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Chapter 5

A warm fire crackled in the corner and Danny finally was able to rest for a bit.

"Danno?" Danny was startled by a soft voice calling him. Seconds later he was fully awake and kneeling next to his daughter.

"Hey Monkey," Danny took her in his arms "Shhhh I'm here. Danno is here." and Grace cuddled herself as close as she could to her father.

"Are you alright, Monkey?" A short nod was the answer. "But I'm a bit cold and my arm hurts and I'm scared."

"Shhh, everything will be alright." Danny stood and fetched one more of the blankets and wrapped his daughter in it. He sat down and held her close to him.

After a few moments Grace spied her Uncle lying on the cave's floor.

"Danno," Grace lifted her head "Danno, is that Uncle Steve?" Danny shifted with her in his lap. "Yes Monkey."

"Is he okay?"

Danny paused a moment. "No Grace, Uncle Steve is hurt very bad, "Danny felt her start to cry again and tremble slightly.

"Danno, I want Uncle Steve to be okay!" Suddenly she smiled a bit at her Dad. "I want to help to take care of him!" Danny looked skeptical.

"You sure Monkey? I don't want you to hurt your arm."

"Danno… I'm fine!" Grace said it with so much conviction, Danny almost apologized for asking.

"Okay Grace, let's see." Danny thought for a moment, then "Yeah, you could help me to keep his forehead cool!"

"Only that? I would like to do something real important!" Grace pouted.

"Oh, oh, Grace this is very important! You know, Uncle Steve already has a fever and I talked to Aunt Malia and she told me that keeping him cool is the most important thing right now."

"Sure? Then I can do that." Grace nodded enthusiastically.

He unwound himself from his daughter, went out of the cave into the rain and wetted a cloth. He next helped Grace to sit by Steve's head, where she immediately started her mission, which she took very seriously. Danny watched for a few moments then knelt down.

"Here Grace like this!" Danny wrung the wet cloth which was soaked with rainwater and laid it over Steve's feverish forehead

After doing her job for a few moments, Grace suddenly startled Danny by asking. "Will they come for us?"

"Yes," Danny sighed and nodded. "Uncle Chin and Aunt Kono will come as soon as possible!" Hopefully sooner than later, Danny thought and stared at his friend, who had started to writhe slightly and sweat profusely.

"Danno, what is wrong with Uncle Steve?" Grace has also realized the change for the worse.

"Don't know Monkey, please I need to have a look."

When he touched his forehead it was extremely hot, not the slight fever from before, but extremely hot and suddenly Danny's worst fear seemed to be confirmed

– Infection or even sepsis had set in. They needed help! Now!

Danny grabbed the phone with shaking hands. "Not already, no! Malia said it will be delayed! Damn!" he muttered his daughter almost forgotten for the moment.

"Chin! I need to talk to Malia" Danny said nervously as soon as he heard his friend's voice. "Steve is already burning up! He's got a real and I mean real bad fever!"

"A minute Danny, Malia is here." Chin said with a calm voice.


"Have already heard it, Danny." Malia paused. "I hoped for a bit more time! But I was afraid with the severity of his injuries… Danny all you can do at the moment is to keep him cool, wash his wounds and give him Tylenol. I'm sorry, but there is nothing else we can do."

"Damn!... Sorry! Malia, please let me talk to Chin."


"Chin, when are you going to get here?" Danny almost shouted.

"Easy, brah! You know, the freak Storm also hit Oahu and there is a shortness of choppers and Medivacs in particular. But Kono is on it and you know her. We have lots of family and she knows how to call up on them."

"Chin, if you have to – then hijack a freaking chopper or whatever, but make it fast. I have a bad feeling Steve needs help and he needs it now!" Malia just nodded at her husband.

"Danny we are on it! And please stay in contact with Malia!"

"Will do … please hurry!"

Danny leaned over his friend to block the view from Grace as good as possible and was just about to unwrap Steve's leg for the new wash down with disinfectant, when Steve jerked up and Grace shrieked with panic.

Danny's head shot up and he paled from the scene unfolding before his eyes.

It all happened in a matter of seconds. Steve sat almost upright with Grace in his lap. His broken arm was laid around her throat and the hand of the good arm was on the side of her head. One push with this hand and Grace would be dead!

"I've got her, Danny!" he gasped. "She won't hurt us anymore!... I'll kill her... for what she wanted to do!"

"For God's sake!" Danny pleaded and got into a crouching position. He could feel the sweat appearing on his forehead. God Grace, he had to stop this. Unseen by Steve he took the scalpel, lying in the first aid kit next to him. "Let her go Steve!" he pleaded.

"Let her go?" Steve's feverish eyes looked confused at his best friend. Not understanding him. "But Danny, she's got bombs, they... they do!"

"Steve - babe! That's Grace! Look at her, please! Please…" Danny's voice shook as he pleaded desperately with his friend to let his daughter go. "Please Steve, please let her go!"

"I can't – She will kill us – she will kill you!" Steve's voice got lower almost whining. "And you are my friend – my best friend!"

Now Grace started to cry softly.

"Steve, let her go.." Tears came to Danny's eyes. "Or… or…I have to…Steve… please" He pointed at his crying daughter. "It's Grace … and she..she loves you…We love you, Steve! Please don't make me do this." Danny's voice broke.

"Grace? No… she wears a v…veil….." Steve got weaker.

"Please… it's a blanket – only a blanket to keep her warm… Please …. Please look at her, Steve!"

Steve stared in feverish confusion at his friend.

