AC5: The Unsung War: Vendetta:

This story will be told from various POVs; but mainly around Wardog/Razgriz Sq. and Blaze's brother; a Belkan that lost everything and wishes above all that blood be paid for the blood that was lost… but will time and new friends change him, or will he remain true to his cause… vengeance. Some romance, suffering, humor and random interesting things.

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Chapter 1: Meet the Belkan

My name is Leonard Hartwig Werner; I was born in The Principality of Belka in 1982 in the capital city of Dinsmark; I was thirteen by the time I saw in the news, what my countrymen were forced to do in order to stop the allied invasion in our land.
Seven nuclear detonations vaporized the seven cities along northern Belka, in the Waldreich Mountains region.
Known as the Seven Pillars of Belka; these nukes, were the only thing that staved a complete Allied invasion of my country; this happened on June 6, 1995.
This event marked the end of the Belkan War.

It was a terrible day; I was living only with my father; a retired fighter pilot of the mighty Belkan Air Force.
He retired after he and his entire squadron were shot down over the Belkan Priority One Strategic Airspace B7R; also known as The Round Table… they were all shot down by the Ustian Air Force 6th Air Division, 66th Air Force Unit; also known as Galm Team.

At first, Galm wasn't a very important or known fighter Sq. but as the war evolved, these mercenary dogs turned the tables of the war.
The squad leader was the tip of the sword that pierced the heart of my land; he was the reason the Allied Forces managed to resist and survive the war against Belka; he was known as The Demon Lord of the Round Table.

Only my father survived after that engagement over the Round Table.
Perhaps it had been luck, or his skills; or maybe it just wasn´t his time… regardless of the reasons, from his entire squadron, only he survived the engagement; afterwards he decided to leave the army.
He was a broken man; and after witnessing the tragedy that happened in our homeland due to the Allied Forces assault, he died.
The pain, sorrow and grief for his land, his friends and for my mother's treason were too much for him. His last words "One day, we will rise again from the shadow we've been casted to; one day we shall take back what is ours, or give one last battle, to show the world our might." He then passed away…

His words were burned and buried deep in my soul and my mind.
I never knew much of my mother; she had been also in the army, but she was a scientist not a soldier, so she was not with us most of the time.
Pretty much all I knew, was that she had fled to Osea and became a citizen there; I also knew that she had taken my younger sister with her, Legna Hartwig Werner; she must have been ten years old by the time of the nuclear detonations; I wondered if she even knew she was Belkan.
Did my mother ever tell her? Did she remember our father at all or even me? Did she even feel something, after witnessing all that destruction? I wondered.

The other thing I knew about my mother was that she had betrayed my father... she had abandoned him when he needed her the most; she had abandoned me too.

Legna and I were separated when she was four and I was seven.
Perhaps she has no memory of the little time we had spent together; maybe she was like mother, a traitor… this is one of the reasons I never went to look for her.
Besides, why would I wish to go to the country that had taken so much from my own; they who had taken my father and ripped my family apart?

My mother abandoned the country, her comrades, my father and me; she abandoned us.
In my eyes she was a traitor to Belka, and most importantly a traitor to her own blood; however I really didn't knew what to think of my sister, she was probably too young to know what was happening, I guess and hoped, that she would still be true to our country and not an Osean lamb just following what she was told to do…

I had no family left in Belka that I knew about; so I took everything my father and I had and decided to start from zero; I left my country and travelled with a friend to the Federal Republic of Erusea; a republic located on the western Usean Continent, to start a new life.
My friend Gene had also lost his family to the war; he was a couple years older than me.

