A/N: So here's what you missed on, Glee. Brittany gives Santana a pep-talk after Santana reveals that she's quitting her job and wonders whether or not she should get back together with Brittany. Quinn decided to come and visit because she was worried about Puck, only to find out he was a Bachelor on a reality T.V. show. Blaine reveals that he's nervous about his audition and seeing Kurt since his last visit in New York didn't go so well, but Marley tells him he'll be fine. It also gives Marley inspiration to write a song for Glee Club. Finn gets into a heated argument with Rachel over whether to do a topless scene and accidentally offends her, causing her to leave her engagement ring while he slept. Wow, a lot of drama. And that's what you missed on, GLEE!

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee, but I wish I did. We're getting a little closer to the end of the story, which is a little sad since soon it's Nationals, Graduation and everyone saying goodbye but there's still couples to write about, auditions to write about and of course, Nationals. Also, just wondering...does Cassandra and Brittany's conversation remind you a little bit of someone else's in Glee's? Just wondering. :) Enough of me blabbering. Here's the new chapter!

"So what exactly went on between you and Frankenteen that you ran all the way to my apartment?" Jesse and Rachel were sitting in Jesse's living room, sipping on a cup of tea as Rachel told her story to him. After listening intently, Jesse put the teacup down and saw that Rachel was still fiddling with her teacup. "You know Rachel, if I know Finn he wouldn't say things like that to you…on purpose at least." Rachel sent him a glare as Jesse cleared his throat to continue speaking. "The thing is that you need to talk to him."

"You want me to talk to Finn?" Rachel sounded a bit surprised, then seemed uncertain. "I don't know Jesse. I mean, if I could admit it, I'm madder at the fact that I have to do a topless scene."

"A topless scene?" Jesse seemed surprised.

"Yep, so the entire audience could see my bosoms and according to the director it could be a great move. I'm thinking of quitting Funny Girl."

"Wait, why would you consider quitting?" Jesse asked.

"Because as much as I love being on Broadway, I love Finn more." Rachel revealed. "Finn means the world to me and I don't want to lose him because of a scene. Oh I was so stupid earlier. And to make matters worse, I left my engagement ring on the table so now Finn probably now thinks that I'd never take him back. I messed up Jesse. I need to fix things between us." After realizing that her sentence sounded a bit off, she stuttered and shook her head. "I meant…Finn and I…you know what I meant."

"I know…well, you could talk to him at school tomorrow. As for Funny Girl, you're not quitting." Jesse said.

"What? Why aren't I quitting Funny Girl?" Rachel wondered. Jesse got up from the sofa and looked Rachel in the eye.

"Because I am going to get that topless scene written out for you…I know that it would mean a lot to you to be Fanny and we're not letting Margaret get what she wants. You are Fanny, Rachel…and nothing is going to change that." Rachel felt empowered as she stood up from the sofa.

"You're right. I am going to be Fanny Brice and there is nothing anyone can say about it!" Rachel then looked to Jesse, giving him a small smile. "Thanks Jesse."

"You're welcome…" Jesse beamed. Rachel cleared her throat as she took the cup of tea from the table, then went over to the kitchen.

"I'll go and wash these for you." Rachel offered. Jesse continued to stare over at Rachel, still thinking of how guilty he was for letting her go. He had her once when she was a sophomore in the Glee Club, but now she was an independent woman in New York—and Finn had her heart. The least he could do was be there for Rachel…that was all he could hope for.

Rachel sat on the bench in the dance studio at NYADA the next morning, tying her dance shoes while her ombre hair fell in front of her face. As much as she loved her hair, she had to admit that it was getting in the way of her seeing what she was doing. She heard footsteps enter the dance studio and she was sure that it wasn't Cassandra or Brody. Rachel looked slowly at the doorway, taking a deep breath as she saw Finn standing in the entrance, unsure if he should come in the room. After a moment, Finn entered the area and sat on the bench next to Rachel. Rachel looked back down to her shoes, waiting for Finn to make the first move. Finn cleared his throat, staring at her.

"So…um…where did you go last night?" Finn started the conversation. Rachel looked away from Finn, not sure if she should answer the question.

"I spent the night at Jesse's apartment…don't worry…all we did was sleep and drink tea." Rachel bitterly answered. Finn knew that Rachel was still angry, so he didn't press the issue.

