1. This is really old, and I was pretty young when I wrote this. Currently, there's no plan to continue.

2. It follows manga plotline, after the Arcobaleno arc but before the 2-shot. Anything that happens in the anime, I do not know of.

Project Tsunayoshi - Chapter 1

Screams filled the night. The scene shows that of bodies littering the ground. The colour red was everywhere; the walls of a mansion, the floor, the grass, even the moon had a reddish tinge to it that night.

Faces of horror and battle hardened expressions on everyone.

Yamamoto Takeshi battle focused expression. Gokudera Hayato armed with bombs and System .

Scene shifts.

Turning to show Bovino Lambo crying in the middle of a battle while I-pin and Fuuta De La Stella trying to protect him from enemies.

Scene dissolves to show:

Bianchi's face showing all the seriousness of battle, while armed to the brim with deadly poisons. Lancia's face turning serious while preparing to battle. Irie Shouchi and Spanner hesitating before running out of the room.

Snippets of faces passes, each with their own expression.

Byakuran with his all smiling face but on closer inspection lays an underlining of seriousness.

The next scene shows a glimpse of Dino, his whip out fighting alongside his famiglia.

But the scene quickly changes.

Sasagawa Ryohei is now charging in headfirst with Basil trying to stop him. Sasagawa Kyoko and Miura Haru's faces filled with different emotions; fear, relief, joy, sadness and worry. Skull focused and ready for battle. The Arcobaleno back in their adult bodies again.

The scene blurs to show Verde working vehemently, eyes focused on the numbers and wordings on the papers scattered all over the room, going from one desk to another. Fon holding the enemy back from disturbing Verde's work.

And moves on to show Colonello and Lal Mirch fighting back-to-back against the enemy, working in perfect precision.

Before quickly moving to show Enma Cozart fighting side-by-side with his famiglia, taking on a whole bunch of the enemy.

Hibari Kyoya is now seen 'biting' enemies to death with the use of his tonfas and the chains of his weapon.

And the scene shifts one again.

To that of Xanxus destroying everything that dares attack him. The Varia behind him destroying anything they see as a threat. Mammon casting illusions on anyone she deems fit.

And blurring to show Vongola Nono, Timoteo, paler than usual but fighting off enemies with practice ease that only comes from years of experience. His guardians fighting alongside him, making a defensive circle around him.

And it turns to that of Chrome Dokuro and Fran fighting side-by-side on the battlefield. Mukuro Rokudo and his group, of Ken, Chikusa and M.M, fighting the enemy with just as much teamwork.

The scenes aren't so clear now. With each passing scene, it gets harder to see.

Kawahira, no longer disguised as Checkerface, battling enemy after enemy after enemy with a figure presumably his assistant, Wonomichi by his side.

And it's moves faster.

Yamamoto Tsuyoshi, an unexpected person, defeating enemies with quick precision, never once wasting energy with unnecessary movement using the skills from Shigure Soen Ryu style.

Before quickly shifting to a scene of Sawada Iemitsu battle-ready but has that uncharacteristically cold glint in his eyes while fighting this one opponent. The figure of the opponent is not recognizable.

And the scene keeps shifting.

Now to Nana Sawada, another unexpected person, but this time spitting out blood with a shocked expression written all over her face, reaching over to her side only to find more blood before falling.

But not reaching the ground before the scene changes.

The scene shows that of Reborn battling enemies with ease that comes only from earning the title of World's Strongest Hitman.

A change in situation.

Reborn is now shouting a name. Worry and fear evident in his eyes under the brim of his fedora. He's running towards a person. The same one he was shouting at. Sawada Tsunayoshi.

The scene changes to show one of Sawada Tsunayoshi coughing out large amounts of blood before falling to his knees in front of the his opponent. His eyes show emotions of sadness, regret, longing and of love. Before he closes his eyes to hide all of that and to accept whatever that's coming. Accept his fate.

And it all rests in his opponents hands; His fate.

And the last scene of all. Too blurry to see of anything of importance. All except his face. And a smile that is seen as clear as day.

A smile that shows insanity. A smile that did not fit on that face. A smile that shows all of his insanity and cruelty. And he's smiling at everything; all the cruelty in the world and all the kindness too, for the murderers and the saints, for the children born and for the ones that are dead.

And further up his face shows those eyes that kind be so kind and gentle and understanding on another but cruel, merciless, unforgiving and insane on him.

And these all belong to a face, on-


And I open my eyes to see Gamma. And I'm sitting up in bed and gasping for air.

"Princess! You were having a nightmare. You were struggling even in your sleep."

