No Need for Heroes

By JD Fielding

Note: None of the characters (with a few notable exceptions) belong to me. They are the property of Pioneer Inc. and all those involved in creating one
of the greatest anime series of all time. Based on the Tenchi Universe series.Slight AU in that I have no clue what the name of Tenchi's and Yosho's Juraian Ancestors are. So I made up my own.
Lots of Ryoko, but this is not a Ryoko/Tenchi fic.

Chapter 1--It Begins

The planet Jurai. A unique planet with a unique history. For countless generations,

Jurai has been ruled by those of the Juraian royal bloodline.Hundreds of branch

families connected in one form or another to the direct descendants ( those who can trace their royal

ancestry back1000 years.) It has been the role of the direct descendent

to rule over Jurai and all it's territories. However, the rulers of Jurai have also relied on the Juraian council to handle daily

affairs and represent the needs of the people to the emperor or empress

respectively. Today,as in the past, the council has been looked upon to make decisions about the future,

welfare, and safety on Jurai. In a large conference room on the planet Jurai such

an event was taking place.

An emergency meeting was in session. The fate of the entire universe, the issue.

Leaders chattered in different tones. Some angry, some fearful, others calm.

The leader of the council, Chairman Meiko, raised his hand in a gesture of silence.

Everyone quieted down.

"As you know the two rightful rulers, Lord Tenchi and Princess Ayeka, are

currently on the planet Earth. The Interim Lord believes we should send a kenshin knight to tell

them of the situation."

"In the hope of what?" Council member Taga interjected. "That they will return. Lord

Tenchi has no wish to rule and Princess Ayeka will not return without Lord Tenchi. So

where does that leave us?"

"Taga," Meiko sighed. "I'm sure that if we send a kenshin knight they will come."

"But the trouble is not on Jurai." A voice called from the crowd. A tallman stood

in the back of the group, his features hidden by shadow.

Meiko smiled. "Kenshin, thank you for coming."

The man nodded. "I am duty bound to do all I can to preserve order. Besides"

He added. "Four of my fellow knights are missing. I want to find out what happened

to them."

"Yes," Meiko replied. "People are disappearing at a rapid rate these past few

months. It is most distressing. We fear Princess Ayeka and Lord Tenchi might be

in danger so far away from Jurai."

"I will do all that I can to keep them safe." The kenshin promised before stepping out

of the shadows to bow.

The council members gasped when they caught a glimpse of the young knight before

them.The young man smiled slightly, obviously humored by the council's reaction,

before turning around and slowly exiting the room.

A few seconds later, Taga turned to Meiko. A look of shock plastered on his aging face.

"The resemblance is incredible!" He admonished.

Meiko nodded, a small smile tugging at his lips."Yes, it is. Isn't it." He replied, his

amused features quickly fading into one of concern. All around him he heard and

sensed the discord and confusion beginning to swell among his fellow

members. Meiko needed to settle their fears and gain confidence for the young man he had sent to solve

the mystery. He stretched his small frame upward and raised his arms in a

calming gesture. He then spoke in a booming voice that belied his small stature.

"Everyone quiet please."

The commotion died down. Several men and a few women turned towards him waiting

for him to continue.

Meiko drew in a quick breath then let it out slowly. "This meeting has come to an end

but before we leave I have something to tell you." He paused to make sure everyone

was paying attention then

continued in a voice full of conviction. "I have placed my trust in the kenshin.

So too must you. Trust him. He will bring back our people and restore order to the universe."

Meiko ended with a nod and a smile. He gathered his notes and left the room followed

closely by those less sure but equally hopeful people. People hopeful that the kenshin would succeed

because if he failed, Jurai was doomed.

Chapter two--A few weeks later

Billions of light years away and some weeks later Tenchi, or Lord Tenchi as he was

known on Jurai, was walking along the campus of Tokyo University. Having

been born and raised on planet earth, his first sixteen years of life had been pretty normal until one

day a shipcrashed into the countryside where Tenchi lived. It was then that he met Ryoko,

the first of six women who would enter his life and change it forever. Ayeka, first

princess of Jurai, her younger sister Sasami, Washu (a computer genius), and two Galaxy

police officers: Mehoshi and Keoni all became part of his family. While he cared for all of

them, they were driving him crazy, particularly Ryoko and Ayeka who were always vying for his attention.