"Oh, that's nice." Finn simply said. He then looked back down and let out a sigh. "Rachel, you know I love you, right?" Rachel shrugged her shoulders, then looked Finn in his eyes.

"Well last night it didn't seem like you loved me. You said that if the whole world thought I was a whore for doing a topless scene then you wouldn't know what to think." Rachel gingerly answered.

"And I realized that was the wrong thing to say." Finn finished. He then let out a deep breath, staring over at Rachel. "Rachel, do you want to know what I think if the whole world thought that?"

"If you say one stupid comment, then I'm leaving." Rachel interrupted him, pointing to the door.

"I would think…that the whole world was stupid…and they were jealous because you had the opportunity to be in a Broadway show and they were just sitting in the stands with no talent." Finn answered. Rachel's face softened as Finn continued to speak. "I had a lot of time to think about what I said last night and one of the things I hated was not being able to sleep next to you. You're the most classiest person that I've ever known Rachel—and I am very, very sorry that I made you cry, leave and take off your engagement ring. I can't promise that I won't say something stupid again because we all know it's bound to happen, but I can promise that I will think before I speak—because last night was the worst night of my life and I don't ever want to lose you again because of my mouth. You're my fiancée Rachel. We're Finchel. We're better than any couple you watch on television. My life's not complete without you…" Rachel continued to eye Finn then nodded her head.

"You know, last night was the worst night of my life too." Rachel said. "Even though I was extremely angry at you last night—I was afraid you were going to think I didn't love you anymore. I guess in my anger I took off the engagement ring then went out the door but when I had time to think, it was stupid. I don't want every argument to end where I threaten to leave you because of something you say. We both know that you're going to say something incredibly stupid at some point—but I was just as wrong last night for leaving you like I did. I'm sorry…and…our relationship may not be roses…but it's better than Sex & The City." Rachel leaned next to Finn and pressed a kiss to his lips.

"Damn right our relationship is better than anything in Sex & The City…because we actually have sex in New York City?" Finn joked slightly, causing Rachel to laugh.

"I'm pretty sure they did as well…but of course on T.V…they show nothing." Rachel pressed a kiss to Finn's lips again, then ran a hand through his hair. "I love you, Finn."

"I love you too, Rachel." Finn smiled then pressed his lips to Rachel's again. He then parted after a moment, then raised an eyebrow with a smirk. "Now about that sex…?" Rachel laughed, pressing a kiss on Finn's cheek.

"After rehearsal…it's a date." Rachel promised. She then looked at her bare ring finger and looked back at Finn.

"Right, your engagement ring…" Finn went into his pocket to get the ring out. He put the ring on Rachel's finger as she pressed a kiss to his hand. She hated being mad at Finn, but when they made up it was all the more sweeter. Rachel sat on Finn's lap then saw Santana entering the room.

"Glad to see you two made up." Santana gave a genuine smile towards Finn. Finn smiled at Santana then gave her a serious look.

"Santana…thank you for what you said to me last night…you really got through to me." Santana flipped her hair with a grin.

"Well, you've done a lot for me Finn…I thought I would repay you." Rachel gave Santana an inquisitive look, wondering what Santana meant.

"What did Finn do to help you?" Rachel asked. Santana realized that Rachel didn't know that Brody had slapped her, hence was the reason why Santana was even in NYADA.

"Well…Brody slapped me and left a bruise on my face." Santana answered. Rachel continued to look at Santana then turned to Finn.

"Is this true?" Rachel wondered, raising an eyebrow.

"It's true." Finn finally said after a moment. Rachel turned to Santana then shook her head.

"Santana, you have to go to the police with this. There's no way that Brody can get away with what he did." Santana considered Rachel's words then shook her head.

"What good is that going to do? He and Cassandra hit Finn with a car and they're walking around like they own the place. The police don't care. Nope, I'm going to handle this the one way that I know how…but I'm going to need your help." Rachel stood up from the bench, giving Santana a look.

"What would I have to do?" Rachel wondered.

"Just get Brody to come here in the next five minutes. I know Cassandra the Ogre is busy trying to steal everyone's food in the teacher's lounge." Santana pointed. "Also, Brittany's in the hallway and talk to her for a moment. She wants to show you something." Rachel nodded her head and obliged with what Santana said, heading out of the room, off to find Brittany. Finn simply stared at Santana while letting out a sigh.

"Are you sure about confronting Brody, Santana?" Finn worried about his friend.