"Danny… what … your eyes…" Danny hastily wiped over his wet eyes.

"Please, babe! Let Her Go!"


"Uncle Steve.. you're… scaring me!" Grace's wobbly voice made him look down. And there suddenly, the veil became a blanket and his friend's precious daughter appeared and looked with fear filled eyes at him.

"Oh God!" Steve immediately let go of her. "Oh my God!" He held his arms out to the side and stared horrified at Danny.

Danny ran the few feet to his daughter, crouched down and took her in his arms. He stroked over her hair again and again. "Monkey, are you okay?" Grace only nodded.

Then he looked at his very confused and shocked friend.

"Oh Steven!" he choked and pulled him, too, into their hug.

Steve stiffened at first, and then slumped slowly against his friend's chest.

"I'm sorry….sorry…I'm so sorry!" He was now openly sobbing.

"Shhhh, babe….. shhh it's okay." There he sat with Grace in one arm and in the other his very sick and confused friend.

He made slow circles on their backs, when Steve finally sagged completely down and lost consciousness.

"Are you okay Gracie?" When she nodded, Danny pushed her gently to the side and carefully laid his friend down on the floor. He checked Steve over and felt he was burning up now even more than before.

"Please please hurry!" he said to no one in particular.

"Danno." Grace still hiccupped. "Why would Uncle Steve be so mean to me?"

"Oh Grace, you know that Steve never would intentionally hurt you, right?" Grace just stared at him.

"Look, Uncle Steve is very sick and he did not recognize you, Monkey. And when he did he let go of you immediately, right!" Grace nodded. "And he loves you, you know that, right Monkey?"

"Yes Danno, I love him, too, but he scared me!" she whispered.

"I know sweetheart, I know!" Danny hugged her tightly and stroked her hair. He looked over her head at his still friend.

'Please come on! This would be a good time! Please!' He prayed silently for help.

*** HF0 ***

Danny was wetting the cloth outside when he heard Grace call his name with a panicky voice.

He stormed back into the cave, fully expecting to see Steve holding his daughter in a death grip again. And what he saw made him almost as scared.

"Daddy… Uncle Steve…" Grace had retreated back to the wall and pointed terrified at Steve.

Steve's eyes were open wide, he was shivering and his lips wore a hint of blue. He was obviously gasping for air, which he obviously didn't get.

On his way to kneel next to his friend, he grabbed the phone and was speed dialing Chin's number. Fortunately it was answered on the first ring.

"Chin!" Danny shouted into the phone, which he laid next to him on speaker.

"Danny, it's me Malia!"

"Thank God!" and before Malia could ask anything "Steve's getting no air! He can't breathe! And his skin is turning blue!" he was shouting desperately.

"Danny you have to calm down!"

"Sorry!" Danny let one hand slide over his face. "What shall I do? Malia, please!"

"Danny you know what to do! He obviously has a tension pneumothorax – a collapsed lung and you have to get the air out to ease the pressure!"

"Malia!" Danny pleaded with exasperation.

"I know for a fact that you have learned these things at police academy!"

"For emergencies only!"

"And this isn't one?" Malia asked harshly. "You have to do it and I know you can!"

"But this is Steve!"

"I know! And this is why you will now take the syringe with the longest needle and do it!" Malia waited till the Danny, with a shaking voice replied, "Got it!"

"Now you know where to place it, right?"

"Yeah!" Danny said, desinfected the area and pushed - after taking a deep breath and looking into his friend's pleading eyes – the needle between Steve's ribs into the collapsed lung. With a whooshing sound air was pushed out.

"The air is coming out!" Danny panted relieved and taped the syringe to Steve's chest to fix it somewhat.

"Good! If he gets worse again you have to get a chest tube in, but I would prefer this to be done in a hospital or by a professional"

"Believe me, me too Malia, me too!" Danny whispered while he watched Steve's lips slowly get a rosy color again. He looked at his still conscious friend, whose gaze was full of gratefulness, amazement and of being very proud of his best friend. Finally, Steve gave in to exhaustion and closed his eyes.

"Danny? Danny, are you still there?" Malia's voice came over the still connected phone.

"Yeah, where else would I be? …. Maybe…"

"Danny!" Malia interrupted. "Chin told me to tell you that they are on their way! Danny they should be with you in about an hour!" Malia's smiling relief could be heard over the phone.

"Wow! That's the best news I've heard in a long time! Thank you so much Malia!" he slid over to his daughter and took her into his arms. "But Malia, why are you not with them?... "He said after a few moments. "We need a Doctor…Steve needs a Doctor."

"Danny, Dr. Kamea is with them. He is a seasoned Doctor and will know what to do, even if this is not a Medivac with all the medical supplies, but a tourist chopper." Malia paused. "Sorry, but they couldn't get anything else, too much damage on Oahu itself!"

"I don't give a f…"He looked down at Grace. "a fruitcake…..But still you didn't answer my question, why you are not with them? You did work in emergency, too, right?"

"Yes, but Chin was against it and wanted me to stay here and wait for you at Queen's…."

"Chin wanted…. Malia? I don't understand…." Danny was confused, since this was not like his Hawaiian friend to order his wife around!

"Chin thinks….it might not be safe … for us to fly and climb around some rainforest island…"

"For ….." Now a huge smile lit Danny's face. "Wow! Malia are you making Chin a Dad?"

"Yes! And he makes me follow orders… but wait till he's back….no more of that – I'm not sick I'm pregnant!"

Danny chuckled and for the first time felt kind of good.