side as we rule over this pathetic little world.