Buffy slept like a baby for twelve hours and didn't wanna get out of bed when her alarm went off. She yawned and stretched and thought about a dream she had. It was nice and Buffy was disappointed it wasn't true.

Buffy's dream

It's sunny and warm and Buffy is on a sandy beach, looking at the sunset. Willow and Tara are there, laughing at some internal joke and kissing gently, but Buffy doesn't listen to them, she just stares into the ocean, that looks like it's covered in diamonds. Buffy feels nice, warm wind on her face and she closes her eyes to enjoy the moment. The wind feels like fingers on her body, making her tingle and smile, she just relaxes and forgets about everything for a moment, but then she realizes she can no longer hear Tara and Willow talking, so she opens her eyes. They're not there anymore and she's not on a beach, and she's confused for a moment, she gets up and starts walking. She doesn't know where she is and where she's going, but she doesn't mind at all. She needs some alone time and it's relaxing to walk. There are nice trees around her, and a lake, birds singing and Buffy smiles to herself and starts humming a melody. She sits on the bench underneath a big, oak tree and stares in the distance, unsure if there are Xander and Anya walking towards her, or she's just imagining things. It's them and they wave at her and ask her if she wants to go for a drink, but Buffy replies she's waiting for someone. They leave and Buffy wonders who it is she's waiting for, and then feels hands massaging her neck and shoulders... She doesn't have to ask who it is, she recognizes the touch. Faith's hands... They feel so good, Buffy's body relaxes and she smiles... Faith doesn't say a word, she just keeps moving her hands lower, and just when Buffy thinks Faith's gonna cup her breasts, Faith whispers: Time to wake up, B. Can't you hear the alarm?

"Arghhh, noooo..."-Buffy whispered when the alarm rang again, five minutes later.

It was one of those vivid dreams, and she could still FEEL Faith's hands on her body. It was driving her crazy and she forced herself to get up, washed up and dressed. When she got downstairs, Jenny was there, waiting for her with hot coffee, cold milk and doughnuts, just like Buffy liked it.

"Morning!"-Jenny said and sipped her coffee, going through the newspapers, but she put them away when Buffy joined her.

"Morning! Mmmm, coffee and doughnuts! Thanks, Jenny!"

"You're welcome... I can take you to work today, I need to pass by the police station."-Jenny said and Buffy smiled, really grateful. Jenny was such an amazing person, she knew her mission would be to pair her up with Giles. They were a perfect couple!

Faith was surprised she woke up early again, she really loved to sleep. She just didn't want Willow and Tara to think she was a waste of space and she decided it was time to look for a job. It bothered her she didn't think she was capable of doing anything because she was more out of school than actually attending classes.

The newspapers were in front of the front door and Faith started looking for advertisements while having her cup of coffee and a cigarette. She smiled when she read an adverisement that said:

Tae kwon do teacher for kids, ages 6-12. call 555 8187.

Faith had a black belt in tae kwon do and thought it was a perfect job for her. It might be just temporary, but she really liked the idea.

Tara and Willow got downstairs, holding hands and Faith once again thought they were the most adorable couple she's ever seen. She was never a very romantic person and she still couldn't believe she actually sang that sappy song to Buffy. Her cheeks reddened when she remembered. She preferred wild sex and she couldn't wait to get her hands on the certain blonde girl; after that she would never think about running off again.

"Hi guys! I've just applied for a job. Can you give me a ride to the sports' center?"

"Of course! Good luck, Faith! What's the job?"-asked Willow.

"A tae kwon do trainer for kids! Awesome, ha? And I'll get in a better shape again and kick Buffy's ass for running away from me!"-Faith grinned and winked. She was like a ball of enegry suddenly, she couldn't stand still for a second and she couldn't wait to see if she would get a job.

"That sounds really great! Except the part with kickin' Buffy's ass!"-Tara joked and was happy to see how excited Faith looked about the new job. It would be a good distraction, and it would get her some money saved up. Tara decided she would give Faith some money to go to Cleveland if she needed it.

Seeing Buffy that hurt and broken was something she really never wanted to see again. It was obvious that Buffy and Faith really cared about each other and she just wanted them to have a happy ending.

"Hey, Buffy!"-Kate yelled just when Buffy was about to enter the police station.

"Kate! Hi!"

They smiled to each other and Buffy felt like she made a new friend; it was a nice feeling. The day started really well and Buffy smiled, really glad she chose this place to move to.

