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Shizuo got home from school with a frown on his face. His arm hurt from where he had dislodged a tree to throw at some bullies. He pulled off his shoes and dumbed them by the door along with his bag.

"I'm home." Shizuo called in. There was a sound in the kitchen. It sounded as if someone had dropped a glass. Shizuo walked forwards and pressed the door open a fraction. "Mum?"

"Welcome home Honey." A pretty caramel haired woman said as she picked up pieces of glass from the floor.

Shizuo looked into the room curiously. His brother sat at the table with a vacant expression on his face but what got Shizuo was the little raven haired girl that clung to him. Kasuka was patting her head in an attempt at comfort. Shizuo's mother noticed his stare.

"Oh Honey, This is Izaya. He'll be staying with us from now on." She said kindly. "Izaya, this is Shizuo your new big brother. I hope you'll both get along."

That's a boy? Shizuo thought to himself as the little raven looked up with startled red eyes. He quickly turned away and pressed his face into Kasuka's shoulder. Shizuo couldn't help but get pissed off. This new boy didn't even know him and he was already afraid of him. Shizuo clenched his fist, his mother noticed this and led the small boy out of the room.

"Why does he have to stay here? I don't want another brother. He looks like a girl." Shizuo stated childishly and crossed his arms. Shizuo's mother bent down and rested her hands on his shoulders.

"I need you to be extra nice to Izaya, okay? His previous family weren't very nice to him and he'll need a kind, strong brother like you to protect him."

Shizuo scratched his nose and looked away from her golden glaze. "I have to protect him?" Shizuo asked with a pout. His mother nodded with a smile. "I suppose I can do that."

"That's my strong little man. Now, go and introduce yourself." She said and stood again. Shizuo walked into the room again. His new brother was still holding onto Kasuka but he seemed to have calmed down now.

Shizuo walked over the two of them. "I'm Shizuo Heiwajima. I'm going to be your big brother, so don't cry anymore." Shizuo announced with his hands on his hips. Shizuo's mother laughed daintily behind her hand. Izaya looked up to Shizuo with curious and afraid eyes. Kasuka looked at Izaya and nodded faintly.

"I-I'm I-izaya." He said softly. Shizuo thought that he sounded like a girl too. Shizuo sat the other side of Izaya as his mother put two glasses of strawberry milk in front of them. Izaya smiled warmly at the woman and took the milk gratefully. "Thank you. H-Heiwajima-san." Izaya said uncertainly.

"You should call her mum." Shizuo said innocently as he took the milk and started to drink. Izaya blushed.

"t-thank you...m-mum." He said quietly. Shizuo's mother smiled happily.

"You're welcome, Izaya-chan."

Shizuo turned to Izaya. "What school do you do to?" He asked.

"Tsubasa-kai elementary." Izaya said slowly.

Shizuo cocked his head to the side. "The one for really smart kids?" he looked over Izaya again. "What grade are you in?"


Shizuo almost chocked on his milk. "You're the same age as me?" He asked surprised. Izaya looked over to Kasuka, who nodded.

"Yeah, but you're older than me by a few months." Izaya said softly.

"I wish you went to my school. Then we could be in the same class." Shizuo exclaimed excitedly. "We could have break and lunch together and everything." He grinned.

Izaya could feel his face heating up again. This new home was so full of energy and happiness. Could he be happy here?

"What do you boys want for dinner?" Asked a soft voice. Izaya looked up at the woman he now called mother. She was so much different from the ones before. She was kind and sweet and didn't make Izaya do weird things.

"I want hamburgers!" Shizuo exclaimed.

"Why doesn't Izaya-nii choose tonight?" Kasuka said blankly. Izaya jumped slightly at his name. Shizuo bit his lip and nodded.

"Ermm…hamburgers sound good." Izaya spoke gently. Shizuo face lit up happily.

"Hamburgers it is."

~Night time arrives~

Shizuo rubbed his eyes as he sat on the floor watching cartoons. He turned to where Kasuka was sat with Izaya on the sofa. Kasuka raised a finger to his lips in a sign for 'be quiet' he then pointed down at the little raven with his head in Kasuka's lap.

