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Izaya was all around him. He could feel him, smell him, and taste him. He was drowning in Izaya. The devilish man above him had a firm grip on his hardened flesh and was pumping him torturously slow whilst licking his chest. He didn't know what to do; he'd had sex before but never with a man and never with someone with a delicate past like Izaya had.

Shizuo let out a soft moan as Izaya pressed slightly on the top of his erection. Izaya smirked as the blonde writhed in pleasure, his own member straining against his tight jeans. Izaya liked the control he had over the blonde. He trailed kisses down the blondes toned chest before coming face to face with his member. Izaya smirked and took a hold of him in one hand as he lightly licked the tip. Shizuo shuddered underneath him a hand going to his mouth to muffle the moans that poured out of his mouth.

Izaya continued to flick his tongue over the head before lowering his head and engulfing Shizuo in an unbearable warmth.

"Nghh, Izaya…ahh…" Shizuo groaned as he felt Izaya wet muscle swirling around him. Fingers were suddenly put in front of his mouth. He looked at Izaya with uncertain eyes. "What?"

Izaya pulled away with a wet pop. "Suck on them, Shizu-chan. I don't have any lube." Izaya explained as he licked his lips sensuously. Shizuo blushed furiously.

"You want me to bottom?" Shizuo asked surprised.

"Don't worry, Shizu-chan. I'll be gentle with you." Izaya purred but the look in his eyes was strange. Shizuo thought he looked like a deer in the headlights. He thought back to the conversation he had with his father in high school. How Izaya felt strong when he was in control of the blonde. Shizuo was a little frightened, this was his first time with a man after all, but he didn't want to make the other unhappy. Shizuo nodded fully trusting Izaya and took his fingers into his mouth.

Izaya smiled as his digits were coated in saliva. "That's a good boy, Shizu-chan." Shizuo glared at him defiantly as he pulled his fingers away.

"Don't call me that."

"Would you rather I call you Shizu-nii or maybe Nii-sama?" Izaya joked. Shizuo's eyes widened.

"Don't call me that either. Just call me ShizuOHH!" He exclaimed as a single finger was thrust inside him suddenly. Izaya smirked down at him. "Some warning would have been nice, damn flea." Shizuo breathed out as he tried to adjust to the feeling.

Izaya slowly dragged his finger in and out. Making sure to rub the inside of Shizuo. "But the expression you just made was sensational, Shizu-chan." Izaya started to pump Shizuo's base to take his mind away from the next finger entering.

"Izaya…aa..mmm…Izaya, I think…ugh." Shizuo gasped as the third finger was pushed in. It rubbed against a spot inside him that sent his mind spiralling. "Oh, God!" Shizuo moaned. He was sweating slightly. Izaya moved unconsciously seeking friction to satisfy him. He needed Shizuo to cool the fire inside him. Seeing the fortissimo of Ikebukuro squirming in pleasure underneath him was something that Izaya had only dreamed of. Sex with the monster would satisfy his need for power. Controlling a monster would really make him a god. Izaya gripped the base of Shizuo's erection to keep him for climaxing.

Shizuo tried to glare at Izaya but it was lost of the Raven as the clouded look in Shizuo's eyes made him want to deny him further. However Izaya's self-control wasn't that good.

Izaya removed his fingers from Shizuo's hole with an accompanying groan from Shizuo. He unzipped his trousers with his now free hand and removed his own aching erection from the confines of his trousers.

He spotted his now cold tea on the side and dipped his fingers into it. He used the tea as lube and lined himself up with Shizuo. Izaya pumped Shizuo's erection with a smirk on his face.

"Ah, Izaya..D-don't..ahhh. I'll come." Shizuo spluttered weakly.

Izaya leaned down and breathed into Shizuo's ear. "Then come for me, Shizuo." That was all it took for Shizuo to release into Izaya's hand and during the blondes pleasure high Izaya slowly thrust into the twitching hole.

Shizuo half screamed half moaned as he felt something much bigger than the previous fingers enter him. He grabbed the bed sheets below him as a sudden pain spiked through his pleasure.

Izaya bit his lip at the tightness that enveloped him. He wasn't a stranger to sex but this was his first time taking a virgin. Shizuo clenched and convulsed around him. It was bliss for Izaya. He couldn't help but thrust a little more into that tightness.

Shizuo cried out in pain once again. It felt like he was being stretched in all the wrong places and with Izaya thrusting gently without giving him time to adjust was too much for him. "Ughh, Hurts." Shizuo whimpered.

Izaya froze. He looked down at Shizuo in a pleasured haze, the blondes face was contorted in pain and it made Izaya's heart jump in pain. He was causing the look on Shizuo's face. He felt absolutely terrible. Shizuo's eyes were clenched shut.

Is that what I looked like? He couldn't help but wonder. It made him feel sick. How could he do this to someone he loved.

Wallowing in self-pity he didn't notice the hands that snaked around his neck. Shizuo was panting slightly, his hair slick on his forehead. "I didn't say stop." Shizuo whined as he thrust up slightly. He had gotten used to the pain and now wanted the pleasure he had gotten a taste of earlier. Izaya was brought out of his thoughts when Shizuo clenched intentionally around him. "Move." Shizuo demanded.

Izaya was surprised by the way that his heart soared. He grinned down at his partner and started up a steady rhythm. Everytime he thrust into Shizuo he tried to find that spot that would send him wild. He bent Shizuo's knees so that they were close to his head and started to thrust deeper at the new angle. Shizuo moaned loudly calling Izaya's name when his prostrate was hit dead on.

"IZAYA!" He shouted not caring if the neighbours could hear. "Feels good…ughh." Shizuo cried out.

Izaya focused his everything on Shizuo. He wanted to make that pleasured face stay forever. "Shizuo, Shizuo, Shizuo." He said over and over as he continued his pace. In and out, in and out. Deeper and deeper. The way that Shizuo clenched around him was torture.

"Ahh, Izaya…ughh. I think I might!" Shizuo dug his nails into Izaya's back as the pleasure became too much and he released for the second time that night.

The tightness around Izaya pulled him in further and with a guttural moan of his own he came deep inside Shizuo writhing body. Izaya continued to thrust faintly inside Shizuo as he rode out his climate before collapsing on the male beneath him.

"Hmmm, Shizu-chan." Izaya said in a raspy voice as he pulled out of said male. Shizuo looked up at Izaya with a smile on his face. He pulled the other down for a slow kiss before he succumbed to the darkness. Izaya followed shortly after, still on top of the blonde.

They would realise in the morning that they'd had sex in a room full of Hanejima Yuuhei memorabilia.

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