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Chapter 1

Finally Friday!

They were still at the Five-O HQ and drinking a beer, having a good time and looking forward to their days off.

Danny shook his head and smiled. "No, no McGarrett! I know your definition of relaxing days. And anyway I'll have Grace this weekend."

"Oh," Steve rubbed his hands with glee. "This is even better! Think of all the fun Gracie will have. Come on Danny. This is really going to be so good!"

Danny looked pleadingly at his team mates for help, but they only smiled innocently back at him.

"I think Steve is right," Kono laughed "this will be so much fun and I wish I could go, too!"

"Yeah, me too!" Chin nodded agreeing. "But unfortunately we have to go to that wedding of our cousin Kalele and can't come. So you two go and have some fun."

"Yeah, yeah, a lot of water – salt water I might add– and that is fun…..? Why?" Danny shook his head in mock desperation and flailing his arms, but was smiling all the same.

"Yeah! Fun!" Chin nodded " And ..eh ..Danny, please take the satellite phone with you, one can never know!" Chin smirked devilishly. "You are with Steve McGarrett after all!" Danny slapped his arm and Steve let out a loud scandalized "Hey!"

"I'm so excited! I'll show you the nicest places near Lanai. There, you and Grace can snorkel and see true wonders!" Steve was almost glowing from excitement.

"I can't snorkel!" Danny said curtly, but when Steve's enthusiastic smile faltered a bit, Danny added quickly. "But I can learn? Right? And what better teacher than a real SEAL!" Now even the Jersey Detective had to smile.

"Yeah!" Steve grinned and clapped his friend on the shoulder. "Be at my place with Gracie around five and we will go to Kaneohe Yacht club where we get our own sailing boat for the weekend!"

"Five? Did I understand correct – five? You mean in the morning, right?" Steve only nodded.

"Yes, be here at 0500 hours!" He added just to make sure and annoy his friend.

Danny felt himself being shaken awake and the loveliest voice - on any other occasion – called his name.

"Danno, Danno, come on wake up. Uncle Steve is waiting."

Danny turned and managed to take a glimpse at the nightstand watch. 3:30!

"Hey Monkey, sweetheart. Please please I beg you, give this old man another half an hour!" Danny murmured sleepily.

"Okay, then I'll go and make coffee and breakfast, already!" Grace said with a shrug and walked away to the kitchen.

Danny turned and cuddled his pillow again. After a moment he suddenly jerked up. He had just realized what his daughter had said. Oh no! He groaned and pushed himself up. Grace, making coffee and breakfast?

Oh no! This would be the first disaster on this weekend! Danny still vividly remembered the last time Grace wanted to be a big girl and help.

He jumped up and hurried after his 8 year old daughter.

"Wait Monkey, I'll do it. You go and pack your things and I'll prepare breakfast in the meantime."

"Already packed, Danno! Can we go now?" She laid her head to the side.

"Grace! I'll need to shower, then pack, eat breakfast and then we go!"

"Okay!" she said pouting.

Danny turned and smiled without Grace seeing it, she was so adorable!

Danny hurried to accomplish everything in record time, because he knew he had no chance at all against a female Williams, even a little one!

At exactly 5 to 5, the Camaro turned into the McGarrett's driveway, where Steve already waited, ready for their adventure.

They packed everything into the Silverado and were on their way less then 20min. later.

Steve and Grace talked animatedly about their weekend ahead, while Danny fought to stay awake.

For a normal – sane - adult human being - this was just too early!

12 miles and another 25min. later, Steve parked the Silverado at the Kaneohe Yacht club.

He asked Danny and Grace to wait and went to check in at the 'boatshouse' to rent the yacht, a few minutes later he came back and took his duffle bag. "Take you bags guys and let's go. I'll come back and fetch the rest later."

After walking along many a nice boat, they halted in front of one of the most beautiful sailboats. She was slender in build and white as snow.

Even Danny had to admit, that this sailboat was a real beauty. Grace ran excited along the whole length of it. "Wow, she is big!" She stopped at the back and read loud; 'M.A.K.A.N.I!'

"Uncle Steve, what does … MAKANI. mean?" Grace asked.

"That means; Wind and a beauty she is on top, don't you think?" Grace almost glowed.

"Yes!" Grace said and took Steve's hand. "Can we go on board now, please, pleeeease ?"

"Yeah, of course! Are you ready Danny?" Steve glanced at his partner, who was unusually quiet.

"Sure!" Danny said and took his bag from the quay not looking at his friend.

"Eh…Danny.." Steve said as they walked on deck of their home for two days.

"What?" came a tired short reply.

"Here take these! They will help." Steve held out his open hand, Danny looked down at the package with pills for motion sickness.

"What?" He looked up at his friend.

"I know for a fact that you get sick on ….boats!" At Danny's questioning look, Steve nodded with his head to the small pig tailed imp.

"Ohh, I see. My little spy." Danny said, smiled and squeezed Steve's shoulder. "Thanks partner!" and went below deck.

They made good speed with the sails up..

"Where is Danny?" Steve asked Grace, who stood with her lifejacket on next to him.

"Danno is down deck and probably barfing his guts out!"

"NO! Danno is not vomiting - watch your language – and was stowing our things away!" Danny came along the railing and tousled lovingly his daughter's hair.

Danny made himself comfortable beside them and took the beer Steve held out to him.

"Here that's for you, Grace." Steve handed her a soda and Grace mimicked her Father and Uncle by drinking from the bottle.

"Nice vessel Steve, the room below is bigger than my old apartment!" Steve laughed. "Boat, Danny, boat!"

"You could have fooled me by its dimensions!" Danny grinned back and took another swig.

He really started to like their little trip. "How long to your secret spot?"

"Why? You have enough already?" The ex Navy man asked with caution.

"No, not at all. Just being curious!" Danny leaned back on the bench by the steering wheel.

" approximately three hours then we are at one of the most beautiful snorkeling places on earth!"