"I'm sure, Finn." Santana said. "I mean…it's gonna be hard to face him but this something that I have to do. Besides, Brittany has been good moral support and that's what I needed right now."

"Brittany, huh?" Finn smirked, raising an eyebrow. "Brittany's been here for you the whole time even though she's been taking a tour a Julliard. Santana…Brittany still loves you, and you're not going to find love like that. I'm just saying that you need to let Brittany know how you feel about her."

"You're doing this to help or is this inspired by your guilt last year when you basically shoved me out of closet?" Santana asked with a hint of a chuckle.

"I'm just trying to help." Finn put his hands up defensively while laughing. He then noticed Rachel and Brittany talking outside of the classroom, then turned to Santana. "Santana, I know that you might not understand this but…love isn't something that just goes away. At least, true love…you could read a million books where there's no happy ending for the girl and guy and you might end up not believing in love…but true love is there. Look at all the kickass Disney movies there are about love. Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Aladdin, Mulan, Hercules, The Little Mermaid, Tangled, The Princess And The Frog and so many other movies all have one thing in common—the guy and the girl always find each other in the end. And it doesn't have to be a guy and a girl. It could be a guy and a guy or a girl and a girl. What I'm saying is…true love is everywhere Santana, and from what I've seen between you and Brittany…that's what you have. You have true love…and it could make an awesome Disney classic if there was one ever based off your love story." Santana listened to Finn as he spoke, then slyly smirked towards him.

"So Finn…you watch Disney movies with or without Rachel, because she doesn't like Tangled." Finn blushed, then refocused himself.

"Tangled is a great movie…and even the bandit and a princess found true love. You and Brittany are perfect together…and you will argue…but you're best friends and always there for each other. Just…be honest with her, that you want to be with her." Santana considered it for a moment then let out a smile.

"Thanks, Finn." Santana gave Finn a quick hug as Finn smiled back towards her.

"Anytime, Santana." Finn replied. Santana turned her head to see Brody entering the classroom with his hands in his pockets, staring at Santana and Finn. "And if you need me to beat the crap out of him, I could gladly do that for you."

"Nope, I got this." Santana walked over to Brody, crossing her arms and giving him a hard glare.

"Santana, why did you send the dumb blonde and Lady Schwimmer over to me in order for me to come here?" Brody sneered.

"Hey!" Finn got up from the bench and started charging Brody. "No one calls Rachel 'Lady Schwimmer'!"

"You just did." Brody snickered. Finn realized it after a moment and felt like slapping his forehead. Rachel, Brittany and a few NYADA dancers entered the room as Rachel crossed her arms.

"Leave him alone, Brody." Rachel send a glare to Brody as Brody let out a sigh.

"And why can't I pick on tubby here. I mean he's obviously the worst dancer I've ever seen…so how did he even get in here?" Brody continued to pick on Finn until Santana couldn't take it any longer. She walked over and looked Brody in the eye, shaking her head.

"All right, let's get two things straight. One, Brittany is not a 'dumb blonde.' She is a genius and you're too dumb to see it. Two, although Finn could lose a couple pounds and go on Jenny Craig, or maybe even Weight Watchers, he has more talent in his body than you do in your finger. He plays drums which is awesome, he's a good singer and he's here to study on how to be a music teacher which last time I checked, is a major here. Dance class is just a requirement."

"I don't know whether to feel offended…or glad you defended me…" Finn piped up, but Brittany just put a hand on Finn's shoulder.

"Santana's just being brutally honest." Brittany defended Santana. Finn sent a worried glance to Rachel, but Rachel shook her head, assuring him that he was fine.

"And you think you have any talent?" Brody continued to stare at Santana. "All you got working for you is a banging body."

"And that's the problem with men these days. All they want is sex. I'm pretty sure that Finn thinks about it five, six times a day." Santana looked to Brittany as Brittany let out a small smile at Santana's small joke. "Girls are so much easier these days. Especially girls like Brittany…, which I was too dumb to realize this year. Brittany was all I really needed. Not jobs that earn a lot of money but cause me problems. I'm going to get money…but I'm going to get it the right way. Not by getting used by pretty boys who have no priorities like yourself."

"You still didn't answer my question…you think you have talent?" Brody smirked.