"Miss Summers! So glad you've come early again. Come with me."-Mr. Holders said and handed her a cup of Starbucks' coffee.

"Come where?"-Buffy hoped he wasn't taking her to see Spike, she really dreaded that moment.

"To see our John Doe, aka Mr. Pratt."

That's my luck. Just when I thought I might actually have a good day.-Buffy thought and felt her stomach clench and heart beat faster. She wasn't ready to see Spike. She was sure she'd never be ready. Her boss noticed she turned a bit pale and asked her if she was ok, and Buffy nodded weakly.

She didn't want him to think she was a wuss, she was new and needed to prove herself. She took a deep breath and walked towards Spike's cell, but after a moment she just abruptly stopped and asked: "Why are we going to see him now? I thought he would stay locked up for a few weeks..."

"Everybody else is busy, and I need you to guard his cell. You know him and I thought he wouldn't be rude to you like he's been to the other guards. Just for a few hours, until Wesley gets back, then you can go back to your office and help Kate."

"Ok... No problem..."-Buffy said and forced herself to continue walking, hoping those few would fly by."

"Buffy! Bloody hell!"- Spike was really surprised when he saw her approach his cell. Buffy didn't say anything, she didn't trust her own voice at that moment, she just nodded. "Buffy, what are you doing here?"-Spike asked, still not quite believing his eyes. He never thought he'd see her again.

"I work here."-Buffy said shortly and avoided to look into his eyes.

"Thank you, Buffy. See you later."-her boss said and smiled to her, and Buffy felt like she'd fall apart. Spike was there, and even though there were bars between them, she felt like he was crawling all over her, touching her the way no one else ever did. It made her think of bad things and she felt dirty.

"Summers... It's been a while..."-Spike said in a husky voice, coming close to the bars, wishing he could just make her forget about what had happened between them and convince her to let him fuck her again. After her, he never had such a wild lover. She knew how to make it hurt at the wrong places, and she could definitely take pain he was inflicting her. He couldn't help getting aroused, it was unbelievable how easily she made him so hard.

Buffy moved a bit further away from the bars to make sure he couldn't reach her if he tried to, and she said, without looking at him:

"Yeah. I'm just doing my job, I'm not here for chit-chat, so just pretend I'm someone you've never seen in your life, ok?"

It wasn't so easy to keep her voice calm, but Buffy somehow managed to say the sentence without stuttering, and she was proud of herself.

"Buffy... Look at me. I'm sorry I... I shouldn't have done... I was crazed out. Been thinking about you a lot."

Buffy wasn't expecting to hear an apology, so she turned to look at him, surprised. She didn't know she needed to hear him apologize, but when he did, she felt kind of relieved. Her eyes got teary and she said:

"You really hurt me, Spike. I... I forgive you, but I don't want anything to do with you."

They looked into each other's eyes and thought about the same thing: The first and the last time they were together.


Buffy's walking back home from work, she just started working at the police station, but she doesn't really want to go home. She doesn't know how to look Willow in the eyes after she got hurt so bad, she keeps thinking she could have saved Willow if she had just come a bit earlier. So, lately, instead of going back home she stops at this bar, Willy's, which is a proper hole, for lonely drunks, to have a few drinks.

Every day she sees this bleached guy who calls himself Spike there, and he always comes to her to flirt and talk. After a few shots, Buffy doesn't mind when he puts his hand on her knee and moves it upwards...

"Spike, what are you doing?"-she asks, her voice sounding a little slurred.

He doesn't say anything, he just moves his hand in between her legs and squeezes her sex through the jeans. She stares angirly into his eyes, but for some reason she doesn't tell him to stop. He gives her a cheeky smile and squeezes harder, then pulls her towards the exit.

"Let's go some place more private, Goldilocks."-he whispers and Buffy follows him, feeling like her brain stopped working and her legs just did their own thing.

Spike takes her to his van, and opens the back door for her. There is a mattress and Buffy wonders how many girls he'd fucked there, but she's too drunk to really care.

He closes the door behind him and growls a little while walking to her. She's taking her shirt off and she's wearing a sexy black bra... He gets aroused and quickly takes off his pants and boxers and orders her to get naked-quickly.

He admires her sexy, toned body, and he can't wait to take over it, make it his. When she's finally completely naked, he pushes her down on her knees and quickly pushes his hard cock into her mouth.

She gags a little and tries to move away, but he holds her firmly in place and fucks her mouth harder.

Buffy is a little surprised, no one ever treated her that way, but a little voice in her head tells her: "This is good. You totally deserve to be treated like a bitch for not helping Willow on time, so don't complain about it."

