Hi there everyone! I'm new Iron Tiger fan, well actually I loved the paring since I watched the show and saw Ava and Danny and I said to myself 'There perfect for eachother' and now I'm writing a fanfic. Oh and I bacame a fan of USM when my cousin made mi wahtch it with him, and I'm normally a huge Marvel fan! I go to all movies, read comics, play games... Everyhing. Me and my friend Deni are the giggest fans in my school!

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Bold – Important and P.O.V.-s

Italic- In this case where it writes something, notes, thoughts and flashbacks!

,, text '' – talk!

- something – new place

(Something) – my toughs



Avas P.O.V.

We were having another 'meeting'. Peter was annoying Sam as usual, Luke was talking to Danny… Danny let out a small laughed. He was so cute when he laughs… What the hell am I saying?! I don't like Danny! I mean Danny is cute and has those beautiful green eyes and his cute hairdo and… What am I saying!? There's no way I like Danny! No way!

,,Sorry if I'm interrupting your day dreaming Ava, but can you pay attention.'' Nick Fury said to me. I guess my toughs wondered off.

,,Sorry.'' I said.

,,Now as I was saying… There have been reports about a new villain terrorizing New York. The villain is very dangerous, and we have no records of him what so ever. So you'll have to train harder and be on the alert.'' Nick Fury said: ,,Do I make myself clear?!''

,,Yes sir!'' We said and got up. We were heading for the training room when…

Beep, Beep, Beep!

The alarm went off.

,,That's our cue!'' Said Peter.

,,Finally things and getting exciting around here!'' Said Sam.

,,What Danny no cookie mumbo jumbo?'' Sam said.

,, A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.'' Danny said. Where does he get this stuff!? I tough.

,,I had to ask!'' Said Sam.

- At the seen -

Normal P.O.V.

They arrived at the seen. They got on top off a building so have a better view on the city. There were broken windows, and you could see smoke and the fire men were at the seen to. Some cars were turned, people were running, but no chase of the villain. When…

,,Oh finally I tough you wouldn't show up!'' Said a female voice. The team turned around and were shocked and the Sam and Peter started laughing…

Peters P.O.V.

You have to be kidding me? I tough laughing.

Flying in the air was a teenage girl… She wore a yellow skirt with a pink belt, and light pink short and tight shirt with some purple leaning stripes. She had Purple flats and pink tights. She had pink mid back hair, and wore a yellow and purple eye mask. A real girl…

Don't get me wrong, I bet she's a cheerleader and one of the most popular girls in school but honey this is not the school dance.

,,Oh keep on laughing, but when a girl kicks your but don't come crying to Nick Fury!'' She said that in a sassy tone.

,,Sorry but I don't fight girls, there weak.'' Sam said not knowing what comes next…

,,Excuse me bucket head?!'' The villain and Ava said at the same time screaming at Sam.

,, Your dead Nova.'' Luke simply said.

,,You going to fight or not!'' The girl screamed.

,,Bring it on sister!'' I said, she looked mad.

The fight begin…

I shoot some webs at her but she dodged them. Next Nova shoot at her but she did something weird…

She shoot pink star energy blasts better known as starbolts. Her starbolts hit Novas blasts and they bout disappear. Luke thru a part of concrete at her but she shoot starbolts from her eyes and turned the concrete to dust. The girl got down and gave the sign to come at her. Danny came at her she flew up and began avoiding his moves and hits, she flew up high and sent him a flying kiss…

- Time freeze so Spider-Man can tell us what's happening – just like on TV -

Wait a second! Don't you think sending Danny a kiss is weird? I mean if any thing way didn't I get the kiss I mean, I know it's made out of starbolts but come on. Danny? Really? Oh and look at Avas face.

He like drew a circle around her head in the black and white frozen moment.

She's shocked, mad and… jealous! Wow! Good black mail. But now let's get back to the fight…

Back to normal – the fight –

Danny got hit by the flying kiss and feel. But now this girl is going to get it… Ava was mad…

She charged at her like a idiot. The fried to scratch and electrify her, but she avoided them. It was a real cat fight.

The girl began to weaken. She was now slow and less strong. Ava kicked her in the stomach and the girl flew to the building big screen. You know the one I normally het smashed to.

She got up and flew above us.

,,Nice moves! I really shouldn't make you angry. It's just I've been waiting so long for this Ava!'' The girl said with a evil smile.

- Time freeze so Spider-Man can tell us what's happening –

Wait?! Ava? She knows Ava's identity! Furry is going to be mad, well and those shocked looks on our faces are not pretty one bit.

Present time –

,,What the…? How do you know…? What are you talking…? Ough! Shit!'' Ava tried saying.

,,How do you know?'' Bucked head asked.

,,I have my ways.'' She said as she got down on the roof were we were standing. ,,PS: You should really let some air out of that light head of yours Bucked Head!'' She said, I couldn't help but smile.

,,Oh and Ava, keep one dreaming, because that's the only place were your going to be happy now that I'm here!'' She said that smiling, we were all mad now: ,,Oh and Ava I suggest you-'' But she was cut off by Danny running at her and punching her… She feel a few feet from us one the roof.