"I know I have talent…and I could easily prove it to you." Santana challenged him. Brody nodded his head, then walked over to his side of the dance studio with the NYADA male dancers. Santana led Brittany and Rachel over to the other side of the dance studio with the NYADA female dancers while Finn stood in the middle. He took one look at Brody, then walked over to Rachel, Santana and Brittany's side, showing the girls that he was with them 100% of the way. Finn kept his eyes on the girls, becoming excited that they were going to show just what they could do.

"Hey, Santana…" Finn looked to Santana as she let out a smile. "Kick his ass." Santana walked over with Brittany and Rachel, whispering something to them before playing the music. As Brody and Santana duked it out, they didn't realize Cassandra standing at the doorway…and she was looking right at Santana and Brittany. There was something interesting about Santana from the moment she met her…and she had overheard her conversation about Brittany from down the hall. Cassandra may have been a bitch, but she also had a heart…even if it was small.

La, la, la, la, la
La, la, na, na, na

Girl I've been all over the world looking for you
I'm known for taking what I think I deserve and you're overdue
And if you listen you can hear me through the radio
In that bright white noise
What I've been missing in my life, I've been dreaming of
You'll be that girl, you'll be that girl, you'll be

Everything you want so let me get up there
I'm the baddest baby in the atmosphere
Tell me what you want so we can do just what you like
Everything you know I flip it upside down
Take you round the world cause I like it loud
Tell me what you want so we can do just what you like

You make me feel good

[Santana with Brittany and Rachel]
La, la, la, la, la

You make feel so

[Santana with Brittany and Rachel]
La, la, na, na, na

You make me feel good

[Santana with Brittany and Rachel]
La, la, la, la

You make me feel so

[Santana with Brittany and Rachel]
La, la, na, na, na

Put your hands up
Put your hands up
Let the lights drop
Let the lights drop
Make my world stop
Make my world stop

[Brittany and Rachel]
La, la, la, la
La, la, na, na, na

[Brody and Santana]
You make me feel good

[Brittany and Rachel]
La, la, la, la

[Brody and Santana]
You make me feel so

[Brittany and Rachel]
La, la, na, na, na

[Brody and Santana]
You make me feel good

[Brittany and Rachel]
La, la, la, la, la

[Brody and Santana]
You make me feel so

[Brittany and Rachel]
La, la, na, na, na

[Brody and Santana]
You make me feel so

[Brittany and Santana]
La, la, la, la, la

[Brody and Santana]
You make me feel good

[Brody, Santana, Brittany and Rachel]
La, la, na, na, na

As soon as the music finished playing, everyone heard a clap come from the door. Everyone spun their heads to see Cassandra entering the room, flashing her signature smirk. Finn thought that she was going to say something cunning but Cassandra put her hand up in front of him, giving him a serious look before turning her head towards Santana.

"So, you think you have talent?" Cassandra walked around Santana, with Santana feeling a bit uneasy. When Santana didn't answer, Cassandra stared over at her, crossing her arms. "So…do you have talent or not?"

"Um…yes. Yes, I do have talent." Santana said after a moment of considering whether she should answer. Cassandra nodded her head, then looked to Brittany.

"What do you think? Do you think Santana over here has talent?" Santana worried that Cassandra was going to start picking on Brittany, but Brittany simply nodded her head.

"Santana's one of the best dancers I've ever seen. She's talented…dedicated…and if you give her a chance then…she'll prove the entire world wrong and show them what she can do." Cassandra then did something that no one expected…she smiled at Brittany.

"Is that so, Ms. Pierce?" Cassandra started walking around Brittany—but then Brittany became confused…more confused than usual.

"How did you know my name?" Brittany asked.

"New York performing arts schools have a tightknit community. I heard you were accepted into Julliard due to your incredible dancing, which I must say was incredible…and…I believe that I see you as a young Cassandra July…" Brittany continued to stare at Cassandra until she revealed a smile.

"Sweet." Brittany simply said, her infectious smile lighting up Cassandra's small, shallow heart.

"And since because I like you so much…I'm going to do something for your friend Santana over here…" Cassandra looked to Santana as Santana shuffled her feet. "You have talent Santana…and normally I don't do this…but I'm willing to offer you a dancing internship. I teach three classes here and then I teach a remedial class at Julliard…you're going to report to me every weekday and you're going to help me teach the last class of the day at NYADA…and then we're going to teach the remedial dance class at Julliard. And just so you know…the internship is paid…" Santana continued to stare at Cassandra in shock while Rachel, Finn and Brody eyed her in disbelief—but for different reasons.

