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Bold – Important and P.O.V.-s

Italic- In this case where it writes something, notes, thoughts and flashbacks!

'' text '' – talk!

- something – new place

(Something) – my toughs



Peters P.O.V.

Seeing that Furry wanted to have a little talk with us about Glitter Head we decided that after school we'll walk as slow as possible…

''You guys see that West Coast girl. Man she's hot!'' Said Bucket Head.

''I like the dark girl better.'' Said Luke: ''What you say Danny?!''

Bud Danny didn't answer… Wait! What?! Danny not having any cookie mumbo jumbo… What's not normal…

''Hey Danny! What's wrong?! Out of fortune cookies!'' Sam said and begun to laugh…

Danny just shook his head… Like he was just awoken from a dream…

''Oh sorry… What were you talking about?'' He asked.

''We were talking about the new girls. Which one do you like more?'' Sam said trying to look cool…

''I have to say Amy.'' He just answered.

''Wait a second! Amy?! You remember her name!? Wow! Something's going on.'' Said Sam.

''Well you're the only one who can remember a girls name you moron.'' Said Ava.

''I think someone's jealous.'' I said..

Wait a second… Did I just say that out loud?!

''Parker don't make me hurt you!'' She said mad.

''Let's just hurry, Furry's going to be mad if we don't get there in time.'' Said Luke.

''Hurry-Furry! A new rime!'' I said.

- At the meeting –

''Heroes! There's someone I want you to meet! A new member!'' Said Furry in his harsh and strict voice…

''Oh come one we're not even use to Web-Head!'' Said Nova…

''I trust you will be good to the new member of the team!'' With those words he closed the conversation.

''Now I'd like you all to meat…'' He said and in the room came…A GIRL!

She was tall and very slim I have to say… The girl whore black leather jeans with a gray shirt that had two skulls on it, one covering it's ears and the other it's eyes. She had a purple cloak that went from light purple at the hood to dark purple and black at the bottom, it was just inches away from touching the floor. The hood of the cloak was somehow attached to her head, the shadow that came from the cloak covered her eyes, nose, almost her whole face, well everything except her lips … And like glowing from the shadows you could only see her eyes, her raven dark eyes…But she had a bow and arrows on her back… And she had gray combat biker boots. She didn't look weird… she looked normal, just like an average teenager.. She couldn't be older then seventeen…

''Karma.'' Nick Furry said that she just took her bow and arrow in light speed and pointed it to us… Now she was dangerous…

''So she shoots arrows big deal!'' Said Nova.

''And controls the shadows.'' Nick said… Ok this girl just got interesting.

''No way! I mean how can a girl be powerful please!'' Nova said getting a punch in the face by Ava…

''She's actually a old member of S.H.I.E.L.D. she's been training for a long time now and I tough it's time the training came to use. Now she's the newest member so I expect no bad influence!'' Furry said.

''Hi I'm your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!'' I said proudly.

''Yeah that must be why J. Jonah Jameson's calling you a public danger and threat.'' She said coldly…

''She got you there Web-Head!'' Nova said laughing.

''Oh and I guess your Nova or better known as 'Bucket-Head' the full of himself hero and worst jock teller.'' Man this girl can be mean! I tough listening what she said about Sam… oh and I love her for that!

''Oh I like this girl more and more every minute!'' Ava said enjoying how she deled with me and Bucket-Head.

''And you must be Whit Tiger, the only girl in the team.'' She said simply.

''Until now. Welcome to the team and let me warn you those two aren't good role models.'' Ava said as they shook hands…

''Hi I'm Power Man.'' Said Luke.

''I've heard many good things about you as a friend and as a teammate.'' She said to Luke.

''Are we the only one's getting hate here?!'' Nova said annoyed.

''Iron Fist, and welcome to the team.'' Then Danny shook her hand it was like he froze…

''Wow! I've heard a lot about you. You're great with advice, quotes, a good friend and teammate.'' She said.

Danny just looked at her eyes but in a weird way…

''Are those contact lenses?'' He asked.

''Actually yeah. Since people can see my eyes I put contact lenses on to change color.'' She said simply.

''You some sort of a ninja or something!?'' Sam shouted.

''I prefer spy if you don't mine moron.'' She was very cold.

''Now do you know who's who?'' Furry asked.

