I just saw Wreck-It-Ralph and AHHHHH. SO CUTE. Felix/Calhoun was the cutest of all, but I knew that from before the movie. I've been wanting to write a fic of them for ages, but I wanted to wait until I saw it so I could relate it to events in the movie.

I'll probably have a few oneshots for this story, all centered around Felix/Calhoun (because that's the kind of writer I am) so stay tuned!

"So…m'am…" Felix finally said, barely above a mumble.

"Fix-it," the Sergeant replied, clear and crisp through the bustle of the game characters rushing back to their games for opening time.

Felix blushed at her address; his steps through Game Central Station grew shorter and his fingers wrung together. His bright eyes gazed up at her, hardly blinking. Calhoun, on the other hand, walked coolly and relaxed, long legs making wide strides past the much smaller characters hurrying past and face in a strangely pleasant, if not quite smiling, expression. Lost from both of their minds was Ralph, trailing behind them in a somewhat confused stupor.

What had happened between those two when they were looking for him? He wondered silently. Of all the new concepts introduced to him recently, this was perhaps one of the strangest: Felix, the Sergeant, and an apparent romance? These things didn't happen in the world of Fix-It-Felix. Relationships don't change much. But nonetheless, he stayed quiet. Whatever they went through, they'd tell him in time.

"You, uh, kissed me." There was a question in Felix's voice, as if he needed confirmation that the moment truly happened; she smirked, though deep beneath her armor Calhoun couldn't help but wonder the same thing.

"That I did," she simply replied, voice level.

It was a complete and utter defiance of her programming, kissing him. Everything about the tumbled up, twisted lightness that ran through her stomach every time she glanced at his big pleading eyes and reddened cheeks—honey glow, as he called it—was a complete defiance of her programming. She wasn't supposed to feel anything like that for anyone except…

Brad, she thought, Brad is supposed to be my purpose.

There it was—the thought of Brad. She remembered his face, his eyes, his smile, his voice. She remembered "dynamite gal" and his wedding proposal and everything. She waited for a sharp knife of pain to cut through her current content.

And it did, it did cut. But not…that hard.


This wasn't right, at least not from a programmer's point of view. She shouldn't be capable of moving on. Brad was her one, her only. He was supposed to haunt her for the rest of her existence, to drive her until her game was unplugged. But despite everything, despite every zero and one telling how she should feel—that she should walk away from Felix right then and there, scorn him for even thinking he could heal her broken heart—she ignored them. But why?

She took one look down at him, staring up at her the way he was, and she knew. Because he was real. He was there. Him, his feelings for her, and her growing feelings for him were more than just a backstory and a memory. In the end, she may never truly get over Brad. This she knew and this she will just have to accept. He was written into the deepest depths of her code that can't change without altering her game drastically, and after this experience she'd be damned if she was going to let that happen. However, that didn't mean that somewhere in there, there wasn't a heart that could love on its own too, and no matter how unfamiliar, maybe even scary (though, she quickly vowed to herself, she would never admit to it being so) it was she could let it. She would let it.

"As I remember," Calhoun mused, "you kissed me first." Calhoun smiled down at Felix, and to her surprise, instead of blushing even more meekly he smiled back at her, wide as she'd ever seen, and there was an odd fluttering in her armored chest.

"I suppose I did, m'am." He fiddled with his hat, smile only growing wider.

Ralph loudly cleared his throat. "Well, I had to, um, intrude but…Felix, we're back at our game. Should we go in or do you want to…?"

"O-oh yes! Yes," Felix sputtered, straightening his cap and shirt, "you're right!"

Ralph stepped past them and, with a sigh of uncertainty, reentered Fix-It-Felix Jr. Felix glanced over to him with a tinge of sympathy; how was his life and relationships with the others in the building going to lead? Ralph was a brave fellow. No one could ever, ever say otherwise.

"I-I guess I better go. It's been a long day," Felix scratched the back of his head and gave a sheepish look up. "So long, Sergeant Calhoun."

Calhoun shook her head just slightly and, with a moment's thought, bent down to his level and laid a kiss on his forehead.

"My first name is Tamora," she whispered, "Tammy for short." With that, she stood and turned, walking with the same cool demeanor back to her own game.

"Tamora…" Felix let the name roll off his tongue, and despite his efforts to hide them 8-bit hearts formed in the air as he watched her go.

Suddenly, Ralph popped his head out from the door to their game. "Felix, you coming?"

The hearts popped. Felix blinked twice, gasping for words until he spun around.

"R-right! Go home! Good idea!" Felix stumbled back over the threshold. His eyes never left Calho—Tamora's retreating back until he boarded the tiny rickety train.