She closes her eyes and he slaps her hard, which makes her open them in shock. "Look at me..."-he whispers and sends shivers through her body. He pulls her hair hard and makes her gag so hard, and when she can't even catch a breath anymore, he pushes her down on the mattress and before she even manages to breathe properly, he enters her from behind and smacks her ass a few times. She holds on to the pillow and still can't believe it's happening, he's so rough and it hurts her... It's so humiliating to be treated that way, but she LIKES it and starts moaning louder.

Spike looks down on her and she turns her head to look at him and bites her lip hard when he stucks his nails in the tender skin on her ass and scratches her so hard a few drops of blood ran down and he smacked her ass hard, causing her to scream out loud.

Drops of sweat roll down Buffy's forehead and all of her body shakes, but she doesn't stop him. His hands travel all over her body, roughly marking her with scratches, pinches and smacks.

Just when she thinks he's gonna finish or get a little more gentle, he flips her over to be able to fuck her and kiss her while doing it. His mouth hungrily takes her's and she kisses him back hard, moving her hips to get him even deeper. He grabs her breasts hard and pulls her nipples, squeezing her small sexy breasts like they are rubber balls, and she sobs in pain and stares at him with her mouth slightly open. She breathes faster and he whispers:

"Fuck you're one naughty little thing... Oh, all the things I wanna do to that body..."

Buffy can't believe her own brain at that moment, but she whispers: "I'm alone at home tomorrow afternoon..."

End Of Flashback

That's how it all started at she shook her head a little to chase the thought away, desperately wanting a shower, it made her feel so dirty.

"You ok, Summers?"-Spike asked, Buffy wandered away.

"What? Oh, yeah, I'm fine..."-Buffy said, sounding and looking really distracted, and Spike whispered:

"You thought about our good times together, didn't you?"

"Those weren't good times, Spike. I wanna shower ten times when I think about it. Stop it, ok? Just fuckin' shut up!"-Buffy yelled, feeling like her blood was boiling and travelling to the direction of her face, which felt scorching hot suddenly.

"You're blushing, awww..."

"Spike, seriously, shut up!"

"Have you been seeing anyone lately?"

"None of your business. I was really nervous when I thought of seeing you again, but now I'm just annoyed and getting angry."

"You just need to get fucked really hard, Summers. Your boyfriend doesn't know how to treat you right."

"I have a girlfriend. And she can make me feel a hundred times better. She's nothing like you."

"Oh, come on, Buffy... Stop lying to yourself, you loved every second of our little games. You were fuckin' soaked when I fucked your ass and had you tied up in your own bedroom while your friends were watching tv downstairs... You loved it!"

"I didn't! God, just shut up!"-Buffy wished she could just storm off, out of the station, out of Cleveland, out of the fuckin' continent, just to get away from him. She was stuck there until her boss came to the rescue and she felt like she was again tied up and helpless. Spike laughed at her, she looked so upset and he thought it was hot.

"Oh you so did... You liked it even when your screams made Xander come and beat the shit out of me. You're a dirty little bitch underneath your little cute mask. I know you... I know you better than anyone... Why don't you just give in to your urges and come to me right now and let me fuck you hard. Come on, get in the cell."

" .Insane."-Buffy said though her teeth and checked the time. She was there barely twenty minutes and she didn't think she could stand to stay for another moment.

Kate had noticed the expression on Buffy's face when she heard she would have to guard Spike's cell and she decided to go check if Buffy was ok.

When Buffy saw her, she felt so relieved she wanted to hug and kiss her for coming.

Spike was just starting to talk about how he could fuck her brains out better than her girlfriend who didn't even know her, and Buffy really didn't wanna hear any more of his shit.

"Kate, hi!"-Buffy sounded so relieved, and Spike moved away from the bars and sat on the bed.

"Buffy, everything ok here? Do you want me to stay here instead?"

"Kate, you have no idea how much..."

Buffy looked all shaken up and Kate said: "Just go to your office, if Holder says something I'll talk to him."

"I owe you a big one!"-Buffy said, and hugged her, feeling like she just got her head out of a bucket of water that was making her unable to breathe.

"Lunch is on you later!"-Kate said and smiled.

"Definitely! THANK YOU!"-Buffy said and ran off.

Her hands were shaking and she poured herself a big glass of water and drank it fast.

This was way too much, she didn't wanna see Spike ever again, and she just hoped he wouldn't start bothering her again...