Little did we knew, that in less than ten years from the moment we boarded a plane towards Erusea, another war would start right where we were heading.
Since we were both interested in the military world, we became Erusean citizens to be able to join the army; they changed my name to an Erusean version for whatever reason.
The name sounded strange to me; I guessed it had been changed to a very odd translation of the meanings of my name.
Why, in the name of whatever god that looks down on us, did the damn Eruseans changed my name I don't know; but I didn't mind; and after all, in order to become a citizen you needed to do a military national service. This fitted us like a glove.
Besides… once granted citizenship, and with a new name and identity, no one would be able to link me with my family, or with my real country of origin.
At least my actual name remained as Leonard; couldn't say the same for my surnames…

Both Gene and I wished to join The Federal Erusean Air Force (FEAF), and spent most of our life in the academy; never going out on vacations or visiting home.
After all, what home did we had? We had no family left in Belka, and we weren't rich enough to just go off and live a good life somewhere.

At the academy, we were not the best in some classes like history; I liked History, but the authors of our books and historians in general, always depicted Belka as an evil force; an aggressor state.
If the world thought of my country as an evil force or that it was home to hard, cold and violent people, it was because we were strong and they were weak; so weak that the world had to come together to stop us. And even then, they couldn't finish us off.

But even with not the greatest notes ever, we were pretty damn good at almost everything else we did actually like.
Physical training was one of the things we excelled at.
In Belka, all the schools were expected to keep their students in a minimal athletic condition; you don't find many unfit people in Belka.
This practices were established since ancient times; ours being a small country, was forced to keep its citizens in fighting shape. This mentality helped shape my country to what it became.

By the time I was twenty-one, war broke out in the continent when Erusea took over and utilized the overwhelming power of the Stonehenge Turret Network to ascertain total domain of the mainland; the first attack was performed against the small country of San Salvacion.
After this event, the other countries banded together into a single organization.
The Erusean assault triggered a war against this organization; the newly named Independent States Allied Forces (ISAF).

Stonehenge was a railgun network built on the Usean Continent, and the first of a series of super weapons envisioned and created to protect Earth from the Ulysses 1994XF04 Asteroid.
The Stonehenge Complex was built in a desert region, south of San Salvacion.
With the help and sheer effectiveness of this railgun array to sanitize the airspace over the majority of the continent, Erusea achieved complete air superiority in a matter of days, and forced the ISAF to leave the mainland and fall back to Los Canas.
The war began on August 23 2003.
Erusea advanced towards Los Canas and took over the ISAF's General Head Quarters (GHQ); forcing what was left of the ISAF to fall back to North Point.

I was assigned to the Federal Erusean Air Force 156th Tactical Fighter Wing Aquila; more popularly known as Yellow Squadron.
Yellow Squadron was Erusea's best Tactical Fighter Squadron; and due to the pilots' skills and profile, Erusean High Command appointed us with the task of guarding Stonehenge and providing resolution to whatever mission the other squadrons couldn't deal with.
We thwarted a desperate air raid by an elite ISAF flight on September 23 2003; during this time there were talks about manufacturing unmanned X-02 Wyverns to defend Stonehenge… after our display, the Parliament scrapped the idea and we were maintained as the defenders of the turret network.

My flight lead, known only by his callsign; Yellow 13, was said to be the best pilot in all of Erusea.
On October 10 2004, it was announced that he had attained a kill score of 64 enemy planes in roughly a month since the beginning of the war; these news were warmly welcomed by the other squad members of Aquila.
I still remember that we all toasted in honor to the man, at the bar we had just taken over in the capital city of San Salvacion.

Yellow 13 was everything a Belkan knight had to be; an honorable and gentlemanly pilot.
He was a quiet man that enjoyed strumming his guitar from time to time. I remember a kid at that bar that would sometimes accompany 13 with his harmonica…
That little kid became somewhat the "mascot" of the squad; always following pilots or maintenance crew around, and always looking up to 13, as if he were a father to him.
The little guy was even allowed inside our makeshift airbase in the unfinished tunnels near San Salvation.

I heard somewhere that Yellow 13 was actually Belkan… an ace by the name of Erich Klinsmann; but if he was, he had no accent; and whenever someone asked about his life, he deflected the question or Yellow 4 came around and changed the subject…
In a way, I was similar to him; avoiding telling of my past and usually keeping only to myself.

