Hello just got my tablet so will be using that for typing up fanfiction from now on so uploads could be slower or faster but I have been trying mu best to upload every few if not everyday. The next chapter is another in Vlads point of view and is a bit short but still please enjoy

Vlad's POV

Arisu, who exactly was she and why was I drawn to her so much? To put it simply she was not normal. It was quite clear she was a vampire but you would never know; Goes out in the sun, apparently can't get staked and most of all is alive with a beating heart. Most of all she was stunningly beautiful, her long black strands of hair flowed in every direction, her green eyes contrasted with her pale skin and when she smiles you can see her fangs not drawn in or out. Lucky for me I got to take her round school, .but that was nothing compared to nearly having sex with her. First of all I went and got her a timetable she appeared to have most of her lessons with me but still needed to pick some extra classes, but she could do that later, once I had given the timetable I took her round the school to show her were the classes where. After some time we finishes the grand tour and the staring up the new girl began the main response "wow she's cute" was called through the hallways, some guys even tried to talk her
up but got a glare from me or were touched away by her strange aura. Dinner it came to my attention why she had the aura around her , blood lust, and quite a bad one too. Arisu quickened her pace trying to get away from the crowd in the process cutting her wrist by accident without noticing, that pushed me over the edge. Her blood smelt sweet and pure dying her pale skin red, then everything stopped. Pounding blood reached my ears , Arisu's in particular , Arisu then turned round making everything go black.

When I awoke my surroundings were a lot different, a lot like a forest. That's when I saw her again running through the same forest slayers gaining on her. Within the space of a few seconds they got her asking about me, getting annoyed, about to stake her. Luckly she got away but only just. Why Ingrid? Why were you running? Are you really dead? Slowly my surroundings came back into focus and the taste of blood was present in my mouth, Arisu and Miss. Mccauly hovering over me to see if I was alright, of course I wasn't! Most people army when they see their sister who is supposed to be dead running from slayers. "Vlad are you alright did someone push you?" Miss. Mccauly called out to me.
"No I just fell and I'm fine." I lied gracefully.
"Ok. But if you ever need to talk..." before she could carry inn I left the hallway leaving Arisu ,unfortunate, behind.
Before I knew it I was at my farther coffin, good old vampire speed, who .needed to be told urgently what had happened. I clicked my fingers and the coffin lid opened annoying my farther just slightly to much. " what is is now Vladdy?" My farther asked.
"It's Ingrid , she's alive and being chased by slayers we have to go and help her." I shouted trying to get my message across in the best possible way.
"Listen hear boy I'm not lifting a fang to help your sister after all she nearly killed us remember?" My farther complained but that didn't stop me. I left the room and went to my own instead planing my route to save Ingrid.