(note , the first part here was an addition to the last chapter, but since I just posted It, I feel like I should probably just keep it going)

Later that night…..

The four of them kept chugging away at their beer reserve until all of them were completely wasted. Ludvig was singing some Russian folk song, Günther was giggling at random intervals, Patrick was telling a story about how he killed a crocodile in the outback and then made a hat out of it's head, and Dell…

Well, Dell's a bit fascinating when he's drunk. You see, as you may have noticed, Dell is by far the most intelligent member of the team. When he's drunk however, his intelligence doesn't diminish. His common sense suffers instead. Patrick, in a state between aware of his surroundings and a blind drunk asked if Dell had covered them with sentries from all sides.

"Nope. We're not protected from above." Dell immediately grabbed a minisentry and his toolbox and started tinkering. Not much more then 5 minutes later a mini sentry was flying above their head.

"Good enough?" Dell grabbed another bottle, and tried to open it. After a while of tugging he gave up and pointed at it.

"Shoot that!" From above the mini sentry opened fire on the bottle, shooting a bullet through the metal cap. "Stop shooting!" He took a deep chug, gritted his teeth and spat out the bullet onto the sand.

Patrick wanted to reply to this performance of pure awesome but his words failed him. He resorted to just nodding blankly. An awkward stare occurred between Dell and Patrick.

"So what do you think happened to the others?" Günther asked.

"Well, the other Sniper got cornered. I removed…relieved…regretted him from his memory. Solly's ded. …Heavy…too." Patrick glanced at Ludvig, whom immediately stopped singing.

"Doctor went with Soldier that day. Never saw again." Ludvig added, his voice dripping of sudden sadness.

"I saw him become a zombie. Trust me, you vere better off not seeing it happen." Günther put his hand on Ludvig's shoulder.

"It is good that I have you." Ludvig pulled Günther into a hug. With the power of the balding Russian it was hopeless to try and resist.

Dell's face darkened. He wanted to comment, but Patricks utterly terrifying death glare made him reconsider. Silently the Australian mouthed "Shut. The. Fuck. Up"

"It is also good to have you two too." Ludvig smiled at the both of them.

"Yeah." Dell said without much emotion. He changed the subject quickly.

"I do wonder what happened to your Engineer."

"Do not know. I think he got over run. Or he is still there, repairing his sentry."

Patrick glanced at Dell. "I think if he was still alive we should have heard a sentry firing in the silence. Or he would have used his walkie-talkie, like you did."

"True." Dell rubbed his chin. "So what about the demoman?"

"I think he blew up a bunch of them and then decided to bite on one to see what it tasted like." Patrick replied. The four of them immediately burst into laughter. It was an age-old ritual to make drunk jokes about the Demoman when he wasn't in the room. They all knew he was more than capable of taking on any of them on while drunk, but it was one of the few ways to relax in the hectic days of the war. Classic jokes were reused, such as "Why did the demoman cross the road? " and "How many demomen does it take to screw in a light bulb?"

"Ok zen, vhat about ze scout?"

"Probably sprained his ankle and then couldn't run any more. Or something. He's not exactly good at surviving, is he?"

"Und vhat about ze spy?"

The conversation immediately stopped.

The 4 of them realized that of all the people running around on the battlefield the spy was the best at surviving the zombie horde. He could be permanently invisible, fake his death, disguise perfectly. This would mean that two spies could have made it out of 2fort, and none of them knew where their true allegiances lay.
"No vehicles were following us, I checked. " Patrick began. "He can't cloak his entire vehicle, can he?"

"Not that I know of." Dell answered. "And why would any spy from any team follow us so far and so long and not reveal himself?"

"Do they ever tell you what they're up to? Does a spy ever give reasons? They're even more of a wild card then the Pyro ever was. You could see it coming and run. He…just pops up, kills you, and runs away."

"Zere is no vay that a spy would follow us and not reveal himself for zis long. "

"It's unlikely, but that's what spies do."

"…ok, fellas, we shouldn't be all drinking at the same time. This was a bad idea, if it wasn't for the…1,2,3,4,5,6 sentries guarding us. Next time one of us stays off the alcohol. What if one of dem Spahs jumps up and kills us from the air? Hypothetically speakin' , of course."

"I think we should go to sleep." Ludvig stood up and carried the softly stribbeling Günther along.

"Nein, I have not finished my bear!" Günther grabbed his opened beer bottle from the sand and chugged it empty. "Okay, now we can sleep."


"Hadn't really thought of the spies. It's pretty certain to me that they both made it out. They specialize in hiding, and I don't think they're dumb enough to attack a horde of zombies. …like we did. "

"Yeah. I've got a better idea. We make this big catapult that fires sentries onto a desired location. Sentry builds, shoots everything in sight, we move in afterwards."

"That… is….stupid. So stupid, it might just be….stupid. A sentry launcher? "

"I like it already. Just got to work out some kinks here and there…

"Ech, yeah, I'm going to bed. G'night."