"He fell asleep last episode." Kasuka said.

"Then we better get him to bed. It's your bed time too, kids." A males voice said from the door. Shizuo turned around with a huge grin on his face and jumped to his feet running over to his father. The dark haired man picked him up and smiled back.

"Welcome back." Shizuo said cheerfully.

"I'm back." His father said as he put him down again.

"Kichirou, welcome home. How was work?" Shizuo's mother asked as she walked over and gave her husband a kiss on the cheek. Kichirou smiled.

"Uneventful. How's little Izaya been. Is he adjusting well?" he asked. Shizuo was patted on the head before his father wondered over to the sofa. Kasuka looked up at him as his father ruffled his hair.

"He's been as good as gold. He's such a lovely boy. He's getting on great with his new brothers."

"That's fantastic, Namiko. I was worried about him all day." Kichirou said embarrassed, a slight blush going over his cheeks.

"That's so sweet, dear." Namiko said happily. "Let's put them to bed. Shizuo is falling asleep on his feet."

"Am not." Shizuo said with a yawn. "Where will Izaya sleep?"

"Kasuka's sharing with him. They've been together all day so we thought it would be best." Namiko said as she bent down to pick Izaya up gently. He curled into her and rested his head on her shoulder. "He's so light." Namiko said sadly as she looked down at Izaya's pale face. She guessed he was malnourished.

Shizuo didn't understand, instead he looked over to his younger brother with narrowed eyes. "You knew Izaya was coming to stay. That's why you had today off." Shizuo accused.

"I was ill." Kasuka said convincingly.

Time skip~

The next few weeks went by uneventfully. Izaya still hadn't come out of his shell and would regularly hide behind Kasuka whenever he was uncertain of something. Kasuka didn't seem to mind but Shizuo certainly did. He was supposed to be the older brother that protected them so by his logic Izaya should have been looking towards him for safety.

Izaya didn't talk about his other homes or school, Shizuo realised that he actually knew very little about his new brother. So on the one month anniversary that Izaya had been living with them Shizuo decided that he would pick Izaya up from school.

Shizuo looked at the clock above the teachers head and shifted in his seat anxiously. Any minute now… The suddenly ringing of the school bell announced the end of the day. Shizuo shoved his books into his bag and leapt out of his chair.

"Heiwajima-kun. Where are you going? I haven't said pack away yet." The teacher called after him.

"Shizuo-kun! Aren't we walking home together?!" A bespeckled boy shouted in confusion as he watched the back of his friend disappeared out of the classroom. Shinra slumped in his chair and got his phone out. "I wonder if Celty-san will pick me up."

Shizuo dashed out of the school gates with his backpack high on his shoulders. Izaya's school was a twenty minute walk away and they let out ten minutes after Shizuo's school did so he had ten minutes to get there. Shizuo veered to the right and through a little used alley way that split into two directions at the end but Shizuo didn't want either of those ways instead he forced his way through a bush with little effort and onto the outer field of a middle school that joined onto Izaya's grade school.

Shizuo grinned and straightened his hat as he walked into school grounds. The short cut that Kasuka found had really cut away a lot of his time. The middle schoolers looked out the windows of their classrooms with bored expressions on their faces. One middle school girl spotted Shizuo and cooed as he walked past.

Shizuo could see the entrance to the grade school up ahead. He did a little jog over and waited impatiently by the gates. The bell rang seconds later. Shizuo looked through the gates eagerly with a smile on his face…but that soon changed as Izaya walked out.

The little raven was looking down at his feet as he tried to avoid a group of older boys that were harassing him. A boy with light brown hair bumped shoulders with Izaya and sent him sprawling to the floor. His books slid out in front of him and the contents of his bag scattered. Shizuo's face flushed red with anger as a different boy kicked Izaya's bag and laughed at him.

Shizuo snapped.