When a man posing as Yosho, the long lost direct descendent of the Royal house,

gained control of Jurai, Tenchi went with Ayeka and the others to expose the truth. It was then

that Tenchi discovered his grandfather was Yosho. Tenchi, who always thought of himself as a

simple country boy, was the crown prince of Jurai and had an enormous hidden

power waiting to be exploited. He used this power to defeat the impostor, Kagato,

and free Ayeka who had been captured. He had the opportunity to rule the most

powerful planet (and all of its territories) in the universe but turned it down to

return to earth. Mehoshi and Keoni returned to their galaxy police jobs while Ayeka

and the rest of the gang journeyed back to Tenchi's home planet along with two

imperial knights, Azaka and Kamedaki.

Now, three years later, he was attending Tokyo university trading the chaos of living with

six beautiful girls for the chaos of living in the big city. As he walked along

the campus, his brown eyes took in the grassy hills and grand oak and maple trees

surrounding the path to the science department. His short black hair and small ponytail

moving slightly in the soft spring breeze that blew around him. He strolled his lanky

frame along, unaware he was being watched.

A short distance away, beneath an impressive oak, sat a young man in blue jeans,

a brown sweater and a red baseball cap. His vivid blue eyes focused on Tenchi as he

passed by. The man stood up and slowly walked along the grassy terrain blending in

with the others walking on the grass. He would cast a sidelong glance to his left then look

straight ahead again.

Suddenly Tenchi stopped. That's strange he thought. Somebody close by has a lot of power.

Tenchi looked around but was unable to find the source. A strong gust of wind

swept in causing the crown prince to cover his eyes with his hand. Tenchi looked

up to find the sky rapidly filling with bundles of black clouds. Lightning erupted in

brillant flashes followed by thunder that rumbled menacingly. Suddenly the ground was assaulted by a

hard rain that fell like bullets from the angry sky causing several students to run

and seek shelter.

Tenchi began to head for safety but stopped. turning quickly to his right he spotted a man some distace away. Aha. He must be the one I sensed earlier. Tenchi stared at the mysterious figure.

The man stared back before vanishing into thin air.

Tenchi shook his head. Man, I need some sleep. He thought.

"Hey man, you okay?" Someone yelled from underneath an umbrella. " You look like you've seen a ghost."

"I think I just did." Tenchi murmured then broke out of his reverie and headed to

the Science department shaking his head along the way.

A few weeks later an incident would happen to change the lives of everyone in Tenchi's

life including Tenchi himself.

Chapter 3--Just what is a kenshin knight anyway?

"Sasami!" Princess Ayeka called out from the front porch of the Masaki residence.

Her tall, lithe form twisting left and right before she spotted her younger sister coming

out of the woods.

"Ayeka what's wrong?" Sasami asked, her blue pigtails flying wildly in the wind. Her

dark eyes etched with concern.

Ayeka smiled and waved Sasami forward. "Come inside. A storm is brewing and I don't

want you to get hurt."

"Oh, okay." Sasami said in disappointment heading for the door.

Ayeka was about to follow when she saw a brief flash of movement to her right.

She stood still, the wind whipping her long purple hair around her pretty face.

She closed her maroon eyes and focused.

"What is it?" Sasami asked, not yet inside.

Ayeka opened her eyes and smiled. "Nothing. Come inside."

"Washu!" Ayeka called, closing the front door behind her "Washu!" She repeated,

searching the house frantically.

A short red haired woman with sparkling green eyes poked her head out of a

closet door. "What?" She asked.

Ayeka skidded to a halt and backtracked to the hallway the shorter woman was now

standing in. "Washu," Ayeka began, her hands clasped in front of her."Did your energy

detection device well, detect anything just now?" She asked referring to one of the computer

genius's many inventions.

"Why?" Washu asked.

"Because I swear I felt and saw something just now."

Washu rolled her eyes. "Not this again."

Ayeka straightened her frame. "I'll have you know Miss Washu that my dream does

have some significance." She said indignantly.

Washu waved her hand. "Right, right. So you've been telling me for the last month.

Look princess, I've read up on recent Juraian history and there have been no kenshin

knights in over sixty years and none that look like Tenchi."

"What's a kenshin knight?" A voice called from behind.

Ayeka spun around. She saw Ryoko, a former Space Pirate and rival for Tenchi's

affection, standing behind her. Her black jumpsuit shining like her yellow eyes and

spiky cyan hair.

" A kenshin knight is a special knight indeed." An older man with grayish hair and

dressed in Juraian knight attire interjected as he entered the hallway. "If I may

Princess?" He asked, focusing his dark blue eyes upon Ayeka.

