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Chapter 2.

Ryan felt like he was floating. He knew he wasn't dead, since he could still feel his injuries and he was aware of a voice in the distance.

"Sir, can you hear me? I've got a weak pulse in the male, shallow breathing, and a weak heartbeat. I've got nothing in the female though."

"Alright, roll over the stretcher, we need an adult neck brace and grab the reeves as well." One of the EMTs adjusted the neck brace on Ryan, and with the help of his crew, strapped him onto the reeves and then lifted him up onto the stretcher. "Darlene, keep talking to him, try to get him to wake up"

A nervous explorer stepped forward and started talking to Ryan with urgency, hoping that he'd open his eyes. Half way to the hospital, his blue eyes opened.

"Ma..Marissa," he muttered.

Darlene spoke up. "Sir can you tell me your name?"

"Ryan. Where, where am I? Where's 'rissa?

"You're on your way to HOAG Ryan, you're doing great. Do you know what happened?"

"Marissa. Where is she?" Ryan asked, becoming clearer. "The..there was an accident. Voulchak. He..oh god, no no. Get me out of here. MARISSA!" he yelled.

"Ryan we need you to calm down. Come on, Ry, we're at the hospital now."

They unloaded the thrashing teen from the ambulance, quickly calling out information to the nurses in the emergency room. Ryan only caught bits of what they were saying.

"lost a lot of blood.." "acting up.." "concussion"

Faces swam in and out of Ryan's vision, but one doctor started shining a penlight in his eyes, and he swatted it away.

"Ryan we need you to work with us. Can you tell me who I can contact? Parents? Guardians?" he asked.

"Ssandy and Kirstennn. Cccohen." Ryan stuttered. "They they don't know. They'll bbe worried."

"Okay, don't worry Ryan, I'll have a nurse call them right now. As for you, we're having an OR prepped to take care of those ribs of yours. I'm Dr. Zacchias.

Back at the Cohen household, Sandy and Kirsten relaxed, still full of disbelief that Seth and Ryan were already so old.

"Graduation. Well, I'll tell you, I never saw this coming. I figured Seth would be in the middle of the ocean somewhere and well, Ryan? I never imagined this moment for him. I mean I hoped, but it felt like something kept hindering his future." Sandy said.

"I know what you mean. Seth was so..distant. I thought we were losing him. And well, Ryan. I'm so glad that you brought him into this house," Kirsten said, standing up and wrapping her arms around Sandy's neck. "We've done well." She whispered in his ear.

"We sure have," Sandy laughed.

At that very moment, Seth, who had just arrived home, walked into the kitchen, throwing his hands in front of him.

"Alright, alright, I know you're all surprised that Ryan graduated, but geez, no need to get mushy. Is Ryan home yet? Him and Marissa were supposed to meet Summer and I at the grill, but they never showed. Not that I'm complaining." Seth chattered away.

Concern flashed in Sandy's eyes. "They never met up with you guys? Well, I'm sure he'll be home soon."

"Haha, yeah with a girl on each hip, headed to the pool house, while I cry upstairs with Captain Oats." Seth exclaimed.

"Seth….." Kirsten warned.

At that moment, the phone let off a shrill ringing. Sandy walked over and picked it up. His face immediately paled.

"We'll be right there" Sandy said. He hung up the phone, and looked at Seth and Kirsten. "That was HOAG. It's Ryan".

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