I could see his face, concerned for my well-being. And I smiled weakly at him. I'm lucky to have him by my side.

"I'm okay now, Gamma. Thank you for being by my side" And I smiled more genuinely at him.

"It's not a problem, Princess. I'll get you some water to drink after that nightmare"

And he went out of my room to fetch me a glass of water as quickly as he could. I'm still panting quite heavily and thought through what I just saw. Analyzing it before thinking out what to do first. Who to tell first.

Cause that wasn't a nightmare, Gamma. No, it was a vision.

Gamma returned back in the room and handed me the glass of water. I smiled at him and took a sip of the water.

I'll need to tell Uncle Reborn first. He needs to know. I'll call him first thing in the morning. Cause that smile.. A shiver went down my spine just from thinking about it.

"Princess! Are you cold?"

I smiled at Gamma to show I'm fine. He took the glass from me and tucked me into bed. It's probably 3 a.m. if the darkness outside is any indication. And he switch off the lights and stands at the door.

"Goodnight Princess"

"Goodnight Gamma" I reply before he closes the door.

That smile. That insane smile was on his face.

On Sawada Tsunayoshi's face.

A few hours before Uni's vision…

Sawada Household. Night time.

"Tsu-kun, Reborn, dinner is ready!"

I heard Kaa-san's call us down for dinner.

"Kay, Kaa-san!" I shouted back. I was currently doing math with Reborn, oh-so kindly, helping me.

"Argh, Reborn. Can we stop? We've been at this for 2 hours!" I said exasperated, laying my head down to rest on the table.

"We would have finished earlier if you had just answered the questions correctly" He shot back "you're not concentrating as much today".

That's true. I wasn't concentrating really. It's just that I have this feeling. Like my hyper intuition trying to tell me something.

Something bad.

Something that'll change everything.

But I ignored it for the beginning of the day. But now.. I can't.

I can't ignore it nor can I prevent it. It's a weird feeling. But maybe I'm just being paranoid..

And suddenly I feel pain, like my head being hit with a 1 ton green mallet. And really, that was exactly it.

"ITEEEEEEEEEEEE!" My hands flew up to my head "Reborn! Why'd you do that?!"

"You were daydreaming again" He said it like it was common to hit people with a mallet on the head when their daydreaming..maybe to him it was.

"That doesn't mean you can go hitting people with a mallet!" I cried.

"Haihh.. Dame-Tsuna, you never learn" He tipped down his fedora, shading his eyes "We'll continue this after dinner".

I groaned. But before he could go down to eat, I called out.

"Reborn, will you always be on my side?"

My eyes widened. Why did I say that? Those words just came out of my mouth before I could stop them. And I guess Reborn was startled too cause he took a pause. He looked me in the eye saying:

"I'm not a babysitter, dame-Tsuna. You should be able to handle your own stuff" he turned his back to me to head down but not before saying softly, almost too soft for me to hear.

"It all depends dame-Tsuna, it all depends".

And with that he disappeared down the hall.

I don't know why I asked that.. but it was an important question somehow. And his answer didn't make me feel any better. But I went downstairs to go eat dinner.

And all throughout dinner, the feeling came back stronger than ever. And I guess Reborn noticed it too. Cause he looked at me a few times during dinner for longer than usual.

After dinner, the doorbell rang and Bianchi was just about to go for it.

"No, it's okay. I'll get the door" I said, making my way to the door.

Bianchi's startled a bit but soon get over it. And usually I don't get the door either. But I just feel like I needed to get it. That something big is going to happen and I should be there to see it first.

And I was expecting a lot of things actually on the other side of the door; Byakuran turning evil again, Hibari wanting to bite me to death for breaking some rule, Mukuro with Chrome and his gang finally deciding to possess my body, Enma turning crazy, heck even the Vindice telling me that something went wrong with the machine. But this I was not expecting when I swung open the front door of my house. This person was the last person I would ever expect to be on the front porch of the house.

"Hi Tsuna" he said, a smile on his face.

A smile I didn't think I would ever see again.

"Tsu-kun, who's at the do-"

A glass shattered behind me but I couldn't focus. I was just staring at the person before me, thinking if this was real.


And I can hear Mama's voice trembling like she was going to cry and she probably is.

"Hi Mama" he said. And I can hear Mama trying to hold back her crying. And I touched his face, trying to hold him if he was really real.

And he was.

"Yoshi" I whispered, feeling tears threatening to fall from my eyes.

Cause before me stood a boy who looked the same as I. And was of the same age as me. And a person who I hadn't seen in 8 years.

Sawada Yoshi, my twin brother who I thought died 8 years ago.

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