Ayeka nodded. "Of course Azaka." She answered, vacating the hallway for the cozier

confines of the Masaki living room.

Everyone followed, gathering around the long oak table that sat in the living room.

A younger man with dark red hair and intense blue eyes entered the living room."May

I join you?" he asked quietly.

"Of course Kamedaki." Ayeka said, gesturing the knight to sit. The young
man quickly sat beside Ayeka and waited.

"A kenshin knight is special indeed." Azaka repeated for Kamedaki's sake.

Kamedaki's eyebrows shot up in surprise as he turned towards his older comrade but

said nothing.

"Why's he so special?" Ryoko asked, her curiosity piqued by Kamedaki's and Washu's


Azaka turned towards her. "He or she." He corrected.

"Okay , okay. He or she." Ryoko said impatiently with a wave of her hand.

"Well," Azaka began. "First you must know that there are three types of Juraian

knights. There are the imperial knights, like Kamedaki and myself that guard the

rightful ruler of Jurai. Then there are the knights that hold many different positions both

on and off the planet. They train constantly until the day comes when one of them

may be chosen to replace a fallen imperial knight. Lastly, there are the kenshin knights."

"What do they do?" Sasami asked.

Azaka smiled, clasping his hands in front of him. "A kenshin knight is a keeper of

balance. They travel the universe searching for any threats to peace, love, hope,

freedom. They are almost never on Jurai yet serve their home world well."

"So why have I never seen or heard of one?" Ryoko asked.

"Because what Washu said is correct. No kenshin knight has existed in over sixty years.

There are never more than ten born to a generation but they are not born in every generation."

Kamedaki added.

"Why so few Azaka?" Sasami asked.

Azaka appeared thoughtful."I am not sure princess Sasami. But kenshin knights tend to

come into power whenever a catastrophic event occurs. Something so horrendous that

it tips the scale of balance in the universe.

"So how would you know a kenshin if you saw one?" Ryoko asked.

"Eye color is the first clue. When they come into power, their eyes change either

into a neon blue or a sea green. These two colors are said to be vibrant, almost

glowing if you will. Once you have seen such eyes you never forget it." Azaka stated.

"And the second?" Washu asked with a small smirk.

Azaka focused his gaze upon the short scientist. "Well the only other real physical

indicator of a kenshin knight would be their left-handedness. All kenshin knights are left

handed both before and after their transformation. One indicator that never varies."

Washu smiled."That's not much of an indicator Azaka." She said dryly.

Azaka merely shrugged then turned towards Ryoko who asked, "What do you mean

when you say they come into power?

Kamedaki answered her. "A kenshin knight comes into power on his or her seventeenth

birthday, until this event, their identity is virtually unknown and they have no

knowledge of what their true power is. However, once they transform, they gain immense power,

knowledge and skill."

Ryoko raised an eyebrow. "Oh yeah. What kind of powers?" She asked.

"Well they channel their energy into light sabers much like we do with our staffs.

Added to this are their empathic, telekinetic, and telepathic abilities." Azaka answered.

Ryoko frowned in confusion so Azaka clarified. "They feel the emotions of others,

can move objects with their mind and can send and receive mental images and

thoughts from the past, present, and near future."

"I don't suppose they fly too?" Ryoko asked sarcastically.

"As a matter of fact, they do." Azaka added seriously. "As well as teleportation and


"Wow!" Sasami exclaimed. " I'd sure like to meet one."

"Me too." Ryoko said, smiling wickedly and casting a sidelong glance at Ayeka before

adding, "Especially if he looks like Tenchi."

Ayeka stood up. She had had enough taunting for one day. "Ha,ha. That's right make

jokes." She said angrily. "Just wait and see!" she fumed, storming out of the house into

the woods.

"Ayeka, Ayeka wait!" Sasami called out heading for the door. Ryoko stopped her.

"Let her go kid. She needs to cool down and the rain outside should manage that for

her. She'll be all right."

Sasami stared out the window as the rain came pouring down. " I hope you're right "

She whispered.

Chapter 4--I Told You So

Outside, some distance away, Ayeka took shelter under an enormous oak tree. She sat

down on the damp earth feeling sorry for herself. "No one ever listens to me."

She complained, so wrapped up in her feelings she didn't sense a dark presence until it

was too late. A large bolt of lightening struck nearby, tossing Ayeka through the air like a

ragdoll. Being a princess of Jurai she had several powers one of which was inacting

a force field when threatened. It was the force field that saved her from any real

harm. Another bright flash of light appeared before her. This time a strange creature appeared.

