Günther and Patrick never spoke a word about what happened. Both of their minds dismissed the happenings as impossible. .

Patrick managaed to quickly cover his surprise at the fact that they were not, on the road as he last remembered, but were instead relaxing at the beach. He immediately started stuttering and complaining until Dell showed him the line of 3 level 3 sentries he had placed near their exit route, their car was ready to drive away at any second, and the weapons were never out of reach. Finally, Patrick let down his guard…a bit.

The rest of the day went without any noticeable problems. The sun shone just as bright as all the days before it, and pretty soon the four of them were sweating.

Ludvig was still working on his recreation of the Great Cathedral, and was having an argument about structural strength with Dell

"Ahm telling ya, if you build any higher then that, It will backfire on you just like a Yankee firing his gun backwards."

Ludvig stood up and towered over Dell

"IT IS ONE TO TWENTY FIVE VERSION OF GREAT CATHEDRAL!" He shouted and pointed angrily at his structure

"But the real one isn't made out of sand."

"IT IS NOW!"Ludvig used his right arm to swing expressively…and in that swing knocked over a peace of his cathedral. It collapsed into a big pile of seashells, straw wood, and sand.

Dell couldn't help but giggle. It faded quickly when he noticed Ludvig's glare.

"Oh darnit." The Texan turned around and ran away from the angry rampaging Russian that was now chasing him across the beach.

Patrick whistled "RUN FOR YER LIFE TOYMAKER!" for the first time in quite a while he couldn't help but laugh.

While the Texan was quite able to stay ahead for a while eventually the Russian caught up with him. With one big grab he lifted Dell high above him

"Ok pardner, you got me. I'm sorry."

"Is not good nough!" Ludvig let out a roar and stormed at the sea. Dell could only watch, his arms held against his body by Ludvig. Just before Ludvig reached the sea he put all his strength into tossing Dell as far as he possibly could.

Meanwhile, a confused German man was swimming in the ocean. When he herd a scream he turned his head and stared at the flying Texan that was heading right for him.

"DOCTOR!" Ludvig immediately juped into the sea and swam towards the unfortunate landing spot of the flying Texan (god, I love saying that. Flying Texan. Flying Texan! FLYING TEXAN!)

"Doctor are you ohkay?" While still a bit dazed and confused Günther managed to smile.

"I would never have guessed you could toss him zat far!"

"Your nose bleeds."

"Danke." Günther grabbed his nose and applied force to it, stopping the blood flow for now.

"Could you please bring me to ze shore. I need my medigun für zis, it is much faster."

"Da." Ludvig carried Günther to beach, and one swiff of a medigun later Günther jumped back into the cool blue ocean.

Patrick sipped his beer a bit. To his disgust it had become warm in the bright sunlight.

"I'd rather have no beer then warm beer." He tipped it over, and waited until it had completely emptied in the sand. Then he put it in the dune, opening down.

He grabbed one of engie's pistols, took aim and shattered the bottle.

The sound of gunfire instantly put everyone on edge. Patrick turned and aved at them "Just some target practice:."Patrick pulled out some more empty beer bottles to continue practicing. With ever new shot he tried to raise the bar until he kept hitting the bottles near the underside of the red F that seemed to be emblazoned on every beer in Australia.

Before they all knew it it was sunset and they were all sitting around a small campfire made from the support sticks of Ludvig's fallen cathedral. It would be going out soon.

"All right, did anyone bring some meat? I'm starvin' for a good ol' fashioned BBQ."

"Günther left Patrick's van. "Ve did not have any to begin vith."

"Damn." Just as Dell finished that sentence the small fire went out. "Scrap that idea then. How about we move out and gather some firewood nearby. Shouldn't be that hard eh?"

"How about we raid that place?" Ludvig pointed into the distance at a pier with a large wooden building on top of it.

"That's for tourists, yeah. If were lucky, we might find something there."

"We can also just stay here, get some firewood, and eat a vegetarian meal. "Dell countered

"And skip the barbed qu? No thanks."

"I guess if we approach it properly we could do it." Dell nodded at Patrick.

