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'But you can't trust him' Jack said, walking up to the Doctor, his face set and stern. The doctor glanced over him, nodded and looked back at the Master.

'No, the only safe place for him is the TARDIS' he said, looking straight at the other Time Lord.

'So you mean you're just going to keep me?' he retorted, his face falling into a grimace of realisation.

'Yup' the doctor said, looking at the ground for an instant, upset and embarrassed at the situation. He looked back up at the master, his eyes almost pleading. 'If that's what I have to do'. He said, turning to jack and lifting his head, "it's time to change'. The Master looked upward, almost disgusted at the weakness of his time lord brother. 'Maybe, I've been wandering for too long' He said, glancing at Martha who was cradling her mother before looking back to the master and saying 'Now I've got someone to care for.'

The gunshot was loud and rang throughout the small room in the valiant. The Master staggered backward and the Doctors eyes opened wide with shock. He sprinted to the Master's side, caught him before he fell and gently lowered him to the ground. Jack ran to Lucy who was holding the gun steady, a glazed and lost look in her eyes, 'Put it down' Jack said, his hands raised warily over the weapon of death.

The Masters face screwed up in agony, a twisted grin appearing on it, 'Always the women' he said, almost laughing into the Doctors face. 'I didn't see her' The Doctor said, cradling the man slightly and looking seriously down into his face. The Master smiled weakly up at him, 'Dying in your arms, happy now' he asked rhetorically, grimacing again.

'You're not dying, it's just a bullet, regenerate' The Doctor said, tears building up in his eyes. The master just looked up at him defiantly. 'No' he said, almost smiling.

'Come on, one little bullet, Come on' he said, tears threatening to break out over his eyelids.

"I guess you don't know me so well, I refuse' the master retorted, shuddering slightly in pain.

'Regenerate, just regenerate, Please, just regenerate' the Doctor pleaded, his voice cracking in desperation.

'And spend the rest of my life, imprisoned, with you' he said, looking into the Doctors eyes.

They sat staring at each other for a second, the doctor nodded resolutely, ' I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry, but I can't let it end like this' he sobbed 'You and me, all the things we've done' he said, crying now 'The Axons, remember the Axons? And the Daleks, we're the only two left, there's no-one else' he sobbed. 'REGENERATE' he screamed in desperation.

The master smiled slightly, clinging onto the remainder of his life, 'How about that' he said sarcastically 'I win' he said, his eyes opening wider, 'But doctor, oh Doctor, will it stop then hmm?' he asked, his voice taking on the edge of a mad man, 'Will it stop then? The drumming, will it stop?' he started to shake, a golden light coming from deep within his eyes and slowly consuming his body. The doctor felt a small surge of hope at what he saw before him, the Master was regenerating.

He rested the Masters head on the ground, but the man immediately began to stand up, the Doctor backed away, knowing how explosive regeneration could be.

'Everyone stand back, he's regenerating' the Doctor said, stepping backward toward jack.

The Master stood and look pleadingly at the doctor. 'Why is this happening' he said, his voice sounding stronger, 'I don't want to regenerate Doctor' he said, his eyes boring into the other time lords, 'This isn't my choice' he said, the final word of his sentence being cut short into an agonising scream as he threw his head back and his arms and legs exploded into a ball of fiery golden light. It circled around the room, the Doctor sensing the raw time lord energy flowing around them, he couldn't help but smile a little, he would still not be the last time lord, the Master would still be with him.

All eyes were fixed on the ball of glowing light before them as it slowly started to recede back into his body. Then it stopped and a new man staggered forward slightly, gasping. The man breathed out and a little puff of golden air released from his lungs. The room studied him intensely. His eyes were now a shining green and his hair a dirty blonde, he looked to be around two inches shorter than before and he had very pale skin with a smallish chin and nose. 'What have you done to me Doctor' he said, immediately running his new tongue over his new teeth afterward, 'I had no plan on regenerating, then the drums got louder, they consumed me and the regeneration happened out of my control' he said, a solitary tear climbing out of his eye and rolling down his cheek.

