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My name is Anna Steele. Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a Marine. My mom still tells the story of me asking her that if I were a Marine, if I could wear dress whites to my wedding and how upset I was when her answer was that I could wear whatever I wanted instead of, "Yes." I signed my contract 1 year ago today. Now I am sitting in my barracks, wondering how I got here.

I made it through boot camp without ever really being noticed. My recruiter told me that it's better to blend in than be in the bottom. Now, I am at school in 29 Palms to learn my job. I am supposed to be a radio operator in the field. Not an exciting job, but it's better than working in the chow hall. After what happened last night, I don't know which direction is up.

It all started at the Enlisted Club or E-Club. It's a place that service members can go and have a few drinks. There is usually one for each class, Non NCO/Enlisted, Staff NCO, and Officers each have their own. My friends and I just wanted to get drunk, and have a good time. But meeting him drastically changed my plans. I was outside smoking when he approached, asking for a cigarette. He was taller than me by more than a few inches. He kept his hair short on top, and the standard Marine Corps buzz cut on the sides. Looking up into his eyes, they seemed almost grey on the dimly lit patio. His jaw was strong, which matched his muscular neck. I could tell by his broad shoulders, and how his shirt hung off the front of his body, that he was a regular at the gym, even after PT.

I'm not anything special. My long mousy brown hair was pulled back into a low pony tail, no makeup, and minimal jewelry. I had no interest in impressing anyone, and I could easily blend into the crowd. I'm skinnier than the average girl, too skinny in my opinion. And the oversized t-shirt and jeans dwarfed my already petite frame.

The spark came from when he touched my fingers reaching for the smoke I offered. I thought I was imagining the tension and quickly turned back to my friends. The conversation chased from one topic to the next and I kept that guy in my line of sight. I really didn't contribute to the gossip and banter, I was too busy watching him sit in the corner, undressing him with my eyes. I didn't think he noticed me staring since we were in the shadow of the building. After about 10 minutes outside, we decided to go back in and continue our drinking and dancing. I looked behind me as the door closed, and he was watching me. At least, I'd hoped that's what I saw.

After what felt like an hour of sweating on the overly crowded dance floor, I went back outside alone to cool off and grab a smoke. I told myself that if he was there, this time I would strike up a conversation, I would take the control. Everyone knew me as being a controlling person anyway, time to prove them right. To my relief, and disappointment, he wasn't in the corner where I'd last seen him. Its okay, I told myself. I knew I didn't have the nerve to start a conversation, but I still hoped I could catch another glimpse. As I leaned against the wall, I could hear faint mumbling, but it quickly elevated and more agitated.

"Well, I don't care," a man said sternly. He must have been on the phone, because I didn't hear a response before the next statement came from the same voice.

"You tell him that if he signs those papers before coming out to see me, I'm going to kick his fucking ass!" That was my cue to step back inside and pretend that I was never there. But, before I could toss my smoke into the sand bucket, he rounded the corner, almost running over me. I braced myself by putting my hand on his chest to keep him from stepping on me. I'm taller than most women, but he obviously had no clue how close I was standing to the corner he just whipped around. I could feel his muscles flex under his shirt where I touched him, the tension instantly going hard rock in my stomach.

"Oh, sorry, I was just heading back inside." My voice sounded stronger than I felt. Booze always makes me appear braver than I really am. Looking up at him, I saw that he recognize me and took a quick step back, breaking our physical contact.

"Do you mind if I get another smoke off you? I'm waiting for my buddy, and don't feel like going inside, dealing with the Friday night sausage fest to get him."

"Yeah, sure. But last one. I don't support other people's bad habits." I usually wouldn't have given him the second, Marines are always bumming smokes. I have a one time rule, otherwise, I'd have none.

"I get that. I'm not a usual smoker. Just bored."

"Waiting for your friend?" I asked.

"Well, yeah. But I don't think he is going to be ready to leave anytime soon. My name is Christian, by the way."

"I'm Anna. Are you in school, or are you permanent personnel?" Students, like myself and my friends, were not supposed to associate with personnel permanently stationed at 29, but he looked like he might be worth the trouble. With that, the conversation started. Whenever he looked away to exhale the smoke, I'd let my eyes wonder over his face and down his torso.

"I guess I'm in between right now," he answered. I wasn't sure how someone could be in between, but hell, with his face, body and the booze in my system, it didn't really matter to me. If I'd only known how things would end up, I would've cared to ask more questions.

"That's cool." I wanted to keep talking to him, but other people were coming outside to cool off and burn one. I stepped a little closer to him, ensuring no one felt the need to join our conversation. "Are you leaving with your friend?" I asked. I pleaded with myself not to sound as pathetic as I felt, reaching for anything to talk about.

"Nah, I'm probably going to head out soon. This place isn't my usual spot. Are your friends still inside?" As he spoke, his voice lulled me into a fog, so smooth, almost like satin being draped around my body.

"Yeah, but, I need to get back soon. I have to get up early in the morning." A short cadence began to work through my mind, 'Ask me to leave, ask me to leave.'

"Well that sucks," was his only response. I could see his cigarette nearing the end of its life, so I had to do something fast.

"If you don't mind, I'm going to go tell my friends bye, and get out of here." I knew that if I made it seem as it our time was over, he would have to pull the trigger or walk away. I silently pleased that he would make the right decision.

"Okay, it was nice meeting you Anna." Dammit! That was not what I wanted to hear. Could I have been wrong about the tension?

I turned and headed inside, telling him bye over my shoulder. After that serious let down, I was starting to sober up and it was time to head back to the barracks. I found my friends, and declined offers of them walking me back as I told them goodnight. I wanted the time alone and didn't feel like babysitting drunken jar heads. I just wanted to go back to my room and get out my special egg. I could feel that I was already moist from the tension between Christian and I. Picturing his hands on me and the high vibrations would push me over the edge in no time. At least I would get some sort relief tonight.

As I pushed through the crowd to the front door, I was relieved to be leaving. The E-Club was becoming rather packed and 5 guys to every 1 girl sounded more fun than it actually was. I opened the door, the cool air on my face felt refreshing. I hadn't been inside for long, but I don't do well with crowds. I wasn't more than 2 feet from the door when I felt a hand grab my wrist. I went to twist it away and yell when I noticed Christian's face. He looked me square in the eyes before pulling me away. The heat I felt from his touch raced from my wrist to my core in a nanosecond.

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