You could see a bit off blood coming from her mouth.

,,Oh! You know that hurts, you could have easily ruined my make up!'' She said taking a mirror from her pocket and looking if her make up was ruined. She put the mirror back to her pocket and said:

,,Let's dance boys and one girl!'' She said and a energy little pink music player appeared…

The music begun playing and we started to fight but the girl sang the hole time…

She sang:

,, P-p-p-p punch line Queen, no boxer though
Might pull up in a Porsche, no boxster though
Tell a hater,"Yo, don't you got cocks to blow?"
Tell 'em Kangaroo Nick, I'll box a ho
Th-sai-they said I got 5 in a possible
Don't go against Nicki, Impossible
I done came through with my wrist on Popsicle
Man these hoes couldn't ball with a Tosticle

Your lipstick stain
Smells like a cheap hotel
Diamond watches and a gold chain
Can't make my frown turn around

The boys always spending all their money on love
The boys always spending all their money on love
They wanna touch it, taste it, see it, feel it
Clone it, own it, Yeah yeah
Dollar, dollar, paper chase it get that money
Yeah yeah

You get high, fuck a bunch of girls
And then cry on top of the world
I hope you have the time of your life
I hope I don't lose it tonight

Ba-ba-ba-ba bald head pussy got lots of juice
Lop-sided on the curb so I block the coupes
Watch the deuce
Man I'm stingy with my cuttie cat daddy
Did you ever really love me steebie
Pull up in the
Wrist on
Pussy on
Purrrr Rrrrr
I don't even brake when I'm backing up
I'll swerve on a nigga if he acting up
I done pushed more sixes then a play date
Get money by the millions, fuck a day rate

Your bossed up swag
Got 'em drooling like a new born babe
The dollars in they eyes
Got 'em blinded by a Masquerade

The boys always spending all their money on love
The boys always spending all their money on love
They wanna touch it, taste it, see it, feel it
Clone it, own it, yeah yeah
Dollar, dollar, paper chase it get that money
Yeah yeah

You get high, fuck a bunch of girls
And then cry on top of the world
I hope you have the time of your life
I hope I don't lose it tonight

I put all you bitches on to them good lace fronts
Girls is my sons, carried them for 8 months
And yes you're Pre-Mature
Young Money to the Core
I might give you a ticket so you can come see the tour
Oh that's your new girl?
That's that Mid Grade
Buck 50 on yo face with the switch blade
Or the Razor
Yeah the Razor
She my son yeah
But I ain't Raise her
Goose me hater
I get that Loose leaf paper
Them V-Necks be studded out
T-Rex be gutted out
I told 'em Nicki be chilling them
I keep hurting they feelings
Because you'll never be Jordan
You couldn't even be Pippen
You couldn't even be tripping
You can't afford a vacation
I'm out in Haiti with Haitians
I go to Asia with Asians
You mad dusty, you a lil dusty possum
I just come through with the six like my name was Blossom

You get high, fuck a bunch of girls
And then cry on top of the world
I hope you have the time of your life
I hope I don't lose it tonight''

She ten came to me and said:

,,The boys always spending all their money on love''

Next he came to Sam, Luke and Danny with the same words: ,, The boys always spending all their money on love!''

The next thing you knew Ava did a air flip and hit her in the back…

The girl fell, and looked at us mad.

She got up and flew up and said:

,,I'm slowly getting tiered, so I'm going home! Hope you haven't got some complains cause well meet a lot sooner then you think! A lot sooner!'' She said that and thru and heart shaped bomb to the ground.

There was a explosion of pink smoke and glitter, and of course she disappeared…

,,Did you cough him?'' We heard Nick Fury on our communicators.

,,What him?'' Sam asked.

,,The villain you idiot!'' Fury said mad.

,,Am, we didn't cough… her.'' I said the last part mumbling, but he still understand.

,,Her? The villain is a female and you 5 couldn't capture her?!'' Fury said mad.

,,Sorry sir, but she's one messed up chick!'' Luke said.

,,I don't care! If you didn't capture her I want all information on her. Now!'' He screamed and the screen went black.

,,Shit.'' I simply said.

,,Were dead.'' Luke said.

,, We've all fallen, but at the same time we're not broken. There is the hint that we are going to get up again.'' Danny said.

,,Well at least you didn't loss your ability to make cookie crap!'' Said Sam annoyed.

Ava looked mad at Sam.

,,Ok guys let's head back home, I've got tones of homework.'' I said.

Then the carrier came to pick us up and we got on it…

- In the carrier -

Avas P.O.V.

While driving or better said flying in the carrier, I toughed about the girl we just fought. I heard Sam call her Glitter Head, one more of his stupid villain nick names.

How did she know my name? What does she mean 'well meet a lot sooner then you think'? Way the hell was she singing that horrible song? How did she know about us? And the question that I couldn't stop repeating: Way the hell did she send Danny a flying kiss? Was she flirting with him? Probably not? It's not like I like Danny… But way was I so mad? Well he's my friend… or something more?... No Ava stop thinking nonsense. He's your friend and you just didn't want him to get hurt. Yeah that's probably that…


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