Making Do

Part One - The Base

Chapter One – An Antagonistic Ally?

"Ach nein, Heavy! Vhat are you doing?" The screams of the German man could be herd far and wide, but was there even any one to hear it? The BLU medic looked around for any help, but saw no one but the creature that used to be his best friend.

The BLU heavy had been acting somewhat strange all day (beginning with that weird creature biting him earlier this morning, but now all of a sudden he had let out a roar and grabbed the medic. Lifting him up by both hands, and moving the struggling doctor closer to his mouth.

"HELP! NO! HEAVY! NO!" The medic looked at Heavy's face, as his eyes lacked pupils.


Suddenly, the heavy let go of him. The medic fell to the ground, completely surprised by what had happened. The body of the heavy collapsed on top of him. The medic struggled to push the heavy off, and finally he crawled from underneath.

"Vhat happened to you, Heavy?" The medic noticed that his glasses were covered in blood. He cleaned them off using a part of his doctor's outfit. The medic quickly noticed that the heavy lacked the heady that usually rested upon his neck. "Verdammter Sniper!" the medic said, out of habit. These pesky snipers always had this habit of killing the heavy when they were about to charge an enemy position, leaving the medic to fend for himself. The medic saw no issues with fighting, but most of the time he'd lose to the better fighters like the RED Demoman and the RED Soldier.

Though this time, it was different. The heavy looked out of his mind, with the same kind of face he made just before he ate one of his precious sandviches. Was the heavy really going to eat him?

A large moan could be herd. "Vhat is it now?"

About ten of the monsters were closing in on him. The medic's yelling must have gotten their attention The medic realized that he was cornered. He reached for his blutsauger, but he must have dropped it somewhere in the confusion of heavy grabbing him. The only weapon he had was his trusty bone saw

"Who vants to die first?" The medic smiled menacingly, intent on learning more about these creatures after he murdered them. They looked humanoid, but their bodies were covered in blood. Many of them had grave injuries all over their bodies, and one even had his entire chest ripped open. The formation of the creature's insides were instantly recognized by the medic. These...creatures were once human. The medic didn't have enough thinking time as one of the creatures jumped forward. Another sniper shot could be herd...and a second one, and a third one. The medic checked himself for wounds, but found none. 3 of the creatures lay on the ground, dead.

In the distance he could hear a loud, familiar yell "GET OVER HERE YOU YOBBO!" The medic looked over to where it came from, and he saw someone waving his hand. The RED sniper was standing on top of one of this most favorite camping spots (as the others mockingly called it)

Now, the medic had seen many strange things in his days as a mercenary. A decapitating ghost, a flying magical eye and this near-unkillable Australian man with a very nice bone structure, but the RED sniper's actions baffled him

RED and BLU had been fighting a small-sized war for quite a while, and both the BLU medic and the RED sniper had killed each other many times. Through the magic of the engineer's Respawn system, they were brought back to life to fight another day after their deaths. The RED sniper was a professional that would always go for the kill if he could. But now, he had a clear shot, and didn't take it. In fact, one of his enemies was helping him.

Another shot, and another dead creature.

"DO YOU WANT TO GET KILLED, MEDICINE WOMAN?" The RED sniper yelled even louder. So loud that all zombies focused on him for a second, before looking back at the BLU medic.

"'Dammt. Now zere are more of zem!" Multiple creatures slowly strolled around the corner.

The medic realized that he could never take on all of them at the same time. Then, a plan quickly formed in his mind. He grabbed his medigun, relived to see blue sparkles circling around the front of the device. The medic gained a grin of pure evil

"I am fully charged!" With the flick of a switch, a blue aura of pure protection formed over his whole body. A great energy rush took hold of him, as his body started producing tons and tons of adrenaline.

The medic, temporarily rendered invincible by the "magic" of his own medigun, ran through horde of creatures. The many scratches and attempted bites didn't even faze him, as he continued to push zombies aside, hoping his Übercharge would at least give him enough time to get away.

The energy was starting to leave his body again, and the medic knew that his invincible time was running out. Finally, he pulled out his bone saw, ready to slay anything that came into his way.

The BLU medic had to cross one more open field until he could reach the RED sniper's camping spot. Normally he wouldn't even have thought about approaching a sniper's location over an open field, but today, things were different. The medic had not seen his fellow BLU's (outside of the Heavy) in hours, and so far he had no one else to count on to protect him from these monsters. The sniper's actions were helpful enough, so the Medic decided to just go for it. If the Sniper opposed him in any way, the medic would surely deal with him. Besides, the medic considered himself a man of honor (outside of his medical practices and scientific research, of course), and he mentally cursed himself for thinking of killing someone who had just helped him.

The medic stared around the corner. 8 creatures stood in between him, and the building that Sniper had entrenched himself in. The medic tried to wave at the sniper, hoping that he would see him.

A few rounds of gunfire confirmed that the Sniper had seen him, and was clearing the way for him The zombies were confused by the gunfire, and the German man that ran past them. When one of the creatures tried grabbing the medic he was answered by a fierce bone saw swing that decapitated him. The medic didn't bother to stop, as he reached the door of the Grey-walled building.

He banged on the door as it didn't open for him.

"I'm coming!" The sniper descended from his sniper position to unlock the steel door. The medic turned around, once again cornered by the creatures.

"Vont you ever give up?"

"Come in doc, now!" The sniper opened the door as little as was required and pulled the medic inside. The medic was breathing frantically in and out, as he let himself slide on the floor. Before the sniper rammed the door shut he quickly sprayed some SMG fire at the creatures.