Dell grabbed some blue paper and started sketching. " BUILDING EXPERIMENT #375: "The Sentry Launcher" ". He wrote in all caps on the upper side of the paper.

That morning…

Günther opened the door of Patrick's van. He looked around, enjoying the sight of a sunrise on the beach. It was simple things, very simple things, that could make a man like him smile. He stood barefoot on the already warm sand and stretched his arms. Today would be a good day, so he decided.

"Vhat a beutifull day. Finally I can do a proper morning run."

Günther walked towards the ocean, slowly taking it all in. As soon as he reached the shoreline he turned right, towards the beach hotel in the distance. The closer he came the more he could see the damage they did to it. While the hotel was relatively unscathed, the pier towards it had turned into a crumbling mess covered in zombie guts. Normally Günther would have kept running but he forced himself to stop.

"Don't be too far away from ze others, don't be alone."

He didn't want to think about the fact that if he were ambushed by any "survivors " of last night, he would be dead. Immediately he turned around and started running back towards their encampement.

Dell had awoken and tried to restart the fire, using his flamethrower to ignite some dried out bush he had found nearby. Soon they had a new fire, this time however, it produced a lot of smoke.

"Are you trying to signal some one?" Günther stared at the large cloud of smoke that rose into the sky.

"Nope. But this bush thing was the closest, non-vital burnable thing nearby. We could burn the pier later, if needed."

"Vell, I've just been near it. It's structure seems ravaged, except for the hotel part. Your sentries must have ripped through it."

"I deliver death by metal. I wouldn't be hired if I couldn't deliver on my promises too."

"Ja. Ja."

Günther looked at Dell's latest creation.

"And vhat is zat?"

"Eh, that's mah newest invention. A sentry launcher."

It looked like Dell had removed the two smaller miniguns from the side of the sentry, and upgraded the rocket launcher instead. In front of the rocket launcher was a large metal cup. The whole thing was aimed upward at the sky, in the direction of the beach hotel.

"It's kind of crude, but I got tired halfway and just finished it like this. '

"And vhat…does it do?"

"I think…" Dell grabbed one of his toolboxes (that contained a sentry) and put it inside the cup. It fit perfectly. He grabbed the remote that was attached to the side of the device.

After pressing the button (and standing back in case it would explode like 63% percent of his inventions in it's first iteration), the machine fired four rockets that exploded against the side of the toolbox. The pressure ad the fact that it was contained withtin the cup meant that a lot of pressure was created that pushed the toolbox into the sky.

It spun and shook violently, yet when it came down it started to deploy into a level 3 sentry in the middle of the beach."

"Hmm, guess it does work. Good to know. "

Dell wandered towards his sentry to pick it up and try the launcher again. Once might have been lucky, but if number 2 worked just like number 1, then he could celebrate.

"Morning, Doc." Patrick slapped Günther on the shoulder, in a friendly manner.


"What the bloody…"

'It shoots sentries." Günther added before Patrick could say anything else.

Patrick let out a deep giggle. "So he really did build it. Does it work?"


"Mmhm. I guess it can help us out in the future. " Patrick's stomach roared." What's for breakfast?"

The pier hotel was filled with useless crap and rotten food. The freezers had given out months ago and all the delicious meat was covered with a healthy dark grey moss. It was quite risky to get to the hotel across the crumbeling pier, and when they did they were disappointed by the presence of some left-behind zombies and the absence of anything usable.

"All right. We've spent enough time here. We need to move out. Me parents are waiting."

Patrick, as usual, led everyone back to the encampement. Not much more then half an hour later they were ready to continue towards Patrick's parents.

"One more thing." Dell grabbed his backburner, and silently crossed the beach until he was underneath the hotel.

"This one's for you. You were strange, but still my best friend inbetween everything. Shine on you crazy diamond.." While pushing away the one tear on his face he started spreading flames around until he was sure the hotel would burn down to the ground.

Silently he walked back to the others. What did he really know about the pyro? Only two things. It liked fire, and it was a friend.

"Why'd you do that?"

"Does it really make a difference?"

Patrick stared at the fire that had now begun spreading across the roof of the hotel.

"…I don't think so."

"Let's go. Did we check if we've got everything?"

"I checked three times while you were burning down that pier."

"All righty then, what's our next destination?"

Patrick pointed on his map. "Take a right as soon as you can. We're heading towards Adelaide"

"And how do you spell that?"

Patrick glared at Ludvig, who smiled back at him in return.

"A-D-E-L-A-I-D-E.. Any other questions?"


"Good. I assume you're going with me, Ludvig?"

"Tiny car is too tiny for me."

Dell would have argued had it not been for him already knowing that there was no way that Ludvig was going to fit inside his pickup truck.

"You're with me doc."

"I hope so, I do not zink I vould like to say behind on zis beach."

As they walked back to their truck Patrick could hear Dell mutter "But today I am deciding what music we are listening to!"