It looked human but it had slitted eyes, pointy ears, and spiky hair.

"A demon!" Ayeka exclaimed.

The demon brandished a large black sword and charged at the princess. Ayeka closed

her eyes, hoping the force field would be enough to stop the assault. But before the

demonreached her, a man appeared and blocked the demon's blow with a green light saber.

Ayeka opened her eyes. She stared in awe at what she saw before her. There, a mere

foot away stood the man from her dream, the kenshin. Dressed in blue jeans, tennis

shoes, and a white oxford shirt, he could pass for any ordinary earthling. Until he turned around.

"It's you!" She said, her voice quavering as she took in the features of the kenshin. The

man before her had the exact same facial features of Tenchi, apart from the

vibrant blue eyes that held her spellbound.

" Princess Ayeka , please move to a safe distance." The kenshin said in concern, in a

voice not unlike Tenchi's.

It took all of Ayeka's willpower to turn away from the handsome man and seek shelter a safe distance away.

The man watched her go then turned back toward the demon.

"Stay out of this kenshin!" The demon hissed.

"Well now," The young man said, his voice hard. "You know so much about me but I

know so little about you."

"You'll learn soon enough, just like your friends."

"Then let's not waste words!" He exclaimed. The two opponents took the battle to

the sky, attacking each other furiously.

As Ayeka watched from the ground, Azaka, Kamedaki, Yosho and Ryoko arrived.

"What is going on here?" Yosho asked Ayeka.

"I'm not sure lord Yosho. But Tenchi,.." Ayeka started then shook her head as if to clear

it."I mean the traveler just saved me from whatever that thing is up there." She added,

pointing a slender finger upward where the two combatants were facing off.

Everyone looked up and gasped in shock.

Above them, the kenshin and the demon matched each of their opponent's thrusts

with a parry. The kenshin sensed the others and, in an unconscious act, looked down.

The demon

noticed this and took advantage. She thrust her sword forward, piercing the

left side of the young man's chest and out the side. She began twisting the blade upward. The

kenshin cried
out in agony.

Ryoko rushed forward."We've got to help him!" She exclaimed, preparing to take flight.

Yosho stopped her. "Wait." He said quickly.

Ryoko whirled towards him. "What do you mean wait. He needs our help." She replied


Yosho shook his head. "No. He does not." He said confidently.

Ryoko was about to say something but thought better of it."I hope you're right." She replied

then looked skyward.

At that same moment the demon smiled wickedly."Bye, bye pretty boy!" She yelled in triumph.

The kenshin slowly lifted his head. The color of his eyes intensified and his body

began to glow. The demon frowned, trying it's best to finish of the knight but to no


The knight smiled. He slid off the imbedded blade quickly and flew downwards, placing

his hands in front of him.

A large green orb materialized and in an instant the kenshin released the energy ball

which struck the demon directly.

The blast sent the demon spiraling upward only to disappear in a burst of light.

The kenshin watched the demon become nothingness, his breathing labored. The blood

continued to ooze from the devastating wound afflicted by the demon's sword.

The kenshin tried to focus on the people some distance below him but in vain.

A few seconds later, he lost consciousness and plummeted down ward.

Ryoko flew up, catching the knight before he hit the ground. The space pirate gazed

downward at the man cradled in her arms.

"I don't believe it. "Ryoko whispered, nearly dropping the prone warrior before righting

herself and landing on the ground in front of the others.

Azaka and Kamedaki gasped."He looks just like.." Kamedaki stammered.

Lord Tenchi." Yosho finished for him.

"I told you" Ayeka said smugly. "That man is a kenshin knight."

Azaka and Kamedaki looked at each other in concern as Yosho commented. "If the

kenshin knight has come all this way to earth, then we could all be in serious danger."

"What do you mean lord Yosho?" Ayeka asked.

"I'm sure this man will tell us but first we need to get him home. Azaka, Kamedaki take

our wounded friend to the house."

"Yes sir." The two knights replied, carrying their injured comrade home with Yosho

following close behind.

Ryoko and Ayeka stayed a little longer. Ayeka walked around in small steps, scanning

the ground. Searching for something.

"What are you doing?" Ryoko asked, watching the princess walk around in large


"The kenshin dropped his weapon around here somewhere." Ayeka replied, scrutinizing

every inch of the ground.
" Ha! Here it is!" She exclaimed moments later, holding up a metallic cylindrical

device in triumph.

"So that's a kenshin's weapon." Ryoko said, walking up to the princess.

