AN: this chapter dosent actually cover any of the story line, its just an interlude that's going to allow the Doctor to decide on what to do with the master, expet a little bit of reflection and another chapter that the incredibly self critical form of me did not like how it turned out, (Grammar fail?)

He had moved his fellow timelord into a spare bedroom close to the console room of the TARDIS, he needed to be sure that what he had heard was real, genuine, not a mistake. On his year up on the valiant the master had always muttered it under his breath, something about a recurring pattern of four, a drum beat that never left him, that soon enough the universe would hear the resounding sound of his drumbeat. Over that year he had been obsessed, and now he knew the reason for it. The drums. The stories of gallifrey had said that since the master had stared into the heart of time at the age of eight, like all timelords before and after him, it had driven him insane. Given him a lust for power, and, inadvertently turned him into the perfect weapon. However, when the grand high council learned of his insanity, they began to plot and scheme and eventually tried to use The Master for their own gains, however, it was not to be, he fought against their influence for what seemed to be an age. However, in the doctors eighth life the master had been tasked by the council to hunt down and destroy the doctor, a task that he gratefully accepted. However, unbeknownst to the grand high council, the true reason he took up this challenge was to suck the remaining regenerations from The Doctors hearts and use them for himself, he would become the most powerful being to ever walk the plains of the universe. Of course the Doctor had thwarted his plans, but, now it was apparent that his driving force for these insane plots were a product of the Drums themselves, resounding in his head, drawing him to the fact that he must have complete and true control over the universe.

The Doctor shivered at the thought. Something to corrupt a time lords mind like that would have to be infinitely powerful and strong, it would have to be something that could penetrate time and space itself, the thought of such technology worried the Doctor, because he knew of only one race that possessed it. The Time Lords. But they were all dead, sealed in a bubble of his own creation because he could not bear to let them tear apart reality. The Doctor let out a long sigh and turned to the console, inputting a few buttons. He needed something greatly. A packet of chips, good old London chips, nice and simple, the way he and Rose used to have them. He smiled at the thought, the way her tongue poked out through her teeth when she smiled, her cute little laugh. He let out a small sobbing laugh before pulling on his trench coat and hitting a button that would lock the Masters Bedroom door. He didn't want to trap him, but, he felt that in this situation there was no alternative.

He walked out of the TARDIS doors, hands in his deep trench coat pockets and a small smile on his face. The TARDIS had landed him in Chiswick, Ealing, he gave a bigger grin, of all the places on planet earth, and the TARDIS had an affinity with two places on the shores of England, Cardiff and Ealing. He walked out of the small alleyway onto the bustling high street and immediately saw what he was after, a Fish and chip shop; he flared his nostrils, his timelord senses already picking up the faint smell of vinegar and fried potatoes. Before he could step out into the road however a bustle of Red hair and the familiar smell of cheap perfume bustled past him, without turning around a strangely familiar voice shouted out at him,

"Oi, watch where your going mate" and disappeared into the crowd. The name Donna flitted through his head and he gave a soft smile, the red head that had helped him defeat the Racnoss a year ago had just bustled past him. He walked across to the shop, picked up a packet of chips and walked out, not paying but not getting an earful either, it seemed that the owner of the Chip shop thought he was their 100th customer of the day and due to that fact the chips were free, of course, the Doctor hadn't minded, the gesture was nice, festive even. The Doctor popped a chip into his mouth and let the salty potato brush over his taste buds before quickly swallowing it. For the first time the Doctor noticed that there were Christmas decorations over the trees, people in reindeer hats laughing and fake snow brushed over shop windows. It was Christmas and he hadn't even realised it. Christmas, a good holiday season to spend with the Master, maybe he should get him a present, take him somewhere nice.

The Doctor sprinted back over the road and to the TARDIS, throwing his chips in the bin and slipping into the console room, he slammed a button on the TARDIS and an earthen Christmas song blared through the corridors which the Doctor promptly sang along to whilst simultaneously opening the Masters room and pulling a pair of silver bracelets out from his deep trench coat pocket.

"What's all the noise about Doctor" The master said, staggering out of his room and clutching his head weakly.

"It's Christmas!" The Doctor replied, a merry smile on his face.

"Well, can you turn the music off; ever since I blacked out in the Gallifrey room my head has been pounding. The Doctors face became serious at that word, he flicked a switch and the music disappeared as quickly as it came, a startlingly grim frown spread across his lips.

"What are they?" the Doctor asked, "These drums, what do they mean?" He continued pushing at the master's confused expression.

The other man nodded slowly, the whirs of his mind drowning the drums out completely, "Ever since I was a child on Gallifrey" He said, "They pounded in my head, a series of four repeating beats, never stopping, never halting, always there that simple repetition of four, driving me toward greatness and power. Whenever I get close to it, or I do something wrong, they get louder and louder" He said, staring at the floor in what looked like shame. "They scare me doctor, but I don't know what I would do without them" He mumbled pitifully.

The Doctor nodded slowly, "We will figure it out Koschei" he said his face saddened. "But for now" He said grinning, "Im going to take you somewhere special."

"Where?" The Master asked, an almost child like smile creeping onto his face.

"No idea" The Doctor replied smiling, "I've set the TARDIS to random with one keyword, 'Christmas'" He said and slammed the lever down.

Okay guys, this chapter was sort of longer but still not as long as I wanted it to be, I just couldn't resist having Donna in there, and it just sort of linked to the whole Christmas vibe and I think adds into the comedy aspect of when they keep missing each other in the first episode of series 4, okay then, the next episode is going to be up on the titanic, hope you enjoy it, I hope to release it on Monday of next week, SEE YOU THEN

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