'I didn't do anything' the doctor said taking a step toward the master, 'The only technology to force regeneration is the Glove of Rassilon' he continued smiling, he had cheered up a little, but now the Doctor knew it would be a long journey in which he would hope to reform the Master.

'Then how did this happen' the master said, anger seeping into his voice.

'I don't know' the doctor replied solemnly.

'I won't stay with you' the man said defiantly,

'You don't have a choice'

'I'm not your prisoner Doctor'

'You used to be my greatest friend' the doctor said, his voice choking slightly,

'Things change' the master laughed sarcastically.

The doctor shook his head sadly, 'Jack, help me get him to the TARDIS' he said, advancing on the Master, Jack close behind him.

No' the master said, backing away from the advancing pair, 'No no no' He said desperately, 'You can't make me' he screamed as their arms wrapped around him

'I'm so sorry' the doctor whispered into his old friends ear as him and jack pulled the man out of the room and to the TARDIS, closely followed by Martha, looking sad, depressed and almost disappointed at the Doctor choice and the one that she was about to make, as well as her family who all looked broken and tired. Lucy had been taken into custody by the men on-board the Valiant, but they had no idea how they could persecute her.

The Doctor shut the doors of the TARDIS on the Valiant and sat the Master, who was now crying, on the chair by the console, where he looked deeply into the man's eyes and smiled sadly for a second.

'I'll take you all home now' he said, gesturing to Martha's family and Jack.

'Me too' piped up Martha, who was standing by her mum, cradling her slightly.

The doctor just nodded, understanding instantly, the things that she had seen the Master do, the things he had put her through, it made perfect sense that she no longer wanted to be in the same room as him. The Doctor worked quickly and silently, the wheezing of the TARDIS and the sound of it landing happening one after another. Martha's family departed without a word and Martha turned to the Doctor and hugged him, pushing her phone into his hand, 'If this ever rings, you better come running' she said, smiling sadly up at him. He nodded, smiling sadly back at her, 'Of course' he said 'Martha Jones.' She left too, and he turned back to Jack and the Master.

'You could stay Jack' He said, even though all of his time lord senses were going into overdrive, telling him to keep away from the impossible man. But the other man shook his head.

'I've got a team of my own Doctor' he said, just take me to the Rift in Cardiff' he finished off. The Doctor nodded, plotted the co-ordinates and they were there a couple of seconds later.

'goodbye Jack' the doctor said, smiling slightly, knowing that this wouldn't be the last time that Jack saw him, but it would be most likely the last time that he would see Jack. 'Change him Doctor, change him like Rose and Martha changed you' he said, looking at the doctor gravely who just nodded. Jack smiled, turning to the outside world of Cardiff and closing the doors, leaving the Doctor and the Master alone.

'So what now?' the Master asked, 'I become your prisoner? Your pet?' he continued.

'No' the Doctor said, 'You become my brother' he finished, tears coming from his eyes he walked toward the master and crouched before him, 'Because were all the other one has left now Koschei' he said, using his old Gallifreyan nick name and grasping his hand lightly, the Master feeling a shiver of old Psychic kinship.

AN: So, that it, the first chapter of this story, trust me, I feel just like moffat writing this because I have the whole of series five and the specials planned up and then I'm going to rip out all of your hearts, this almost made me cry when I wrote it to be honest, especially the last part with the Doctor and the Master and him calling him Koschei, I was listening to the doctor who soundtrack whilst writing it as well, the piece known as 'Day of the moon' by Murray Gold. Sent shivers down my spine. Anyway, a review would be appreciated, each episode is going to be split into two different chapters, the next one being 'titanic' but before that, were going to have some chapters of the Doctor and the Master in the TARDIS together, but ANYWAY, spoiler's right? I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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