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Chapter 1. It Should've Been Me.

Marissa's eyes slowly closed, a faint smile etched on her face, looking up at Ryan.

"Marissa? Marissa please, wake up" There was no answer. Ryan held Marissa on his lap allowing the tears the tears that had been threatening since she begged him to stay with her, to spill. All was dark except for the flames that were still devouring around the vehicle. He sat there, still as a stone, hoping that someone would see the flames and call anyone.

"Shit". Ryan had shifted a little over to stay clear of the intensifying heat, but became aware of a sharp pain in his side. Painful, but familiar. A broken rib…or two. But unlike the other times, the pain from his ribs was accompanied by blood; one of the ribs had broken through the skin. As the minutes passed and he finally heard a dull siren in the distance, he started becoming aware of other pains as well. A concussion, as judged by his throbbing headache and dizziness, and painful spasms in his leg. The flames were beginning to subside-or so Ryan thought, as he struggled to keep his eyes open.

"It should've been me Ris. It should be me," he murmured stroking Marissa's hair. "This is all my fault."

The ambulance and fire truck were now pulling to halt, and EMTs were running to Ryan and Marissa. Time slowed. His breathing grew shallow.

"I'm sorry Sandy," he whispered. Ryan's eyes closed, plunging him into complete darkness.

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