Yellow 13 was always proud to say that he had never lost a squad member in combat; this changed over the skies of Stonehenge, San Salvacion and Farbanti.
I was one of the lucky few that survived the sheer power of the ISAF's Ace of Aces over San Salvacion.
By this time, Stonehenge had already been destroyed by this same pilot... during that battle I was able to shake him off thanks to thirteen's help; Yellow 4 was not so lucky.

Mobius One; also known as The Grim Reaper, The Ribbon Fighter… he shot down the leads of the entire Yellow Squadron throughout the war.
Yellow 13 always thought of him as a worthy opponent. He was one indeed.

During the siege of San Salvacion, I was tasked with the defense of the airport and surrounding area; I shot down seven or eight ISAF fighters before Mobius One arrived to my airspace… I had only met him once before, during the battle over the Stonehenge array.
This time however, I wasn't as lucky as before; and thirteen was nowhere to come and save my ass…
My Terminator was shot and I was barely able to make it to Farbanti before I had to bail out.
Most of the flight I was leading didn't survive.
This came as a hard hit; for it only proved to me, that for all the skill I had while in the air, I was unfit for a leading position.

During this battle, Yellow 13 was nowhere to be seen; I guess that Yellow 4's death was hard for him… he had trained her since she was just a trainee; they had a strong bond.
I tried approaching him once after the battle; I followed him until he entered his quarters…
There he was, holding Yellow 4's handkerchief… the boy from the bar went inside and talked to him; I didn't had the heart to do the same; so I just left.

The original Yellow Squadron members were divided after the destruction of Stonehenge; new pilots were cycled through each of the original member's newly created squads to prepare them for future battles… while some of the other veterans were sent out to bolster other squadrons.

The last time I flew with Yellow 13 was over the capital of Erusea.
The ISAF made it to Farbanti; and after a furious battle, the city fell, our leaders were killed or captured and the remaining battered fighting forces were forced to surrender.
Just as the battle was over, we arrived to make one last stand for Erusea… Mobius One shot down everyone within minutes of engaging.
I bailed out when my aircraft was Swiss-cheesed by the damn Ribbon, after I attempted a Pugachev Cobra…
As I fell from the sky, I saw 13's plane explode in a ball of fire… a single piece of cloth falling slowly away from the explosion was the last thing I saw from the Erusean Ace of Aces.
For some reason I didn't feel bad for Yellow 13.
He considered Mobius a worthy opponent; and he said on occasion, that if he were to be shot down by someone as skilled as him or better, he wouldn't hold a grudge towards them.

After I returned to the ground, I managed to find a group of Erusean soldiers that were evacuating the burning capital; I tagged along and managed to sneak out of the ravaged city while under constant fire from the ISAF army.
Gene, the friend that had travelled with me from Belka, survived along a few members of the Yellow Squadron that were not airborne and far from the capital.
We withdrew from all engagement zones and kept a low profile waiting for a chance to spring back into action.

It was over the next few days, that the survivors I was travelling with joined a larger detachment of Eruseans in a small airfield on the outskirts of Farbanti; this group included the last members of the 156th Aquila; the last of my brothers… the only family I had left.

In just two days and after the ranking members of our new ragtag army reassessed our strength and course to follow; it was decided that we would take over a secretly repaired base somewhere in the west.
My new comrades would later become part of a bloodthirsty organization called Free Erusea. Since I was part of the Yellow Squad, I was ordered to join as part of the squadron appointed to protect the skies of that base right away.
Our destination, at that time unknown to me, was Megalith; a massive anti-asteroid planetary defense structure built in the Twinkle Islands, west of the Usean Continent and armed with several ICBMs and laser systems.
Although it was unfinished, the Erusean military decided to try and revive the dreaded facility, and they managed to bring it back to life in secret.
The last chance of Erusea in the war, or so I was told…