He picked up the nearest thing to him, which happened to be a trash can, and threw it at the group with deadly precision. It flew through the air as if in slow motion. Izaya was trying to gather his books at the time and didn't notice the trash can that flew over his head and straight into one of his attackers. The boy screamed in pain and as they turned to see their enemy, expecting a giant, they saw a little boy breathing heavily as he reached for a sigh post. The bullies tripped over themselves to get out of the monsters path.

"Stay the hell away from my little brother!" Shizuo bellowed across the playground.

Izaya looked up with tears in his eyes, a smile slowly spreading across his face but this wasn't his usual innocent smile. This smile was filled with wonder, excitement and just a little bit of cunningness. This incident would be the one to spark Izaya's obsession.

Time skip~

Since the incident two months ago Izaya had been a lot more active when around Shizuo. He would ask him about his likes and dislikes, how his day had been and if he would pick him up from school again (which was always a 'no').

"When did you notice you had super strength?" Izaya asked with wide bright eyes. Shizuo put another spoonful of pudding into his mouth as he fished his pot. Izaya pushed his towards Shizuo. "You can have mine."

Shizuo took it happily and opened it up. "Errm, I suppose I've always been a little stronger but Kasuka stole my pudding last year and I almost threw a fridge at him."

Izaya leant forwards and gasped. "You threw it at Kasu-nii?" He asked excitedly.

Shizuo looked away guiltily. "No, I dropped it because it was too heavy but theres no way I would have ever hurt Kasuka." He said sternly.

"What's the heaviest thing you can lift?" Izaya asked.

"Why do you want to know all this?" Shizuo sighed.

Izaya blinked innocently. "I just want to know more about nii-san."

Time skip~

This went on for the remainder of the time that Izaya stayed with the Heiwajima's, as on the anniversary of his six month mark a woman with long dark hair turned up at the door.

Shizuo sat in his bedroom with Kasuka. The younger of the two was looking down at his homework with a detached interest. Shizuo edged closer to the door so that he could over hear the conversation that was going on downstairs.

He opened the door silently.

"- I'm just so happy I finally found him." The woman's voice said. Shizuo didn't think that she sounded too happy.

"Oh, I know how you feel. If I were to lose one of my boys I'd be a wreck when I got him back. Here have a tissue." Shizuo heard his mother say kindly. Shizuo frowned in confusion. He wanted to know what they were on about.

"You're my birth mother?" He heard Izaya ask slowly.

"Yes, giving you up was the biggest mistake of my life."

"So…what happens now? I can't have two mummies? Can i?" Izaya asked uncertainly.

"No, you'll be coming to live with me now. All the necessary paper work has been taken care of. I take it you've already packed his possessions?" The woman said.

Shizuo's heart froze. Did this mean that Izaya was leaving? Where was he going? Would be come back? Would they still be brothers?

"I-I H-have to-"

"Stuttering at your age? We'll have to take care of that." The woman said snootily.

Shizuo jumped to his feet and fled down the stairs. He opened the door just as it was being pulled open from the inside. The dark haired woman was pulling Izaya by the hand. She looked down at Shizuo with disdainful eyes. Shizuo imminently didn't like this woman.

"I'll send someone to pick his things up tomorrow."

Shizuo's mother rushed out the living room. She looked distressed. Her eyes wide and upset. "You're taking him now? Can it not wait until tomorrow? Give him a chance to say goodbye." She asked imploringly.

"Here's my card. Feel free to call any time." She handed the card to Namiko . Shizuo's attention went to Izaya. The boy's eyes were wide but he stood blankly by the side of his birth mother. Izaya was used to this. He had been moved around so often that it didn't even affect him anymore. Sure he would miss this family but it would all soon become a distant memory. Izaya refused to acknowledge Shizuo as he was pulled from the room and out the front door.

"Izaya!" Shizuo shouted as he started to go. Izaya didn't turn. Shizuo put one foot in front of the other, ready to run outside and pull the boy back but a hand was rested on his shoulder. It held him back. "IZAYAAAA-KUNNNN"

The image of Izaya's back was imprinted onto Shizuo's mind. It was the last he saw of him… until five years later.

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