''I think so. Luke is Power Man, Ava is White Tiger, Danny is Iron Fist and… I think Sam's… Nova and Peter is Spider-Man.'' She said.

''Wait! What?! How did she know?!'' I asked.

''Cause you meet her today you moron!'' Furry said…''But you meet her as...Amy!'' When Furry said that the girl removed the cloak –ninja mask, and reveled her chocolate brown hair with purple strakes…

''Remember me now?'' She asked with a smile…

''Ok! Weird!'' Nova said.

''Hey Danny, look it's the girl you like best.'' I said a bit louder and with a wide smile with that… I tough it would be funny but I just got a smack in the head by Ava.

''What's wrong with you idiot?!'' She shouted at me.

''With me?! I'm just pointing out the obvious. See!'' I wined. Pointing at Danny… who was… Blushing!

- !Freeze! –

So Danny's blushing… No way. Let's take a closer look…

He's sweating, he's biting his lover lip, he's blushing… Oh God… I thin Danny's crushing on the new girl! But why's Ava so bothered? Mmmmm…

- Unfreeze –

''So Amy,'' I said as I ignored Ava and passed by her, she was mad and saying 'Parker get your but over here this instant' but I need to help out my bro: ''you're new on the team, and you'd probably like a tour, and who's better to give you that tour then our own Iron Fist! Right?'' I said all that in a commercial voice. I'm such a love doctor!

''That sounds great, but I've been on this 'ship' for more then 10 years, I think I might not get lost, but thanks for suggesting.''

''10 YEARS?!'' We all shouted in shock!

''Yeah, you can say I grew up here.'' She said will raising an eyebrow.

''You spent half of your childhood here? That's sad actually, I feel pity for you my dear.'' Sad Sam trying to act sorrow and failing at it.

''I don't need you sorrow or pity, but you will be begging for mercy if you push my button.'' He had an emotionless face, but she shown authority with her posture. She was not a girl you would ever want to get in a fight with.

''Yeah, all you rookies are just talk, no action, You don't scare me sweetheart.'' The girl started to show annoyance at Sam's words, she put her teeth together and have him a glare… But then a evil smile appeared on the already scary girls face…

''Really? Then you wouldn't mind if I did this?''

And then, all of a sudden she bowed down to the grown and gut her hands on the grown whispering some words. She jumped up and raised her hands and pulled Sam's shadow made by the light in the room. The shadow circled Sam and you could hear hurtful words coming from the shadow… The girl had that evil smile on her face and her eyes glow purple from the power. Sam started to scream, we all heard voices of adults, teen and kids, mocking, hurting, bullying Sam…

And then it stopped. As the girl brought her hands back down the shadow took it's former position…

We all looked at her in fear and amazement… She was full of power and was not afraid to use it. And Sam was still on his knees, on the floor, remembering his childhood traumas… He was breathing heavily and still kept his hands on his ears to not hear a thing…

''The things we survived in our past, may' be the destruction in our present…'' The girl said without emotion: ''I'm sorry, but I told you not to push my buttons.''

''That was messed up! So un cool! Messed up I say!'' Sam said as he got on his feet, still breathing heavily.

''No actually, you're messed up. Now you have a choice, either start respecting me and all will be cool, or disrespect me again and I won't be so nice and peaceful. I have many sides, I'll show you the one you deserve to see. So what's your choice?''

''I guess we can get along as long as you stop doing that messed up shadow thing.'' Said Sam, scared in some way, yet still wanting to look manly and proud.

''Deal. Now let's get back to the meeting, shall we?'' It's was just like she changed as a person in the past minute, 'cause now she gave up a calm, truthful and sweet smile…

There's something really strange about this girl, and I'm going to find out what…


Sooo sorry it's short and that it took forever to publish but I've been trying to get a scholarship and get points so I can go to a great high school and I've had a mayor change in my life and personality and I was broken and needed to rebuild myself and finally accomplished that… So that was chapter 3 ''Things might not be the same'', hope you liked it and I promise you with all my heart that I will upload the farthest to next Sunday!

How did the girl get her powers? How does Danny feels about the new girl? How did she survive 10 years training and living? Will she be accepted by the team? Will anyone else suffer under her will? What happened to Glitter Head? Is Ava maybe jealous? And how will this all affect there personal lives? To find out you better read chapter number 4 ''Escape the past'' coming soon only on fanfiction! Don't forget to review, always means tones!

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