"Let's see. It's been overrun, obviously. I don't see movement inside, but you can clearly make out a few zombies around the pier. Best plan of action is to simply move up, let me take out anything that moves, and then we clear it out from there."

Ludvig nodded. "Is good plan."

"Thanks. All right, Dell, how about you move two of the sentries to cover our possible retreat along the coastline, just in case. Hold the third one here. Günther, übercharge, please?"

Dell and Günther nodded.

"Ludvig, would you please walk with Dell and cover him?"


"When you two return, we'll move out. I'll get to checking all our weapons."

"I do have to admit, this is kind of boring." Patrick was picking off the zombies in the distance. Some noticed him and started to approach. In vain, of course."It took a full ten minutes before he was satisfied.

"I don't spot any more, right now. Then again, I should get to a higher place then this beach to check. But, for now, let's move in. Ludvig, could you cover our rear?

Ludvig nodded. Slowly, following Patrick's signals they made it to the first of the wooden buildings on the other end of the pier.

"Dell, Günther, clear out that building. I'll do the front, Ludvig the rear."

Dell nodded, and kicked open the flimsy wooden door. He could hear multiple screams, and immediately opened fire, even before he saw any movement. After the first few zombies lay dead on the ground carefully Dell stepped inside. It used to be a simple coffee bar, Dell deduced from the giant coffee sign on the wall. All the tables and chairs were knocked over. All kinds of bugs and other filthy creatures thrived on the rotten food supplies in the bar.

About five zombies approached. Günther stepped behind the half—opened window to the right of Dell and opened fire on two of the zombies that were the closest to Dell. Meanwhile Patrick was picking off any zombie that tried to approach from the front.

Ludvig picked his nose, glaring at the amount of dead zombies that littered the part of the pier behind them. He could hear the gunfire going on behind him, but he remained resolute to his assigned task, even though he was completely bored.

"ZE BUILDING IS CLE-AR!" Günther yelled.

"Move foreward!" Patrick replied.

Ludvig turned around, and carefully stepped over the multitude of bodies.

Moments later they had cleaned out the second building, and the only thing left on the pier was the large octagon shaped hotel. It only had 2 floors but was quite wide.

"All right. We move from room to room in pairs of two. I assume you two want to go?" He glanced at Günther and Ludvig.

Both nodded at the exact same time.

"After you clear a room, yell it, and move on to the next one. Dell, you're with me. Bottom floor first, and then we move upstairs. Any questions?"

"Nein." "Nope." "Nyet."

Four men stepped into the remains of the hotel lobby and opened fire. A multitude of bullets penetrated the undead inside. While the first few did not do much damage (save for Patrick's ease of hitting heads in very specific brain-shattering points) the continued fire easily brought them down before they could even try to approach. Günther and Ludvig headed into the breakfast room while Patrick and Dell entered the lounge.

Immediately Patrick pushed Dell back so hard he almost fell, and shut the door in front of them.



From the corner of his eyes he could see Günther and Ludvig closing the door behind them.


The four of them immediately ran for the door. Without looking behind them they bolted across the pier. Stumbeling over the large amount of bodies, yet all of them managed to make it to the end without falling. With a short glance Patrick observed the horde behind them.


Patrick and the others turned right at the end of the pier. All of them were feeling the strain and the soreness of their bodies, yet they kept running until they ran past the first sentry. Moments later it lit up and opened fire.

After reaching their vehicles they all stopped to rest. They turned around and sat on the sand. IN the distance they could see the horde being chewed apart by three level 3 sentries. Not one zombie made it past the third one.

Günther let out a loud laugh of relief. The others quickly joined them.

"I think we'd better skip the BBQ." Dell openened a beer bottle and handed it to Patrick.

"Next time, leave me to do the planning."

"Hey, it worked fine until it turned out Satan put a zombie nest in that friggen hotel on the pier! And besides, we made it out alive, killed a lot of zombies, and after the dust settles, or preferably tomorrow morning, we can check out the pier again, and see what we can salvage. And we'll take three sentries along."

"I'd drink to that." Dell smiled and opened another bottle.