On September 26 2005, Megalith was attacked by the 118th Tactical Fighter Wing "Mobius".
I could not believe my eyes right before the engagement; every single enemy in that squadron had a ribbon insignia; the same ribbon the Ace of Aces used… my friend Gene stated it to our flight lead Jean-Louis; "You're not going to believe this Jean-Louis. All of them have ribbon insignias!" this boded an evil omen for us all…

Gene took command after our captain was shot down by one of the Mobius squad; he was then shoot down by Mobius One himself; I fought back as hard as I could but to no avail.
Every maneuver I tried to pull was read almost before I started it, every missile I released was outmaneuvered; every time I believed I had managed to shake Mobius 01, he reappeared behind; my missile alerts never stopped blaring until I was finally hit...

In the end I was no match for Mobius One and I was shot down by the Ace of Aces.
Lucky for me, I was able to eject; and against all odds, I was rescued by a small vessel that carried some of those who would become the founding members of Free Erusea.
I joined them; secretly wishing their deaths for being such cowards.

Maybe the god of war or vengeance was looking after me; three times I had faced the Ace of Aces, two times I had managed to retreat; and the third time I had been shot down; still I had survived…

Had Gene or my father been alive to see what I was doing, they would have cut all bonds with me... they would ask why would I join people like this; terrorists, men with no honor, absolutely different from my Belkan beliefs…
The answer, along with everything else, was destroyed inside that dreaded facility.

The main ICBM was none other than a Belkan V2.
When I was touring around the base, I saw the South Belkan Munitions Factory logo on it.
I remembered my country, and the sorry state I had left it in. I was no better than my mother now; I was a traitor to my land.
I had become that which my father despised... I was now a mercenary in a foreign country.

I turned into an Erusean citizen; I was far away from my homeland and had a new name and a new life. Still, I had lost this country too. First Belka and now Erusea.
To top it all, I had just lost my entire family; the only family I had known since leaving Belka.

Hatred fueled my heart; thoughts of revenge against ISAF and Mobius One; but above these feelings, I wanted revenge against Osea and Yuktobania; the counties responsible for the dead of so many… the countries that made my own land bleed.
Besides, somewhere in the middle of the war, both Osea and Yuktobania had come to aid the ISAF.

I left Free Erusea when I finally reigned in my restless feelings; I saw Free Erusea for what they really were; nothing more than cowards that would not fight head on, no honor, no true warriors, no Belkan Knights…
I escaped one night in the X-02 Wyvern I was given; an experimental fighter manufactured by the Erusean Aeronautics and Space Administration (EASA).

This aircraft was first conceptualized in 1987 but was bought by Belka and used at a minor scale during the Belkan conflict; the X-02 combined a stealthy, futuristic design with state-of-the-art aviation technology, making it one of the best aircraft available.
Erusea must have sold some of these aircrafts to Belka and some other countries since the past war.
I took the Wyvern and headed to Osea; in order to secure a safe passage to that country, I gave all the information used for operation Katina; I was the one who told the ISAF about Free Erusea.

In exchange for all the intel, I asked the ISAF to intercede for me so I would be sheltered by Osea as a political refugee; I also requested for Osean citizenship and being able to join the Osean Air Defense Force; on top of that, I asked that my name be changed once more for security reasons.
In truth; I just wanted my name back the way it had been before joining with Erusea.
I was granted the request of joining the OADF and changing my name; but they didn't change my nationality...
In this moment, and for the first time since coming to Erusea, I was glad that the bastards had changed my name to Erusean; and so, the Oseans believed they had recruited an Erusean ace.
I had infiltrated the air force of my enemy; revenge was at hand.

Once I was in Osea, I was tested so the Oseans could see firsthand my abilities.
They all saw the last member of the legendary Yellow Squadron, not the Belkan behind; I was forced to surrender my Wyvern so that the Osean Air Defense Force could study it; if this was the price to infiltrate my enemies ranks, I would gladly pay it more than once…
Due to my skills, I was introduced into a secret program within the OADF.

