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There was a flash of bright light that blinded her momentarily. But when the spots were gone her smile was still plastered on her face, her arm still around his waist. She prayed that she hadn't blinked. She leaned over towards his ear and grinned for the cameras while she whispered.

"Steve, are you sure about this?"

He squeezed her waist affectionately in response and nodded to one of the cameraman as they took another photo. "No." he replied honestly, whispering through gritted teeth. "But it was bound to happen." They were blinded yet again and barely had a second to recuperate before the next one came. "How long do we have to do this?"

She shrugged. "Don't look at me, you're the famous one."


"It's Tony Stark!" someone shouted, and soon everyone's attention was diverted from the newest power couple of Manhattan and they both breathed sighs of relief.

Having just publicly introduced their relationship, on a red carpet no less, Tania and Steve were emotionally drained. They were glad when Tony's black stretch limo pulled up just a few feet away. It gave them time to breathe.

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