"Cassie…you can't…you can't be serious. You promised me that internship!" Brody spoke up, letting out nervous chuckles.

"I am serious. And I'm willing to give Santana a shot doing a job that she loves—dancing." Cassandra then started to head out of the dance studio while Santana and Brittany looked at one another. Rachel walked over to Cassandra with Finn following in tow. When they exited the dance studio, they looked to Cassandra, raising their eyebrows.

"I don't get it Cassandra…" Rachel started saying. "You hate us…you hate Santana…but…yet you gave Santana a job."

"Rachel…" Cassandra turned her head, staring at both Finn and Rachel. "Finn…I don't hate my students."

"Really? Because you hit me with a car." Finn pointed to Cassandra as she shrugged her shoulders.

"My foot didn't hit the brake in time." Cassandra lied, then got back to her point. "Look, I'm intense…as you can see I made your semesters hell. But since the semester is almost over…I like to make peace with my students. I put all my students through craziness during the semester—I even sleep with a few of their boyfriends from time to time—even the ones that are convinced they're gay until they get on the Cassandra express. I wanted to test if you were both ready for the real world…because there are real people that are going to be like that in real life."

"Even getting hit by cars?" Finn couldn't let it go.

"Sure, look at Britney Spears. She hit the paparazzi with her car when she had that crazy spell." Cassandra shrugged, then continued to get to the point. "The point is…I test all my students that way…even if it's crazy. Because let me tell you something, I am one crazy bitch."

"I'm not going to argue with you there." Finn muttered. Cassandra then looked to them as she started to turn away.

"Just so you know…you passed." Cassandra started to leave.

"Wait, what?" Rachel shook her head.

"The entire semester? That was your final. You both danced with your friends in there…and you're not bad…so you passed. Now I won't have to see your mugs until your sophomore year." Cassandra walked down hallway, not saying another word. Finn and Rachel looked to one another, scratching their heads in interest.

"What…just happened?" Rachel was utterly confused. Finn decided to just let out a smile and wrap his fiancée in a hug.

"I don't know…but…at least we passed Cassandra's class and we won't have to see her until next year." Finn looked on the bright side.

"That's right…and now we have more time to see the production of Les Mis…directed by the one and only Finn Hudson." Rachel cooed.

"And we can see the lovely Funny Girl, which will be starred by none other than the funny, beautiful, Rachel Berry." Rachel blushed at Finn's comment, turning her face towards his and placing a kiss on his lips. As Finn got into the kiss, Rachel parted, giving Finn a slightly sad look. "As much as I want to stand here and kiss you all day, I have to go to rehearsal."

"I know you do…and I have to put the finishing touches on Les Mis. The teacher wants it to be perfect and it's getting that way." Finn pressed a kiss to Rachel's cheek, then started heading towards the auditorium.

"Hey Finn, when is Opening Night for Les Mis, anyway?" Rachel wondered.

"Oh, that would be on Tuesday. When is the Opening Night for Funny Girl?" Finn asked. Rachel's mind went blank as she widened her eyes.

"Um…Tuesday." Rachel spoke. Finn stopped in his tracks, then walked over to Rachel.

"At what time is your thing…?" Finn asked.

"Um…at what time is your thing…?" Rachel wondered. Finn and Rachel took a deep breath and decided to say it at the same time…maybe there was a time difference in when their projects started?

"Eight." They both said at the same time. Rachel and Finn let out a deep breath and started looking at one another with worried looks. They had something important to them that they wanted to share with each other—and it was at the same time!

"Um…don't worry…I'm sure that we can figure this out." Rachel shook her head while rubbing Finn's arm with her hand.

"Yeah, I mean…we just have to compromise, that's all…" Finn looked Rachel in the eye as she nodded her head.

"Exactly. Now, I have to go rehearse…I'll see you at home." Rachel pressed a quick kiss to Finn's lips, then walked down the hallway. Finn continued to look over at Rachel while letting out a sigh. What was he going to do?

"Thanks for taking me out for ice cream, Santana." Brittany exited a Baskin Robins as they started to make their way back to Santana's loft. "Ice cream is the main thing that makes anyone happy in this world."

"That's true." Santana nodded her head as the two girls laughed. Brittany looked down at her ice cream, then looked to Santana.

"So…did you mean everything that you said to Brody…about me?" Brittany wondered. Santana looked to Brittany, nodding her head quickly.