"Look at this!" Ayeka said excitedly, inspecting the saber.

Ryoko peered over Ayeka's shoulder. "What is it?" she asked.

"It's the royal seal of Jurai."

"So what?" Ryoko commented.

Ayeka ignored her. She sped off towards the house. Ryoko followed.

Back home, Ayeka waited patiently until Azaka and Kamedaki had tended to the

kenshin before asking her question.

"Azaka, have you've ever seen this on a sword before?" Ayeka asked handing the

weapon over to Azaka.

Azaka inspected the writing on the weapon. He had barely begun to read the words

when he suddenly jerked his head upwards and stared at Ayeka in disbelief.

"This is the weapon of Nagashi!" He cried in surprise.

"Nagashi?" Ayeka said in disbelief. "Are you sure?"

"Yes. Nagashi the greatest kenshin knight of all. She was sister to emperor Keito over a

thousand years ago and the only royal member to ever develop the powers of a

kenshin. It is

Keito's bloodline that Tenchi and his grandfather Yosho come from. How did this knight

get her weapon unless..." Azaka paused.

"Unless he is a direct descendent of Nagashi." Kamedaki finished.

"But that can not be. Nagashi never married. Back then children out of wedlock were


Azaka shook his head. " Keito and Nagashi had a falling out. Nagashi refused to marry

the man her family had chosen for her. She left Jurai at the age of twenty five never to return.

So who knows whether or not she had any off spring."

"Do you have any idea whatever happened to her Azaka?" Ayeka asked.

Azaka took a deep breath. "Well, It has been said that she died saving her brother from


He began but was interrupted by Ryoko.

"Wait a minute. You just said a minute ago that this Nagashi person never returned to

Jurai. So how could she have possibly saved her brother from death?"

Azaka turned to her. "Kenshin knights also have the ability to heal others.

However if the illness or wound is too great, they die as a result. Such was the case of Nagashi and emperor Keito.

Emperor Keito had become gravely ill. The doctors could do

nothing for his illness. Then one day the emperor miraculously arose from bed,

free of his illness. The doctors had no explanation for such an event. It is believed that

even though they were so far away from each other, the sibling bond between Keito

and Nagashi was a strong one, for they were twins.

Nagashi must have sensed her brother's illness and took it upon herself to heal him.

In doing so she lost her life. Keito knew that Nagashi was no longer alive.

Grateful for her sacrifice, the emperor reinstated Nagashi as a member of the house of Jurai

and declared that if any of her offspring or future descendents wished to return to Jurai,

they were free to do so. But no one ever claimed to be Nagashi's heir's,

so it is believed that Nagashi's power died with her." Azaka finished, his features somber

as he handed the weapon back to Ayeka.

"A sad tale Azaka. I never knew the full story until now." Ayeka commented, casting her eyes downward.

A few seconds later she asked, "How is the kenshin doing?"

Azaka focused his attention on Ayeka. "Had it been anyone else they would have died.

The demon punctured his lung and inflicted extensive tissue damage but

since he is a kenshin he will heal quickly. He should be fine by morning."

He answered softly.

Ayeka furrowed her eyebrows. "Shouldn't we take him to a doctor. I don't want him to

die." She said worriedly, her thoughts still focused on Azaka's sad tale.

Azaka smiled. "Don't worry princess." He reassured. "He'll be fine. Right now he needs

is rest."

"Yes of course. Please inform me when he awakes." Ayeka requested. The knights

nodded, bowing slightly. Ayeka walked gracefully down the hallway to her room, closing

the door behind her.

Kamedaki and Azaka noticed that Ryoko was missing. They shrugged.

"Must have gone to her room, too." Kamedaki said, then added. "I'll take first watch."

Azaka nodded. "Wake me in four hours."

"Yes sir.'' Kamedaki said posting himself near the large bay window downstairs.

Upstairs, the kenshin slept soundly but he had a visitor who was wide awake.

He looks just like Tenchi. She thought, floating a few feet above the young man,

admiring his prone form. His left side was bandaged, red spots visible underneath

the white material. Ryoko's eyes traveled up anddown the man's body.Although he looked

like Tenchi, he was taller and more muscular.

"Well stranger," Ryoko whispered. "Welcome to earth. Your going to love it here." She

added, gently touched the side of his face before slowly retracting her hand "Sorry."

She apologized, feeling silly. "It's just that you remind me of Tenchi." She said

dematerializing from the room, leaving the kenshin alone in his slumber.