Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters I have borrowed from MI High. I do own Aggie Madison and Illya Gordovski.

Monday morning: Rose, Carrie and Oscar had been assigned to keep watch on the handover of documents by a mole in a criminal investigation. Oscar was using binoculars from a rooftop to monitor any traffic coming into the area where the handover was taking place. Rose and Carrie were on the ground tracking the MI9 agent. They were pretending to be shopping together. Their headphones were tuned into the microphone attached to the MI9 agent handling the drop.

"Honestly, if ever there was a job for Davina," complained Carrie. "My feet are killing me in these shoes. Why couldn't we wear trainers ?"

"Frank wanted 'fashion conscious' not 'olympic athlete'," explained Rose patiently.

"Well, trainers are fashionable !" said Carrie. "Why do women wear these things anyway ? I couldn't run a hundred meters in these things. They're torture."

Oscar's voice broke into her complaining. "Well, I would have offered to wear them Carrie, but they didn't have any in my size," he teased. Suddenly, all business his voice became more urgent, "Possible enemy agent, your 12 o'clock."

Rose lifted her handbag, which was hiding a spy-pod with a scanning device and scanned the area ahead of them. "No weapons recognised," she said quietly.

"Courier on a push-bike. Got him," said Carrie. The courier skidded to a halt next to the MI9 undercover agent who was slouched against a wall wearing a hoodie and nodding to pretend music on his MP3 player. They exchanged a few words and then the courier stuffed the package into the agent's hands. The courier looked around and then sped off back in the direction they had come from. The undercover agent then tucked the parcel under their arm and walked in Rose and Carrie's direction. A black MI9 van pulled out of a side road and stopped outside a shop. The back doors opened and out stepped Chief Agent Stark, wearing a delivery man's overalls. The undercover agent thrust the package into Stark's hands and carried on walking down the road. Stark took the package back into the van and it drove off.

"Mission Complete, stand down. Repeat Mission Complete. All agents stand down," came a voice over their headsets. Rose and Carrie lumped their shopping bags to the agreed meeting point where they met Oscar and several other agents. Another black van arrived and everyone started piling in. Carrie suddenly felt frightened for no reason. She was sure someone was behind her. She spun round but nobody was there. She thought she saw a shadow in a doorway in the corner of her eye, but when she looked directly, there was nobody there. Carrie turned back to the van to find that she was the last one left.

"Coming, coming," she said, jumping into the van. She'd forgotten all about it in a couple of minutes of banter in the van.

Wednesday afternoon: Oscar and Rose were sitting in HQ searching data files for evidence of an international financial scam. Rose was still focussed. Oscar was becoming increasingly bored. Frank had assigned him to help with any translation required. Once he had told Rose the French, German, Russian, Italian and Turkish for the same few words, there wasn't a lot left for him to do, except sift through all the files with Rose looking for unusual activity. He didn't know how Rose could concentrate on this stuff for so long. Frank hadn't even asked Carrie to help with this assignment. She would have gone mental after the first half hour. Rose had been hard at work for four hours now.

"I'm going to make a drink Rose, do you want one ?" Oscar asked.

"Mm ? Oh yeah thanks. Milk no sugar," said Rose, only half paying attention.

Oscar got up from the computer and stretched. He blinked and tried to focus on the end of the room. His rubbed his eyes and walked round the corner to the small kitchen area. The weirdest feeling came over him. He felt the hairs pricking up on the back of his neck and had the feeling that something terrible was about to happen. He was being watched. He twisted round to look behind him. There was nothing there. No wait, there was a faint shape on the other side of the room. It was like a ghost. He shook his head. The figure had disappeared, along with the fear.

He felt embarrassed. What was the matter with him ? Saying nothing to Rose, he carried on making their drinks and returned to help Rose as best he could.

On Friday morning the three agents were sitting in the school canteen, moving food around their plates. Rose had salad as usual. Oscar and Carrie had become bored with salad after a week of it and had gone for the hot food option. "This was a big mistake," said Carrie, poking a miss-shapen lump of batter on her plate. Oscar tried cutting into his with the knife but the knife kept bouncing off.

"It did say 'fish' didn't it ?" he asked. "It's got to be in there somewhere."

"Maybe they're frightened we'll find out what kind of fish it is," suggested Carrie.

"Like what ?" asked Oscar.

"Oh, you know. Like one of those three-headed things from outside nuclear power stations and stuff," said Carrie.

"You've been reading those comic books again, haven't you ?" accused Oscar.

"They're called Manga," corrected Carrie. "Not just comic books, thankyou very much."

Oscar huffed and put down his knife and fork. "Sandwiches next week. Definitely," he said. Then he spun in his chair, "What the … ?" he looked round frantically. Carrie jumped up out of her chair.

"There ! No, where is it ?" she hissed. "It's gone !"

"What ?" asked Rose looking round confused. "What are you two going on about ?"

Oscar looked confused and a little frightened. "Carrie, did you see something ?"

"No, I felt something, but I didn't see anything except a sort of shadow. Did you ?" she asked.

"Something. I'm not sure what. Standing over there," he pointed to the doorway to the kitchen.

"What are you two on about ?" asked Rose. "There's nothing anywhere."

Oscar and Carrie looked round one more time and then sat and turned to one another. "Did you feel it ?' asked Oscar.

"Yeah, like something really horrible was going to happen. That's the second time," said Carrie, rubbing her arms as if she was cold.

"You too ! I had the same thing on Wednesday, down in HQ," whispered Oscar. "It's so weird !"

"What exactly happened ?" asked Rose, curiously.

Oscar and Carrie both looked really reluctant to talk.

"Go on, I don't bite," encouraged Rose.

"Well, I got a feeling like something really terrible was going to happen," explained Oscar. "The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and then I saw this person, standing watching me, just in the corner of my eye."

"Pretty much the same," said Carrie, "Only, not really a person. It's more like a funny shadow."

"Hm, sounds like a temporal lobe seizure," suggested Rose.

"A what ?" asked Carrie. "Some kind of brain thing ? You mean we're going nuts ?"

"No, that's very unlikely," said Rose. "Especially not both of you at once. There must have been some kind of external influence. We need to speak to Frank."