"Yes, I meant every word I said, Brittany." Santana saw Brittany's smile widening. "You're a genius…and no one is smart enough to figure you out. That's their problem. I know what you're capable of…and you're such a visionary that no one will be able to be smart enough see it…" Santana and Brittany sat down by a nearby park bench, looking into each other's eyes. "I am sorry about what went down between us this year…and the last thing I've ever wanted to do was upset or hurt you…you're special…and I just kept thinking that if I could mask my heartbreak, then I'd be fine. But I wasn't. Thank you for having my best intentions in mind."

"I'll always look out for you…even when you're not sure if you want me to." Brittany admitted.

"And that's what makes you the best person for me Brittany." Santana grabbed Brittany's free hand as they looked at one another. "You make me want to be a better person. And I love that about you."

"Well, there are a lot of things that I love about you." Brittany shrugged her shoulders, giving Santana a grin.

"And what would that be?" Santana asked.

"I love how you never take no for an answer, you're smart, you have an awesome singing voice…and I love how you're not afraid to put down that exterior in order to show how much you care about me…" Brittany put her forehead on Santana's as Santana let out a smile.

"I love you, Brittany."

"I love you too, Santana." And with that, they sealed their restored love with a sweet kiss, not caring who walked past them and gave them looks. They were Brittana, and nothing was going to tear them apart ever again—except for the fact that Brittany had to go back to McKinley and finish the last four weeks left of school. Santana and Brittany got up from the bench, holding hands as they made their way back to the building, while Santana gave Brittany a smile.

"So are you excited to head back to help the Glee Club win Nationals?" Santana wondered. Brittany's face soured as she looked down to her feet.

"I'm not in Glee Club anymore." Brittany revealed. Santana looked over to Brittany with a confused look on her face.

"What do you mean you're not in Glee Club anymore?" Santana asked.

"Tina kicked me out of Glee Club because I'm not special to the club. All I do is dance around the stage and I don't have vocals like you or Rachel or Kurt or Mercedes or even Mercedes's clone. I can't even sing like Marley, Kitty, Artie or Jake. My voice isn't special." Brittany sighed.

"Brittany…you're going to rejoin Glee Club…and you're going to show them how special you are. They can't win without a killer dance sequence…and you're the only one that can teach them how to do that. I'm afraid with what mini-Puckerman will put the club through. He'd probably make them do ballet along the stage." Brittany giggled as they pictured Jake teaching the Glee Club ballet. "The point is Brittany, Tina's wrong. They need you. And you don't want to sit out of the last competition you'll ever do in High School, do you?"

"No, but…" Brittany looked to Santana with uncertainty. "What if we lose and it's my fault?"

"Remember, I'll be there. Nationals are in New York again…and I'll put anyone in their place if they say that it's your fault. It could never be your fault Brittany, I promise you." Brittany nodded her head, giving Santana a grin.

"All right, I'll go back to Glee Club. And I will amaze them with my dance moves, I promise you that." Brittany said. Santana and Brittany kissed once more, then headed into the loft where they saw Kurt and Blaine talking. Blaine turned his head to see Brittany standing there as she let out a smile. "Guess what Blaine, I'm going to join Glee Club again."

"That…that's great Brittany, because everyone missed you." Blaine got up from the sofa and hugged Brittany tightly.

"That's also awesome because now they can kick Stoner Brett and Jacob Israel out." Kurt added.

"Wait, why is Stoner Brett and Jacob Israel in Glee Club?" Santana shook her head, trying to comprehend everything.

"Because after Brittany left, Kitty kicked Tina out and we had to use two members to replace Brittany and Tina. But now that Brittany is back, we can add Tina again and then we can compete for Nationals." Blaine explained.

"That's great, Blaine because I had some ideas." Brittany looked excited again.

"What did you have in mind?" Blaine asked.

"How about instead of each of the seniors getting their own solo, we all sing a group number since this is our last performance?" Brittany suggested.

"Brittany…" Blaine put his hand on Brittany's shoulders, giving her a wide grin. "That is the best idea you've had in a very, very long time." Brittany grinned along with Blaine as Santana and Kurt looked on with a smile. Now that Brittany was back in Glee Club, everything was back in place for Nationals—that was…until New Directions actually met their competition.

Song(s) Featured: You Make Me Feel by Cobra Starship feat. Sabi (Sung by Santana Lopez, Brody Weston, Brittany Pierce and Rachel Berry)