Program Adamantium. Use of state of the art fighters, weaponry and technology.
This program was secret to everyone in Osea; even the president had no idea about us.
The Adamantium Program was financed by none other than the South Belkan Munitions Factory; now renamed as North Osea Gründer Industries.

Here, I was instructed in the use of experimental weapons and fighters; since the requirements and profile to be selected for the program were extremely difficult to achieve, there were only seven pilots total including me.

1. General. Adamantium 01. Squad leader. M. Osea. Elijah "Centurion" Moore.
2. Colonel. Adamantium 13. M. Erusea. Leonard "Adraste" Hartwig.
3. Lt. Colonel. Adamantium 02. M. Osea. Thomas "Lurker" White.
4. Lt. Colonel. Adamantium 03. M. Osea. Edward "Falco" Higgins.
5. Major. Adamantium 06. F. Osea. Lorraine "Lightning" Dabah.
6. Captain. Adamantium 09. F. Sapin. Valeria "Lanza" Velazquez.
7. Captain. Adamantium 66. M. Ustio. Daniel "Pyske" F.

Our mission was simple; protect Osea from any and all threats.
Since we were given the best tech, we were all trained to operate primarily in solo operations.
This pretty much meant no backup or support; we were given the best, they expected nothing but the best… ohh joy.

We were going to specialize in infiltration and espionage, destruction of specific targets, gather intelligence and deal with any kind of battle; anti air, ground and sea.
Basically, we were meant to be an entire squadron by ourselves.

Also since we were trained to always fly solo; this meant almost no communication with anyone but our assigned Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS).
We were using wyverns to my surprise; slightly modified, but a familiar airplane in the end. However, my personal favorite was the Su-37 Terminator; Aquila's fighter jet by excellence.

We were given total freedom to deploy wherever we wanted; we were not assigned to a base, but rather several bases were assigned to us. Each member of the Adamantium Squad was given a specific territory to protect; we would be able and be cleared to land at any base within our assigned territory at any time to refuel, rearm and rest.
I assumed the commanders of those bases would be informed… otherwise, I don't think they would be too pleased to have some random pilot touch down whenever he felt like it.

We were the real protectors of the sky; our wyverns were packed with advanced stealth drives, and state of the art modified weaponry.
This was not legal of course; no allied country was supposed to create modified variants of already existing weapons… unique fighters, training and weapons, just the way I like it.

But as usual, not everything was as I hoped for…
To my dismay, I was assigned to the northwestern sector of the country.
I wanted to be sent to the Belkan border, but when did I ever get what I wanted or desired.
My last base before the Ceres Ocean was Sand Island; a small piece of nothingness some miles off the coast… and it was hot, very damn hot.

I am 23 years old almost 24 and I'm already a Colonel, the second in command of the Adamantium Program and an ex ace of the Federal Republic of Erusea; who would have known…
I kind of wish the world could stay at peace, but it won't.
I know this will be partly because of me, and something tells me that another conflict is coming; hopefully it will give me the chance to strike against Osea.

Today is March 29 2006, I'm currently resting at Sand Island; there's something about this place, something I like; maybe the solitude or peace that comes with such a remote place… but by all I hold dear it's not this awful hot climate; I miss Heierlark Base; I should return there for a while…

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Blaze (10) (18) (20) (25) - 1995-2003-2005-2010 actual in game ages
Edge (9) (17) (19) (24) -
Chopper (14) (22) (24) (29) -
Archer (4) (12) (14) (19) -
Swordsman (24) (32) (34) (39) -
Genette (17) (25) (27) (32) -

Leonard (13) (21) (23) (28) -1995-2003-2005-2010 fic ages
Blaze (10) (18) (20) (25) -
Edge (9) (17) (19) (24) -
Chopper (12) (20) (22) (27) -
Archer (4) (12) (14) (19) -
Swordsman (24) (32) (34) (39) -
Genette (13) (21) (23) (28) -

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